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Contradiction and Paradox – The Founders

flower up close contradictions and paradox quote the founders channeled by daniel scranton

“Have you noticed that this reality of yours is filled with contradictions? Have you noticed that you cannot explain how two things that seem mutually exclusive of one another can actually exist side-by-side? Have you noticed the paradoxes, and what do they say to you about your reality? What is the point of experiencing one of these contradictions?

Well, it is our perspective that you present yourself with a contradiction or a paradox to demonstrate to yourself without a doubt that anyone can choose to live any truth they want to experience. You are indeed able to create whatever experience you want to create.

Not everyone has to agree, and that is a wonderful thing. It is wonderful to exercise your free will, to give yourself the experience that you want to have and to know that in doing so you do not deny any other the ability to experience their truth, their belief, their creation.

And as you recognize this as the ultimate freedom, you not only realize that you can create whatever reality you want to experience, but you also recognize that you can allow all others to do the same. You do not need for everyone to hold the same intention, the same desire, or the same belief in order for you to live out that truth. And isn’t that lovely? Isn’t that the ultimate in free will?

Now, giving yourself and others that sort of freedom does not mean that you are still not held accountable and not responsible for what you create, because you are. You are going to experience consequences, and that helps you. Consequences are not punishments. Consequences help you recognize places where you don’t want to go, so that you can make course corrections and experience the reality that you do want to experience.

So you are free to explore, and you are free to change. And that is why it is so wonderful that contradictions are allowed to exist in the same world, because you wouldn’t want to miss out on a single opportunity for experience.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Oneness of Heart and Mind – The Founders

flower up close founders quote channeled by daniel scranton heart and mind oneness

“The way that you begin every creation on your world is with a piece of information. It is the information that structures the creation. Information provides a blueprint for energy. This is the way that the mind and the heart come together to work in unison, to support one another.

So as you ascend and evolve, you are not going to see the separation between the heart and the mind that you have previously observed. You are not going to need to choose one or the other. And as you allow those two seemingly separate aspects of your being-ness to come together, you feel more whole and complete. You feel that you are in harmony with yourself.

Wisdom informs, and love brings together. When the two are working in harmony, side by side, that is when you have beautiful creations. That is where you see something new. And that then allows you to go deeper, to feel more, and to create again.

All that you need to know is that your desire to experience a oneness of heart and mind will make it so. And if you want to experience the two coming together, simply focus your attention on your heart and on your brain at the same time and see a loop of energy and information moving from one to the other and back.

Now feel the power that you access as a whole being. Feel the grace that you have stepped into as you harness the power of the heart and mind together, working as one, creating and experiencing for all of eternity.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Energy – The Founders

ant up close founders quote on the fifth dimension channeled by daniel scranton

“When all the hype around your transition to the fifth dimension seems as though it keeps you from living in your current experience of reality, then it does not serve you. It only serves you if you see it as that which is already available to you. It is your destiny to become fifth-dimensional beings, but you will ultimately decide how you do it, how you make the transition.

If you would like to do it with ease, then begin practicing. If you are someone who desires all of it to happen at once, then get yourself ready for some serious whiplash. In order to ease your way in to the fifth dimension, all that is required of you is that you focus. As you focus on your heart center and you access the fifth-dimensional frequency that exists within you, you can hold that frequency right here, right now.

Nothing in your external environment needs to change. And when you access the fifth-dimensional frequency that is within you, you’ll notice that the world outside of you does not need to change in order to give you a fifth-dimensional perspective of it. You can and do access this energy. The longer you hold it, the more comfortable you become with it. And the more comfortable you become with it, the easier it is for you to find it.

We encourage you to access that energy, by knowing that it is within and by knowing that you already possess the ability to do so whether you know it consciously or not. And then play in your world from that fifth-dimensional frequency, and see how much fun you can have.

See how much more you can be. And as you do this you will begin to notice the changes in your world. You will begin to notice things you had not previously, and you will see that the shift is well underway.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Let Go of Your Hierarchies – The Founders

founders quote channeled by daniel scranton on hierarchies

“Believing in the concept of hierarchies gives a sense of structure. It allows you to have something that you are shooting for. It gives you the impression that there are those in places above you and those in places below you, and both of those experiences are comforting to you.

You like having hierarchies in place, but the time is upon you to let go of this need for hierarchical structure. The time has come for you to put yourselves on equal ground with all other beings in existence.

Now, notice how you feel when we say that. Imagine the structure that you have in your minds collapsing and all beings existing on the same plane. What types of feelings do you access? Do you feel harmony or chaos?

In truth there are no hierarchies, and you are equal to all others. There is relief in the acceptance of that lack of a hierarchy in your experience. The need to place some above you and others below you is not one that you are born with. It is one that is learned.

And you can just as easily unlearn it, and you can just as easily take on the experience of ultimate equality with all others. Every one of you, and us, are contributing equally to this universe. It is not as though some have more sway than others. Our votes do not count more than your votes.

And when you find your place within the equality of a structure that has no hierarchy, you can see how harmonious life can be. You can see how others can find their place and how easy it is for you to switch places and have new and different experiences.

You have been told by many teachers that you are that which you have believed God to be, but in order to really experience it viscerally and in order to experience yourselves as creator beings, you must let go of the idea of a hierarchical structure and embrace the equality of all beings, no matter who they are, no matter what they have done. We are all equal.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Embodying That Which You Desire – The Founders

flame of desire the founders quote channeled by daniel scranton

“Behind every desire that you have is the feeling of disconnection, and every feeling of disconnection is the result of the forgetting of who you really are. It is your journey to remember. It is your destiny to return to that awareness, that state of being that demonstrates to you without a shadow of a doubt that you are everything, that everything is you, and that you could never be separate, less-than whole, or incomplete.

So what do you do then with your desires? How do you use them to help you recognize that who you really are contains all that you desire? Start by getting to the core of what it is that you really desire. What is the feeling of it? What is the essence of it? Once you discover that, know that you are halfway home.

And then access that feeling within you. Use that which you desire to help you do this. You can desire something without then feeling that yearning for it that tells you it is not in your here and how, a part of that which you are. So use the object of your desire to access what that desire feels like and know that if you can feel the essence within you, then you already have it.

Now we know what some of you are thinking in response to this teaching. There is a physicality to some of what you desire. There is physical touch, and you see that as being something that cannot be replicated by an essence or a feeling that is more emotional in nature.

And we say to you that when you embody the feeling state, the essence of that which you desire, the response in your physical body is beyond orgasmic. It is direct access to that which you really are, and nothing can ever be better than that experience.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Versions of Reality – The Founders

white shell on sand founders quote on versions of reality channeled by daniel scranton

“All that you have ever dreamt of is a version of reality. All that you have ever experienced in your imagination is also a version of reality. All that you have lived and see as your past is also a version of reality. And all that you are living in the moment is a version of reality.

Now, whether or not you accept one reality as being more true or more real than any other is your choice. Whether you decide to allow one of those versions of reality to affect you more than any other is also a choice. What you ultimately desire is finding harmony with the reality that you are experiencing, rather than asking reality to be that which you feel you need it to be.

Now, as you observe what is happening around you in any moment, you ultimately are deciding how you want to interpret that version of reality. And your decision will affect which reality you experience next. Your focus on certain details will create a certain type of relationship with those details. And if you desire to create a new reality for yourself, all you need to do is shut your eyes, breathe and feel around inside of yourself for the frequency of the reality that you desire. It is not more complicated than that.

One of the ways in which all of these different versions of reality serves you is that you get to sample the different frequencies. You get to notice which details are more significant to you, and you get to align yourself with the version of reality that is most congruent and most in harmony with the frequency you want to hold.

Everyone is having their own experience of reality, and everyone is making these choices whether they recognize the point where the decision is made or not. As conscious and awake beings, you are more equipped to decide and more aware of the decision you are making. And we can assure you that there is no end to the choosing because there is no end to you.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Acknowledge Your Awareness – The Founders

awareness quote channeled by daniel scranton

“Start acknowledging every moment that you are in a state of awareness. Start giving yourselves credit for being aware of anything at all. Use your awareness for its intended purpose. Your awareness brings you back to the present. Your awareness gives you the feedback that you desire.

So even if you are aware that you are in a state of judgment, or that you are feeling fear, the awareness itself gives you everything that you need. You don’t then need to take a series of steps to make yourselves better. You don’t need to make the judgment or the fear go away. You just need to allow yourselves to be aware of it, to experience it.

All that you need is to accept that you are having that particular experience in that moment. Your desire for a different experience is born in the moment of your awareness, but you don’t need to hurry up and get to the new experience. You don’t need to leapfrog over the awareness you are having of your fear or your judgment. You don’t need to be in the more desirable place in any specific amount of time.

What we would do if we were you is acknowledge ourselves for the awareness. We would see the awareness as a victory, and when you give yourselves permission to be right where you are and to maintain your focus on the fear or the judgment without then attaching shame to that awareness and to that experience, you then give yourselves what you need.

You give yourselves what you need in that very moment. You do not then need to take more steps in order to get away from the undesirable awareness that you have. If you could simply relax into the experience you are having in any moment, and to see yourselves as innocent, you would be more capable of finding the new, more desirable experience.

But as long as you are unaware, and as long as you are ashamed, you will continue to have those experiences. So celebrate your awareness, acknowledge yourselves. And relax into the knowing that everything that you experience is part of a bigger picture and that you are that bigger picture.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Helping, Protection, and Interference – The Founders

flower on the beach founders quote channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We are pleased and excited to be a part of your journey. We are helpers, but we do not interfere. And it serves you well to take a similar approach with one another. As soon as you detect within you a desire to protect another from an experience, you can know that in that moment you are in the earliest stages of interference.

The truth is you cannot protect each other from having experiences that, while unpleasant, ultimately serve you very well. So you might as well give it up. Now, this can have the appearance of being harsh or uncaring. But in the grandest scheme of things, you are being most benevolent when you allow another to have whatever experience they are about to have.

Our recommendation for what to do when that desire swells up within you to prevent another from having an experience is to recognize that there is something within you that requires some attention. So whenever you are attempting to prevent another from having an experience, you are really attempting to spare yourself from something. And whatever it is you are hoping to protect the other from is something you have a judgment about.

So you can use these moments as opportunities to uncover the judgment and to release it. You can also look within yourself for the wound that you are being made aware of, and you can send yourself some love and compassion.

The desire to protect another from an experience will often give you a sense of purpose. You want to be the knight in shining armor. You want to save the other or others from having a particular experience. And when you feel pride as a result of protecting another, you run the risk of doing it over and over again and avoiding what is really happening.

What is really happening is that you are aware of something within you that requires your attention. And it is only when you help yourself first that you are ever of value to someone else.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Letting Go – The Founders

moving car let go ownership quote the founders channeled by daniel scranton

“Staking your claim to something in your reality puts in touch with that object or space. It gives you a way of relating to it. But relating to it in terms of your possession of it is not the ideal way for you to interact with the object, the place, or even the other person you are staking your claim to.

It is in your best interest to see everything as free, to see everything as available to all others as well, and to give yourselves an opportunity to interact without claiming anything or anyone as yours. It is also an acknowledgement that your relationship to the object, place, or person is always changing.

So you will feel less attached. You will feel less tied down and more free. Recognize that your relationships to objects, places, and people are there to spark within you more of who you are. They were never meant to be a substitute for that which is you.

But you make them more significant than they need to be by clinging them, labeling them, and seeing them as belonging to you. Every moment of every day, your relationship to everything changes. And it would serve you well to acknowledge that, to acknowledge that you can never hold on to something or someone past the point of where it serves you.

You must let go. You must be willing to accept that whatever it is, whoever it is, and whatever is represented, there is no ownership. There is no holding forever. And even if you could, what you would be holding on to would change before your eyes. You would not have the same experience of whatever you were holding on to.

So allow yourselves the opportunity to evolve with the people, places and things around you by letting go and by changing with them.

We are The Founders, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Balance – The Founders

palm tree with christmas lights founders quote channeled by daniel scranton balance

“When you experience a setback in your lives, you often open yourselves to a variety of emotional experiences. This may seem as though it is an unfortunate situation, for why would anyone want to feel those lower frequencies? What would the point be of having those experiences and feeling those feelings?

Well, it is much easier to understand why you would open yourselves up to those types of experiences when you also understand the nature of your reality. The nature of your reality is to find balance. There is a positive charge for every negative charge, and in order to have one you must have the other.

So you are explorers, and you are seeking to explore every aspect of your reality. Therefore, you need to create experiences for yourselves that allow you to explore the depths of the frequency range that is available to you.

We understand that this is a very logical and analytical way of seeing things, and we want to assure you that there is sympathy and compassion for you as we witness you having those experiences and feeling those emotions. But we see the bigger picture. We see the balance being struck, and we want you to know that you access more positive energy in the precise moment that you allow yourself to experience the negative.

Now, not all of you have learned how to experience the balance of those energies. Some of you fixate on one side or the other. This actually creates an incomplete experience of reality for you, even though you are whole and complete, and you are holding both the positive and the negative charges inside of you.

We want all of you to experience the fullness of who you are. We want all of you to experience balance. So we encourage you to open yourselves up to all experiences, to all emotions, to the parts of yourselves that you have perhaps been in denial of. When you do, you will experience a fullness that you have never felt before. You will feel more grounded, more connected to all things and all people, and especially to Source Energy.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Take on a New Perspective – The Founders

new perspectives purple quote founders channeled by daniel scranton

“Discovering new ways to do something that you have done many times before is fun, and exciting, and adds new depth to that which you are doing. Having a new relationship to something changes not only the way you relate to it; it changes all aspects of who you are.

You get to experience yourself as a new perspective. And as you do this, you add depth to who you are. So even if you have already decided how you feel on a particular subject, we suggest that you try on the opposite stance for size. Give yourself the opportunity of holding a new perspective.

Do it not because you really want to change your point of view. Do it because you want to feel differently about that particular topic. Let us take GMOs as an example. Anyone who knows what a GMO is knows how they feel about that particular subject. Most of you are either for or against. Vaccinations are another example.

As you decide that you want to have a new experience of this subject or that subject, you may decide that the opposite perspective of the one that you have been holding is at least worth exploring, again not to change your mind, but to give you a new experience of yourself. You may ask yourself, ‘If I held a different perspective on this subject, how would I feel, who would I be, what would I value?’

Allow yourself to get inside that perspective, to get inside that aspect of who you are, because we can assure you that he or she exists. And now, take a moment to love, accept and acknowledge that aspect, that perspective, and any and all persons who are holding it. And as you do so, you literally become a bigger person.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Finding the Truth – The Founders

sandy beach finding the truth quote the founders channeled by daniel scranton

“Finding the truth is not as important as you might think. Finding the truth implies that there is only one truth to be found. Finding the truth that works for you in the moment is really what you are after.

If you need to find the truth in order to convince someone else of something, you are not taking into account that they have a different perspective than you do. So that other person’s truth may be different from yours, and that must be okay with you if you are to live happily on a planet with billions of other people.

As soon as you decide that all beings must hold the same truth, you are limiting yourself, you are limiting others, and you are going to find yourself fighting an uphill battle. It is so much easier and so much more enjoyable to find the truth that works for you in the moment and to live that truth out for as long as it serves you.

Now, if someone else sees you doing this they may call you out. They may ask you to explain yourself, because some individuals will want your truth to be consistent and everlasting. They may need that in order to feel secure around you. But you do not need to explain your truth to anyone else, ever. Because as soon as you do, you then may feel the need to hold on to that truth longer than it serves you or to defend that truth, and that never goes very well for any of you.

So any time you find yourself seeking the truth about anything, remember that the truth that you seek is also your creation, just as everything else is. So create the truth that you want to experience and then live it and live by it, and ask no one else to find your truth true for them.

That is a wonderful way to live, and it is time for all of you to recognize that everyone else that you share your world with is also creating their reality. And therefore, they may create a different truth than yours. We think that is wonderful. We think that is true freedom. And so we encourage you all to find whatever truth works for you and to let it be as fleeting as the wind.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Fluctuations in Energy – The Founders

the frequency that you are quote the founders daniel scranton channeled

“We come to you through a particular pattern of energy. We are represented by this particular pattern. We can create fluctuations in that pattern to give you a message. But the frequency that we are does not fluctuate. We are not changing who and what we are to make ourselves more palatable to you. We are not capable of doing so, because if we did, we would destroy the fabric of who we are. And that is simply not possible.

You have the ability to create fluctuations in the energy that you offer, and the range of fluctuation that you can create is much larger. But the frequency that you are is. You cannot destroy the fabric of who you are no matter what. You are already as evolved as you will ever be. You are already capable of experiencing yourselves in an infinite number of ways.

You are simply learning how to create the fluctuations in energy to give yourselves a particular experience. One of the ways that you do this is by deciding where it is you want to go, what it is you want to do, and who it is you would like to do it with. And as you move forward in your lives with the knowledge that what you are cannot be in any way diminished by what you do, by what you say, or by what you think, you can open yourselves up to a wider array of experiences.

You can let go of any idea that you may have that you could ever tarnish that which you are. So do explore. Be brave. And recognize the fluctuations in energy as they occur. See yourselves as the experiencers of those fluctuations and the creators of those fluctuations. And always recognize that you get to choose how you are affected by them, how you respond to them, and how you see yourselves in relationship to them.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

The Process of Manifestation – The Founders

lizard up close the founders quote on manifestation channeled by daniel scranton

“As you offer up your vibration, see to it that you have one perspective and one perspective only. Take on the perspective of the one who gets to experience what it feels like to hold a vibration. As you do anything for the purpose of getting you somewhere else, or something else, you diminish the quality of the experience that you are having.

So as you say to yourself, ‘I want to experience more joy in my life,’ you then decide that holding a frequency of joy is the best way to achieve that goal. But as you are seeking to hold the frequency of joy, and you are doing so only for what it can get you somewhere, someday in the future, you are not truly experiencing joy.

You see, there is that part of you that is not fully engaged in the moment. It is that part of you that is hoping for and considering what the experience of the vibration of joy is going to get you. Perhaps this conditional joy is about new friendships, travel, or new, fun toys to play with. Whatever your reason, you have not completely surrendered to the experience of the vibration of joy.

And so even if you were able to manifest something that you would consider to be joyous, you would not be completely engaged in that experience either. As long as you are putting the emphasis on what will come in the future as a result of what you are vibrating today, you only have a portion of your consciousness engaged. And that is how we see many of you going about the process of manifestation.

So what we suggest is that you make your process of manifestation be about the process and be about the moment. The moment you decide that you want to experience joy, experience joy. And then decide what you want to experience in the next moment and the next. That is how you live in the present, and that is how you create your reality.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

How to Get All That You Desire – The Founders

black shell up close the founders quote channeled by daniel scranton

“From our perspective, the way that you get all that you have ever desired is not by focusing on that which you want. It is by living your life the way that you want now. As long as you are putting anything that you want out there somewhere, off in the distance, and telling yourselves that there is something you need to do in order to get that thing or be in that relationship, the further you place it from you.

And the more that you see that everything that you desire is contained within you, the easier it then becomes to see it in the physical, in the flesh, in your bank account. So you see, as long as you are looking for something out there to give you the sensation that you want to feel inside of you, you will continue to create a reality where that which you desire is out there.

So you can manifest in the physical, get the feeling, and then get bored or lose what you have manifested, and then lose the feeling, and then set out to repeat that cycle over and over again, until one day you recognize that the feeling that came up within you when you manifested what you wanted is still there. It is inside of you. It is a reality that already exists, and you do not need to play any games or make anything happen in order to experience that reality.

You just have to see yourselves as capable of holding all frequencies within you and then intending to access the frequency of that which you desire. And then take a moment or two that it takes to tune yourselves to that frequency. And then voila! You are that which you desire. You have become it.

What this gives you is a new interpretation of reality. It gives you the ability to see that you are whole and complete as you are and that the universe is your playground. And when you see the universe as your playground, you can have more fun. You can manifest and create at will, and you can be exactly who you want to be.

And that is the real prize. That is the truest manifestation that you could ever experience. So why not start now? Why not start with this moment? Why not hand yourselves the keys to the kingdom? Why not now? There is no need to wait. You are everything, right here and right now.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

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