Breathing Exercise for Clearing Your Energy Field of Negative Energies, Entities, Thought Forms, Beliefs & Emotions ∞Archangel Michael

Our energy fields. They’re a lot like sponges, picking up thought forms, beliefs, entities, emotions, and other energies as we move through our day. That’s why I called upon Archangel Michael to give us this breathing exercise. Michael is known as the archangel of protection, and Michael came through with a powerful exercise in this recording. It’s just over 10 minutes in length, and it is so simple that you can easily do it every day – in fact, Michael suggests that we do so to prevent energies from coming in and to clear them at the end of each day. As the world gets more and more complex, and with so many energies coming at us from TVs, phones, computers, radios, and satellites, (not to mention all the devices we can’t even see or don’t even know about), this recording is especially relevant in the digital age. Clear! <3