Light Language for Manifesting the 2020 of Your Dreams

language of light channeled by daniel scranton on manifesting the 2020 year of your dreamsA Downloadable MP3 Recording of a Light Language, Channeled by Daniel Scranton, for Manifesting in the New Year 0f 2020

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How Will This Light Language Help You Manifest the Life of Your Dreams in 2020?

We’ve been taught to look at a new year in one of two ways. We are either scouring the internet for the latest predictions on what WILL HAPPEN in the new year, or we are making New Year’s resolutions, which are just goals that we set for ourselves, like giving up refined sugar. Now, this light language of about six minutes in length is a completely different approach. A light language is designed through it’s vibration, intention, and galactic light codes, to activate that which is already inside of you. That means you create your reality. You don’t have to worry about what some channel or psychic says 2020 is going to be about because you’re the one creating it. It also means that you don’t have to use will power to achieve those goals. You can let the universe bring you the life of your dreams. Joy! <3

How Do Light Languages Work?

Some people think that we’re supposed to interpret languages of light into English. I am not one of those people! The way I experience them is that they wash over me with an activation. When you’re open to receiving from the light language, then it really works with you. You can just have it on in the background while you’re doing some chores or something, but it’s best to meditate to the light languages and let them work on you. That has been my experience anyway. And if you do receive some sort of message after listening or while listening, then respect that. It doesn’t mean that you were interpreting the light language. It might just mean that the language of light inspired you to receive an intuitive hit. Yeah! <3

When Does it Serve You to Listen to this Language of Light?

Certainly you will want to listen to this one as we near the New Year. But once the year starts, and throughout the whole year of 202o, I say listen away! Listen whenever you have a new desire hatching, or whenever you feel that you’re inspired to do something creative with your life and your work. Ideally, you’ll let your intuition guide you when it comes to listening to this or any other light language transmission. You don’t want it to turn into some sort of chore. You want to feel inspired to let this light language work on you and for you. This is one that is meant to bring you enormous breakthroughs in your life. It’s meant to be magical. See it as such, and it will be. Love! <3

Feedback from a very satisfied customer: “I got goosebumps and felt very much like something was being reset within me when I listened! Will keep listening!” ∞Sara K.

language of light channeled by daniel scranton on manifesting the 2020 year of your dreams