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What Is Channeling?

what is channeling - daniel scranton channeler of arcturian council & archangel michaelThis is a Great Question! But it’s Also Really Hard to Answer, Definitively. But I Will Give it a Shot in Just a Few Paragraphs.

Here’s What I Think Others Believe Channeling Is

I think most people believe that channeling is only about delivering information from higher-dimensional beings to us humans, humans who need their information and perspective. Most people believe that if there is no information provided, then a channeling of higher-dimensional beings/collectives has not occurred.

However, Here Is What I Know to Be True in My Experience

Whenever energy moves from one being or collective to another, channeling has occurred. Channeling energy is the best part of the entire channeling experience, in my opinion. Channeling energy lets you know definitively that something is happening, because you cannot deny what you feel when it’s happening. What we do with that energy once we channel it is what others see, hear, and read, and they assume that’s what channeling is…and that’s all it is. But again, it’s all about the energy. If you feel something, then you know it’s true. If you think something, or say something, then you can always second guess it or think it was just your ego/mind. That’s why feeling the energies that you’re channeling is so important.

Why Are Different Channelers Saying Different Things, Even Contradicting Each Other?

Just like not everyone who picks up a musical instrument is a natural, the same is true for channelers. It takes time and practice to get really good at channeling, and some people are just naturally better at channeling than others. I believe most channelers to be well-intentioned, honestly believing that they are bringing through higher-dimensional energies. However, I also see how many are being influenced by what they read on the Internet by those who are promoting a particular narrative for the human collective at this time. Whether someone is intentionally plagiarizing someone else’s channeling or thoughts or not, it’s definitely happening. Most of the filtering of that higher-frequency energy that we channelers move through us is unintentional, just as most people are very well meaning. You must use your discernment and not give yourself over as a rigid follower to any channeled material – not even mine! I want everyone to always ask themselves is something resonates, because if it does, then great! You just got confirmation of something, or you learned something new, or now you have a new perspective. If it doesn’t resonate, just leave it alone. You don’t have to push against it or resist it. Just say, “That one didn’t resonate.” Perhaps the next message will…from the very same channeler.

Are You Able to Channel Higher-Dimensional Beings/Collectives?

In my experience, anyone can channel. Again, it takes time and practice. But if you are dedicated, and you put your attention and focus on it, you can channel just like I do. I didn’t have my first channeling experiences until I was age 38, and I didn’t have any experiences with energy flowing through me till I was 37. I have several offerings that can help you reach your goals as a channeler. First off, you take one of my Group Channeling Classes. And/or, you can book a Personal Channeling Lesson with me or a Channeling Lesson with any of the Beings I Channel. I also have a Learn to Channel Master Course that includes my three channeling classes (Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced), plus 18 other recordings that were created to put you in the channeling state.

Here’s an Action Shot of Me Channeling in My Home State of Connecticut

daniel scranton channeling the creators - daniel also channels arcturians









Here’s a Video from My YouTube Channel Where I Describe my Spiritual Journey and the Journey I took to Becoming a Verbal Channeler

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