How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides ∞The Creators

How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides ∞The CreatorsThis is a Downloadable MP3 Recording of How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides ∞The Creators, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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Connecting with our spirit guides. It’s something we all want to do, or do more of. In this download just less than 10 minutes in length, The Creators share with you a process that will enable you to consciously connect with and receive the wisdom, guidance, support, and love from your spirit guides. No matter where you are in relationship to your guides, this recording will help bring you into a greater and more profound experience of connection. The Creators speak about our relationship to our guides briefly before getting to the actual process. They are beings of pure unconditional love who are here in service to us. Our spirit guides know us better than any humans do, and they love us anyway!

And of course, whenever The Creators are involved, there are the tones and overtones that they bring through at the beginning, opening all of us up to receive their energetic transmissionEnjoy <3!