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How Daniel Scranton Woke Up & Started Channeling

Daniel has been verbally channeling higher-dimensional beings and collectives since 2010. He has hosted hundreds of live and online group events and private sessions with people all over the globe. He also channels a daily message that is posted right on the homepage of this website, and has been doing so since 2012.

Here is a video explaining how Daniel woke up and began to channel the beings he channels. Check out his Youtube Channel for thousands of videos posted there since the beginning of Daniel’s journey as a verbal channeler.

The Creators, The Hathors, The Founders, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Ophelia the Faerie, Quan Yin, Yeshua, The Buddha, The Pleiadian High Council of 7, The Zetas &The 9D Arcturian Council are some of the entities who have contracted to work with Daniel in guiding us through the exciting and turbulent experiences we are having as a collective at this time of The Shift.

“Daniel has such a soothing energy that radiates unconditional love for who you are.”
– Kristien Van Evelghem from Belgium

“I am already feeling a great shift and look forward to what’s next for me. I only touched the surface this time…I have many more questions. Some of them they’ve already answered without me asking for a reading! I know there are many ways I can get my own answers, but I want to be in that space again with them. Hearing the spoken word is powerful. I intend to request another reading very soon. Thanks again.”
-Nancy E.

“That is the Best reading I’ve ever had – and I’ve had lots of readings!”
– happy client Lorraine

What others have to say about Daniel Scranton & the Beings he channels

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