Sound Healing for Releasing All Blocks to Becoming Your 5D/Higher Self

This 10-minute sound healing includes channeled tones by me, Daniel. Plus, I played one of my crystal bowls to add to the power of the energy created by the tones. I infused each tone with the intention of releasing the blockages you have to becoming your 5th dimensional/higher self. This aspect of us is just waiting to come out, but we’ve been told how small and insignificant we are by so many…and in so many lifetimes! That’s why I created this sound healing. It was specifically crafted to release all of those blocks, even the ones we had no idea existed. That’s why sound healing is such a wonderful healing modality. Sound can release blockages that have been around for lifetimes! I suggest listening to this one every so often, whenever you feel you want to get a taste of life in 5D…as your higher self! Love <3