“Daniel Scranton is the “Real Deal”!!! At a Los Angeles gathering he answered diverse questions, with great magical & meaningful answerers, the enlightenment filled the room… The vibration was loving & uplifting… Everyone should experience this energy!”

-Cyrene Houdini, Toluca Lake CA

“Daniel Scranton and The Creators have been a huge help to me. I have done several public sessions and one private session with Daniel, and the information he brings through is fantastic. I have studied the teachings of many inspired, genuine teachers over the years, and the information source that he taps into is definitely of a VERY high vibration. Of course Daniel’s accessibility and genuine love for helping people is what is most clear and attractive to me. I had a number of personal matters that were bothering me, and after my private session, I felt lighthearted, relieved, and optimistic about my situation. His wonderful spiritual energy and the wisdom that he taps into is genuine – it lovingly and humorously guides anyone who makes themselves available to this information. If you are considering working with Daniel, I simply say “let nothing stop you”. You’ll be glad you did!”

-Ryan Harris, Prosperity Radio

“I am delighted to have met Daniel Scranton over a year ago and have attended a number of his group sessions as well as a weekend retreat. Daniel is an amazing Man! Daniel channeling The Creators is like a trip to the Spa! His unconditional loving energy, combined with the non-physical energy he channels & translates always makes for an enlightening session. I lovingly recommend sessions with this sweet spirit.”

-Renee Gutierrez, San Diego CA

“I have been to several gatherings where Daniel channels The Creators and every single time, I am blown away at the insights and love that pour through him. I eagerly arrive at every event with expectations of gaining greater clarity about whatever issue is presenting itself, and I have, without exception, felt a KNOWING, a sure-footedness, a filled-up feeling that reminds me of my own preciousness. It’s feels like my heart is being hugged the whole time.”

-Lee Jagger, San Diego