Meditation for Releasing Stress & Anxiety ∞Archangel Michael

Meditation for Releasing Stress & Anxiety ∞Archangel Michael, channeled by daniel scranton, channeler of archangel michael & gabriel, ascended masters & e.t.sArchangel Michael Delivers a 15-Minute, Guided Meditation in MP3 Format that You Can Download

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Stress. It’s unavoidable in our fast-paced, modern, technologically-advanced world. However, anxiety is quite avoidable. Not at first, of course. At first, we are going to feel anxious from time to time because it’s part of the human experience. It’s part of being here on Earth now to feel all the emotions in the vibrational spectrum. But once we awaken, we can begin to let go more consciously of the emotions we don’t want to feel anymore and replace them with the vibrations we do want to offer. After all, offering a vibration is what it takes to create our reality.

What Will This Guided Meditation from Archangel Michael Do For You?

Releasing Anxiety. That’s what this meditation with Archangel Michael is all about. Michael guides us through a process of accessing that anxiety, releasing it, replacing it with a peaceful and calm feeling, and the Archangel puts that feeling to the test. You’ll see if the anxiety comes back or if you have more processing to do. Michael is very gentle and surrounds you with their warm, heartfelt healing energy throughout the entire 15-minute guided meditation.

What If Meditation Doesn’t Work for You?

Even if you don’t like to meditate, and you’ve found that it’s really hard to let go of your thoughts, this meditation will help. Doing a guided meditation means that you’re led from one focal point to another, and that makes it easier for you to stay out of your thinking mind. Archangel Michael will either keep your attention on de-stressing and releasing that anxiety, or they will easily pull you back into the meditative state with that soothing angelic vibe and peaceful energy that the Archangels are known for. Meditation can and will work for everyone! Trust me. I know. I’ve been doing it for 20 years.

When Should You Do This Archangel Michael Meditation?

This is a great meditation to do first thing in the morning if you typically find yourself stressing out about how much you have to do in a day when you first awaken in the morning. Otherwise, do it as needed. We all encounter stress throughout the course of an average day. So now, when stressful thoughts and situations come up in your life, you can return your awareness to this meditation over and over again. Michael even leaves us with instructions on how to deal directly with stress as it comes up…during those times when you might not be able to get away and do a 15-minute meditation! Love <3

Meditation for Releasing Stress & Anxiety ∞Archangel Michael, channeled by daniel scranton, channeler of archangel michael & gabriel, ascended masters & e.t.s