Angelic Sound Healing for Mind, Body & Soul ∞Archangel Michael

archangel michael - sound healing - angelic healing - mind body soulThis is a Downloadable MP3 Recording of a Sound Healing from Archangel Michael, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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How Will this Sound Healing from Archangel Michael Work for You?

A sound healing works with vibration to heal you on the quantum level. I channeled Archangel Michael for this 10-Minute sound healing, and I did so with the intention that the tones and overtones coming through me would be infused with not only the angelic love and light of Michael, but also with the frequency in the sound that will counteract any negatively-oriented frequencies that you have in your mind, body and soul that are preventing you from being in the healthy physical body of your dreams. Sound waves carry the vibration infused in them, and when I’m in the channeling state, I’m able to access those higher frequency vibrations that match a healthy mind (which means healthier thoughts), a healthy body (which means healthier cells and organs), and a healthy soul (which means less trauma from past lives). This one is a gamechanger! Love <3

When Does it Serve You to Listen to This Sound Healing?

Ascension symptoms. We all feel them. Being overworked and underappreciated. We all feel those from time to time as well. Soul weariness. If you’re not aware that you have it, but you are ready to shift to 5D, then you definitely have a weary soul. What all of this means is that we are in need of much more healing than we realize, or that we are willing to admit that we need. That’s why I channeled this sound healing from Archangel Michael. I was channeling for a client in a private session, and I could feel the power in the tones and sounds that I was accessing from Michael. I knew that doing a recording like this one would be able to help people on so many levels. And after listening back to it, I can confirm that this sound healing is in fact powerful. Listen to this one whenever you feel down, depressed, despair, or the aches, pains and headaches from those nasty ascension symptoms. This one will help with all of those issues and more. Joy! <3

archangel michael - sound healing - angelic healing - mind body soul