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Sound Healing for Releasing All Blocks to Accessing Your Spiritual Gifts ∞Daniel & Maricris

For this 10 minute sound healing, I teamed up with my shamanic priestess wife Maricris. She played the drum, and I channeled the sounds, tones, and overtones. The channeling is infused with the intention, vibration, and energetic signature to remove and release all blocks that you have to accessing your spiritual gifts. The blocks can be related to past lives where you were imprisoned, ostracized, tortured, and even killed for having those gifts. Blocks also get created when we live in doubt of ourselves. They can come to us from societal programming, and even from not wanting to stand out from the crowd. Listen to this one every time you feel the urge to channel, access your healing abilities, or have the desire to tune in to any spiritual gift at all. Joy! <3

Sound Healing for Releasing Your Blocks to Abundance ∞Daniel & Maricris

In this 10 minute sound healing, Maricris and I collaborated to help you release your blocks to receiving all the abundance you’ve asked for…in all of your lifetimes put together. Whether those blocks came from your parents, society, or past life versions of you, they influence your ability to open up to the abundance that is all around us. My recommendation for listening to this one is that you lie down and open your arms up to feel the abundance coming in. The tones, sounds, overtones, and drumming will chip away at any of those negative beliefs and limitations you’ve placed on yourself regarding abundance – like that it can only come from work that you do – or that the only way to have a huge amount come all at once is from the lottery. Listen to it any time you’re feeling a lack of abundance in your awareness. Let it in! <3

Sound Healing for Removing Negative Energies, Entities, Thought Forms & Beliefs from Your Energy Field

In this sound healing of just under 10 and a half minutes, my lovely wife Maricris offers the shamanic drumming, and I channel tones and overtones that are intended to remove all negative thought forms, energies, beliefs, and entities from your energy field. This sound healing can be utilized any time you feel that you’ve overcome by someone else’s energy. For example, after visiting with certain family members, co-workers, or even after just having been in a crowded place, you may feel that you’ve picked up some negativity in your field that you need to purge. This is the perfect tool do do just that. Love! <3

Sound Healing for Healing, Releasing & Clearing Your Ascension Symptoms ∞Daniel & Maricris

In this sound healing of just over 10 minutes, my lovely wife Maricris does the shamanic drumming while I channel tones and overtones, and the result is: a healing for your ascension symptoms. Listen to this one whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pain, fatigue, and discomfort that we all sometimes experience in our physical bodies as a result of being on this ascension journey. Having had ascension symptoms for 25 years, I can relate to how debilitating they are. Having this sound healing ready to go is like having a beautiful elixir, always at the ready. Some ascension symptoms are emotional, and of course, they can also be alleviated by listening to this sound healing. Well-Being! <3

Chakra Sound Healing ∞Daniel & Maricris

In this sound healing of just over 10 minutes, I teamed up with my super talented Shamanic Priestess wife, Maricris. Maricris did the shamanic drumming, and I channeled tones and overtones that are infused with the intention of clearing, healing, and opening your seven main chakras. You can sit back and listen to this one any time you feel you’ve got a blockage in one of your main chakras. You can also listen to this one for regular maintenance of your chakras, and you can definitely use it to help you clear out any negative emotions or trauma you feel stuck in your chakra system. Love! <3


Sound Healing for Clearing Childhood Trauma ∞Daniel & Maricris

This sound healing of 10 minutes and 18 seconds will take you on a journey that will clear you of all childhood trauma…from this lifetime and all others. The sound healing is two pronged – there’s the shamanic drumming of Maricris Dominique (my wife) and the channeled tones from me, Daniel. Together we co-created this magical elixir for clearing those childhood traumas that have been sticking to you like glue for years and years. Even the traumas you’re unaware of from this lifetime and all past lives will melt away as you sit back and listen to the healing sounds of this download. Feel the relief of letting it all go. Healing! <3

Sound Healing for Detoxifying Your Organs ∞Daniel & Maricris Dominique

In this download of just over 10 minutes, I teamed up with my lovely wife Maricris Dominique, and we created this sound healing for the purpose of detoxifying the physical organs of your body. Maricris is a shamanic priestess, as well as a medical intuitive. She offers the shamanic drumming on the track, while I channel tones, overtones, and healing sounds, all infused with the intention of releasing the toxins from your organs. Remember, the heart is also an organ, and so while this recording will eliminate physical toxins from organs like the liver, it will also release energetic blockages and other stuck energy in your heart. Listen to this one whenever you feel sick or after indulging in some food, beverages, or other substances that you want to clear from your body as quickly as possible. And you can also use it for regular maintenance of your physical body. Love! <3

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