Pleiadian Light Language Healing ∞The Pleiadian High Council of 7

This Download is a Recording of a Channeled Light Language Transmission from The Pleiadian High Council of 7 on Healing

The Pleiadians really are the experts on healing, and so, I figured they would be the best choice for bringing through a light language for a universal healing of the physical, emotional, energetic, and mental bodies. The light language was channeled by me, but I partnered with the Pleiadian High Council of 7 to bring this one through, as I knew that there was much more to be accessed if I pulled the light language through the Pleiadian Star System. The languages of light I channel come from the entire universe, unless I specify a particular star system to pull it through.

How do Light Languages Work?

A Light Language contains galactic light codes, information, energy, vibration, and the intention infused into it, all working together to give you an experience of being activated, healed, grounded, and upgraded. These light language transmissions are powerful! The recording is about 6 minutes in length, but it packs such a powerful punch that you will want to listen to it over and over again. The language of light will transform your physical body, organs, and cells to operate at a higher frequency, leaving you in a state of health and well-being after you listen.

When Would it Serve You to Listen to This Light Language Transmission?

There are so many practical applications for this light language transmission. Whether you’re experiencing a dip in your general health and well-being, or feeling down emotionally, this light language will help. It can also be used for a cleansing and clearing of your energetic field, and it will raise your vibration, giving you access to more pleasant thoughts. The Pleiadians specialize in healing techniques and this light language contains the power of their desire to be of service. Joy! <3


pleiadian light language transmission for healing channeled by daniel scranton channeler & the pleiadian high council of 7