Mantras for Putting You on Your Ideal Timeline ∞The Creators

mantras for putting you on your ideal timeline - the creators, channeled by daniel scranton This Downloadable MP3 Recording of 11 Minutes and 11 Seconds Long Contains Several Mantras for Putting You on Your Most Perfect & Ideal Timeline

How Will These Mantras Put You on Your Ideal Timeline?

Timelines. We’ve all heard about them, but do we have our own timelines, or is there just one timeline that we are all on? The Creators teach us that we all have access to our own unique perfect and ideal timeline, and they know how to get us on it! The mantras that The Creators provide in this downloadable mp3 recording are going to put you on that ideal timeline of yours, and you will follow their words and their instructions for how to vibrate in harmony with the mantras they give. That’s the most important aspect of speaking mantras that most spiritual teachers and channeled beings don’t provide…the tools and approach you need to resonate and harmonize with each mantra so that you vibrate in harmony with them and their meaning. That’s what sets The Creators apart from other channeled beings. They know the significance of being in alignment, and they not only give you the mantras to be in alignment with your ideal timeline; they also tell you how to get into alignment with each spoken mantra. Joy! <3

When & How Often Does it Serve You to Listen to & Repeat These Mantras?

When you’ve been experiencing a lot of hardships or accessing a lot of trauma (past life or current lifetime), those are just a couple of instances where I feel you would benefit most from listening to these mantras from The Creators and repeating them out loud. Sometimes we just need to know that we’re taking some positive steps to get on that ideal timeline we really want to be on. We don’t have to think about all the precise ways in which we could get on that timeline…we just need to sit and get into vibrational harmony with it. And these mantras will do just that if you let them. They’re designed to! So anytime you feel lost, off your path, or just need to feel like you’re doing something to get back on track, those are all great times to be listening to this recording and repeating the mantras provided by The Creators. Love <3

mantras for putting you on your ideal timeline - the creators, channeled by daniel scranton