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Goals – Archangel Gabriel

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“Taking steps towards one of your goals is a way for all of you to feel powerful, creative, constructive, and like you are making a difference in your lives. This is a journey that you are all on. And so for you to take steps on that journey, and to see a destination, is quite empowering.

But we want to give you something else to reach for and to move towards. We want you to embrace the goals that you have set for yourselves prior to incarnating. And we encourage you to realize that those goals are the ones that give you the most expansion. You are creator beings. That will always be the case.

And so, we want to assure you that you are capable of creating new goals for yourselves as well. We just want to give you the incentive that you sometimes lack to move towards the goals that were set in to place prior to your incarnating. And so we will tell you that all the goals that you have dreamed up since incarnating are included within the goals that were put in to place prior to your incarnation.

That is why you sense them. That is why you feel that they are your birthright. And that is why you strive towards those goals. So here is the really good part. While you are taking steps towards the goals you have set for yourselves since incarnating, you will sometimes run into obstacles, or even dead-ends. And the really good part is that those obstacles and those dead-ends lead you towards the goals you have created for yourselves prior to incarnating.

And as we have said, the achievement of those goals will give you everything that you have dreamt of since your birth into your beautiful bodies. So the key here is the moment when you give in to that plan that you put in to place for yourselves. The key is seeing the obstacle or the dead-end as the avenue to something that will bring you so much more than you were capable of dreaming up in your physical bodies.

And we want to give you a nudge in the direction of that which is your birthright by telling you that every perceived failure on your part to reach a goal is actually a beautiful and wonderful success.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Becoming Multidimensional Beings – Archangel Gabriel

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“Placing blame on another is an act of futility, but it is also serves you at times. Let us elaborate a bit on that. We are talking about being willing to accept all responsibility for your lives, and we are also talking about what is necessary in the moment in order to retain a sense of equilibrium.

Just because you are creating the reality that you experience does not mean that you are to abandon all states of being that are incongruous with that truth. Instead, you use those states of being for balance. Blame is one of those states of being. Anger is one of those states of being. Even sadness is one of those states of being.

So do take responsibility for everything in your lives, and also be willing to be the full participants in your lives. That allows you to feel those sensations. Without those sensations, you cannot know joy and love, excitement and ecstasy. You need the balance, and you need an emotional range in order to achieve that balance.

So you are not going to eliminate all emotional states that you find unpleasant. You are going to embrace them and see their value. You are going to find a new experience of emotion, and you are going to see how it all serves you. And as you do, you become the creators that you always knew you were.

You will be able to hold two perspectives at once. You will be able to hold the perspective that says, ‘I created this,’ and you will also be able to hold the perspective that says, ‘And it’s all your fault.’ And when you do, you will know your true power. You will experience multidimensionality.

And then you will choose the perspective that gives you the most power, and you will run with it. And as you create new experiences for yourselves you will have more fun with those states of being that you once sought to avoid, because you will know that there is also power in those states of being.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Raising Your Vibration – Archangel Gabriel

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“By listening to your own words, you can discover what vibration you are holding. Every action that you take is also a clue. Every emotion that you feel gives you an indication of your current vibration. And of course, the thoughts that you think resonate with your vibrational offering. The vibration that you offer is like the magic wand. When you wave the magic wand, everything in its path changes.

So how do you change your vibration? How do you wave the magic wand so that everything you experience becomes of that vibration? You can start by surrounding yourselves with that which is of a high vibration.

Putting yourselves in nature is the easiest way. Listening to music that resonates the vibration you want to hold is another very easy method. Wearing clothes that feel good on your body, spending time with your pets, taking a bubble bath – there are a myriad of ways that you can easily affect your vibration.

And once you find yourselves in a place where you feel that you have a firm grip on the magic wand, let yourselves feel the vibration that you want to offer. Let the vibration run up and down your chakras. Become the vibration that you want to see reflected back to you, that you want to feel in your emotions, that you want to speak, think, and act.

The easiest way for you to adjust your vibration is to pay attention to the vibration you’re offering and to simply intend that you raise your frequency. It is that simple.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Exposing Your Inner Truths – Archangel Gabriel

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“As you pretend that there is nothing wrong, you hide bits and pieces of reality from yourselves, and those bits and pieces contain the solution. So you are never doing yourselves or any others a service by pretending. Your cover-ups always get exposed eventually. And when they do, it is always true that the covering up has made the situation much messier and more volatile.

You are exercising your free will when you hide, and you cover up, and you suppress that which is. We just hope that all of you begin to see the futility so that you make a new choice. There is so much more safety in exposure and that is a tough one for all of you to swallow. And that is because you see patterns, and you create there to be a cause and an effect.

But it is never the exposure that brings harm. Exposure brings clarity. Exposure brings light. Exposure brings freedom, and freedom is something that all of you seek. Therefore, we recommend that you stop pretending that all is well with you when it most certainly is not, and we suggest that you own that which is yours.

And as you do, you will find that there is less shame in all of it than you believed there was. You will find such liberation in being open and honest with yourselves and others, and you will see the domino effect. You will see how all are liberated by their willingness to expose their own inner truths.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Discover Your Truth – Archangel Gabriel

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“Telling yourself the truth means giving yourself the ability to discern what is true for you. You are not here to discover THE truth. You are here to decide what is true for you and to live that truth.

Many of you are searching for the truth. You want to know why this or that happened and why this or that did not. And that is because you believe in cause and effect. You believe that there must be a single reason for why something occurs or does not occur.

And we want you to recognize that you get to decide what the reason is, and you get to decide what will create the next occurrence or nonoccurrence for you and for your world. It is all in your hands, so to speak. The power to create and the power to create truth and meaning – they all lie within each and every one of you.

And so, you are here discovering the truth that works for you, the truth that resonates with you. And you are here harmonizing with that frequency. And if you recognize that all meaning that you give your lives is the meaning that you infuse into them, then you can find truth anywhere and you can live a meaningful life.

Perhaps there are some of you who wonder whether or not there is even one truth that is incontrovertible. And perhaps that one truth is that you get to decide what is true for you.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

All That You Are – Archangel Gabriel

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“Portions of your consciousness are going to emerge. They are only going to emerge when you are ready. These portions of your consciousness are not asleep. They are simply unavailable. You are fully capable of operating as a self-actualized human being without these portions of your consciousness.

So do not think for a moment that there’s something about you that is missing or that you cannot be perfect as you are until you have full access. This life that you are living right now gives you all the opportunities that you would ever need to know yourselves more fully, to know yourselves as Source Energy.

But many of you believe that you must have full access to all that you are in order to experience all that you are. And we want you to know that you experience all that you are when you look upon a flower with appreciation. We want you to know that you experience all that you are when you hold the hand of a child. We want you to know that you experience all that you are when you look in the mirror and smile because you love the person that you are.

This age of enlightenment and transformation that you are in is not only about becoming more of who you are and experiencing all of those portions of your consciousness. This time is about experiencing who you are right now from a different perspective. It is about knowing yourselves as Source Energy Beings by accessing the feeling that you are Source Energy Beings, rather than accessing all of the power and all of the wisdom of Source Energy.

All of that will come in due time. But seek not what you do not have. And instead, engage with what you do have more fully and with more of that energy of Source pulsing through your veins, giving you the riches experience of your world that you could possibly have.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Beliefs – Archangel Gabriel

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“Believing is a part of why you experience your reality in precisely the way that you do, but your beliefs are not in control. They are not calling the shots, as many of you think they are. You talk about your beliefs as though they have more power over you than you do over them.

Some beliefs that you hold serve you very well, and those that you would rather change or get rid of completely are not as powerful as you think. They are not the creators of your reality. You are. And you use your beliefs to create a very particular experience of reality.

It is not as necessary as many of you think to identify, deconstruct, and eliminate the beliefs that no longer serve you. It is more important for you to recognize that all beliefs serve you, because all of them provide you with the precise reality that you want to experience.

So then what do you do about these beliefs? How do you use them to your advantage? You may start by asking yourselves, ‘What would I be doing right now if I believed that money flowed easily to me?’ Or, ‘How would I feel if I believed that I were an eternal Being of Light and Love on an infinite journey?’

Play with beliefs in that way. Play backwards. And feel how empowering that is. You can do this with anything that you want. Any way that you desire to experience your reality, you can start by asking yourselves how you would feel and what would you do if the belief you wanted to hold were true.

And also, please recognize that you can make any belief true and that you can stand side-by-side with someone who makes a completely different belief true for them. And that just goes to show you that you hold the power over the beliefs that you play with.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Find Your Harmony – Archangel Gabriel

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“Setting aside the way that you interact with your world and listening for the wisdom that is contained within each moment will get you further than all the research you could ever do. Every single moment has within it the wisdom of thousands of years. Everything that has preceded the moment where you are has been a part of its creation.

And everything that has ever happened, or has even been imagined, is encoded within the moment where you currently find yourselves. Therefore, nothing is more significant than being exactly where you are.

And so, if you ever feel out of synch with the reality where you find yourself, you are not only in resistance to what is before you. You are in resistance to all that came before the moment where you find yourself.

It is a very tall order for you to undo what has taken place over that much time. It is not something that we recommend. We do not recommend the use of time travel, literally or figuratively, to change anything about your past. We know that some of you get excited when you hear that the past is alterable. But we ask you, ‘To what end would you alter the past?’

Everything that you seek to change about your reality tells you everything that you need to know about yourselves. You can see and feel and even touch what you are not in harmony with.

And so, we are inviting you to find your harmony within whatever is before you. Find where you fit in. Find how you can be in service to the world as it is, the world you have created, the world that is perfect just as it is.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Being and Doing – Archangel Gabriel

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“Being is a more intense experience than doing. You often do to escape your state of being. For some of you, the idea of sitting still and just being in your bodies is your idea of torture or punishment. This being-ness that you are does want to be expressed. And therefore, doing is a natural consequence of being.

The two play off of one another quite nicely. So we are not here to place being-ness above your actions or tell you that you should spend more time doing one than the other. In fact, if anything, we would ask that you play with merging the two. Instead of seeing them as opposite ends of a spectrum, see them as two sides of the same coin.

And give yourselves the experience of feeling more of who you are as you do that which you do throughout your day. Much of what you do has become devoid of meaning. And so you go through the motions without really experiencing what you are doing. We encourage you to allow your being-ness to become so strong within you that it literally catapults you into action.

We want you to have that experience of your being-ness becoming the force that not only inspires the action, but energizes it with the fuel of the Love that you are. Love is your natural state of being. Any act of love, therefore, would be a natural state of doing. The more love you infuse into everything that you do, the easier it will be for you to access more of the love that you are while you are sitting completely still, with no agenda and no list of things to do.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Your Bodies – Archangel Gabriel

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“Take your bodies into consideration for a moment. These bodies of yours are complex machines. Most of you take them for granted until they no longer function properly. And then you become intimately familiar with how they operate.

It is certainly understandable why you would take something for granted, especially when you are unaware of just how complex these vehicles of yours are. But we want you all to pay more attention to your bodies, even when they are healthy and strong. We invite you to pay more attention.

Give your bodies what they are asking for. Show your bodies respect. Play in your bodies. Get out and move them. The way that you care for your bodies has become so routine for many of you that you do not really think about what bodies are asking for. You do most of what you do with your bodies out of a routine.

The next time you bathe or shower your body, give it more of your attention. Feel the water. Take it all in. And be gentle with these bodies of yours. They are not just machines, after all. They are living organisms with consciousness and intelligence.

We invite you to be more interested in your bodies. We invite you to spend more time communicating with your bodies. Thank your bodies. Bless your bodies.

You are at that stage now of your development where you recognize that you are much more than your physical bodies. But just because you know that now does not mean that your physical bodies must become lower on your priority list. Treat them as sacred. They are as much Source Energy as anything else. And while they will change when you no longer occupy them, they are still and always will be beautiful creations and wonderful tools for your personal journeys in this lifetime.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Who You Are – Archangel Gabriel

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“The way that you are structured gives you the impression that there are boundaries, boundaries between the different aspects of who you are. So you often think in terms of your ego, your higher self, your Oversoul, and Source Energy. And you think of these various aspects of who you are as compartmentalized.

So for eons humankind has viewed the personality and ego as separate from the higher self. But now it is time for you to recognize that you are one Whole Being and that all aspects of who you are are contained within the tiniest fragment. Fragmenting yourself into these various ideas of identity is part of your experience. It was and will continue to be necessary for you to do this to a certain extent in order to have very specific experiences.

But you, beautiful beings that you are, no longer need to see yourselves as separate, fragmented, or just a portion of Source Energy. Instead, you are welcome to see yourselves as all of Source Energy, having a unique experience. You may see yourselves as using all of your power and all of your wisdom as Source Energy to create a unique experience of reality.

You are Source Energy Beings exploring all of your many aspects. There is no need for you to grow in order to become that aspect of self that you refer to as the higher self or the Oversoul. You can be it any time you wish. You can hold that knowing. You can let go of the idea of separation and fragmentation, and you can take ownership in this moment of all that you are.

And when you find yourself being the individual that you are, having a personality and preferences, you may smile and recognize the beauty of this very unique life experience you are having.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

The Power of Intention – Archangel Gabriel

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“Deliberate creation requires little more on your part than an intention. You see, your intentions hold a frequency within them, and holding an intention puts the frequency out. So living intentionally means that you are paying attention – paying attention to how you feel and paying attention to what is going on around you.

As the creator of your experience, you get to decide. As the liver of your lives, you are the one having the experiences. And the experiences lead to your choices and your intentions. So who better than you to decide for yourself what is most appropriate for you to intend and for you to experience?

Often you allow your beliefs to take over. Your beliefs tell you what is possible and what to expect, but your intention does not need to conform to those beliefs. We recommend that you give more attention to your intention and let go of the need to believe something about it. Because the intention holds the frequency that you desire to experience, and the frequency outweighs the belief.

The frequency that you are offering supersedes all else that could have an influence on the reality you are creating. The more intentional you are about your lives, the more you are practicing holding the frequency that you desire to experience. State your intentions. Be bold. Be willing to put them out there, regardless of what anyone thinks about them.

Your intentions for the lives that you want to live are unique to you. They are part of your contribution to this universe. Therefore, you have a right to hold the intention of your desires, and the universe has no choice but to respond to those intentions.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Practice Holding a Frequency – Archangel Gabriel

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“Practice does make perfect. Practicing means holding a frequency, and holding a frequency creates. That is truly how you create everything in your lives. The frequency that you hold sends the ripples out, and the ripples form patterns of energy. And the patterns of energy form the solid reality you see and experience around you.

And so, the way for you to see a reality that is filled with joyous experiences is for you to hold the frequency of joy. Now, traditionally, you have been taught that the way for you to do this is to think about, and envision, and focus upon joyous things, using thought forms to build an energetic force. But now we are asking you to use an emitter that is more accustomed to holding a frequency. We are asking you to use your hearts.

Finding the frequency of joy and holding it is easier than you might think, because now you do not have to imagine what would bring you joy and then attempt to focus on that. Now you can go straight to the source of joy and all things. You are the source of joy and all things, and your heart is the holder of the frequency. So look within you and feel around. And as you notice the joy that is within you, practice holding it.

Practice so that when the joyous opportunity comes your way, you know what it feels like. Practice so that when the joyous person comes your way, you are resonating with them. Practice because holding joy in your being-ness is living your life in the now moment as you choose it to be forever and ever more.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Ascension Symptoms – Archangel Gabriel

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“As you open yourselves to more high-frequency energies, you will feel certain vibrations within you that are unfamiliar and even unsettling at times. When you buy something new at the store and you take it home to wear it, sometimes there is an adjustment period. Sometimes there is a breaking in period with your new garment or pair of shoes.

But you recognize that what you have purchased and brought home is something that you want. And so you endure a little discomfort and a little awkwardness because you know that once you have settled in with what you have purchased and brought home, you will find a great deal of comfort and you will experience harmony and satisfaction.

That is what is occurring at this time, energetically. As you take on higher frequencies, you are going to experience some growing pains. You are going to notice what is incompatible with those energies, and therefore, experience a purging process as well. None of this has to be unpleasant, and the more aware you are of what is happening, the better.

If you realize that what you are experiencing is as a result of higher frequency energies being integrated into your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies, then you can allow the process to occur without becoming startled. So we recommend that you see everything in your life that is occurring, and everything in your bodies that is occurring, as a part of this process of evolution.

Know that the evolutionary process is one that is well worth it and that the outcome will be beyond satisfactory. So as you live your lives and observe all that is taking place around you and within you, breathe in more air, drink more water, and rest more. Give yourselves more opportunities to relax and enjoy the process. Acclimation to higher-frequency energy can be absolute bliss when it is allowed.

So that is what we are suggesting that all of you do. And we will enjoy watching you sparkle and shine brighter than ever before in your physical bodies.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

You are Magical – Ophelia the Faerie

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Photo credit: Lana Bos


“I am here. I am with you.

Somewhere, somewhen you exist as pure energy. That part of you that knows itself without physical form has a truth that it would like to share with you. And that truth is that you are magical just as you are. You needn’t do anything magical or change anything about yourself to know this magic. You simply are it. So how can you know yourself more as magic and as magical?

There’s a certain amount of whimsy and flare that goes along with being a magician. The magician entrances the audience. The magician entertains the audience. The magician knows that he is not the act, but that the illusion is the act.

You are also working with illusion. You exist in an illusion. And you have the opportunity to entrance yourself into whatever state of being that you want to hold. That then allows the illusion to do what illusion does. You allow it to create an experience.

Because you are working with these physical bodies that do not seem to change very much from moment to moment, you have a challenging time recognizing your magic and your powers. I want to invite you into the realm of magic. I want you to know yourselves as magicians who play with illusion and form for the purpose of entertainment and experience, with the result of wonder and awe. I encourage you to be your own audience, to allow your life to be your act, and to seek to entertain and to entrance yourselves.

This is your journey. This is your show. The stage is yours. The possibilities are limitless, and your bag of tricks is bottomless. But you must reach in and you must believe in magic in order to have any chance at all of forming the illusion that you want. Be whimsical and fun and do not take your act so seriously that it loses its wonder and its aspect of joy.

I am Ophelia, and I love you.”

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