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Follow Daniel on Social Media & Subscribe to His Youtube Channel

follow daniel on facebook instagram & youtubeFollow Daniel Scranton on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

I’ve been posting on Facebook, Instagram, and uploading thousands of videos to YouTube for years and years now.

Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where my videos have over 2.7 million views.

Just following me or subscribing to my YouTube channel will help you to keep up with the latest channeled messages, bonus videos, courses, and other news related to me and my work.

On Facebook, I’ve reached the 5,000 friend limit, but you can still follow me here: Daniel’s Facebook Profile

Or, you can “Like” my professional page on Facebook, and keep up with all of my posts from The 9D Arcturian Council that way.

I also upload a video of the daily channeled messages to my Instagram account every day, and I also post a snippet of the daily transmission from The 9D Arcturian Council in written form.

And of course, the best possible way for you to keep up with my work and all my offerings is to subscribe to my email list, which will also get you a FREE 15-Minute Guided Meditation with Archangel Michael.

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