Mastering Your Physical Body: Health, Vitality & Ideal Weight ∞3 Week Course

mastering your physical body 3 week course with daniel scranton channelerThis is a 3-Week Course on Mastering Your Physical Body: Ideal Weight, Perfect Health & Unlimited Vitality

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What Will You Get from Attending This 3-Week Course on Mastering Your Physical Body?

In this three week course, which begins on Wednesday, March 4th at 5:00PM Pacific/8:00PM Eastern (and for the next two Wednesdays…but at 6:00PM Pacific/9:00PM Eastern on the 11th and 18th), I will be covering all topics related to having a physical body. These are intense times for our physical bodies, and we must give them the fuel on the physical and energetic levels that they need in order to have an easy and joyous transition to the 5th dimension. What I know you will get out of this course is a new set of perspectives, new skills, new approaches, and a new sense of hope about your ability to master your physical body as we continue to navigate through the fourth dimension. Love! <3

What Will Daniel Bring to this Course on Health, Ideal Weight & Vitality?

I’ve had unique experiences of my own with the topic of Mastering the Physical Body that I will be sharing with all of you, including being in so much pain that I was actually suicidal in 2010. I’ll provide with you the processes, exercises, spiritual practices, self-care routines, and meditations that have gotten me to the point where I am today…very happy with my physical body weight, shape and size, enjoying excellent health, and feeling more energy and vitality than I did in my 20’s!

In each of the three weeks/classes, we will cover a different topic relating to the physical body: Health, Vitality & Ideal Body Weight will be the three main topics covered. I will also be covering the topic of ascension symptoms and how to approach them in a healthy and self-loving way. I’ll channel a different collective of higher dimensional beings each week (The Creators, The Pleiadians & The Arcturians) to get their take on these subjects as well. The higher-dimensional collectives will also be

How to Attend Each Class in this 3-Week Course on Mastering Your Physical Body

You can join via phone or computer, and you can ask questions via email, online form, or by raising your hand when you’re on the phone and asking the question live during the class. Each class will be recorded, and you will receive a recording via email after each session. So even if you can’t be there live, you will still get all the information, and you can still ask questions via email or online form, and I’ll answer them during the next class session! Join me for this exploration into Mastering Your Physical Body <3

mastering your physical body 3 week course with daniel scranton channeler