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Bringing 5D to You: Navigating Your Personal Shift ∞4 Week Online Course

This is a 4 Week Course! Each week, you’ll get two hours of class time with Ina Lukas and me. In weeks 1 and 3, Ina will channel The Alchemists, and I’ll channel The Creators. You’ll be able to ask any question you want to ask of The Creators and The Alchemists, and you’ll hear the answers to everyone else’s questions. If you cannot attend live for any of the sessions, you’ll be able to email your questions in beforehand and hear the answers on the recordings.

During weeks 1 and 3, Ina will channel The Alchemists on the topic of Bringing the Fifth Dimension to You, and I will do the same with The Creators. The Creators & Alchemists will be bringing their high frequency energy transmissions to answer all the questions of the attendees in the group (even those questions that never get asked verbally). When you sit in on one of these sessions, you’ll find that other people’s questions are relevant to you, and questions you weren’t even thinking of asking get answered.

In weeks 2 and 4, Ina and I will be teaching you how to bring the fifth dimension to you using the methods that we’ve used to navigate our own personal shifts.

During week 2, Ina will channel an activation by The Alchemists. These activations are extremely powerful, as they help you to shift your beliefs and anchor in new vibrations. And in week 4, she’ll lead a One Command session. One Command is a manifestation tool that Ina has used to create the beautiful life she leads, and she has taught countless clients to do the same. It’s a tool you’ll want to use over and over again.

In week 2, I’ll be teaching you how to find your vibrational signature, how to feel into your current vibration, clear what you need to clear, and finally, how to offer the vibration you prefer to create your reality with. During week 4 I will channel a meditation for the group, possibly from Yeshua or The Buddha. Then we will explore the power of using your voice to make tones and sounds that will alter your vibration and point of creation.

Join us! Four Weeks…

Week 1: Thurs, June 29th at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern
Week 2: Wed, July 5th at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern 
Week 3: Thurs, July 13th at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern
Week 4: Thurs, July 20th at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern

Enrollment will be limited to 20 individuals, so reserve your spot now.

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