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The Power of Frequency – The Creators

“The importance of your frequency cannot be overstated. You are emitters of vibration. You are an essence that creates with its frequency. You have your hands, and your tools, and your computers, and your minds to create with, and those are all wonderful expressions and extensions of who you really are. But the effectiveness of the frequency that you emit is so much more than the use of any of your tools that to give you a ratio or a percentage would just boggle your minds, because the difference is so immense.

We want you to consider how long it would take for you to chisel through a three-foot thick stone wall with your hands and your tools. And now we want you to consider the ease with which you could be on the other side of that wall if you were to offer a frequency that matched your being on the other side of that wall.

Now to many of you this may sound like the harder way to be on the other side of that wall. For all of you can imagine how you would take a hammer and a chisel and work your way through that stone wall and get to the other side. That is easy for most of you to imagine yourselves having the capacity to accomplish. But it is far more difficult for you to wrap your heads around the moving of your vehicle from one side of the wall to the other using nothing but your intention and your frequency.

So we are not going to ask you to attempt to do this seemingly impossible thing, because it would just frustrate you. Now imagine how difficult it would be to get to the other side of that three-foot thick stone wall if you had no tools, not a single tool at your disposal, just yourself and the wall and your desire to be on the other side. Now which way seems easier? Kicking and punching and scratching your way through the wall or deliberately offering a frequency that matches your physical body on the other side.

We are not here to tell you that it is time to put down the tools that you have created to make your lives easier, but we are here to tell you that your power in frequency is what you are stepping into. And so we just want you to consider the possibility that you could be on the other side of that wall by matching the frequency of that desire and of that location.

We encourage you to start with something much smaller, much easier for your minds to believe and to go from there. So, for instance, let us say there is a fly buzzing around in your house and you want it to be outside. You could crack a window or a door and find the frequency of the fly being outside, just to demonstrate to yourself that this is possible for you to do.

And gradually, you will find that you can step yourself up to more complicated and more difficult-seeming tasks than that. And by all means, have fun with this. Do not make this something that you use to grade yourself and your ability. Just play around, and for now, have some fun with the fly.”

Your Journey to the 5th Dimension – The Creators

“The level of consciousness that you hold is the most appropriate for this dimension. So you are not doing anything wrong by being here at this time, by experiencing third and fourth dimensional realities. It is not because there is something that is going wrong with you that you are focused here at this time, because the experiences that you want to have are here and now. And in order for you to have them, you must maintain this level of consciousness.

When you are complete with this experience and all that you desired from it, that is when you will complete the shift to the fifth dimension and will have that level of consciousness. The reason that we are giving you this now is because we want you to understand that your journey to the fifth dimension is not dependent on you doing something, or meditating more, or practicing holding a frequency for hours at a time.

You will get there by virtue of the fact that there is nowhere else to go. So you can relax and you can put down for a minute all of the tools and exercises and processes that you are using to attempt to expedite the process. The process is the thing. That is why you are here and that is what you wanted to experience. It is a shedding of layers experience and emotional trauma that you have collected.

And the way that you do it is the exciting part. It is the part that is most interesting, that has the most potential for growth and for learning. And it is what you will share with others in this universe as you complete that journey. We want you to enjoy this experience a little bit more, because there is something that is very unique and satisfying about being where you are and having the remainder of the journey before you.

If we could assure you that you will get there, then we know that you would skip and laugh all the way. But it doesn’t really matter what we say to you. You would prefer to see some hard evidence that you will in fact be experiencing a fifth dimensional level of consciousness in this lifetime. So from where you are now you can easily access what that would feel like to have completed your shift. And we welcome you to go within and seek out that frequency that is inside of you, so that you can give yourself that reassurance.

And that once you have that feeling in your bodies, you will be able to face the challenges of the road ahead with a bit more light, a bit more laughter, a bit more of an open heart and a relaxed mind. And that will create a more enjoyable experience for you as you continue on in this wonderful and creative journey that you are on.”

Connections – Archangel Michael

“Focusing on another individual creates more of a flow of energy between the two of you. This energy stream can be experienced by the other, consciously or subconsciously. You are giving and receiving information to and from one another all the time. And sometimes you do it consciously.

We suspect that many of you understand this concept and believe it to be a type of telepathy, but that is not what we are talking about here. We are not talking about sending a thought to another individual. This transmission is about feeling the connection that already exists between yourselves and all others.

Now, of course, not all of you are vibrating in a frequency range that is similar to all others. Some of you are holding much higher frequency vibrations, and some of you are holding the lower end of the spectrum. But you are still connected.

You have a much better chance of experiencing the energetic connection between you and one who is vibrating at a frequency that is quite similar to yours than you do of experiencing that knowing of connection with one whose vibration is much higher or lower.

And when you are on the same wavelength as another, you experience a very similar reality. This is how two people who are in synch can finish one another’s sentences. Now, if you want to use this information to your benefit, and to the benefit of all others, then acknowledge that you are connected and never try to sever a connection. If you do, you will only be cutting yourself off from another part of you.

So instead, use the energy stream to send all others love and compassion. And interact with those who you desire to interact with. That is and always will be a choice.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Defining Moments – Archangel Michael

“Everyone has moments in their lives that seem to define who they are and what they are about. You call these moments your ‘moment of truth.’ You give much power to the moment itself, to the action taken, and to the choice that was made. We invite you to see all moments as equal. We ask you to give more power to the moment that you currently experience.

We want all of you to have the experience of yourselves exactly as you want to be. And so when you are able to choose who you want to be in this world in each and every moment that you experience, then no moment, no action, and no choice could ever define who you are now. That moment was about that moment and nothing more.

You could experience your life as many lifetimes. You do not have to string all of the events, all the choices, and all of the moments in this lifetime together so that you have some sort of cohesive view of who you are and of what you are all about. If you truly want to awaken to something, awaken to the moment you are in. Let it be all there is, and let yourselves decide in that moment what you want to bring to the moment.

Let yourselves be reborn in every moment. Let yourselves decide how you want to be reborn. Let every moment be a stand-alone event. And let yourselves decide who you are now based only upon the moment you are in, the energy you are bringing to it, and the vibration you are emanating.

As you give each moment as much power as any moment where you have made any of those big, life-altering decisions, you give yourselves the opportunity to create a brand-new self that has no attachment to anything that has been, that has ever been done, and even that has ever been felt. As you give yourselves this power back to define who you are moment by moment, you will find that your lives can change dramatically and in an instant.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Seeking, Finding, and Integrating

“Seeking is so fundamental to your nature that you would find no joy in having everything, or knowing everything, because you would no longer have any reason to seek. Even Source seeks to know Itself, to expand, and to express the Love that It is. And you, as aspects of Source, are doing exactly that on a slightly smaller scale. But seek you will, seek you must, and only through seeking will you discover more of who you are.

There comes a time when you need to rest. There comes a time when you simply integrate that which you have discovered. So when you are in one of those phases, many of you become uncomfortable. You don’t know why you are not feeling driven, and you seek to seek once again. So if you find yourself in one of these phases, or cycles of rest, do not worry that it might mean that you are coming to an end. The desire will once again bubble up within you when the timing is right.

And when it comes to finding what you are seeking, that is also coming in the perfect timing. So when you are in seeking mode, worry not that you will never find what you seek. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the exploration. Enjoy that feeling when you know you are close, when you can feel the essence of what you seek in your bones. Those are the most delicious times for all of you.

And we delight in witnessing you seeking, finding, and integrating more of who you are. Everything that you seek is something that you already are. And knowing that can make the journey all the more enjoyable.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Manifesting – Archangel Michael

“Believing is the final step. Knowing is the manifestation point. You can let yourselves into the frequency of that which you desire so easily now. Because of the time that you are living in, there is a greater potential for you to be in that frequency. And there is no stopping you from manifesting that which you want to experience. It all starts with the desire. And knowing that the desire is in actuality the same energy as the manifestation puts you on the right track.

Believing is the final step. But how do you believe in something that has not ever been and that you see no evidence of? You let go of any lingering doubts, and you do that one doubt at a time. So as your doubts spring to the surface of your consciousness, you let them go just as you would let go of any thought during a meditation.

There is a tendency in all of you to experience the doubt and then to hold on to the doubt. You do this by lamenting the fact that the doubt still exists, and you continue to attach yourself to the doubt as you beat up on yourself for holding the doubt in the first place.

Our recommendation for manifestation is to be as relaxed about the process as you possibly can and to let yourselves off the hook every time you doubt your abilities and every time you notice that what you desire has not begun to show its face. We give you this now because we encourage you to live your lives as a meditation. And if you are going to meditate, you are going to focus. So why not focus on the reality you would prefer?

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Ideas – Archangel Michael

“Ideas come to you, not because of your intelligence and not because you have been trying to think of something. Ideas come to you because you are ready for them. That much you can count on. There is no need for you to try to come up with an idea. And you all know from experience how that usually goes. There is much frustration there, much crossing out of things. And the results are usually that you feel tired and frustrated.

But as you move through your lives, you find that there are many thoughts that simply come to you from seemingly out of thin air. Those are the thoughts that take you where you need to go next. Those ideas are downloaded by you. Never is it by accident when you come across an idea.

But you certainly can put yourself in a better position to receive them. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by doing something you love to do. By getting yourself out of the intense energy of the situation that you are attempting to think your way out of, you actually allow those ideas to be perceived by your consciousness.

Having no clue what to do with your life, with your career, or even your free time is one of the more interesting places you could possibly find yourselves. But many of you are afraid of that kind of emptiness, of that lack of direction. You want to fill your time with something, and you want to know what is next.

But as you let go of the need to know anything before you are ready and you go and do something that lights you up and that makes your heart sing you will find that everything flows, including the ideas that will take you to precisely where you want to go. This is our suggestion: if you don’t know what to do, if you can’t find a solution, go and do the thing you enjoy doing the most. Give it your complete attention, and laugh your way to the insights that you seek.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Dissolving Barriers – Archangel Michael

“There are a number of ways that you can begin to let your guard down in life. There are so many barriers that you have erected throughout your current lifetime and throughout all of your incarnations. And we encourage you to discover what those barriers are, where you have erected them, and what you feel you need to be protected from.

These are the keys to unlocking and unraveling the resistance that is holding you back from living the life that you prefer. How would you discover one of these barriers? Well, you can begin by looking at your closest relationships. What are you holding back? What are you afraid to say? What are you afraid to be in the presence of another?

These are all questions you may wish to ask yourselves. Now, dissolving these barriers is not something that you do all at once. This is not something that you barrel through. You do not need to become a one-person demolition crew. You begin to dissolve the barriers softly, tenderly, and with love in your heart. Loving yourself through every process is the key to successfully applying the process.

Your barriers are not the enemy here. They have served you, just as when you cover a wound on your body you allow the wound to heal. You keep that vulnerable part of yourself from any further damage or infection. And so these barriers have served you, but you are ready to take them down one at a time and to be exposed and vulnerable, but not weak.

You are the heroes of your own stories, and you are at the moment of truth. Be true. Be heroic. Be who you are, and you will give others permission to do the same.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Convergence – Archangel Michael

“Entering into this point in history brings forth all that has come before you. You find yourselves at a point in time where nothing that has ever been can be ignored.

This is a point in your history where all moments converge, creating a spark of energy. This spark of energy gives you access to all points in time. All places, all events, all that you have ever known yourselves to be are converging.

The moment you are moving towards is a moment of ultimate creation. Now, in this moment, it is necessary for you to embrace all history as though it were your own personal past. Otherwise, you will continue to create that which has come before you. It is not about getting it right. It is about being aligned with all that has ever been and seeing it all as neutral

By letting go of your quest for perfection as an individual, or as a species, you allow for all possibilities to exist simultaneously. Then and only then will you have the power to choose. This is your birthright. This is inevitable. You can only delay your experience of that spark of energy, that convergence point, that gateway to all realities.

It all begins by letting yourselves experience all that has ever been, inside of you, in peace and in harmony.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Haves and The Have-Nots

“Monetarily speaking, there is more now than ever. There is no shortage on your world. There is only the perception of shortage. This perception of shortage is responsible for the increasing gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots.’

Perceiving a shortage does not necessarily create shortage in one’s experience. That is how the ‘haves’ manage to accumulate so much. So it is not only a belief in shortage that creates a shortage in one’s experience. So what is the reason then why the same belief can create abundance in the experience of some and lack in the experience of so many others?

It is always about the feeling that ensues as a result of the belief that is held. Most respond to that particular belief with struggle and despair. And a few, relatively speaking, respond with determination and desire. Desire that springs from a knowing within will always be met with an alignment of what is desired and the person offering the knowing.

Desire that is combined with a feeling of helplessness will fan the flames of the desire but will not result in an alignment with what is desired. So when you are considering your financial situation, be willing to examine everything that comes up within you and know that there is not a right way or a wrong way to feel in regards to your finances.

Let yourselves off the hook. Be willing to be where you are. And know that fortunes change as easily as you allow them to.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Money – Archangel Michael

“Buying your life with currency is like taking a picture of something and then asking the picture to be the thing that it was only meant to represent. You have an expression that you cannot buy happiness. But still many of you seek to have more, assuming that the more will give you that which you have always sought.

Measuring the quality of life, or the standard of living, by keeping track of how much money is flowing is giving you a very biased perspective on what ‘quality of life’ actually means. Money is a form of exchange, and yet, it represents so much more to all of you. It represents freedom and security and power and status, and that is what you all have decided that money should represent.

But the poor man knows freedom in a way that the wealthy man does not. Children have very little money to spend, and yet, they are the happiest, most creative beings you’ll ever come across. We are not attempting to discourage you from having money, but we want you to recognize that the money itself is not really what you seek.

And as you make your lives easier by reminding yourselves that the money itself is not what you are after, you’ll notice how much power there is in not needing something. Exercise your sense of freedom by exploring all the things in your life that do not cost a dime. Make those things that which give you power, status, and stability, and notice how then money simply becomes something you play with for fun.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Dimensions Within – Archangel Michael

“Doorways to other dimensions exist within you, and you are discovering your access to them. They are not for the faint of heart, however. They are not to be opened unless the opener is ready.

By experiencing these other dimensions, you give yourselves more insight into who and what you are. Your readiness for those insights and those dimensions is determined by your willingness to explore and examine everything that you are.

Many of you are noticing that the layers that exist within you include some of your less pretty sides. By opening yourselves up to those aspects of who you are, you give yourselves lessons in acceptance and unconditional love. If you can look into the deepest and darkest depths of all that you are and all that you are capable of and still see the spark of Divinity, you are ensuring the process of self-discovery that goes far beyond that which you have ever considered yourselves to be.

And those are the dimensions that are beckoning you. And the best guide you could ever have for exploring these unchartered dimensions is found in your ability to love. Let the love that you are lead the way.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Making Time – Archangel Michael

“The time it takes for you to accomplish something is not really all that linear. The timing is a split second coming together, a merging of energies that are of the same frequency. That process is instant. It is automatic.

Therefore, when you set out to do something, or accomplish something, do not place that restriction of time upon it. Do not give yourself x amount of days, months, or hours to accomplish the task. Because then you put yourself into the linear framework of time and you put that restriction upon what it is that you want to experience.

Having the experience of the merging of those energies is one of the reasons why you incarnate into a body, giving you the illusion of separation from others who seem to inhabit other bodies. In your quest for the accomplishment, you seek out the aid of others in some way, shape or form. Nothing is a solo act.

So bringing others into the equation can be one of those linear time-based restrictions, as you attempt to come together at a certain time for a meeting or a phone call. Therefore, you are giving yourselves the opportunity here to experience something that is instantaneous as though it were not.

And why would you do that? You do it for the fun of it. You do it because it is more interesting. You do it for the revelations. And you are exercising your right to feel the passage of time and to know yourselves as timeless creators, merging your energies as you come back into the Oneness that is all of us.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Absolution – Archangel Michael

“Absolution will not rid you of the emotion that you feel. Give up the need for anyone to give you their forgiveness. You can receive it and still feel the guilt, the shame, and the regret. So seek not absolution from anyone, including that which you see as God.

When you participate in an event and you perceive that your participation has resulted in others being harmed physically or emotionally, you have let yourself create an experience for the purpose of feeling what it would be like. The experience itself is not meant to define you. It is not meant to be replayed over and over in your mind. You do not need to undo anything that has been done.

But the emotions that you feel are significant. Sometimes feeling an emotion helps you recognize that you do not want to participate in that particular event ever again. And when you allow yourselves to feel the emotions, rather than seeking the forgiveness or to undo what has been done, you receive the full benefit from having participated in the event.

Moving forward, you will better decide which ways you desire to interact with your world and with others. Doing so from a place of guilt will only infuse all future actions with that guilt. So we encourage you to let go and to recognize that you do not need to attach yourself to anything that you have ever participated in.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

It All Serves You – Archangel Michael

“Putting yourself in various situations always leaves you with a feeling that you are not actually in control. The results of your participation in circumstances that are not of your choosing are always positive.

By now, you will have had several experiences in your lives that you never would have asked to experience. And by now you have recognized the value that you received from most of those experiences. There are undoubtedly still a few holdouts.

It is important for you to acknowledge how everything that you have experienced has served you. Not only will you receive the full benefit of having had those experiences, but in so doing you remind yourselves that not everything that comes your way is going to have whipped cream and a cherry on top. Those are the experiences that grab your attention. Those are the experiences that help you awaken.

Not everything along your path that serves you must also be unpleasant and unwanted. We just want to point out that those unpleasant, unwanted life circumstances are filled with the energy that will propel you into the fifth dimension.

So look not to create a perfect life by your standards and definitions. Look instead to find the perfection in the life you are living. See it all as a wondrous journey that includes peaks and valleys. And you will always shine brightest, even after getting dragged through the muck and the mire.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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