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Monthly Membership Program

Want to go deeper on your spiritual journey? Make a fuller commitment to your growth and evolution? Want to get one of everything I do for an entire month? Here’s what I’m offering in my monthly membership package

One 60-Minute Session with any of the Guides I Channel (Creators, Arcturians, Pleiadians, etc)
Admission to all Group Live Q&A sessions on the Thurs. Nights of the Month (usually 4 per month)
∞All Recordings I produce in the Span of the Month (usually at least 8)
∞Attendance to any and all Classes that Begin in the Month of your Membership

Assuming I start one class in the month of your membership, this is a value of over $350. At the end of the month, you will of course have the option of extending your membership for another month, but you will not be billed automatically, and you will not have to cancel. You are only committing to one month.

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