Making Contact with Extra-Terrestrials ∞Online Course

Making Contact with Extra-Terrestrials ∞Online CourseThis is a 4-Week Online/Phone-In Course that You Can Attend from Anywhere for Making Contact with E.T.s

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STARTS: May 13th at 3:30PM Pacific/6:30PM Eastern and for the next 3 Wednesdays – May 20th, May 27th & June 3rd.

In this FOUR WEEK COURSE I’ll be teaching you everything I know about connecting with our E.T. friends. I will tell you all about my own experiences with connecting with e.t.s, and I’ll explain how and why I believe they happened. I’ll also teach you all the tricks I’ve developed over the years to connect directly with our galactic families, and of course, I’ll teach you how to channel e.t.s. This course will also be about connecting to the e.t.s all around us, the e.t. DNA within us, and eventually, making that physical contact with extra-terrestrials in the flesh that we are all so excited about! There will also be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions before, during, and in between all four of the one-hour classes. Joy <3

What About All the E.T.s I Channel? Will They Get Involved?

I’ll also be channeling The Zetas, Hathors, and The Arcturian Council, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven. I’ll be leading you through some exercises and processes that I’ve used myself, and I’ll be enlisting the help of my E.T. friends to help guide you to your own E.T. experiences, both physical and non-physical in nature. The various extra-terrestrial groups I channel are very involved in the creation and teaching of this class, as they are forever connected to me and all that I say during the hour-long classes in each of the three weeks we’ll be gathering for this course. I’ll share with you my own experiences with E.T.s and UFOs and how I believe they came about. Also, there will, as always, be an emphasis on how you can find the vibration within you to create these experiences for yourself. Love <3

How Will You Attend This 4-Week Course?

Each week we will meet via the computer and/or phone (your choice). You’ll be able to ask questions, and I’ll be answering those questions, using all the knowledge I’ve acquired in my 9 and a half years of channeling and my twenty years as an awakened human. If you cannot attend any or all of the classes live, that’s not a problem at all. You’ll get a recording and a replay page shortly after each class so that you can listen in to each class at your convenience. Also, if you have questions and wonder how you’ll get them answered if you cannot attend live, that’s also not an issue! You can email your questions in or ask them via online form. When I’m channeling the E.T.s, they’ll be guiding you through additional processes, meditations, and exercises.

Week 1: May 13th at 3:30PM Pacific/6:30PM Eastern.

Week 2: May 20th at 3:30PM Pacific/6:30PM Eastern.

Week 3: May 27th at 3:30PM Pacific/6:30PM Eastern.

Week 4: June 3rd at 3:30PM Pacific/6:30PM Eastern.

Making Contact with Extra-Terrestrials 4 Week Course