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Letting Go – The Founders

moving car let go ownership quote the founders channeled by daniel scranton

“Staking your claim to something in your reality puts in touch with that object or space. It gives you a way of relating to it. But relating to it in terms of your possession of it is not the ideal way for you to interact with the object, the place, or even the other person you are staking your claim to.

It is in your best interest to see everything as free, to see everything as available to all others as well, and to give yourselves an opportunity to interact without claiming anything or anyone as yours. It is also an acknowledgement that your relationship to the object, place, or person is always changing.

So you will feel less attached. You will feel less tied down and more free. Recognize that your relationships to objects, places, and people are there to spark within you more of who you are. They were never meant to be a substitute for that which is you.

But you make them more significant than they need to be by clinging them, labeling them, and seeing them as belonging to you. Every moment of every day, your relationship to everything changes. And it would serve you well to acknowledge that, to acknowledge that you can never hold on to something or someone past the point of where it serves you.

You must let go. You must be willing to accept that whatever it is, whoever it is, and whatever is represented, there is no ownership. There is no holding forever. And even if you could, what you would be holding on to would change before your eyes. You would not have the same experience of whatever you were holding on to.

So allow yourselves the opportunity to evolve with the people, places and things around you by letting go and by changing with them.

We are The Founders, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Balance – The Founders

palm tree with christmas lights founders quote channeled by daniel scranton balance

“When you experience a setback in your lives, you often open yourselves to a variety of emotional experiences. This may seem as though it is an unfortunate situation, for why would anyone want to feel those lower frequencies? What would the point be of having those experiences and feeling those feelings?

Well, it is much easier to understand why you would open yourselves up to those types of experiences when you also understand the nature of your reality. The nature of your reality is to find balance. There is a positive charge for every negative charge, and in order to have one you must have the other.

So you are explorers, and you are seeking to explore every aspect of your reality. Therefore, you need to create experiences for yourselves that allow you to explore the depths of the frequency range that is available to you.

We understand that this is a very logical and analytical way of seeing things, and we want to assure you that there is sympathy and compassion for you as we witness you having those experiences and feeling those emotions. But we see the bigger picture. We see the balance being struck, and we want you to know that you access more positive energy in the precise moment that you allow yourself to experience the negative.

Now, not all of you have learned how to experience the balance of those energies. Some of you fixate on one side or the other. This actually creates an incomplete experience of reality for you, even though you are whole and complete, and you are holding both the positive and the negative charges inside of you.

We want all of you to experience the fullness of who you are. We want all of you to experience balance. So we encourage you to open yourselves up to all experiences, to all emotions, to the parts of yourselves that you have perhaps been in denial of. When you do, you will experience a fullness that you have never felt before. You will feel more grounded, more connected to all things and all people, and especially to Source Energy.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Take on a New Perspective – The Founders

new perspectives purple quote founders channeled by daniel scranton

“Discovering new ways to do something that you have done many times before is fun, and exciting, and adds new depth to that which you are doing. Having a new relationship to something changes not only the way you relate to it; it changes all aspects of who you are.

You get to experience yourself as a new perspective. And as you do this, you add depth to who you are. So even if you have already decided how you feel on a particular subject, we suggest that you try on the opposite stance for size. Give yourself the opportunity of holding a new perspective.

Do it not because you really want to change your point of view. Do it because you want to feel differently about that particular topic. Let us take GMOs as an example. Anyone who knows what a GMO is knows how they feel about that particular subject. Most of you are either for or against. Vaccinations are another example.

As you decide that you want to have a new experience of this subject or that subject, you may decide that the opposite perspective of the one that you have been holding is at least worth exploring, again not to change your mind, but to give you a new experience of yourself. You may ask yourself, ‘If I held a different perspective on this subject, how would I feel, who would I be, what would I value?’

Allow yourself to get inside that perspective, to get inside that aspect of who you are, because we can assure you that he or she exists. And now, take a moment to love, accept and acknowledge that aspect, that perspective, and any and all persons who are holding it. And as you do so, you literally become a bigger person.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Finding the Truth – The Founders

sandy beach finding the truth quote the founders channeled by daniel scranton

“Finding the truth is not as important as you might think. Finding the truth implies that there is only one truth to be found. Finding the truth that works for you in the moment is really what you are after.

If you need to find the truth in order to convince someone else of something, you are not taking into account that they have a different perspective than you do. So that other person’s truth may be different from yours, and that must be okay with you if you are to live happily on a planet with billions of other people.

As soon as you decide that all beings must hold the same truth, you are limiting yourself, you are limiting others, and you are going to find yourself fighting an uphill battle. It is so much easier and so much more enjoyable to find the truth that works for you in the moment and to live that truth out for as long as it serves you.

Now, if someone else sees you doing this they may call you out. They may ask you to explain yourself, because some individuals will want your truth to be consistent and everlasting. They may need that in order to feel secure around you. But you do not need to explain your truth to anyone else, ever. Because as soon as you do, you then may feel the need to hold on to that truth longer than it serves you or to defend that truth, and that never goes very well for any of you.

So any time you find yourself seeking the truth about anything, remember that the truth that you seek is also your creation, just as everything else is. So create the truth that you want to experience and then live it and live by it, and ask no one else to find your truth true for them.

That is a wonderful way to live, and it is time for all of you to recognize that everyone else that you share your world with is also creating their reality. And therefore, they may create a different truth than yours. We think that is wonderful. We think that is true freedom. And so we encourage you all to find whatever truth works for you and to let it be as fleeting as the wind.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Fluctuations in Energy – The Founders

the frequency that you are quote the founders daniel scranton channeled

“We come to you through a particular pattern of energy. We are represented by this particular pattern. We can create fluctuations in that pattern to give you a message. But the frequency that we are does not fluctuate. We are not changing who and what we are to make ourselves more palatable to you. We are not capable of doing so, because if we did, we would destroy the fabric of who we are. And that is simply not possible.

You have the ability to create fluctuations in the energy that you offer, and the range of fluctuation that you can create is much larger. But the frequency that you are is. You cannot destroy the fabric of who you are no matter what. You are already as evolved as you will ever be. You are already capable of experiencing yourselves in an infinite number of ways.

You are simply learning how to create the fluctuations in energy to give yourselves a particular experience. One of the ways that you do this is by deciding where it is you want to go, what it is you want to do, and who it is you would like to do it with. And as you move forward in your lives with the knowledge that what you are cannot be in any way diminished by what you do, by what you say, or by what you think, you can open yourselves up to a wider array of experiences.

You can let go of any idea that you may have that you could ever tarnish that which you are. So do explore. Be brave. And recognize the fluctuations in energy as they occur. See yourselves as the experiencers of those fluctuations and the creators of those fluctuations. And always recognize that you get to choose how you are affected by them, how you respond to them, and how you see yourselves in relationship to them.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

The Process of Manifestation – The Founders

lizard up close the founders quote on manifestation channeled by daniel scranton

“As you offer up your vibration, see to it that you have one perspective and one perspective only. Take on the perspective of the one who gets to experience what it feels like to hold a vibration. As you do anything for the purpose of getting you somewhere else, or something else, you diminish the quality of the experience that you are having.

So as you say to yourself, ‘I want to experience more joy in my life,’ you then decide that holding a frequency of joy is the best way to achieve that goal. But as you are seeking to hold the frequency of joy, and you are doing so only for what it can get you somewhere, someday in the future, you are not truly experiencing joy.

You see, there is that part of you that is not fully engaged in the moment. It is that part of you that is hoping for and considering what the experience of the vibration of joy is going to get you. Perhaps this conditional joy is about new friendships, travel, or new, fun toys to play with. Whatever your reason, you have not completely surrendered to the experience of the vibration of joy.

And so even if you were able to manifest something that you would consider to be joyous, you would not be completely engaged in that experience either. As long as you are putting the emphasis on what will come in the future as a result of what you are vibrating today, you only have a portion of your consciousness engaged. And that is how we see many of you going about the process of manifestation.

So what we suggest is that you make your process of manifestation be about the process and be about the moment. The moment you decide that you want to experience joy, experience joy. And then decide what you want to experience in the next moment and the next. That is how you live in the present, and that is how you create your reality.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

How to Get All That You Desire – The Founders

black shell up close the founders quote channeled by daniel scranton

“From our perspective, the way that you get all that you have ever desired is not by focusing on that which you want. It is by living your life the way that you want now. As long as you are putting anything that you want out there somewhere, off in the distance, and telling yourselves that there is something you need to do in order to get that thing or be in that relationship, the further you place it from you.

And the more that you see that everything that you desire is contained within you, the easier it then becomes to see it in the physical, in the flesh, in your bank account. So you see, as long as you are looking for something out there to give you the sensation that you want to feel inside of you, you will continue to create a reality where that which you desire is out there.

So you can manifest in the physical, get the feeling, and then get bored or lose what you have manifested, and then lose the feeling, and then set out to repeat that cycle over and over again, until one day you recognize that the feeling that came up within you when you manifested what you wanted is still there. It is inside of you. It is a reality that already exists, and you do not need to play any games or make anything happen in order to experience that reality.

You just have to see yourselves as capable of holding all frequencies within you and then intending to access the frequency of that which you desire. And then take a moment or two that it takes to tune yourselves to that frequency. And then voila! You are that which you desire. You have become it.

What this gives you is a new interpretation of reality. It gives you the ability to see that you are whole and complete as you are and that the universe is your playground. And when you see the universe as your playground, you can have more fun. You can manifest and create at will, and you can be exactly who you want to be.

And that is the real prize. That is the truest manifestation that you could ever experience. So why not start now? Why not start with this moment? Why not hand yourselves the keys to the kingdom? Why not now? There is no need to wait. You are everything, right here and right now.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Your Fifth Dimensional Abilities – The Founders

blade of grass up close fifth dimension channeled by daniel scranton

“When you are taking stock of your lives and considering what you have going for you, make sure that you do not overlook your extrasensory abilities, your abilities to perceive that is which is not there. This is not merely having psychic abilities, knowing what will happen or what someone else is thinking.

We are talking about much more than that. We are talking about your ability to sense the grace that surrounds you, the guides that are helping you, and all of the lovely downloads that you receive on a regular basis. We are talking about your ability to sense frequency and shifts in frequency.

This is perhaps your greatest asset. This ability that you have serves you very well, whether you know it or not, whether you employ it as often as you could. It is always there. It has always been there. And as you are willing to tap in more and more to these abilities, you will find that they become easier and easier for you to access.

And before you know it, it is as easy for you to sense that which is not physically there as it is for you to see what physically is there. And then you begin to recognize that there is no difference and that you can just as easily shift what you see as you can what you sense.

We are inviting you now to have this very fifth-dimensional experience of your reality, to be the creator beings that you were born to be, to know yourselves as multidimensional. We are asking you to acknowledge what you are already capable of so that you find an expansion of those capabilities to come to you quite easily and naturally.

Think of it as a new skill, like playing a musical instrument. The more times you actually pick the instrument up and play with it, the easier it becomes, the more it becomes second nature to you, the more it feels like an extension of you, and the more beautiful music you are capable of playing. Your reality is a symphony awaiting its conductor, and we are your eternal audience.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Receiving Help – The Founders

mushrooms up close the founders quote on receiving help channeled by

“Sometimes you need a little assistance. Sometimes it is your best course of action to ask for help. Now, as the creators of your reality, you might wonder why you would ever need help from another, whether they be in the physical or non-physical.

In truth, you are creating everything, including the helpers and their help. It is always up to you whether or not you receive that which you have created. And so, refusing help from a seemingly external source will keep you from receiving that which you desire and that could come through that helper.

Stubbornness will get you nowhere. Flexibility and humility will take you everywhere you want to go. You see, it is somewhat egoic for you to say that you must be the one who is not only creating your reality, but also that you must be the vehicle through which all that you create flows.

And part of what you are doing at this time is expanding your concept of who and what you are. So as you move past the notion that you are contained in a physical body, you can see that the helper is not only working for you. The helper is you.

And when you accept the help of another, and you show your appreciation, you expand in the number of helpers that you have access to and in the ways that they can be of service to you. So when you help another, you do not disempower them. You are simply the helper that they have manifested.

It is time for all of you to recognize yourselves in each other, to work together, to see how your different skills complement each other, and to know that ultimately, of course, you do get the credit for all of your creations. But when you stop wanting the credit, that is when you can receive so much more.

You can receive so much more by opening yourself and accepting that which is coming to you than you ever could through your hard work and using your skills as a manifestor. You may ask for help from us, from the angels, from your guides, from Source, or from any of the beings in physical bodies that Source is working through.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Before Doing Anything – The Founders

green tree pines up close the founders quote channeled by daniel scranton before doing anything

“Before you start any activity that you are going to engage in, it behooves you to recognize whether or not you are doing it to get something out of it or whether you are doing it for the joy of it. This ultimately determines whether or not what you are going to engage in serves you in that moment.

Your energy is precious. That does not mean it is in short supply. We are not advocating that you attempt to conserve your energy. It is precious in the sense that wherever you put it, you can rest assured that it will grow and multiply.

So the more activities you engage in out of obligation, the more obligations will show up at your doorstep. So you want to be very precise and intentional about where you put your energy, about what you expend your energy on.

Now, we know that all of you have activities on your Things To Do list that you would view as chores. They are the things that you don’t want to do, and you never really feel like you want to do them, but you do them anyway.

The next time you are faced with one of those tasks, and you feel that you really must get to it, instead of putting your energy there, ask to be shown a way to do that same activity in joy. The more times you do something out of a sense of obligation, or because you feel you need to do it just to get it done, the less of your energy you bring to that activity. This is the way that you slowly die on your world.

And so, when it comes to something that you need to do, because the doing of it is better than the consequences of not doing it, ask for that way of doing it in joy, and then wait for your inspiration. Wait for the idea to come to you that shows you how you can bring more of who you are to that activity, how you can do it in joy, and how simply being present with the experience of engaging in that activity, can give it value to you.

Be selective. Be intentional. And be the fullest version of yourself that you can be in every activity. And you will live long, and you will live happily ever after.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

More Than You Can Imagine – The Founders

flower up close the founders quote on imagine daniel scranton channels

“Once you exceed your own expectation it should get easier and easier to do so. Once you recognize that the life that you had planned for yourself pales in comparison to the one that you are actually lining up with, you then have everything you need. Because when you imagine how good your life can be, you are only getting but a glimpse, a mere fraction, of how good your lives can be.

So this is why it is much more important for you to let go and trust in the flow than it is for you to learn how to be a good little manifestor. Let us say that you have created an image of the life that you want. And let us say that you become very good at focusing on that life. And you begin to manifest bits and pieces of it. And then you get to have a boost to your ego, because your ego thinks that it did a very good job of manifesting that which you had decided was the ultimate life experience for you.

Now, imagine that there is a life for you that is ten times more satisfying, delightful, and filled with love, freedom, joy, adventure, and all the things that you are incapable of imagining. And that is the life that awaits when you release your resistance, go with the flow, relax, and trust. So which would you prefer?

It is not a trick question. But it is also a very challenging one, because you do like feeling satisfied with your accomplishments. And you do like knowing that you are steering the ship and in control. But then again, the greatest amount of control that you can exert is when you give up control altogether. That is the ultimate in freedom and the ultimate in trust.

We suggest that you not limit yourselves by what is on your vision boards. We would like to offer that what you have been creating is far more than your minds can imagine, because you are doing it on all levels of your being. You have many more tools at your disposal than just your physical minds.

So relax your minds. Use your minds to focus you on your now moment, on your breath, and on what you are doing. Use your minds to focus on that which is available to you to enjoy. And trust in your creations, for they are vast and they are quite a bit more than you can imagine.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

All Change Serves You – The Founders

flower up close quote on change from the founders channeled by daniel scranton

“Sometimes all it takes is a nudge and sometimes it takes a major life event. But one way or the other, you will change. Change is inevitable. Whether or not you enjoy the change is up to you. Whether or not you feel that you were a part of the process is also to be determined by you. But change you will and change you must.

There is comfort in consistency and predictability, and you often fear the unknown. And as you experience a change, you will often see it as having a great deal of power in determining the course of your life. But if you recognize that all change in the exterior is a reflection of a change you have made within yourself, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. Then you can know that the change is not for the worse.

All change can be seen as a positive step forward in your evolution. Now you may be challenged by the change. But rather than shrinking from it, you can rise up to meet it. And so when you see the change coming, remember what we have told you and feel for the difference within yourself. Feel for the ability to meet the change and to see your reflection in it.

You have an expression that says, ‘Variety is the spice of life.’ And so change gives you that opportunity to experience variety and to taste something new. Keep remembering that the change always originates within you and go with the flow. Seek out the feeling experience first, and then seek to embrace the physical and all the changes you can perceive within it.

You are on a ride here, and whether you know it or not, you are the ones at the helm. So relax. Go with the flow. And embrace the change. We promise you, all change is change for the better, because you are always becoming more of who you are and who you are is very good. Very good, indeed.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Taking a Break – The Founders

leaf with raindrops up close the founders quote channeled by daniel scranton

“By letting yourselves take a break, you interrupt the flow of whatever it is that is causing you to need a break from it. So there is a difference between taking a break and running away. And here is how you can tell the difference. When you are taking a break from something that is too much for you to process in any moment, you are still acknowledging the importance of returning to that which is coming up for you.

So you see, it is all about intention. If your intention is to take a break, then you are interrupting the flow. But if your intention is to run away, then you are calling more of that which you are attempting to run away from. You are calling it forth, and it will not be ignored.

So the virtue of taking a break is that it allows you to reset. It allows you to shift your perspective so that when you turn back to it, you are able to handle the pain or the emotions that seemed too intense just a little while ago.

This process of taking a break is one that serves you. When you are too tired or too hungry or simply too overwhelmed, give yourselves a break. Tell yourselves that you can return to whatever it is that has you feeling the way that you do, and you can return to the feelings. It is not so important that you need to endure that which is painful to the point where you would run away if you could.

Sometimes you need to step back, readjust, take a few deep breaths, and return to whatever it is feeling refreshed, feeling empowered, feeling bigger than whatever is causing the pain. You know that this works because you have experienced walking away from something and returning to it later with an ability to see what you could not see before.

There are emotions that some of you would rather never feel. And we say to you that you get to decide how you feel them. You get to decide whether how you feel them is overwhelmingly intense or mild and manageable. And we suggest that you choose the route that is easier for you in every moment.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Trust in Ease – The Founders

flower pic up close the founders quote daniel scranton channels

“By the easiest way imaginable, that is how you truly get what you want. Because if you get what you want because you struggled and toiled away, then you have not truly gotten what you wanted, because none of you are asking for struggle and toil. You are asking for freedom and joy, love, excitement, and none of those are a part of the struggle and the toiling that we witness all of you doing.

What is the easiest way for you to receive that which you desire? It is to trust. It is to trust that if you desire something, then it is already yours. It is to trust in the ease. It is to trust that you are powerful creators and that nothing can stand in your way. Believe in yourselves. Believe in your beliefs, because if you are hearing or reading this message, then you certainly believe that you are creating your reality.

But your actions say otherwise. Your actions demonstrate that you believe in the virtue of struggle and hard work. And usually that is because you are still trying to satisfy a person or persons who believe that those things are virtuous.

You are already good. There is no need to prove yourselves as good. There is only the life that you truly want to live and whether or not you are willing to trust that the life you want to live is the life that is right before you.

We suggest that you take it easy and see what happens. Trust is very easy. It is mistrust that requires effort. You are all beautiful, wonderful creators, and you can trust yourselves. You can trust in ease. Believe it because it is so.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

All That You Want is to Love – The Founders

butterfly up close quote on love the founders channeled by daniel scranton

“All that you have ever wanted to experience in your lives can be summed up in one word: Love. You all want to experience love. You may not see everything that you desire as a part of the love that you are, but it is. It is your love that you want to experience, and your love is often held back.

So you offer your love when the conditions are right, and you hold it back when they are not. So your attempts to have the things that you want – the relationships, the jobs, the homes, all of it – are the conditions that you have determined will be appropriate for your love. If you are living in a cramped studio apartment with noisy neighbors and a terrible view of a parking lot, you hold back your love and you say, ‘When I can live in a home that is spacious and quiet with a lovely view, then I will love my home.’

So you see, all that you want in life, you want because you want it to elicit the love that you are. You want the love that you are to flow, but the conditions of your life do not always draw it forth from you easily and effortlessly. Sometimes the circumstances of your life require you to make a choice. They require you to choose to love, to choose to let who you are flow through you.

And those circumstances that you deem to be inappropriate and unworthy of your love will not change until you change, until you decide that you want to be the love and the light in that which is unlovable and dark. It is always your decision, and it is a decision that you must make consciously. You must know that you are making this decision in every circumstance.

Because if you don’t, if you believe that your love can only flow under certain conditions, then you will never know who you truly are. You will never know yourselves as unconditional love. But worry not, because sooner or later you will make that choice. The love that you are is just that strong.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

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