Meditation for Creating Your Ideal Physical Body ∞Quan Yin

Meditation for Creating Your Ideal Physical Body ∞Quan Yin, channeled by Daniel Scranton channeler of arcturians and ascended mastersThis is a 15-Minute Guided Meditation of Quan Yin on Creating Your Ideal Physical Body ∞Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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Our ideal physical bodies. They’re right here, right now, waiting to be accessed by us. That’s why I channeled Quan Yin for this 15-minute guided meditation. I knew she was the perfect choice to create this topic. Being in the physical bodies that we desire is our birthright, but we pick up these beliefs about ourselves and our bodies…beliefs like, “You are what you eat” and “Genetics are our destiny.” Now is the time to let go of those types of beliefs and to step into our roles as the creators of our reality. Our state of being is our primary creation, and our bodies are the next creation we manifest, and we manifest them instantaneously.

How Will This Meditation Help You?

If you’ve ever struggled with your bodily health or your feelings of self-worth because of your size, height, or any other defining physical characteristic, then this is the meditation for you. Quan Yin takes us through a process of loving our bodies just as they are, processing our feelings about our physical selves, and then creating the body we have always wanted. Spending 15 minutes a day on this meditation is a huge time saver if you’re accustomed to dealing with your physical issues by hitting the treadmill or going to doctor’s appointment after doctor’s appointment. The time, money, and energy spent on this meditation pales in comparison to what you’d put towards the traditional ways of approaching being in the body of your dreams.

When Should You Do This Guided Meditation?

There are always times when we don’t feel so good about our physical bodies. Maybe we see a picture of ourselves we don’t like, or catch a glimpse of ourselves in a mirror and feel the emotional pain of not liking what we see. Or, if your issues are with health, well-being, and/or vitality, you could be experiencing physical and emotional pain on a very regular basis. Either way (or perhaps both), this meditation will be most effective when you do it right after a bout of self-loathing or during feelings of abject despair. This 15-minute meditation is the relief you’ve been waiting for! Joy <3

Meditation for Creating Your Ideal Physical Body ∞Quan Yin, channeled by Daniel Scranton channeler of arcturians and ascended masters