Beginners Group Channeling Class from Sept. 2020 ∞Audio Recording

beginners group channeling class - september 2020 - audio recording with daniel scrantonThis is a Downloadable MP3 of a 2-Hour Audio Recording from my Beginners Group Channeling Class in September of 2020

What Is Included in This 2-Hour Audio Recording of My Beginners Channeling Class?

This recording from my Beginners Channeling Class on September 14, 2020 includes processes for getting you into the channeling state, where you can receive energetic transmissions from higher-dimensional beings. After listening to this recording more than once, you could quite possibly find yourself speaking, toning, or visually receiving channeled information. Several of the attendees reported that they were receiving visual downloads during the course of the class. I also answered several questions from the attendees, questions that were extremely helpful to the rest of the class…and the answers I provided will be helpful to you on your channeling journey as well. I’m sure of it! I’ve taken quite a few individuals and classes into the channeling state during my many years as a channeling teacher, and I am confident that this class was one of my best channeling classes to date. Love! <3

What the Attendees of the Class are saying:

“The beginners channeling class was amazing. I got further than I’ve ever gotten, didn’t verbalize it yet, but I definitely experienced enough to know what I was feeling was real, and I only tried once.”

“Thank you for the great class yesterday. Will be listening to the replay today.”

beginners group channeling class - september 2020 - audio recording with daniel scranton