Sound Healing for Detoxifying Your Organs ∞Daniel & Maricris Dominique

In this download of just over 10 minutes, I teamed up with my lovely wife Maricris Dominique, and we created this sound healing for the purpose of detoxifying the physical organs of your body. Maricris is a shamanic priestess, as well as a medical intuitive. She offers the shamanic drumming on the track, while I channel tones, overtones, and healing sounds, all infused with the intention of releasing the toxins from your organs. Remember, the heart is also an organ, and so while this recording will eliminate physical toxins from organs like the liver, it will also release energetic blockages and other stuck energy in your heart. Listen to this one whenever you feel sick or after indulging in some food, beverages, or other substances that you want to clear from your body as quickly as possible. And you can also use it for regular maintenance of your physical body. Love! <3