Sound Healing for Clearing the Trauma of Enslavement & Activating the Vibration of Freedom

Enslavement. It means many different things. For instance, actual slavery is still happening on this planet, and it’s been going on for hundreds of thousands of years (even longer if you consider how old the galaxy is). And then there’s the enslavement we sort of agree to where we get in student loan debt and go work a job we hate to pay off that debt, in addition to having to come up with money for food, rent, bills, car, etc. And we pay more than the actual price for a lot of the things we buy because of loan or credit card interest. It’s a pretty good system for the haves, not so much for the have-nots. That’s why I created this sound healing. I channeled the tones and overtones with the intention of releasing the enslavement trauma we all carry, while also activating the vibration of freedom. I played one of my crystal bowls, and I also held the intention for the sounds the bowl created. Listen to this one whenever you feel that trauma of enslavement come up. Love! <3