All New Beginners Channeling Class ∞2 Hour Recording

all new beginners channeling class 2 hour recording channeler daniel scrantonThis is the 2-Hour Recording of the ALL NEW Beginners Channeling Class with Daniel Scranton

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What is Included in this 2-Hour Recording?

In the recording of my BRAND NEW Beginners Group Channeling Class that I led on April 22nd, 2020, I brought through some new processes, exercises, and meditations for getting all the attendees into the channeling state. The recording is broken up into two 1-hour segments. The first segment is all about getting you feeling connected, relaxed, and open to channeling. Everyone will respond to this recording at their own pace, as everyone is at a different level of readiness to channel. So you might find yourself channeling after 20 or 30 minutes and then just shut the recording off! In the second hour, I took the group through toning, breathing, light language, and two processes: one for channeling angelic beings (Archangel Michael, Gabriel, etc.), and one for channeling faeries. Joy! <3

How Often Does it Serve You to Listen to This Recording?

After your first listening, you’ll probably get a feel for what you need/want more of from this recording, and what you’ve had plenty of already. You don’t have to listen to this religiously. You can choose which of the processes are the most powerful for you! And then you can tailor the recording to suit your needs. Perhaps you want to focus on the breathing, or the light language transmission, or the channeling of faeries. It’s completely up to you how you use this valuable tool in your channeling journey. I just know you’re going to benefit immensely from listening to it and listening to it more than once. Here’s what one attendee wrote to me, “It was a great class, Daniel. During the early part, the Pleiadians came in using a very common colloquial voice which surprised me. Their main message: everything I’m doing now is good. Then, during the angel time, what came to me was Sabathiel. I’d never heard of her before, she’s an angel of divine intelligence. I was outside and she appeared as an L-shaped cloud. I wanna listen again and dive into the fairy part. I liked the variety.” Love! <3

all new beginners channeling class 2 hour recording channeler daniel scranton