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Ascension: The Shift to the 5th Dimension – Paperback & ebook Editions

This channeled paperback book & ebook from The Arcturian Council is a compilation of 240 of their BEST transmissions since the first time I started channeling them for the daily messages. The 240 transmissions are broken up into 7 chapters, which means you can find what you’re looking for quite easily. The paperback edition is LARGE, which makes it the perfect coffee table book. It’s available as an eBook or in paperback format on The great thing about the eBook is that you can download it onto any device…you don’t need a kindle or other ebook reader. And then you can search for terms or topics. The paperback edition is easy to take with you on a plane or to the beach, and it is the PERFECT coffee table book because of its size! I wanted to keep each channeled transmission on its own page, and to do so, I needed to choose a very large edition. Enjoy! <3

Buy the eBook from me here

Buy the paperback edition on here

Ascension: The Shift to the 5th Dimension - Paperback & ebook Versions
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