Connecting w/Your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Oversoul & Other High Frequency Beings ∞3 Week Course

Saturday, April 14th at 3:00PM Pacific/6:00PM Eastern, and for the next two Saturdays after, join me on a journey that will result in your feeling more connected than ever to your spirit guides, higher self, oversoul, and any other high frequency beings (like angels, archangels, and ascended masters) that you want to connect with. Each week I will lecture on how to connect with these beings, plus I will guide you through meditations, exercises and processes to get you feeling fully connected.

Everyone wants to have an open dialogue with their spirit guides, higher self, oversoul, and all of the other high frequency beings that are out there in the universe. This is your chance to give yourself that experience. If you cannot attend these classes live, you can always send in questions via email, and hear the recordings of each class on the replay (which I will send out to all who register right after each week’s class is complete). You can attend each class by phone or computer – your choice! Join us <3