Sound Healing for Manifesting Miracles in Your Life

 receiving miracles channeled daniel scranton manifestationThis is a Downloadable Sound Healing for Manifesting Miracles, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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How Do Sound Healings Work?

Sound is the most powerful force for healing that we have on this planet today. Sound works by using vibration to match an intention, and vibration is the key to creating the reality that we want to experience. If you want to experience a certain reality, find the vibration of it. When it comes to receiving miracles in our lives, I was able to channel tones and overtones that match those vibrations. I accompanied those tones and overtones with the playing of one of my crystal bowls, infusing the intention for the manifestation of miracles into my bowl playing. The intention is then carried on the sound wave, hitting you in all the right places to bring you into a state of receiving those miracles you’ve been asking for in your life, whether they’re money, relationship, or body-related. The miracle can be big or small. This sound healing transmission will help! Joy <3

When Does it Serve You to Listen to this Sound Healing Recording?

Find a quiet, comfortable place in your home, or even outside, and bring this recording with you. Get relaxed and calm, and listen to this sound healing recording with an openness in your heart and mind. You don’t have to focus on the miracle you want to manifest. The universe knows. You want to align yourself with the vibrations infused into this sound healing, and all that takes is for you to be relaxed and open. It’s good to be in a meditative state, rather than in a state of feeling lack or despair. When you’re feeling low, vibrationally, process those feelings, and then get calm and balanced. That’s when you will benefit most from listening to this sound healing. I feel that this one will have a cumulative effect on bringing that miracle you’ve been wanting into your life. So a practice of listening every day will serve you best. Love <3

receiving miracles channeled daniel scranton manifestation