Sacral Chakra Clearing, Opening & Activating Meditation ∞Yeshua

sacral chakra meditation for clearing, opening, and activation of the sacral chakra - yeshua channeled by daniel scrantonThis 15 Minute Guided Sacral Chakra Meditation is a Downloadable MP3 Recording of Daniel Scranton, Channeling Yeshua

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Our Sacral Chakras. They’re powerful when clear, open, and activated, according to Yeshua. This 15-Minute, guided meditation is infused with the energy, vibration, and intention to give us complete access to our sexual power and creativity. We have often been led to feel ashamed of ourselves, our creations, and our status as sensual, sexual, and creator beings in our physical bodies. Sometimes this has been done in an effort to protect us, and other times (as in the case of religions), it’s been used as a means of disconnecting us from Source so that we would need an intermediary. Now that we’ve awakened our consciousness, we can see the need and the possibility to have full access to these beautiful chakras. That’s what this meditation is all about. Joy! <3

Why Is Meditation So Powerful?

Meditation is all about focus. In a guided meditation, we are guided by the beings who are assisting in the meditation to focus on what we want, while also helping us to release what no longer serves us. Yeshua is a master at this. This meditation is also set to soothing and beautiful new age music, which puts you in the zone for focus and connection. Connecting to your sacral chakra by feeling it and breathing into it, you access that which has been lost through trauma, blockages, and stuck energy. Meditating on clearing, opening, and activating your sacral chakra is all it takes to make that happen. I’ve used meditation for 20 years now, and I can say that it has made all the difference in my life. I’m living the life of my dreams because I was willing to stop and meditate all those years ago, and I stuck with it, even though I’m not what I would call a ‘great meditator.’ Love <3

When Should You Listen to this Meditation?

I always find that meditation works best for me first thing in the morning, but I was talking to a client recently who was saying that she needed to get into the day a bit before meditation would really be effective for her. So we’re all different! That’s why it’s so important to listen to your intuition when it comes to doing any spiritual exercise or practice. I also think that listening to this one when you’ve been experiencing some shame or guilt around what you’ve done or haven’t accomplished in this lifetime is an excellent time to experience this sacral chakra meditation from Yeshua.

sacral chakra meditation for clearing, opening, and activation of the sacral chakra - yeshua channeled by daniel scranton