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Exercise Your Free Will – The Founders

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“It is the absolute pinnacle of human experience to exercise your freedom of choice. That may not seem like it is all that significant, but think about how often you actually do it. And how often are you doing what you are supposed to do, doing what society expects you to do, or doing what you think you have to do in order to survive? How often are your actions completely habitual and how often do you actually take the time to consider what it is that is calling you in the moment?

Our suggestion to you is that you exercise your freedom of choice, all day, every day. Do it for at least one day. If you have a day off during the week or on the weekend, do not make any plans or appointments on that day. And decide moment by moment what you really want to do, and allow yourselves to do it, whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be something big or far-reaching. It does not have to be something you have dreamt of doing for your entire life.

We just wish to get all of you into a different habit. We wish to get you into the habit of checking in with yourselves and determining whether you are doing something just to get it done, or whether you are feeling called or inspired to take that action. We invite you to exercise your free will. And in so doing, we invite you to be more of who you are.

When you are doing something to satisfy another, or to satisfy your society as a whole, you are not being the individual that you set out to be in this incarnation. And you are not allowing yourselves to have the unique experience of that which you call God flowing through you as the unique experience you are. So exercise your free will, be who you are, and let the God that you are shine through you in all that you choose to do.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Vibration, Perspective, and Conclusions – The Founders

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“What brings you to a conclusion is not actually the sequence of events or the facts. What brings you to your conclusions is always the vibration that you are holding in the moment. Vibration is what determines perspective, and perspective always colors the way you interpret your reality.

And therefore the conclusions you make are determined by your vibration in the moment. This is the primary reason why different eyewitnesses have different accounts of an event. They all see the same event, and their perspectives are not only determined by who they are; their perspectives are colored by the vibration they bring to their witnessing of the event.

So it would stand to be true then that as you hold a different vibration you will see the circumstances and events in your own lives quite differently. You may even come to completely different conclusions about your lives by holding a different vibration and reexamining them.

So how do you go about doing this? How do you shift a vibration so that you can have a different experience of your life? The best way for you to experience a shift in your vibration is to let go of resistance. Now, the easiest way for you to do that is to allow yourselves to be resistant. Allow yourselves the pushing against moments. See how they feel. See what conclusions you come to.

And after you have tried them on for size, you will come to a neutral place. From the neutral place, you can choose whatever vibration you want to try on next. You may hold a vibration of joy, or love, or excitement. And as you turn back to look at the same exact circumstances of your lives, you will come to entirely different conclusions and you will live your lives from that moment on as the most powerful beings you can possibly be

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Plans for the Future – The Founders

sunset path the founders plans for your future daniel scranton

“Formulating a plan for your life will get you to a certain point. You will have the plan in place for as long as you have the desires. But desires change and shift, and you do not remain the same person that you were when you formulated the plan. And as you succeed along your way to the plan you have created, you find that with every success there is a new desire and a new plan.

And the plan that you originally formulated seems dull by comparison to that which you have now discovered. This is the way your life continues to beckon more from you. Because you see, it is never really about the plan. The carrot that you dangle at the end of the stick is a tool that you use to bring forth more of your energy. So we recommend that you not get too hung up on the plan itself and whether or not it ever comes to fruition.

If you allow yourselves to branch out and create new plans with every step you take, you will see that the original plan itself was only a tiny fraction of what you can be living in this lifetime. And as you continue to explore the ways in which this reality can stimulate you, you will see that there’s never an end to what you can dream because there’s never an end to who you are and to what you can become.

We celebrate you and your plans. And yet we know that you are not a success or a failure because the plan is realized or not. You are a success as soon as you allow yourselves to dream.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Your Relationship to Your Reality – The Founders

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“What your frequency tells you is not about how good you are or how spiritually evolved you are. What your frequency tells you is about your relationship to your reality. Now, we also want to point out that your reality is more than just a reflection of you. Your reality is you. And your relationship to your reality IS your relationship to yourself. They are one and the same.

We understand why you hold resistance and judgment, and we do not expect you to hear what we are saying and suddenly decide that you will embrace everything that is before you. But we do encourage you to feel your relationship to your reality and to know that you are continuing have the same experiences over and over because you are continuing to relate to your reality in the same way.

Now, one way for you to begin to shift your relationship with your reality is to find the pieces of your reality that are in harmony with who and what you are. Once you find those pieces, you will get a handle on your frequency. You will have an easier time maintaining a higher frequency when you encounter those aspects of your reality that are not so pleasing to you and that you do not feel in harmony with.

We ask that you open yourselves to the possibility that your reality will shift as your relationship to it does. And as you make your relationship with yourself more important than anything, you will also find that the reality that you experience becomes much more palatable and invites a higher frequency to live within you.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Prophecies and Predictions – The Founders

frog praying zen spiritual quote predictions prophecies daniel scranton channeled
Prophecies often do not come true. And when they do not, you may question the giver of the prophecy’s abilities. You may wonder why that person got it wrong. We ask that you recognize that a prophecy is not something to be taken lightly and is also not to be seen as unalterable.

Whether you like the prophecy or not, you must recognize that your hearing the prophecy is a creation on your part. And if you have been made aware of a particular prophecy or prediction, then there is a reason why you have done so. The reason is not just to frighten or encourage you. The reason is that you wanted to make yourself aware of that probability.

Now, whether you continue on a path that then takes you to the prophesized outcome depends upon you and your desire. You may decide that the prophecy is giving you an opportunity to make some changes, and in that case it may serve you very well.

You may also come to accept that some unwanted future is what you are moving towards, and you may experience all of the emotions that you need to experience to come to peace with that possible future. And in so doing, you may negate any need that you had to experience it fully.

Whenever you come across a prophecy or a prediction, ask yourselves whether you give the one making the declaration more power over your life than you have given yourselves. When you like what the predictor of the future has told you then you may wish to relax and enjoy the ride a little more, rather than thinking that you need to make that future happen.

And so you see, no matter what you are told of your future, you can make it work for you.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Spiritual Practices – The Founders

man driving car spiritual practice quote the founders channeled by daniel scranton

“In your quest to enlighten yourselves, you often seek a spiritual practice. You often look for things you can do to keep yourselves on track. You want to be spiritual people, and you want to do what is necessary to bring you to higher levels of consciousness. And we admire your efforts.

And some of you place a greater value on certain practices and actions over others. And we want to remind you that it is not what you do that matters or that makes something spiritual. It is about what you bring to it.

So you may say that you don’t have time for meditation, yoga, or acts of service. And that is just fine, because you can have a spiritual experience while washing your dishes, driving your car, or taking a shower. Just because no one has told you that these are spiritual practices does not mean that you cannot turn them into spiritual practices.

Every step you take and every breath you breathe offers you an opportunity to engage in a spiritual practice. Now, you can bring more to the mundane by simply being present with what you are doing. If you are mowing your lawn and you are noticing the beautiful smell of the cut grass, you are having a spiritual experience. If you are eating your dinner and savoring every bite, you are having a spiritual experience.

They do not have to be long and they do not need to take place in any particular environment. It is your life. It is your journey. So why not invent some of your own spiritual practices instead of doing something because it worked for someone else and got the label of ‘spiritual’ placed on it.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

You are God – The Founders

grand canyon quote the founders you are god daniel scranton

“As often as you like, you may experience that which you call God. Most of you do not think that it is possible to be on the same frequency as God, or Source, or All That Is. And we want to assure you that God is much closer than you realize. How often do you seek to feel God within you, and how often do you put yourselves beneath God and see yourselves as lower, less-than, and unworthy?

When we tell you that you are God, what does that mean to you? You do not need to elevate yourselves to meet God. All you have to do is remove the blinders that have you believe that you are somehow less than Whole, Complete, and Godly as you are.

In your quest to experience yourselves as humans, you knew that you would abandon the sense of self that you had. You knew that you would experience yourselves as something less than God. And hasn’t that been a fun ride for all of you? How fun is it for God to trick Itself into believing that It is something other than the Supreme Being that It is?

When you wish to experience yourselves as God in the flesh, put all of your focus on the vibration of that which you consider to be holy, sacred, and infinite. If you could see your bodies in that way, you would be willing to accept that you could have the experience of being God in the flesh, here and now, in this Kingdom of Heaven that you call Earth.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Excitement and Inspiration – The Founders

inspiration excitment quote channeled the founders daniel scranton

“What most excites you in your life, or even in your world, is there because you allowed yourself to be in the presence of that which excites you. You are not just discovering what excites you. You are also becoming the person that gets excited. That is as important as anything that you would do about that excitement.

It will benefit all of you to feel, and what you do once you find the feeling is much less significant than you all think. You all think that the reason you want to get the inspiration, and the impulse, and the excitement, is so that you can do something, so that you can accomplish something, so that you can be the person who does the thing that you want to do.

And we say to you that everything that stimulates that excitement within you is placed in front of you by you because you want to have the experience of the excitement and the inspiration. Some of you think that what is important in your life is what you leave behind. You want to have a legacy. You want to make an impact. And these are wonderful desires for all of you. We will not talk you out of any of them.

But if you can imagine for a moment sitting in a room and getting an inspiration, and getting excited about what you will do now that you have that inspired idea, can’t you see how that moment is the most delicious moment? Let us say that your inspiration were to build a very tall building with a unique architecture. Now imagine the completion of that building, and you are standing on the ground floor, looking up at your creation.

Now compare that moment to the moment of inspiration that you felt just sitting in a room. No building. No blueprints. Nothing at all to hang your hat on. Which is the moment that you prefer? Perhaps some of you will find that the completion of the building is the more desired moment. And that is fine. We will not argue with you.

But we will say to you that most of you underestimate the value of the moment you feel the excitement for the project or the idea and you think that, ‘If it never comes to fruition, then it was a waste of time.’ And we say to you, ‘Not from our perspective.’

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Your Next Flight – The Founders


“And what is freedom? What does it mean to be truly free? Have you ever sensed the freedom of the bird in flight? There is all that sky and there seem to be no boundaries whatsoever on the bird.

But what about when it rains and snows, and what about when there’s lightning and hail? What does the bird do then? Have you ever considered that your freedom may not feel so absolute to you, but that you are also just waiting out the storm?

That is how we recommend that you look at your freedom when it seems to be called into question and when you seem to be less free. If you insist on knowing your freedom even when the stormy weather very strongly suggests that you sit this one out, you will make things harder on yourself.

So take conditions into consideration and know that all storms are temporary. You may feel that your sense of freedom has been on hold a little too long, but it all depends upon your perspective. The one who sits and watches every drop of rain feels less free than the one who takes that time out of the sky to become more of who they are.

You want to bring more of who you are to your next flight, and that may mean feeling less than free to do whatever you want but still knowing your freedom. Because if you can feel it, you can be it, and if you can be it, you can have it. Patience is all.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

The Experience of Love – The Founders

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“By leaving yourselves room for error, you create space for perfection. You are works of art, and you were created from a desire to experience Love in all of Its many forms. Within the creative process, there was left the possibility for something other than Love.

And you know from your experience on this earth that many have known something other than Love. That is how you perfect the experience of Love, you see. You do not perfect the experience of Love by only allowing for the most perfect expression of Love to exist. You allow all expressions of Love to exist as they are, and you give yourselves the opportunity to experience them all.

Once you have the experience of hate, you know Love more completely. But someone who just observes a person in a moment of hate would likely reach a conclusion about that person. There would probably be a judgment, and the person who was experiencing the hate would certainly not be seen as Love incarnate having an experience of Itself.

That is why you all need to experience it for yourselves. That is why it is necessary to miss the mark, to be less than a perfect expression of Love. And when you grant yourselves permission to be that which you are, you also find yourselves in a place of perfection.

That is your journey and your destination. It is why there must be everything that is, just as it is. So let go of any need that you have to experience yourselves as the perfection of Love. And instead, play in the room for error.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Exceeding Expectations – The Founders

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“Exceeding your expectations. That is what we predict for all of you. We have already seen the ways in which you have exceeded our expectations, and now it is your turn to exceed your own.

You have entire lifetimes under your belts that have fallen short of anyone’s expectations. This is not a knock on any of you. This is purely an observation. But now you have the opportunity to exceed all expectations.

And how exactly do you do that? You do it by giving more of yourselves. You do it by acting even when you don’t think your actions will benefit you in any way. You do it by taking a stand, taking a stand for what you believe in.

You are so pure in your intentions, and yet, most of you have yet to see much of what you have heard prophesized about the shift, the ascension, and the fifth dimensional plane of existence. And we are telling you that now is the time for each of you to exceed your own expectations.

Put away your thoughts of living a normal life. Put away your ideas that this lifetime is like all the rest. And open yourselves to infinite possibilities, for you are infinite and your lives are all about possibilities.

Whatever you have been waiting for, whatever you have been waiting to become, now is the time. Now is the time to exceed your own expectations and to become that which you have always been but have yet experience. You are gods incarnate, living on the ultimate playground of the physical plane.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Your Approach to Life by The Founders

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“Your approach to anything determines its outcome for you. You are the x factor, not the circumstances, not what you do with your physical actions, not what others are doing in the world around you. It is always you who determines whether something you are engaged in is a success, by your definitions, or not.

If you look around at the various activities that you engage in and you see that they all have the same vibration, you then recognize that you are the one who is bringing that vibration to what you are doing. And you are the one who can change your attitude and who can adjust your frequency so that you bring something new to what you are doing, even if it is something you have done hundreds or thousands of times before.

It is possible for you to get a completely different outcome by simply changing your approach. Now, this applies to what you do and it also applies to every relationship that you have. You do not need to change anyone else. You do not need to change your definition of the relationship that you are in. You can change the way you vibrate within any relationship, even relationships to entities like your government, or a big, bad corporation or religion.

The world around you is not going to change because of petitions or laws. It is not going to change because of documentaries. The world as you experience it is only going to change as much as you are willing to change your approach to it. Your world is as you are, plain and simple. Adjusting your attitude, your approach, and your vibration is as easy as deciding that you are going to do it and putting the attention back on yourself.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Interests & Being Interesting – The Founders

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“Interesting. It is why you incarnated, because life on planet earth looked interesting to you. Whether or not it continues to be interesting to you is largely dependent upon whether or not you seek out that which interests you now. What you do in life must be interesting in order for it to pull more lifeforce through you.

When you do what you do because you believe you are supposed to, or because you believe it is a means to an end, you disallow that lifeforce from flowing through you. If you are at a place in your life where you find that nothing or very little about your life is interesting to you, then we suggest that you get interested in yourselves.

Look within yourselves, not for answers, but for experiences. Look for new ways of experiencing yourselves. If you do not find yourself to be very interesting, then change who you are being in order to become more interesting. Make something up about yourself and then make that thing true.

Life is supposed to be interesting. You are interesting to us. We believe that there is much more to you. But we are easily fascinated by even the most mundane human characteristic or task. So if you are not, then give us a chance to show you how interesting you can be by taking on our perspective.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Introduction – The Founders

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“We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame. We are your ancestors in a very real sense, and you are our progeny. So our journeys are intertwined for all of eternity. We cannot be separated from you, nor you from us.

But there is a way to limit the amount of influence that you have over us and that we have over you. You can deny our existence. You can pretend that you are alone and that you have no help, no support. You will not be served by that denial, but it is a choice.

Definition often contains within it a particular frequency. Our definition of who we are as the keepers of the flame is meant to trigger something within you. It is meant to bring you back to the knowing of yourselves as eternal, and it is meant to rekindle the fire that was your birth into existence.

We were there at your birth, and we are quite proud of you. Given this connection that we have, we are eager to reconnect with all of you consciously. We want all of you to feel us, to know us as that part of you that is infinite, that is eternal, and that is powerful.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Sadness – The Creators

cat sleeping with woman spiritual quote daniel scranton

“Sadness is an emotion that you do not hear that much about. It is one of those emotions that tends to be swept under the rug or ignored. You have more people talking about fear and anger than you do about sadness. Perhaps that is because you all feel like your sadness is a very personal experience, that it is not something to be shared or talked about. Perhaps you do not see the beauty in your sadness, and perhaps it is time that you do.

You all experience sadness and you all see it as something that you just get through. When someone that you love dies, you go through what you call your mourning period, and it is a solitary experience for most of you. Most of you are not gathering in groups to feel your sadness together, although certainly that is the intention of the funeral.

We are here to grant you permission to explore sadness further, to give yourselves the opportunity to be with yourselves through your own sadness. And we encourage you to talk about it and find others who want to express their sadness. Sadness does not need to lead to something. You do not have to go from sadness to something else in order to break yourselves free of it.

You may find that it is easy to love a person who is experiencing and expressing sadness. And that is part of the beauty of it. Sadness elicits compassion and love. You are often held by another when you are experiencing your sadness and you reach out to another for their sympathy and their compassion. And so you can see how sadness can actually bring people together if you allow yourselves to feel it, to express it, and to communicate it to those around you. And that is what we invite you to do.”

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