Monthly Membership ∞Light Edition

monthly membership patreon daniel scranton channelerThis is a Monthly Membership Program Worth More Than Twice What I’m Offering it for

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What Will You Get in this Light Edition of the Monthly Membership Program?

You may have noticed that I put out at least two NEW downloadable recordings per week – meditations, light language transmissions, breathing exercises, sound healings, and more. You’ll receive those downloadable files to your inbox each week.

I also do a Group Live Q&A event with The Creators, The Founders, The Pleiadian High Council of 7, The Hathors, or The 9D Arcturian Council, and they are usually 2.5-3 hours in length. You’ll also receive the recordings of those weekly events. (The regular monthly membership includes one question to be asked during the Q&A). But with the light edition, you can just listen to the recording.

I’ve also been doing at least one 3 to 4-week course per month. And on certain months, you’ll also gain access to a Beginners or Advanced Group Channeling Classes (those occur less frequently than once a month). You’ll receive the details for joining each class & course, and if you can’t attend any of them live, you’ll also get the recordings of those to listen to when you have the time.

This monthly membership light edition is renewable by you, but it won’t automatically renew. You can join at any point in any month, and your membership will be good for 30 days. If you join at a time when a course is ongoing, you will receive the recordings of each of the previous classes in the course, even though you didn’t start your membership till after the course had already begun!

Even at the 50% off price, the 2 recordings per week would be worth at least $44.40. The 4-5 recordings of the Group Live Q&As over the course of a month are worth at least $89.08. And each course I do sells for at least $88.88. (Courses and Q&As are not eligible for the 50% discounts). So even at the best prices I ever offer these items for, they come to a total of over $222 of recordings, classes, and courses. And I’m offering this membership for just $88.88.

monthly membership patreon daniel scranton channeler