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Synchronicities – The Founders

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Be aware of how many synchronicities are happening in your experience. Be aware of their significance as well. For everything means something, and your synchronicities are not just about giving you a moment of pleasure. Your synchronicities give you the message that awareness breeds more of what you want.

In order for you to receive that which you desire to experience, it is necessary for you to be aware. It is necessary for you to notice how you are feeling, what vibration you are putting out, what you are focusing on, and anything else that you could be aware of, such as your beliefs and your expectations.

If you were really paying attention, you would notice that the synchronicities are all around you. So the synchronicities are helping to encourage you to pay more attention so that you may recognize exactly what you are moving towards.

There are no coincidences in the sense that two things just happened to have occurred at the same time or in the same day. You are constantly notifying yourselves from your higher dimensional aspects.

You are giving yourselves a plethora of information, codes, and other vibrational downloads. And they are meant to awaken you. Sometimes they are meant to shake things up, and sometimes they are meant to give you a boost or some encouragement.

So take note of the synchronicities that are occurring and do get excited about them, because the more of them that you see the more you can be assured that you are in fact paying attention, listening, and heeding the advice that you are getting, the little nudges and nods.

Let yourselves know what powerful creators you are by asking for more synchronicities, and finding them, and celebrating them. And then give yourselves credit for being so aware and so awake.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Relax and Breathe – The 8th Dimensional Pleiadian Spheres

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“All right. Yes. There is more, indeed. We are that which you call Pleiadian. We are energy spheres that exist in your eighth dimension. It is our desire to assist you. We send you our love, our praise, and our words. These are not really our words, but you get the idea. We do not speak your language. We do not speak any language. We do not have mouths and vocal cords, so how could we?

We exist as pure energy and we take the form of the sphere because we like that shape, because it suits us well. We have a message for all of you. As you continue to experience life on planet earth, we ask that you recognize that where you are going is quite different from where you have been. It is going to be a brave new world indeed.

And you are the pioneers. You are the ones who get to decide what this world looks like. You are the ones pulling all the strings, making all the enhancements, and you are living your lives because they are precisely what needs to be lived in order for you to fine tune the creation of the new earth.

But we encourage you not to see your lives as sacrifice. You are not sacrificing yourselves now for a better future. You will always be in a process of creating something new, something more, but you do not have to wait for the new world in order to enjoy yourselves now. It is great fun to be where you are, to have the experiences you are having.

And so we recommend that you lighten up and give yourselves more credit. You all think that there is something about you that could be better, and many of you are striving to make yourselves better, to make your world better, or to make your little corner of the universe more pleasant and attractive. We ask that you surrender to the moment you are in and that you forgive all aspects of who you are and who you have been that you have been holding accountable.

It is far more important for you to breathe and relax than it is for you to make something happen with your effort and your trying. So we are here now to affirm to all of you that you are on the right track and to give you our blessings, for we are the future from your perspective. We are what you become. And we are here to help, not with the becoming because that is obviously a guarantee. We are here to help you enjoy the process.

We are The Pleiadian Spheres, and we welcome you to our energy.”

The Power of Focus – The Founders

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Focus is your primary tool. It will give you that which you seek. Focus is more than just attention to something. Focus enables you to become one with that which you are focusing on to give you the experience of what you are focusing on.

Now focus is your primary means of creating, and it allows you and affords you the opportunity to shift. So you can focus on one particular thing, or circumstance, or person for a particular amount of time and then you can put your focus somewhere else. You are not required to focus on anything or anyone, but you are invited at times by the object, or by the person, or by the circumstance that you want to see. Sometimes you feel compelled.

But when you are focusing on whatever it is you are focusing on, you get to choose the way you focus upon it. You get to decide whether your perspective is the one you want to be holding as you focus. This is another tool for you, as you awaken to your feelings about what it is you are focusing on.

Your ability to feel tells you what you need to know as long as you are paying attention to it. It is up to you what you focus on, how you focus on it, and when you shift your focus to something else. And that all gives you power – not the power to control the outside world, but rather, the power to control your experience of it. And that, dear ones, is all you ever need.”

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Everyone Can Channel – The Founders

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It may come as a surprise to some of you to have the ability to engage with those like us easily and openly. You may believe that channeling is something that a select few can do, but we want each of you to know that you are fully capable of awakening an ability to access consciousness that is different from your normal waking state.

We derive great pleasure in telling you this because we seek to create more partnerships like the one we have formed with this channel here. We desire to open you up to more, and channeling is one of the easiest ways to do that. You all experience yourselves as different beings within the same lifetime. You get to know yourselves in a variety of different ways because you play different roles and because you change as you grow up and grow old.

What if you got to decide who you were in every moment? What if instead of looking in the mirror or at your past for evidence of who you are and who you should be, you just chose in the moment to be someone else, to activate an aspect of yourself that you had never experienced before? What would that be like?

We can tell you that it is great fun, and we encourage you to allow yourselves to access more, not because it is necessary, but because expanding gives you more opportunities for experience. And you all signed up to have a variety of experiences. What you do with the connections you make is up to you, but you all can and will make them.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

You Are Feeling-Based Beings – The Founders

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As most of have already accepted, you are feeling-based beings. You are experiencers, and your feelings are how you experience. The feelings themselves have no judgments attached to them. They are what they are.

Now, as you experience the feeling state you then create a story to go along with it. Your minds want to make sense of what you are feeling, and your minds attempt to make deductions so that you will be able to control what it is you feel and what it is you avoid feeling, what it is you have no cause to feel.

And this is how your hearts and your minds become at odds with each other, because some feelings do not make sense and never will. So how do you reconcile your feelings with your thoughts? What is the secret to navigating this life experience of yours? We believe that the answer lies within your ability to discern. Your ability to discern and to decide – these are much more important than your ability to deduce.

And that is what we want to leave you with here today. We want you to be able to tell the difference between the subtleties of your feelings and to decide which ones you prefer. And all you have to do then is allow all other feelings to exist within you as potentialities that you could activate and may choose to in some moment in time. But perhaps you do not choose them in this moment, and perhaps instead you choose something like joy, love, peace, freedom, or excitement.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Shadows and Light – The Founders

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Shadows are a part of your everyday landscape. They add to that which you see, giving it perspective. The only way to remove a shadow is to also remove the light.

But many of you would prefer that there only be light. And you see, if that were the case, you would lose your perspective. You would have nothing to give you that sense of balance. Now, within the shadow there is always something to be gained. There is always that which is beneath the surface of the shadow. That is where all the goodies lie.

So if you dismiss something because of its shadowy exterior, or you ignore it, you will miss out on the depth and the layers that it can give you. We are speaking in metaphor now, but we will not tell you what the shadow represents because it is different for each of you. One person’s shadow is another person’s light. It all depends upon perspective.

When you embrace your shadow, whatever it may be to you, you give yourself an opportunity to discover more of what makes you the experiencer of the shadow and the light. And as you become adept at shining your light and casting your shadow, you can create something new, something beautiful, something that has never been experienced before. And that is truly why you began this dance of shadows and light.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Listen to the Vibrations – The Founders

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Just by listening to the sounds that are audible to you at any time, you are opening yourselves up to a firmer grasp on what vibration, frequency, and energy are all about. If you want to train yourselves to be able to access or modify a frequency within you, practice through the art of listening. Feel the shift in your energy as you notice the quality or frequency of the vibration of any sound that you are capable of tuning in to.

Feel the resonance or the discord. Listen for nuance, and feel where in your bodies the tones and sounds are hitting you and affecting you. Become masters of listening and tuning yourselves to the energy that you prefer to experience. There are many sounds that are audible to you that you more or less ignore throughout your day. Every once in a while a sound will really get your attention, but for the most part they are background noise and you do not give them much of your attention.

But sound is a powerful tool and one that you can utilize in creating the reality that you prefer. Start by listening. Start by noticing the vibrations of the sounds you are aware of, and then in time you will be able to make sounds on your own that hold the frequency of the energy that you prefer to experience. This is something that is very simple and fun and an easy way for all of you to grasp how you will modulate and temper your own frequency.

Feel your way through this process, and you will be rewarded. You will be rewarded because you will have taken command of the vibration you hold, and nothing is more powerful than that.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

No Better and Worse – The Founders

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As you witness the evolution of consciousness that is happening within you and all around you, you may feel tempted to compare what has been to what is and to where you are going. You may see the evolution of your consciousness and of the human race as a necessity because things on your world are in such a state of disarray. But you may give it a stronger word than that.

And we suggest to all of you that you see it all as equal, not as better and worse, not even as lighter and darker. We suggest that you see the beauty in all experience, that you give every single experience its due. Let go of the need to compare the third dimension to the fifth dimension, or any dimension to any other dimension.

It is not as though higher-frequency dimensions are better than lower frequency ones. They are different, and they allow for different types of experiences. Your evolution happens not to save yourselves from self-destruction. Your evolution of consciousness happens because you cannot help but live and you cannot help but expand through what you live.

You are never going to regress. You are never going to find yourselves backsliding, and your expansion can come consciously or unconsciously. You evolution can be a joyous or a painful experience. You can struggle though it or you can relax into it. It is up to you.

You are deciding, and perhaps the least obvious judgment that you are releasing is the judgment that says there is something wrong with where you are and where you have been and only when you get to where you are going will you really start living. Start living now, and start by loving yourselves just as you are. Start by seeing every experience you are having as not only valid, but also as beautiful.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Releasing Attachments – The Founders

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By releasing your attachment to something you are not letting go of your connection to it. You are not releasing your love. You are giving yourself a new experience of that person, circumstance, or object.

Releasing attachments allows you to perceive what it is you are releasing through neutral eyes. And the process of releasing attachment frees you up for new experiences.

As long as you are telling yourself the story that you must have this thing or be in this relationship in order to be fulfilled and happy, you are setting yourself up for a great deal of misery. Nothing in your experience is permanent and everything changes.

So even if something were to be in your life for the rest of your years, either you or it would change. And therefore your attachments are silly at best, because all you can ever really have is a moment. And your attempts to recreate the same moments stunts your growth.

So by releasing an attachment you actually spur on your expansion, and you get to experience that expansion and experience it over and over. Now, you have also heard us and others talk about releasing attachments to particular outcomes and how that serves you.

We would like to add that the outcome that you are attached to more often than not is not the best outcome. So it is also silly to remain attached to something that is only a fraction of what you could be living and experiencing.

So whatever you feel attached to in this moment, let it go. Let it go energetically. Let it go mentally and emotionally. And even if it still exists in your physical environment, you will have created a better relationship to it.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Becoming Conscious Creators – The Founders

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When you discover that you do have the ability to be clear in the face of confusion, to be whole in the face of fragmentation, and to feel peace in the face of chaos, that is when you will taste what it is like to truly be a conscious creator. Being a conscious creator does not only mean that which you get is what you want. That is one aspect of being a conscious creator.

Those abilities to manifest and create circumstances, events, objects, and people into your lives is the way that most of you have been operating as conscious creators. And all of that has served you very well, because it is has shown you how powerful you are. Many of you now recognize that without a doubt you are the creators of your reality. But your primary creation is yourself, and your state of being is your primary way of knowing yourself fully.

So when you witness yourself surrounded by energies that you do not prefer, that is an opportunity to demonstrate to yourselves once and for all that you can create the energetic experience that matches your desire. And that kind of power is far more significant than your ability to get the car that you want, the house that you want, or the mate that you want. Because when you can hold your frequency even when the energies all around you are tempting you to let it go, that is when you no longer need to manifest or create a different reality than the one you are experiencing.

And that is true mastery. That is what you all really want. So we suggest that you practice, and practice, and practice. Give yourselves the experience you prefer no matter what is happening around you.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Energetic Communication – Ophelia the Faerie


“I am here. I am with you.

There are ways for you to engage with others that do not involve talking or texting or emailing. There are ways for you to engage energetically. And when you do so, you can be quite certain that your message is getting across to the other being. You are all so accustomed to verbal, written, and physical communication, but the energetic communication that is going on between all of you is something that you are not so aware of.

Sometimes you will see a person walk into a room, or meet a person for the first time, and you will pick up on their energetic transmissions, and that is a wonderful thing for all of you to acknowledge. You already do this. But what I am suggesting is that you do it more consciously, and that you do it with people that are not necessarily in the same room as you are.

My recommendation for all of you is to reach out energetically to a person first, before you send that email, that text, or make that phone call. Give the person the energy that you want to give them. If you are worried about someone and you think that you had better call them to check in or offer some assistance, you might consider that in the moment that you feel the worry that you access that energy that you want the person to have or that you want the person to hold, and you hold it for them and you send it to them.

This is a very effective way of communicating. You are taking out so much of the distortions that can occur and the miscommunications and you are lightening your load. For you may decide that when you do have the opportunity to contact the person that you no longer feel that need. You can cross that one off your list. You can make your lives easier, and you can also practice something that you will all be engaging in more and more as you live more in the present moment, as you focus more on your frequency.

You will find that there is less and less of a need for long-winded conversations, lengthy emails, and multiple texts to get your point across. I am asking that you simplify everything in your life by boiling it down to a frequency, accessing that frequency within yourself and letting all of your helpers take care of the rest.

I am Ophelia, and I love you.”

Letting Go and Letting In – The Founders

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There always comes a time when you feel that you cannot go on living the way that you have been living, no matter whether it be in your relationships, your work, or with certain health challenges. You often come to a knowing that you have had enough. Now, this moment of feeling absolutely fed up and ready to move on to something else is a very powerful moment for you.

Because in that moment, you are choosing something new, something that goes beyond what you have been living. And so, having your moment of clarity catapults to the next thing. It does without any work on your part, without any need for you to make something happen.

But what happens with most of you is that you believe you do need to take some sort of action, and the actions that you take are usually quite futile. What you really seek in that moment is to let go. You seek to let go and let in that which is next. And you do that energetically. You do that without even trying.

But your reality does not shift around you as quickly as the energy, and that leaves many of you feeling frustrated, angry, or even depressed. But if in that moment of feeling fed up, done, and ready for something new, if you were to believe fully that what is new is coming to you, and is already on its way, then you could relax and you could release your resistance to your current situation.

And that is what you are really wanting to do. You want to be able to say that you are done with something without then needing to destroy it. And this is true of your political and economic systems as well. It is applicable to all areas of life.

So we encourage you to recognize the moment and to smile and believe that your work is done in that moment. The only thing left for you to do is get excited about what is next.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

The Paths to Enlightenment – The Founders

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By now it is perfectly clear to all of you that there is more than one way, that you do not have to follow one path or one set of rules in order to reach an enlightened state of being. Part of the fun of this incarnation for all of you is creating the new path.

You don’t have to find the one path that you had laid out before incarnating for yourself. You get to be the trailblazers. You get to decide which direction to move in next. You get to decide where your loyalties lie. You get to decide who you are and your place in all of it.

None of that is determined by a force outside of you. You put yourself on this path, but you also knew that you would have the ability to improvise, to seek a new way of discovering and living a very old truth. We are talking about the truth of your existence as beings of light and love.

And we know that you all get it, and you all want to actualize that which you are and to embody it, live it. And you also have the walls that you put up. Those walls crumble in the face of your light. So you see, you are the way, you are the path, you are the only truth you ever need to cling to.

And your willingness and desire to shine your light, even when you have absolutely no reason to, that is what takes you down the path that has the most joy, the most fun, and the most interesting adventures. You never have to struggle or try to be enlightened. All you need to do is seek that light within you, shine it brightly, see the paths in front of you, and take the one you are drawn to in the moment.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

There is no Finish Line – The Founders

flower up close founders quote channeled by daniel scranton


Always remember that there is no real beginning or end, so there is no need for you to keep track of your progress. It is not as though there is a finish line, so you could not possibly be losing the race or falling behind.

So why then does it matter how you are doing relative to any of the goals you have for yourselves, but especially the goal of enlightenment? You will never reach that point of completion. So you can relax. You can set aside the goals that you have set for yourselves and settle in to the present moment.

Reaching for a future that will somehow be better than your current moment will keep you in a state of reaching. Being content to live the life that is in front of you will bring you more contentment. You are never really sitting still, and going backwards in a universe that is always expanding is also not possible.

So every experience that you have is for the sake of having that experience. It never really is designed to get you somewhere else. The only place that you ever really want to go is the place of satisfaction in the moment, and you can always get there with a little focus and by placing your attention on that which is satisfying.

Your evolution is constant. Your acknowledgement of it comes and goes. But you are the constant, and you are beautiful beings who need not go anywhere or do anything to prove your worth or to gain your enlightenment. But how you experience your present moment, that is up to you. That is what you will decide and what you will continue to decide forever and ever more.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

One Last Go-Round – The Founders



Whenever there is something that you are in the process of letting go of, you tend to call it in for one last round. And this is important for all of you to know, because when you think that you are backsliding or regressing you are actually giving yourselves one last turn, one last go-round.

By accepting whatever it is that you are about to let go of, and accepting yourselves for calling it in one last time, you have a true sense of who you are in relationship to it. You only need to continue to recreate scenarios for yourselves when there is a judgment about having that experience in the first place.

When you see yourselves as inappropriate, bad, or lacking the power to create that which it is that you want, you are simply asking for one last go-round with whatever it is. Just to be clear now, we are talking about all of the challenges that any of you might be facing, whether they be financial, health, relationships, or even spiritual crises.

Whenever something shows up at your door and you sigh and say, ‘Not you again!,’ you are maintaining the same relationship to it. But when you are capable of embracing those challenges and releasing your judgment for having created it yet again, that is when you can co-exist with it and finally let it go.

That is when you get to choose something new, something more to your liking. And we know that all of you are seeking changes and new experiences. We just want to let you know that when the same old, same old comes up yet again, it is because you are ready for those changes you seek.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

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