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Group Live Q&A ∞Weekly Online/Phone-In Event

THIS WEEK: Thursday, December 13th – The Arcturian Council

Each Thursday at 5:00PM Pacific/8:00PM Eastern I channel a different collective of guides for this event – The Creators, The Hathors, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven, or The Arcturian Council. You can join by phone or computer… your choice! These group events usually last between 2 and 2.5 hours.

If you can’t make it because it’s past your bedtime, or for any other reason, there are two ways to submit your question(s). You can submit questions via the online form, or you can email them to me directly.

We have a group moderator who reads the written in questions – which can be submitted anonymously. If you join by phone, you can raise your hand and ask your question verbally.

The beings I channel for each event speak at the beginning for 5 minutes or so on the current energies, and then they answer each of the questions presented.

You will receive a recording and a replay page (nothing to download) after the event is over. Join us!


Integrating the Divine Masculine & Feminine Energies: Becoming Whole Again ∞3 Week Master Course

Starting Tuesday, January 9th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern, and for the next two Tuesdays after, join me for this 3 week master course that you can attend via phone or computer. Even if you cannot attend live, you’ll receive the recordings of each class and can listen at your leisure. You can also send questions via email that I’ll answer during the classes.

Week 1: We’ll explore what the Divine Masculine energy is, what the lower masculine energy is, and I’ll channel The Pleiadian High Council of 7 on how to activate our Divine Masculine energy and how to use it to create our reality.

Week 2: We’ll explore what the Divine Feminine energy is, what the lower feminine energy is, and I’ll channel The Arcturian Council on how to activate our Divine Feminine energy and use it to receive all that we’ve created.

Week 3: The final class will be on integrating these two energies into ourselves as individuals. In other words, if you’re in a male body, how can you be fully integrated with your feminine energy? And if you’re in a female body, how can you be fully integrated in your masculine energy? How can we hold both energies in us, regardless of our gender? I’ll channel The Creators on the topic as well, and they’ll give an activation on integrating the two. Join me! <3

Using the Power of Your Voice to Create Your Reality: Toning, Light Languages & Mantras

This is a 3 Week Course! Starts Wednesday, November 29th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern. (Weeks 2 & 3 will be the following two Wednesdays, December 6th & 13th).

In this course, I’ll be teaching and channeling on the topic of how you can use your voice to create your reality. I’ve experienced the power of toning, speaking light languages, and speaking mantras in my own creation process, and I can say that they have without a doubt brought me more of what I want to experience in my world.

In week 1, we’ll explore how you can use the power of your voice to make tones and sounds. These tones and sounds will carry your intentions out into the universe, where they will merge with higher frequency energies and help you create the experiences you want to create. I’ll also channel The Pleiadian High Council of Seven on the topic.

In week 2, I’ll be teaching you about light languages, what they are, how you can speak them, and how to use them to create your reality. There’s no limit to the number of light languages you can speak, and they go beyond the mind, speaking to your soul directly. Then I’ll channel The Arcturian Council, and they’ll speak about the power of light languages and how to use them effectively in your creation process.

In week 3, I’ll be teaching you how to use mantras to create your reality. Mantras must be felt, in addition to being spoken, and I’ll make sure that the mantras we come up with in this course are the ones that will be more effective than any others you’ve used in the past to change your life and your experience of life. Then I’ll channel The Creators, and they’ll speak on the topic.

Money Mastery: Creating & Manifesting Abundance ∞3 Week Course

Starting Thursday, July 5th, and then on the following two Thursdays, the 12th, and 19th at 3:00PM Pacific/6:00 PM Eastern, join me for this 3 week course on money mastery. I will teach you the techniques I’ve learned and utilized over the years. Also, I will channel The Creators, The Arcturian Council, and The Pleiadian High Council of Seven on the topic. There will be plenty of time for questions, and I’ll lead you through Abundance Meditations and other processes for manifesting more money into your experience.

You can join by phone or computer, and if you cannot attend all three classes (or any of them) live, no problemo! You’ll get a recording and a replay page sent via email, and you can even email your questions in, and they will be addressed during the next week’s class. This is going to be fun! And you’ll walk away from the 3 week course feeling better than you ever have about money. Join me! <3

Mind Mastery: Meditation, Affirmation & Mindfulness ∞3 Week Course

This 3 week course begins on Monday, Oct. 30th, and continues for the following two Mondays (Nov. 6th & 13th). Each class will begin at 4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern. I’ll be covering three main topics relating to our physical mind. In week one, we’ll be exploring the art and practice of meditation. I’ll also lead a meditation during that first one hour class.

In week two, we’ll explore the power of affirmation, mantras, and positive thought. How can we utilize these tools to create our reality and to live a better life right now? That’s what we’ll be focusing on in week two. We’ll definitely be doing some speaking aloud of affirmations, mantras, and positive thoughts, putting theory into practice.

In week number three, I’ll be discussing mindfulness and its practice in our daily lives. Mindfulness is completely underrated as a source of ease, appreciation, and creation. I’ll offer some practical ways to bring more mindfulness into your spiritual practice.

Join me!

Mastering Your Physical Body: Health, Vitality & Ideal Weight ∞3 Week Course

In this three week course, which begins on Saturday, March 24th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern (and for the next two Saturdays), I will be covering all topics related to having a physical body. These are intense times for our physical bodies, and we must give them what they need in order to have an easy and joyous transition to the 5th dimension.

Each week will cover a different topic: Health, Vitality & Ideal Body Weight will be the three main topics covered. And ascension symptoms will also be included in the teachings. I’ll channel a different collective each week (The Creators, The Pleiadians & The Arcturians) to get their take on the subject as well.

You can join via phone or computer, and you can ask questions via email, online form, or by raising your hand when you’re on the phone and asking the question live during the class. Each class will be recorded, and you will receive a recording via email after each session. So even if you can’t be there live, you will still get all the information, and you can still ask questions! Join me <3

Ascending to the 5th Dimension ∞3 Week Master Course

Starting June 5th at 3:30pm Pacific/6:30pm Eastern, and for the next two Tuesdays after, join me for this journey into 5D. In this Master Course, I’ll be teaching you the essentials for ascension, and I’ll also be channeling The Creators, The Arcturian Council, and The Pleiadian High Council of Seven on this very important topic. I’ll also be creating new processes for this course that will take you into 5D. 

You’ll join via phone or computer, and if you can’t be there live, don’t worry. The recordings will contain everything that you get by attending live. You can submit questions before or during each class, and I will read them aloud and answer them.

We all have the ability to access the 5D paradigm, the 5D energies, and 5D templates in the here and now, and we can take a much more pro-active approach to it, rather than just waiting around for something to happen. Join me, and we can raise the consciousness of the planet as a small collective of well-intentioned beings!

Accessing & Developing Your Spiritual Gifts ∞3 Week Course

This course begins at 4:30pm Pacific/7:30pm Eastern on Wednesday, March 14th, and will also convene on the next two Wednesdays that follow (21st & 28th) at the same time.

In this 3 week course that you can attend via computer or phone, I’ll teach you how to access and develop spiritual gifts such as: clairvoyance, intuition, hands on healing, sound healing, channeling, speaking light languages, and animal communication. You will learn how to access these gifts through processes and exercises that I’ve created. Next, I’ll teach you how to practice applying your gifts so that you can help yourself and others.

It doesn’t matter what your current skill level is…you will benefit from taking this course. Also, you don’t have to attend any of the classes live in order to benefit from all that I’ll be sharing. You will receive a recording and a replay page so that you can attend the course at your convenience. And if you cannot be there live and have questions, you can email them in, and I’ll answer them during the live sessions. You’ll be able to hear the answers on the recording. Join me!

Connecting w/Your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Oversoul & Other High Frequency Beings ∞3 Week Course

Saturday, April 14th at 3:00PM Pacific/6:00PM Eastern, and for the next two Saturdays after, join me on a journey that will result in your feeling more connected than ever to your spirit guides, higher self, oversoul, and any other high frequency beings (like angels, archangels, and ascended masters) that you want to connect with. Each week I will lecture on how to connect with these beings, plus I will guide you through meditations, exercises and processes to get you feeling fully connected.

Everyone wants to have an open dialogue with their spirit guides, higher self, oversoul, and all of the other high frequency beings that are out there in the universe. This is your chance to give yourself that experience. If you cannot attend these classes live, you can always send in questions via email, and hear the recordings of each class on the replay (which I will send out to all who register right after each week’s class is complete). You can attend each class by phone or computer – your choice! Join us <3


Attracting Your Soulmate: Let Love In ∞3 Week Online Course

Starting Saturday, December 15th (and for the next two Saturdays) at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern – I’ll be leading this class that you’ll attend either online or over the phone (your choice!).

I’ll also channel at least one meditation from a higher dimensional being like Yeshua. Throughout all three weeks of the course, I’ll take you through exercises and processes that will open your heart, release trauma and blockages from previous relationships, and make you a vibrational magnet for your soulmate.

You will also learn about self love, how to communicate with your soulmate, and many other techniques that will harmonize you with the love of your life. I’ll also be discussing the soulmate and twin flame concepts and how to shift your beliefs about who those people are, where they are, and your access to them. Everyone deserves to be happy in their romantic relationships!

Week 1: December 15th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern
Week 2:December 22nd at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern 
Week 3:December 29th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern

Making Contact with Extra-Terrestrials ∞Online Course

STARTS: July 24th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern – In this FOUR WEEK COURSE I’ll be teaching you everything I know about connecting with our E.T. friends. I’ll also be channeling The Zetas, Hathors, and The Arcturian Council, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven. I’ll be leading you through some exercises myself, and I’ll be enlisting the help of my E.T. friends to help guide you to your own E.T. experiences, both physical and non-physical in nature.

Each week we will meet via the computer and/or phone (your choice). You’ll be able to ask questions, and I’ll do the answering. When I’m channeling the E.T.s, they’ll be guiding you through processes, meditations, and exercises.

Week 1: July 24th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern.

Week 2: July 31st at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern.

Week 3: August 7th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern.

Week 4: August 14th at 4:30PM Pacific/7:30PM Eastern.

Light Languages for Creating Your Reality ∞3 Week Course

Starting Monday, May 21st, and for the following two Mondays at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern…In this three week course, I’ll teach you everything I know about light languages (light languages are known by some as “speaking in tongues”). You’ll learn how to speak them, what they mean, and how to use them for the purposes of healing, creating, and even verbal channeling.

We will all speak our light languages during the course, and you’ll have the opportunity to speak for different ET races and non-physical collectives. We will also write our light languages out on paper and absorb the coded information they bring. Do you know what I love best about speaking light languages? There’s no right or wrong way to speak them, and they don’t have to make any sense to our minds. Join me!

Week 1: May 21st at 5:00 PM Pacific/8:00 PM Eastern
Week 2: May 28th at 5:00 PM Pacific/8:00 PM Eastern
Week 3: June 4th at 5:00 PM Pacific/8:00 PM Eastern

Testimonial from an attendee: “Thank you so much! I loved these Light Language classes. I really felt drawn to take the LL workshop, and wow, it was so freeing. I started channeling light languages easily and freely, without the burdens of my personal judgements …it just flowed so much more easily, and I am confident it was the real deal 🙂 Thanks again, and I feel the LL course helped to free up my verbal channeling confidence helped loosen and unblock my personal fears and judgements about the channeling process.” -Helene, British Columbia


Law of Creation Master Class ∞Six Week Course

Join Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz-Scranton and I as we co-lead this course to explore the Law of Creation in depth. We’ll teach you how to access and utilize the Law of Creation, master it, and manifest the life of your dreams. This six week course begins on Monday, October 24th and ends on Monday, November 28th. Class will begin at 4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern each Monday. If you cannot attend a class, or two, or any of them live, you will be able to get all the content on the recordings and ask questions via email. Each class will be one hour in length, and with each new class we’ll focus on something different and give you processes, meditations, and exercises that you can use to create something really amazing during our time together. And you’ll use the tools you take from this class to continue to create a magical life for years and years to come…Join us! <3


High Vibration Master Class: Raising Your Vibration ∞A 3 Week Course

Starting MondayMay 14th at 3:30PM Pacific/6:30PM Eastern, and for the next two Mondays after (May 21st & 28th)

This three week course will be taught by me & the beings I channel. I’ve learned a LOT of tricks on how to find, hold, and raise vibrations over the almost 6 years that I’ve been eavesdropping while channeling my guides. In addition to telling you about how I’ve applied the teachings I’ve channeled, I’ll also channel a different collective at the end of class each week – The Creators, The Arcturian Council, and The Pleiadian High Council of Seven will all offer their insights and support.

I’ll teach you all I’ve learned and applied to my life, including: how to find a vibration in your body, how to hold it, expand it out, and create your reality with it. Each class will be one hour long, and we’ll utilize tools like breathing, toning, and visualizing to get our vibrations up and up for good! Join by computer or phone. I love teaching this!

If you cannot attend live on one or any of the days of the class, not to worry! You’ll get just as much out of it by listening to the recordings, and you can submit questions via email in between classes. Join us!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.23.13 PM

How to Thrive on an All-Raw Diet ∞Two Week Course

If you’ve ever considered “going all raw” with your diet but wasn’t sure how you could make it work, this is the course for you! I’ve been eating all raw for over 11 years now, and I’ve been through a lot of different incarnations of the diet. I’ve gained weight (I’ll tell you how NOT to do that), lost too much, and have found my happy medium. And now I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained with you :). Join me for this two week journey where I’ll give you tips and tools to use on your raw food journey. Trust me, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself…

First Class: Friday, October 21st at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern

Second Class: Friday, October 28th at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern

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