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Learn to Channel

Private Lesson

Have you always wanted to channel? Or do you already channel
but would like to step it up a bit?ct23_daniel_scranton
Here’s your opportunity! I’m offering myself up as a teacher
for a bargain rate! Believe me…it’s been a journey for me in
my channeling career, and I have learned quite a bit about
how to connect with other beings in the process.

Group Class

In this group channeling class, I will deliver a lecture on channeling that will include everything I have come to know and experience about channeling. Next, I will open the class up to questions and comments. Finally, I will take you all through the processes I have created and molded to bring you into the channeling state. These processes will enable you to meet and talk with your guides, give them a voice, and even answer questions from others.

The class will go for as long as it is necessary for each of you to get what you need.

The next class will begin at 12 noon Pacific/3 PM Eastern on August 23rd, 2014. You can sign up for one class at a time or a series of six (at a discounted rate).



It was a wonderful  session!

“The session yesterday was really a special experience for me. It went deep, really deep inside me and effected my whole body.

During the session I felt a duality of feelings….a warm, soft, trusting glow of energy filled with so much love and compassion…a clear presence of a whole female community of loving, twinkling, joyful beings surrounded me. And on the other hand, I felt a deep fear (below the fear which my mind can make stories of “not be able to do it”), a fear that sometimes made my voice trembling, my body shaking….cold…
What was nice to feel, was that the love and support of the loving beings that made me keep on translating their energy into words…they made me go through the deep, old fear…just to tell me the memory of my cells that it’s safe now, that it’s okay now to be a channel again, to speak from the heart and spread the love into the world…. And that makes me really enthusiastic!
Thanks for your love! Thanks for your enthusiasm and trust in me!
I love to feel your loving energy that gives me the space to experiment…
Thanks from the whole of my being :-)!!”
I loved you enthusiasm during the entire session. I felt so safe.

You gave a loving and all-is-well atmosphere by being happy about any progress :-)! And that made me just surrender, trust, and go deeper and deeper…

What I also liked was your question about how I was feeling during my channeling.
This analysis of my own experience made me more aware of my shifting, of my being in the channeling state….where before I thought about it, I was unaware of it!

Thanks a lot. It was a wonderful  session! Looking forward to the next :-)!”

     – Lien, Belgium

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