Activation for Awakening Astral Travel Memories ∞Arcturian Council

Activation for Awakening of Astral Travel Memories ∞Arcturian CouncilThis is a Downloadable MP3 Recording Activation for Awakening Astral Body and Astral Travel Memories

In this activation of just under 11 and a half minutes, The Arcturian Council take us through a process of activating our astral body so that we can take astral travels consciously and deliberately. We can use our astral bodies to travel anywhere in the universe, and we often do, but many of us aren’t doing it consciously. And then The A’s take us through a process of remembering the astral travels we’ve already taken, inviting us to return to those places and people in our waking state. After doing this process, you will open yourself up to so much more of what the universe has to offer. Love! <3