Decide Who You Want To Be

“When you are beginning a new chapter of your life, you tend to create new relationships to go along with your new chapter. This is common for all of you. You have many instances in your life where you have moved from one situation or location to another, and as you do so, you find that you are interacting with an entirely new group of individuals. And this forces you to redefine who you are. You no longer need to bring with you the ‘old you’ to the new situation. The new people in your life don’t expect you to be a certain way and to have certain traits and proclivities. And so you have the freedom to be who it is you are in the moment. And this serves you very well.

Now, we suggest that you do this even if you are not changing anything significant about your situation in life because you can fall into the pattern of the expectations of others, so that what it is that they expect from you is what you deliver. And this goes for the people that have existed in your life for a long time, as well as the people that you have only known for a short time. So you want to be aware of what it is that you are giving when you are engaged in those interactions and whether or not it is representative of the you that you want to be.

So you really need to decide in every moment who it is you are so that you can continue to take ownership of your persona and release yourself from those expectations that others have. And the same goes true for your interactions with others in your life. Ask yourself if you have certain expectations for how this person will behave or what he or she will say in response to something, because you can always allow another to surprise you and to be the new version of who they are in each and every moment. Because in truth none of you are the same being from one moment to another, and you don’t need to keep any sort of consistency in that regard. It is unnecessary and will only lead to more and more of the same.

And since you are evolving and expanding and shifting, you want to create a new version of yourself and a new world for that new version of yourself to exist in. So just be aware of the expectations of others that are being placed upon you and the expectations that you are placing upon another, or others, and be willing to let go and be the new, fresh version of yourself in each and every moment, no matter how many surprised looks you get along the way.”

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