Archangel Gabriel ∞Manifesting the Physical Body You Want

Archangel Gabriel on Manifesting the Physical Body You Want, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Spirituality and healthy. They are so wonderfully intertwined. The Archangel Gabriel was the perfect fit for providing this download/meditation. Our bodies – we definitely are manifesting them in every moment. At times, they feel like an anchor, holding us back from being who we really are…keeping us feeling dense when we want to soar into the higher realms with our light bodies. But our physical bodies here in the fourth dimension can also be sources of great pain, and at times we’ll even see ourselves as less lovable because of our bodies…or some aspect of them.

How This Recording Will Change Your Physical Body…for the Better!

This 10 and a half minute download is brought to you by the loving angelic wisdom of Archangel Gabriel. Our spirituality, health, and physical body are all linked. Tune in to this beautiful recording, as Gabriel shares their angelic knowledge on how our bodies are changing and how we can align with the physical vehicles we desire. Whether you want to align with a thinner, more muscular, taller, or just healthier body, filled with more vitality and good-feeling energy, this recording will help. Experience Pure Joy from Archangel Gabriel!

manifest the physical body you want ∞archangel gabriel channeled by daniel scranton