Sound Healing for Releasing All Blocks to Accessing Your Spiritual Gifts ∞Daniel & Maricris

For this 10 minute sound healing, I teamed up with my shamanic priestess wife Maricris. She played the drum, and I channeled the sounds, tones, and overtones. The channeling is infused with the intention, vibration, and energetic signature to remove and release all blocks that you have to accessing your spiritual gifts. The blocks can be related to past lives where you were imprisoned, ostracized, tortured, and even killed for having those gifts. Blocks also get created when we live in doubt of ourselves. They can come to us from societal programming, and even from not wanting to stand out from the crowd. Listen to this one every time you feel the urge to channel, access your healing abilities, or have the desire to tune in to any spiritual gift at all. Joy! <3