Ascending to the 5th Dimension ∞3 Week Master Course

ascending to the 5th dimension master course - 3 week course - daniel scranton channeler of archangel michael yeshua aliensThis is a 3-Week Master Course on Ascending to 5D that You Can Take Online – or Attend by Calling in on Any Phone. Learn from Daniel & the Higher-Dimensional Beings He Channels!

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This 3-Week Course starts April 14th at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern, and for the next two Tuesdays after, join me for this journey into the fifth dimension. In this Master Course, I’ll be teaching you the essentials that you need to know about shifting to the fifth dimension. I’ll take you through processes, meditations, exercises, and provide you with an array of other personal practices of my own that will help you to feel more confident about your ascension journey. I’ll be covering ascension symptoms, 5th dimensional gifts and abilities, and how to take your active role in helping humanity to ascend to 5D.

What About Getting the Higher Dimensional Collectives Involved in the Course?

I’ll also be channeling The Creators, The Arcturian Council, and The Pleiadian High Council of Seven on the topic of navigating through the fourth dimension, on the way to 5D. As higher-dimensional beings, these collectives have the perspective on ascension that we cannot see from our 4D realm. Collectively, they’ve already brought thousands of messages through me, and those messages indicate that they’ve been leading us and aiding us on this collective journey that we’re all on, and so they are the perfect guides to elevate our consciousness and help us access our light bodies and higher selves.

How Will You Attend This Online Course, and What if You Can’t Make it to Each Session?

You’ll join via phone or computer, and if you can’t be there live, don’t worry. The recordings will contain everything that you get by attending live. You can submit questions before or during each class, and I will read them aloud and answer them. There will be plenty of time for questions from the attendees to be asked and answered. Again, you don’t have to be there for each class session to ask your questions and get them answered.

Aren’t We Already Ascending to the 5th Dimension?

Yes! We are. And we all have the ability to access the 5D paradigm, our light bodies, the 5D energies, and 5D templates in the here and now, and we can take a much more pro-active approach to the ascension process, rather than just waiting around for something to happen. There are too many people looking for predictions about what will happen next and too few who are excited about creating their own experience of The Shift in Consciousness. Join me, and we can raise the consciousness of the planet as a small collective of well-intentioned beings! Ascending to the 5th Dimension is definitely inevitable, but we all get to decide how we do it and how much joy we experience while we are doing it. Joy! <3