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January 4th – Cardiff Playshop

Recorded from a live Q&A event with The Creators & Ophelia in Cardiff, CA

Questions & topic:

Part 1:

  • What is a walk-in?
  • What’s going on with Fukushima?
  • Twin flames
  • “What can I do to allow complete acceptance?”
  • on Bashar’s: “Follow your highest excitement with no expectation at all”
  • Back pain that represents freedom and what to do about it
  • How to step out of the channeling closet
  • Does the pain mean that I shouldn’t be doing the movement or is it just past life stuff?
  • Are UFOs a two-way communication? + What ETs were in the UFO they saw?
  • You are much more energetic than you are physical
  • Previous owner’s energy still in the house
  • Her dad is coming to visit for a month. How can they have the best time together?

“Wherever you go, you leave behind a part of yourself” – The Creators

Part 2:

  • Giving ourselves confirmation so we can trust what we get
  • Doing something she’s passionate about that will pay the bills
  • A money-making rut
  • How can she manifest her puppy faster?
  • Has she been feeling the shift of the world in her body?
  • Sensing energy
  • Why do so many people mistakingly call her son, Julian, Justin?
  • Hearing non-physical tones
  • and more!

(in the recording with The Creators the sound will be from a back-up device from 2 to 18 minutes and therefore sounds like something recorded in 1945. It will pass. Enjoy the wisdom! 🙂

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