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You Are Non-Physical Beings – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

Somewhere you have all existed as only vibration. You have all existed without physical form, without knowing yourselves as physical beings. You have all had this experience, and so it is available to you right now.

The experience of yourself as pure vibrational energy is not something you need to wait until you have ascended in order to experience. The reason we are reminding you of this is so that you will remember that your journey has not begun as a physical being who is hoping and striving to one day become that pure vibrational state yet again.

This experience that you are having right now in your physical body is not one that you must have in order to prove yourselves worthy of being non-physical, of being with the higher-dimensional beings. And you do not need to perfect yourselves in any way in order to know yourselves as Source.

It is an experience that you have already had, so you never have to worry about whether or not you will get back to that knowing. And you certainly do not need to do anything in order to be that version of yourself right now, in order to know yourselves as Source, as vibration, as pure consciousness.

As you remember this truth of who you are, you are then capable of experiencing that version of you while still being physical and having a physical expression. You do not need to elevate yourselves to a higher plane in order to have that experience. You just need to remember that you already are that which you seek to become and hold that knowing in your conscious awareness. It is something that is available to you right now.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

What You Can and Cannot Perceive – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

Because it will only slow you down, you are not capable of perceiving everything that is around you all the time. You would become mesmerized by all that you could perceive, and you would not then live your lives, the lives that are happening right in front of you.

So it is good that you only perceive a fraction of what is actually occurring in your reality. We know that many of you would like to perceive and experience all of it. But it would be too big of a distraction from what it is that you came here to do and experience.

Therefore, instead of spending your time and energy trying to perceive that which you do not, that which is otherworldly, or other-dimensional in nature, give your attention to what is showing up in your space. You will always have access to everything that you need.

You don’t need to worry about being blocked, and you certainly don’t need to concern yourselves with what you are missing out on by only perceiving what you do. Instead, we suggest that you engage fully with the reality that you are experiencing and that you bring more light and love to those experiences, to those individuals.

That is the purpose of your life as it is. Bring the light and the love within you to everything that you can perceive around you, and know that everything else that you cannot perceive will be illuminated by your light and by your willingness to be the love that is asked for in every circumstance, every situation, and every relationship you find yourselves in.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Actions and Vibration – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

In the manifestation of your reality, there is a point at which movement occurs. You are moving and shifting on a continuous basis. The experience that you have is that you are moving through one reality over a span of linear time, but you are actually creating the idea of movement and the concept of time.

Now, when you want to give yourselves a new experience, you often take action to make that experience come to fruition. And that is fine. That is a wonderful use of action and the taking of steps.

What if, however, you were to take different approach? What if instead of taking actions to make something happen so that you could experience it, you found the vibration of that which you want to experience within you? What if you were able to shift yourself to that reality without so much action?

You would then use your actions to enjoy the reality that you had shifted to. And when you take actions within that new experience, those actions are infused with the vibration that you use to draw that reality to you. So then your actions support more of the same.

So rather than using action to always try to get you somewhere else, your actions would all be a reflection that vibration, the vibration of that which you prefer to experience. That is when you will feel yourselves as Creator Beings, moving though the dream of life, consciously, deliberately, and with joy in every step.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Same People – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

In the process of evolution, you often find yourselves meeting the same people over and over again, even if they are coming to you disguised in different bodies. You will continue to co-create with beings of the same frequency, who offer you the same challenges, until you come to a place where you can love and accept the being just as they are.

There is no escape in this universe. Now, that being said, you do get to decide when it is most appropriate for you to process what you need to process. And so, if you need to walk away from a person, then you are well within your rights to walk away, to regroup, and to face that particular challenging person in another form, at another time.

Some of your most productive time is spent by yourselves. And much of the time that you are by yourselves, you are processing what you need to from your interactions with other people, from your financial and health circumstances, and even from past life traumas. So if you find yourself spending the majority of your time by yourself, there is a very good chance that you are making the necessary adjustments in order to face your more challenging cohorts in the physical for another round.

You don’t do it because of karma, and you don’t do it because you have to in order to prove yourselves. You do it because you want to. You do it because you are unconditional love looking for ways to know yourselves completely and fully as that and only that.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Negative – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

From your perspective, there are things, there are actions, and there are people who you would define as negative. You often label something as negative without really understanding what that means. What is negative? What does it mean to you? And most importantly, what do you do about it?

We suggest that instead of calling something or someone negative, you take note of how you feel. Put your attention there. That is how you are served by that which you are calling negative.

You are given the opportunity to experience something within yourselves that you could not otherwise experience. And if you cannot experience an emotion like fear, sadness, anger, or despair, then you also cannot experience love, joy, freedom, or excitement.

Seeing as that is the case, can you not see how something negative could actually be considered positive? Can you not see the benefit of what you consider to be inherently negative? And if you are able to do this, if you are able to turn something negative around, you are then capable of getting to the emotion that you want to feel more quickly.

Now here comes the tricky part. You must allow that which you have deemed negative to be what it is, and you must allow it to trigger you in the way that it does. There is no need to pretend that something is not what it is, or that you don’t feel how you do about it. That is a trap. So allow what is negative to be, allow yourselves to feel what you feel, and then derive the benefit of the experience by shifting your perspective.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Observing Without Judgment – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

The willingness to observe without judgment is a skill that you will all master as you shift into a fifth dimensional frequency state. Making an observation without getting triggered by it enables you to make an informed decision. Decisions that are made from that place of having just been triggered will not lead you to the place that you ultimately want to go.

We suggest that you make a habit of being in observation mode. We are not suggesting that you detach from your emotional bodies. But what we are saying is that you can set forth the intention to observe without judgment and simply be with whatever situation is before you, whether it is something you are witnessing in your own lives, in the lives of those close to you, or some news story you are aware of.

The ability to look upon a situation without needing for it to be right or wrong is a strength. It is empowering, and it puts you in a place where you are more likely to be of service to all beings involved. As soon as you judge and take a side, you are no longer being of service. But when you seek to be the light and the love that the situation is calling for, and you bring it without hesitation, you enable all parties involved to find that place of non-judgment and to reconcile the differences between them.

You are much more powerful in non-judgmental observation than you are in taking a side, gathering numbers, and seeking to defeat, no matter what it is. So give yourselves the opportunity to observe, to be of service, and to allow others to follow your example.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Coping Mechanisms – Archangel Michael

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Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

When you encounter stress in your lives, many of you have coping mechanisms that you employ. These coping mechanisms are your methods of grounding yourselves back into your bodies and restoring hope that can find your balance and equilibrium again. If you were to employ a coping mechanism even when you were not under stress, you would find that the balance and the equilibrium would serve you in not-so-stressful situations.

So, let us give you an example of a coping mechanism. Perhaps you find yourself swamped with a workload that is much bigger than the time you have to do it seems to allow for. Perhaps your coping mechanism in this instance would be to clean your desk, to make your desk as neat as you can possibly make it. And then when you look at your desk, you feel peaceful, calm, relaxed, and even eager to tackle the workload in front of you.

So what we are suggesting is that you make a mental note of the coping mechanisms that you employ while under stress so that you can choose to apply those same tactics to your everyday lives. You are integrating quite a bit of energy at this time, and many of you recognize this. Others of you are not so aware of what is happening on an energetic level.

Even something like the integration of high frequency energy can put you in a stressful state of being. So use the coping mechanisms that you employ when you are bogged down with too much to do in your physical reality. And we promise you, you will benefit, you feel the effects, and you will have yourselves to thank for the balance, the relaxed feeling, and the calm demeanor.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Keys to Creation – The Creators

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“We are here for you.

In our estimation, there has been giant leap forward for the consciousness of humanity. This is part of the process of ascension. It is not happening in a very consistent way. You have moments where you will make a giant leap forward, and you will have periods of time where it seems that very little progress is being made. So what can you do with your giant leap forward? How can you begin to experience the benefits?

Well, it all starts with a willingness on your part to do something that you have done many times before with varying levels of success. We are asking you to know yourselves as Creator Beings. We are asking you to put this faster moving energy to work, and we are doing so because we know that there are things you would like to create in your lives.

So we invite you to focus on those things and to simply allow the process to unfold. There is no efforting required on your part. You do not have to create for thirty minutes a day, every day. All you need to do is focus on the feeling of what it is that you are creating. Find the vibration of it. Send that vibration out, and put yourselves in a relaxed and receptive state, rather than an anxious and impatient one.

Give yourselves the experience of going with the flow of energy and of allowing universal forces to take over. Begin to trust in the process. Trust that if you create something with your consciousness, then it must be experienced. And know that things do still take a little bit of your time to transpire and come to fruition in the physical realm.

So we recommend that you go about your business as usual once you have put your creation out into the field. Do what you find most enjoyable, most exhilarating, most relaxing, and you will find that what you have created comes to you in the simplest and easiest way possible. That is how it is done. That is how it is going to be from this point forward. Ease, relaxation and receiving – those are the keys to creation.

We are The Creators, and we love you very much.”

Processing – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

Processing is a term that is used quite a bit in the spiritual and new age realm. But what exactly does it mean to process something? From our perspective, processing is allowing an experience, an emotion, or a situation to be exactly what it is and to let it move through you.

The opposite of processing is running away from, suppressing, or denying. Those approaches draw out the experience, emotion, or situation to the point where it builds. You could say that you are processing all third-dimensional experiences, because experience is what you use to then create the fifth dimension.

The fifth dimensional universe that you will experience is being created by each of you with compassion and with unity consciousness. Unity consciousness gives you a variety of perspectives and allows you to see each one as equal.

When you can see that everything and everyone is equal and neutral, then you can process without drama. You can allow others to create what they want to create, and you can take on your role as Creator Beings, Creator Beings who use all experience to build, to use as a foundation for so much more.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Your Perfect Journey – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

In your journey of evolution, there is not one turning point that makes all the difference. You do not need to worry about making a wrong turn or a wrong decision that would somehow thwart your progress. The journey that you are on is not about finding the right way, or the right thing to do, not at any moment, and not as a long and drawn out path.

All that really matters is that you show up. When you show up for your life, you give yourselves the opportunity for experience. And experience is what the Oversoul craves. So from the Oversoul’s perspective, there’s nothing you could ever do to screw up on your journey. There is no point of no return, and there is no such thing as a mistake.

When you recognize that at the heart of your journey is you as the experiencer, then you are less likely to measure yourselves or to count your worthiness by how many good deeds you did, how much you avoided temptation, or how often you meditated. You get to be the one at the heart and soul of your journey.

And as you are that being, the one having the experiences, you get to decide in every moment which version of yourself you want to be. And that is not dependent upon anything that you have or have not done, said, or experienced up until the point of decision. You get to decide, not your past, not your past lives, not even your Oversoul. And every decision that you make is perfect, just like you.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Momentary Goals – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

In reevaluating your goals for this lifetime on a fairly regular basis, you open yourselves up to new possibilities. By setting aside goals that you created from a place of lack, you allow yourselves to experience more of who you are. As long as your goals are designed to compensate for something that you feel is missing in your lives, they will continue to perpetuate that experience of self.

So we recommend that you create goals for the moment you are in. In other words, you could say, ‘My goal for this moment is to feel compassion for that person over there who is suffering.’ And then you do it, and then in the next moment you create a goal for yourself to feel joy, freedom, or love.

And as you fulfill these goals moment to moment, you will find that the future that you were striving for is not so significant. You will find that you do not need to go anywhere, do anything, or create any sort of financial security to live how you want to live.

Goals are excellent when used appropriately. And so, make your goal to live in the moment and to experience the moment as you want to experience it. Let the future you off the hook and give the current now moment you the experience that he or she really wants, with no agenda and no need to be or do anything else, not in your now and not in your future moment.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Ascension Symptoms – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

In the opening of your energy fields to that higher frequency energy that is present on your world, you are not only letting in more of that which you desire, but you are also releasing. And in your releasing, you may experience certain symptoms. You may have heard of ascension symptoms. These are symptoms that appear to be physical in nature and also in origin.

But these symptoms are energetic, even though they may have a physical component. So what do you do when you are faced with these types of symptoms? The appropriate response is not different from what would benefit you if they were in fact physical in origin. Rest. Drink lots of water. Give yourselves what you need, and make yourselves as comfortable as you can be. Put high frequency foods in your bodies, breathe, meditate, and repeat as necessary.

With the release of that which is no longer serving you, you make more room for that which does. So you can get excited about what it is that you are letting go of and letting in. You can get excited about experiencing ascension symptoms. As long as you are focused on the bigger picture, it will be easy to do so. As long as you are seeing yourselves as the creators of these experiences, rather than as the victims of them, you will have a much easier time.

The ascension process can be a joyous one, and it can infuse you with a new excitement for life. It is all up to you, and we suggest that you do whatever you need to do to relax and enjoy the ride.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Photon Effect – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

It is our unique pleasure to give you the following information. There was a big influx of photonic energy onto the surface of planet Earth in the past few days, and that energy is working on the vibration of the human, plant, animal, and mineral collectives.

That photonic energy has at its core unconditional love, as does everything. But these photons are uncorrupted. They are pure, and they are fulfilling their purpose. Their purpose is to spread that unconditional love wherever it needs to go. Placing yourselves in an open and receptive state at this time will serve you more than ever, because what is moving through your world is the highest frequency energy that has ever connected to planet Earth.

So your polarity is shifting, making you less polarized. Therefore, there is less to fear than ever before. And putting yourselves in a receptive state, opening your hearts and your energetic fields to receive will shift you cellularly and provide you with more strands of DNA, activating your light bodies, and shifting your awareness.

You will become more heart-centered. You will become more compassionate, and you will serve those around you with your mere presence and your willingness to engage.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Post-Wave X World – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

It can be rather easy for all of you to forget exactly how far you’ve come when you experience intense energies. It is because of the higher frequencies that are present on your world that every little thing seems like it is gargantuan in size and scope. We are asking you all to take into consideration the point in the shift where you find yourselves. You cannot evaluate where you are based upon where you were in the past, because the energies are so different.

So we suggest that you not look at this in a linear fashion. Instead, spend some of your time patting yourselves on the back for having gotten as far as you have and for having the ability to absorb the gamma waves of energy that you have just experienced. Be good to yourselves. Give yourselves the benefit of the doubt, whenever anything is coming up for you. Know that you can handle it and that you are handling it.

There is no finish line, and this is not a race. You absorb, you integrate, and you move on. And all the while, things on your world are improving, perhaps not all at once, perhaps not dramatically, perhaps not even noticeably. But the energies are having the effect that they were always meant to have, and you are inching your way, closer and closer to holding the fifth dimensional frequency that you were born to hold.

You have our support. You have the support of all of the archangels, all of the ascended masters, Yeshua, your guides, and many, many more. There is a tremendous amount of light surrounding each of you, and we ask you to let go, to bask in that light, and to acknowledge yourselves for having traversed these energies with grace. There are much better times to come, and you are on the precipice of so much more. Relax and breathe and let it all in.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Wave X – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

In the process of evolution that is continuous, there are points at which you all decide that you want to make a collective leap forward. And today marks one of those times on your calendar. You all have decided that this would be an excellent time for each of you to get your houses in order. This means that there will be a great dealing of purging, and cleansing, and clearing out of old programming that is not compatible with the shift to the fifth dimension.

The process itself does not have to be painful or difficult in order to be effective. The process of your evolution is automatic. The only question that remains for each of you is how you want to experience it. As the new energies come flooding in to your planet, are you willing to see and know that they are just another aspect of you? Are you willing to accept that they are here to serve you and to serve everyone else? Are you able to integrate these energies by being open to them?

The answer is yes! We ask that you not give your power away to these energies or to see them as larger than yourselves. They are going to work on you on a very deep level, and you will experience change in your personal lives. You will even see some changes on the global scale. But all of it will be according to your plan, according to the plan you laid out for yourselves.

So give in to this plan, and know that a great deal of thought went into creating it. Now would be an excellent time to loosen yourselves up, to give yourselves the experience of comfort, and to make yourselves receptive in all of the ways that you can imagine. You are more than capable of handling these energies, and we know this because we know that you were the ones who decided, as a collective, to call them forth.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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