How to Turn Your Spiritual Calling Into a Business ∞Four Week Course

Come with me on a journey, a journey that will marry your spiritual lightworker self with your inner businessperson. I wasn’t always able to support myself with my work. It took time and struggling with my beliefs about money and spirituality, and I’ve learned quite a bit over the past five years. There was also a lot of practical knowledge that I needed to do what I do.

In this four week course, we will cover everything – continuing to develop yourself and what you offer as a lightworker, while also putting yourself out there more to the public for energetic exchange. That’s a fancy new age way of saying “charge money for it.”

I didn’t think being able to do this full-time to support myself was a slam dunk for me. I had a lot of help along the way, and I’m ready to share everything that I’ve come to know about being a spiritual person who also lives in the world of commerce.

Each class will be at least an hour, with plenty of opportunities for questions from the attendees!

Week 1: December 15th at 4:00PM Pacific/7:00PM Eastern

Week 2: December 22nd at 4:00PM Pacific/7:00PM Eastern

Week 3: December 29th at 4:00PM Pacific/7:00PM Eastern

Week 4: January 5th at 4:00PM Pacific/7:00PM Eastern

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