Sound Healing for Releasing Your Blocks to Abundance ∞Daniel & Maricris

In this 10 minute sound healing, Maricris and I collaborated to help you release your blocks to receiving all the abundance you’ve asked for…in all of your lifetimes put together. Whether those blocks came from your parents, society, or past life versions of you, they influence your ability to open up to the abundance that is all around us. My recommendation for listening to this one is that you lie down and open your arms up to feel the abundance coming in. The tones, sounds, overtones, and drumming will chip away at any of those negative beliefs and limitations you’ve placed on yourself regarding abundance – like that it can only come from work that you do – or that the only way to have a huge amount come all at once is from the lottery. Listen to it any time you’re feeling a lack of abundance in your awareness. Let it in! <3