Creating Abundance, Manifesting Wealth & Allowing Money In ∞A Master Course

creating abundance manifesting wealth & allowing money in - a master course with daniel scrantonThis Master Course on Abundance, Wealth & Money that is Comprised of 6 Hours of Money Mastery Course Recordings, Plus an 16 Additional Recordings on Abundance, Wealth & Money

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What Will You Receive from this Master Course on Money, Wealth & Abundance?

I’ve been teaching a Money Mastery Course for several years, and after teaching the same course over and over, I decided to do a Brand New version of the Money Mastery Course earlier this year (2020). This bundle of recordings includes the original Money Mastery Course, which I taught for the last time in September and October of 2019, as well as the recordings of the NEW Money Mastery Course I taught in February and March of 2020. That’s six full hours of teachings, meditations, and channeled messages from the collectives I channel, complete with questions and answers from the attendees. You’ll benefit from hearing the answers I gave to those questions, as I’m sure you’ll find you had the same questions yourself! 

In addition to those six hours of recorded class sessions, you’ll receive 16 recordings, that I’ve created over the past 5 years, including one of the very first downloads I created with Archangel Michael, titled: Manifesting Abundance. Also included in these additional 16 recordings is a workshop on Manifesting Abundance with Ease & Joy I did with my wife, Maricris Dela Cruz-Scranton that is over 2.5 hours long. Altogether, the total run time for the recordings included in this Master Course is over 10 hours. Below, you will see the list and descriptions of all the other recordings included with this offer…

Shift Your Relationship to Time & Money ∞The Arcturian Council

In this download of just over 12 and a half minutes, The Arcturian Council provide several methods to free us from the limiting thoughts and beliefs we often hold about time and money. The transmission itself is so full of high frequency energy, you will be soothed just by listening to it. And the tools they offer in shifting our relationship to time and money are simple and easy to enact. There is some profound wisdom in this one! Enjoy <3

How to Receive More Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth ∞St. Germain

I channeled St. Germain for this Process for Receiving More Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth in your life. It’s 11 minutes and 11 seconds in length, and throughout the course of the recording, you will open up to receive all of the money you’ve requested in this and every other lifetime. St. Germain’s soothing, high-vibrational energy will put you in harmony with all the wealth you deserve, as you relax deeper and deeper into the knowing that if you’ve asked for it, then it’s most certainly coming your way. St. Germain is known for his relationship to the violet flame, and he’s also known as the keeper of the vibration of abundance, and so, he was the perfect choice to bring through for this process. Love! <3

A Process for Manifesting More Abundance ∞The Arcturian Council

I channeled The Arcturian Council to bring forth this process because I know how challenging it can be to be out there in the world trying to manifest more money and abundance of all the other things I want more of in my life (time, ideas, joy, excitement, freedom, etc.). I’m sure most of you feel that way too, at least about something in your lives! To have a process like this one that is so easy to do and only takes a few minutes of our time is something that I feel has a lot of value for all of us. The Arcturian Council has made it very easy to complete this process, and you’ll notice that you feel the energy of abundance moving through you right away. Get in the flow! <3

Manifesting Abundance with Ease & Joy ∞Audio Recording

In the just over two and a half hour audio recording from this online event that I did with Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz-Scranton, you’ll experience my channeling of The Creators, as well as the guidance from Maricris, who is a Psychic Priestess and Shamanic Soul Activator. To start the event, Maricris led a beautiful guided meditation that aligned us all with the Earth’s energies, Source, and our chakra system. This meditation is one you can do every day to align you with the truth of who you are. Next, The Creators brought through their perspective on the topic of Manifesting Abundance with Ease & Joy. Following their opening transmission, Maricris discussed her own journey with the topic and offered insights and support to the group. Finally, we had the question and answer portion of the event. Everyone got to ask a question of The Creators and Maricris.

Overtones for Increasing Abundance ∞The Hathors & The Creators

These overtones, provided by The Hathors and The Creators are infused with codes designed to help tap in to the abundance frequency that lies dormant within most of us. Remember to offer your intention that the overtones increase abundance in your life – whether you seek more money, love, recognition, joy, or opportunities. And you can sit back and focus on where that frequency of abundance exists within you, or you can tone along. Either way, enjoy the overtones! <3

Manifesting Abundance ∞Archangel Michael

Abundance. It’s everywhere, but at the same time, we can limit our experience of it in the physical realm, and at some point, almost all of us have. But we don’t limit our access to abundance intentionally. But rather, that habit of limitation is something we pick up from our parents, teachers, friends, society, etc. That’s why I channeled this recording with Archangel Michael on how to manifest wealth and abundance. Now that we’re aware of how we create our reality with our vibration, and that we can allow in (manifest) what we create consciously by intending to do so, we can shift our experience with abundance…in all areas of life!

Light Language for Allowing More Abundance into Your Life

Light Languages work by bypassing the conscious mind and activating a vibration within you that matches the overall intention of the light language being spoken. For this light language, I tuned into the vibration of receiving abundance and opened myself up to it before allowing the light language to be channeled through me. A light language not only carries the intention of the speaker, but it also contains the galactic light codes, the vibration, and the sounds necessary to activate in the listen that which he or she desires. Therefore, I recommend holding that intention within you as you listen. That will increase the power of the activation and speed with which you can receive the abundance you’ve been asking for in this lifetime, as well as all previous lifetimes. That’s a lot of abundance! Love <3

Sound Healing for Releasing Your Blocks to Abundance ∞Daniel & Maricris

In this 10 minute sound healing, Maricris and I collaborated to help you release your blocks to receiving all the abundance you’ve asked for…in all of your lifetimes put together. Whether those blocks came from your parents, society, or past life versions of you, they influence your ability to open up to the abundance that is all around us. My recommendation for listening to this one is that you lie down and open your arms up to feel the abundance coming in. The tones, sounds, overtones, and drumming will chip away at any of those negative beliefs and limitations you’ve placed on yourself regarding abundance – like that it can only come from work that you do – or that the only way to have a huge amount come all at once is from the lottery. Listen to it any time you’re feeling a lack of abundance in your awareness. Let it in! <3

Mantras for Manifesting Abundance ∞The Creators

In this download of 12 minutes and 12 seconds, The Creators take us through a series of mantras that you will either resonate with, or you won’t, on the topic of manifesting abundance in your life. The difference between this download and other mantras you may have encountered in the past is that The Creators won’t let you just speak the mantras…they want to make sure that you actually feel the vibration of them. And when you do, when you align with them, you will change your financial situation for the better. Love! <3

Breathing Exercises for Manifesting Abundance ∞The Creators

In this download of just over 11 minutes, The Creators walk us through a series of breathing exercises that are designed to remove limitations, beliefs, and blockages around receiving abundance. These are breathing exercises that are easy to do, and you can employ them several times throughout the day to bring in that abundance that all of us desire. You’ll feel more open and ready to receive after doing even just one of these exercises. Enjoy! <3

Light Language for Activating the Abundance Frequency

In this download, I bring forth a light language that you can just sit back and absorb. This light language is infused with the frequency of abundance and the codes that will help to reprogram your relationship to abundance in your life. You can listen as many times as you like, whenever you feel you want to get into that abundance frequency, and eventually, you may feel inspired to speak your own light language to express that abundance frequency through you. Enjoy! <3

Abundance Vibration Activation ∞The Arcturian Council

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, The Arcturian Council guide us into the feeling of abundance, activating that vibration within our chakras, bodies, and energy fields. They also explain how to find this vibration that we all have it within us, whether we’ve ever felt wealthy or not. This download will leave you feeling in the flow and ready to receive all the abundance that’s coming your way. Enjoy! <3

Tones & Overtones for Removing Blockages to Abundance ∞Various

This download is 11 minutes and 11 seconds of channeled tones and overtones that are infused with two intentions: to remove any blockages that we may have picked up to receiving the abundance to naturally flow and to activate the receptors in our physical bodies for the energies of abundance. Sit back, listen, and know that some tones are going to activate you…they may feel uncomfortable to listen to at first. But let that happen. It means that particular tone/overtone is working! Enjoy <3

Root Chakra Clearing & Abundance Frequency Activation ∞The PHCo7

The root chakra is likely the last one to come along to the fifth dimensional frequency range. We tend to hold so much fear, trauma, and judgment in that often forgotten about chakra that it can hold us back from living the life we ultimately want to live. The Pleiadian High Council of Seven is here to help. They offer a process for clearing that stuck energy out of the root chakra and then assist in activating our abundance frequency in this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds. Enjoy! <3

Abundance Meditation ∞Archangel Michael

In this guided Abundance Meditation, I channeled Archangel Michael. The Archangel Michael collective uses their soft and soothing angelic energy to give us a new perspective on accessing the flow of abundance into our lives. This captivating meditation is set to beautiful new age music, is 15 and a half minutes in length, and it’s filled with high-frequency vibrations that are sure to shift your abundance set-point. I recommend listening to this meditation every day until you start to see the evidence of the vibrational work you’ve been doing with Michael. Then you can taper off to once a week, and when you’re really in the flow with this abundant universe, you might recognize that you only have to do it once a month. Enjoy! <3

Manifestation Meditation ∞Archangel Michael

Manifestation. It’s big word in the new age/spiritual realm, but there isn’t a lot of agreement as to how to go about doing it. This meditation with Archangel Michael, which is set to beautiful new age music, incorporates all the different methods – mantras, visualization, feeling your emotions, and becoming one with what you want to manifest (thereby no longer seeing it as something outside of you and unattainable). Whenever we desire something, it’s an opportunity to become one with it, to know it experientially. And this meditation will help you do just that. It’s the only tool you will ever need for manifesting everything – every experience, every relationship, every degree of abundance that you’ve ever wanted to have in your life. I recommend doing this one whenever you’re aware of a desire you haven’t manifested…yet. Love! <3

creating abundance manifesting wealth & allowing money in - a master course with daniel scranton