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Making Contact with Extra-Terrestrials ∞Online Course

STARTS: July 24th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern – In this FOUR WEEK COURSE I’ll be teaching you everything I know about connecting with our E.T. friends. I’ll also be channeling The Zetas, Hathors, and The Arcturian Council, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven. I’ll be leading you through some exercises myself, and I’ll be enlisting the help of my E.T. friends to help guide you to your own E.T. experiences, both physical and non-physical in nature.

Each week we will meet via the computer and/or phone (your choice). You’ll be able to ask questions, and I’ll do the answering. When I’m channeling the E.T.s, they’ll be guiding you through processes, meditations, and exercises.

Week 1: July 24th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern.

Week 2: July 31st at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern.

Week 3: August 7th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern.

Week 4: August 14th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern.

How to Channel Hybrid Children ∞The Zetas

In this download of 12 minutes and 12 seconds, The Zetas offer a process for tuning in to and channeling human/zeta hybrid children. Bashar’s race (Sassani) and Ishuwa’s race (Yahyel) were both created by the hybridization program, initiated by The Zetas. Channeling these joyous little beings will be a delight for you, whether you’ve ever channeled previously or not. Enjoy! <3

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