Breathing Exercise for Activating Your E.T. DNA ∞The Arcturian Council

Our E.T. DNA. For most of our lives, we ‘ve been unaware that such DNA even existed within us. Now, thanks to all the contact we’ve had with higher-dimensional beings, we know we are made up of more than just Earthly human DNA…we are all part E.T. Now is also a time when it’s becoming easier and easier to activate that DNA within us. Just breathing with intention can do so much. That’s exactly what this download is all about. The Arcturian Council leads us through an exercise that will activate our E.T. DNA, giving us more access to our abilities, connections with E.T.s, and memories of our past lives AS E.T.s. This is a very simple breathing exercise that we can do over and over again to activate more and more of our E.T. DNA. Enjoy! <3