Mind Mastery: Meditation, Affirmation & Mindfulness ∞3 Week Course

This 3 week course begins on Monday, Oct. 30th, and continues for the following two Mondays (Nov. 6th & 13th). Each class will begin at 4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern. I’ll be covering three main topics relating to our physical mind. In week one, we’ll be exploring the art and practice of meditation. I’ll also lead a meditation during that first one hour class.

In week two, we’ll explore the power of affirmation, mantras, and positive thought. How can we utilize these tools to create our reality and to live a better life right now? That’s what we’ll be focusing on in week two. We’ll definitely be doing some speaking aloud of affirmations, mantras, and positive thoughts, putting theory into practice.

In week number three, I’ll be discussing mindfulness and its practice in our daily lives. Mindfulness is completely underrated as a source of ease, appreciation, and creation. I’ll offer some practical ways to bring more mindfulness into your spiritual practice.

Join me!