March 2019 Beginners Group Channeling Class ∞Audio Recording

In this 2 hour recording from my March 2019 Beginners Channeling Class, you’ll learn everything I have come to know about channeling. In the first hour of the class, I talk about my journey, including how I taught myself how to channel. I also talk about the advice I received from Bashar and other high frequency beings after I started channeling in the Fall of 2010. I give lots of practical suggestions for exercises, processes, and approaches that I developed myself to getting you into the channeling state.

In the second hour, I take you through three separate exercises, each one designed by me. By the end of the third exercise, it’s quite possible that you will find yourself speaking for higher dimensional beings. But even if you don’t, you’ll have the ability to do that third exercise over and over until you do start channeling. Fun! <3