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Underlying Causes – Archangel Michael

“In the event that you discover what is the underlying cause of your particular challenge, you can reduce the amount of resistance that you have to it. By seeking the depths of the underlying cause or reason for why you are experiencing something, you deconstruct it in the best possible way.

Now, the way you go about this is by asking for you guides to tell you why it is you are experiencing something in the challenging way that you are. And then wait. And whatever it is that you get, then all you need to do is trust it. It will either resonate with you or it will not. But assuming now that the answer you receive does resonate, you can then see your challenge from a new perspective.

You can see how it serves you. You can see how going through your particular challenge will lead you to greener pastures. And just knowing that something serves a purpose will enable you to be at peace with it, to drop your resistance to it, and to love yourself through it.

So pick a challenge that you are facing at this time. Ask your guides why you are facing that particular challenge. Listen. Ask yourself whether it resonates. If it does, trust it. And then do your best to see how that reason is one that serves you. And then feel the difference within you when you consider your challenge.

We want you to feel empowered by that which is in your life. It serves you very well to do so. You see, it is never really about the challenge. It is always about the becoming of who you really are. And you can only do that with awareness. So the seeker seeks awareness more than anything else.

And as you are able to find the gift in what it is you are facing, you can then give that gift to others. Your awareness will have a ripple effect, assisting others in finding the service in their challenges. And when you serve another, you serve yourself. And the cycle turns into a cyclone, lifting you up and elevating you up above the challenge itself.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Unlocking Your Abilities – Archangel Michael

“The inner workings of the human being are quite complex. You are intricate beings. So much so that your scientists have only begun to understand how it is that you truly interact with your world. Your brains are mostly a mystery. What makes you all tick and what makes your hearts beat has less to do with physiology and more to do with spirit, and with will, with consciousness, and with intention.

So given your complex and intricate nature, you must be capable of much more than you have ever imagined. Everything that you need is already inside of you. That is why it is very puzzling to those of us who watch over you when we see you place so much emphasis on technology getting you to where you want to go.

By unlocking the abilities within you, you are able to access vast amounts of power and creativity. All that you are and all that you seek pales in comparison to the ability that you have to love. Love is not complicated, intricate, or complex. And it just so happens to be the fuel for all of these abilities you are unlocking and uncovering.

What is it that allows the 98-pound woman to lift the car when her son or daughter is trapped underneath? What is it that gives you the energy to continue on with what you are passionate for when you haven’t slept or eaten in 18 hours? What is it that gives you the ability to heal? It is always love. Love is the fuel and love is what propels you into higher frequencies.

Love is what unlocks your abilities, giving you more of who you really are and allowing you to play on a much bigger scale. And when you decide that Love is what you are all about, you step into a potential that will take you into the fifth dimension.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

To Give – Archangel Michael

“To give and release all expectation for gratitude or reciprocation is one of the many ways you have of knowing yourselves as Source Energy. Giving places value upon not only that which is given, but also upon the person who receives. When you give the gift, you give another a sense that they are worthy, that they matter, and that they are loved.

Truly, there is no greater way of knowing yourselves as abundant than to give something that you have that feels valuable to you. Make no mistake about it – the real gift that you have to give is that of your true essence. But sometimes you have the opportunity to give something physical, something that another could use. And that is wonderful as well.

By letting another give to you, you also give a gift. You give the gift of receiving and allowing the other to feel their benevolence and abundance. You often come to a place in your lives where you have more than enough, and you are presented with the opportunity to either cling to what you have or to give some of it away. We are not telling you that you must give. Because if you are not feeling abundant, then giving what you have only amplifies that feeling.

So many of you are witnessing a shift in the way that you exchange energy on your world. You want to be a part of that shift. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to give without expectation of receiving anything in return. That is much more effective than any demonstration you could partake in that is designed to point out the corruption or greed that is prevalent on your world. Be the change. Show others that there is another way.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Fresh Perspectives – Archangel Michael

“Something always brings you a deeper understanding of that which was once before just a concept to you. Something will happen in your lives to give you a more personal perspective, and a more personal experience of that which seemed foreign and like it had nothing to do with you. This is the process of becoming.

It is in the living of your lives that you do all of your spiritual work. You have spiritual practices and you have experiences that you take from those practices. And these are the things you tell your friends about. These are the things you believe are furthering your evolution. But nothing furthers your evolution like experience, especially experience that causes you to come face-to-face with a judgment.

When you can see yourselves as no different and no better than anyone else, you gather up a piece of yourselves and bring it home. When you have one of these experiences we are talking about, you get to see it from a fresh perspective. You get to see how it is possible for anyone to do something, or to believe something, or to say something.

And when you have that perspective, you can release your judgment, you can let go of blame and criticism. You can see everything for what it is. It is all a choice for an experience. And you are all making the choice. When you let go of the idea of good and bad and right and wrong. When you allow everyone to choose their experience, then you will know that you have become more of who you are.

You will become unconditional in your love and unconditional in your acceptance. You will find it much easier to maintain your frequency no matter what is happening around you, because you will see no need and no value in condemnation. You will see no need to make any experience less than any other. And when come to that point, you can create any experience you desire.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Holes and Whole – Archangel Michael

“Ultimately you cannot make enough of a sacrifice in order to compensate for something that you feel is lacking. You cannot give enough of yourself to fill a hole as long as you are perceiving there to be a hole that needs filling. There is only that which brings you joy and that which spreads joy to others.

Now if it brings you joy to fill the holes that you perceive, then go right ahead, for you will never find a shortage of those holes to fill. But when you attempt to give more of yourself because you want to fix and because you do not appreciate how you feel when you are looking at one of these perceived holes, you will become a hole yourself.

So much better for all of you just to take the emotional hit, feel it out, and release the need to make any situation go away or to change it. cx And you can do this without ignoring or denying that which is and that which looks as though it should be different, it should be better, or it should go away.

You can allow both to coexist within the realm of all things, and you can see those who are choosing a different path than your own as exploring another aspect of All That Is. But you do not need to pity anyone, nor do you need to save them. Each of you has your journey.

And while you can help others by sharing that which you have and by spreading some of your joy around, you cannot give that which you are in the hopes of compensating for something that you see lacking in a circumstance or an individual. Your job is to be the whole you and to inspire others to do the same.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Waiting and Living – Archangel Michael

“Waiting for your ship to come in will leave you in a perpetual state of waiting. That which is on its way to you is on its way to you whether you call for it, beg for it, or wait for it. But when you spend your time waiting and wondering and wishing for something to come, for change, for a new life, you’re not enjoying the life that you are living.

And it is that enjoyment that you seek. That is what you believe exists on the ship and in the goodies that it carries. So how can you enjoy your life as it is, ship or no ship? We recommend giving yourselves that which you seek, that which you believe can only come to you from an outside source.

If you are waiting for a lover, then love yourself. If you are waiting for the perfect job opportunity, then create that which you wish to do. If you are waiting for the perfect bodily vehicle, then look upon your body through new eyes and see it as perfect just as it is. No one can give you that which you deny yourself.

Be willing to look foolish as you live a life of joy in circumstances that defy that feeling. You are all capable of living the lives you want to live right now. You just have to stop waiting and start living. And when you do, you will find that the ship was there all along and that all it took for you to see it was to change your perspective.

We are speaking literally here, and we want you to know that. We are not giving you a trick to fool the ship into arriving. We are asking you to see it and know that it exists within you.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Other Yous – Archangel Michael

“When you encounter another being on your world, you are interacting with another aspect of who you are. You are multifaceted, multidimensional, and existing in all time and place at once. So of course there’s more to the story of you than just this lifetime and the history that you can recall from it. So when you encounter someone and you think that they are nothing like you, just remember that you know only a tiny fragment of that which you are, have been, and will be.

All of these other aspects of who you are come to you because there is something about them that contains something about you that you need to be more of your whole self. You may wish to ask yourself, ‘What is this person representing within me and how can I love that part of me that they represent? How can I see this person through the eyes of Source and welcome them home? How can I be more of who I am because I am now aware of this aspect of who I am?’

If you see every person as an opportunity to explore more of who you are, you may suddenly find everyone to be a bit more interesting. Instead of analyzing your friends and family members and coming up with your psychological theories about why they are how they are, recognize that in the bigger picture, they are you coming home to be acknowledged and loved, to be integrated, to be forgiven.

And once you do get exactly what you need from that individual, then you can choose, from a neutral position, whether you want to continue to explore more of who they are, or whether you are ready for the next piece. Realize that this is not an analogy or a metaphor. These are real aspects of who you are, and they are Love, and they are Source. And you are all here in service to one another.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Crooked Path – Archangel Michael

“As you recognize that you are free to decide which path you will take, you understand that there is no wrong way for you to proceed, because if there was you would not be allowed to choose. You would only be able to take the one true path.

So the path that is right for you today may not be right for you tomorrow. And this can be unsettling for many of you, because you want to stay on the path of righteousness, on the path of truth. You want to be on the path that leads you to everything that you want.

And that is why many of you find it challenging to even be on planet earth. There are so many forces pulling you in so many different directions. And then there are your parents’ beliefs, and then there is what the government wants from you. And then you have friends who want you to be like them. And all of it distorts your view on life, and you become bewildered by the choices.

So our recommendation to you is to choose moment by moment, step by step. See the most interesting path as the one that is the most crooked, the least logical, the most circuitous. Those are the paths of adventure. Those are the paths of the seeker.

And through endless changes in your preferences, in your beliefs, and in your behaviors, you know yourselves more as God than a person walking the straight and narrow, for God is all things, all experiences, all paths. If you want to create the perfect path for yourself, then take as many detours as you possibly can. Because one thing is certain: you cannot go back. You cannot regress. You cannot undo the expansion that has occurred with every step.

Allow your path to be your own. Ask no one else to follow you, and know that the less people you see on your path, the more you can be assured that it is yours. Enjoy your journey. Seek not to get it right. Be willing to be wrong, to make mistakes, to lose your way. That is truly how you find yourself.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Acknowledge Yourselves – Archangel Michael

“If we were to give you one piece of advice to live by and to apply to everything that you are living, we would tell you to give yourselves more credit. If you were to give yourselves more acknowledgement, more praise, more love, you would see instant results in your live. Not only would you enjoy your lives more, and not only would you feel better all that time, but that which is the reflection of your world would immediately show you how much it has to give.

Giving yourselves the credit that you deserve does not mean that you have to tally up all of your accomplishments and praise each one. It means that you acknowledge the light that is you. The light that is you does not need to accomplish or achieve anything. The light that is you simply is. You are all gifts unto this world. Your gifts are not your talents. Your gifts are your being-ness. Your mere existence is a gift.

So many of you want to do something with your lives. You want to find your calling and your purpose, and you want to take the necessary action steps to get to where you want to go. You want the world to acknowledge your light before you do. But what we recommend is that you look within yourselves for the light that you are, and without changing a thing, you give yourselves that acknowledgement and that credit and that love for simply existing as you are.

And then by all means be the light that you are, shine the light that you are, extend the light that you are out as far as you can. Stop looking for your purpose. Look for the light that you are. Become your biggest fan. Be willing to let yourselves off the hook. Be willing to measure your success by how much you are acknowledging yourselves in the here and now for the unique expression of Source that you are, and for no other reason than that.

And everything that you do and say and are will follow from that acknowledgement. And you will shine. And others will notice. And you will show them how to find and acknowledge their own.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Flowering of Source – Archangel Michael

“The creation that you are is a flowering of Source. You are not just created by Source. You are Source, and you are reaching out from that which is Source. You and Source are becoming together. You are stretching Source beyond where It has been before.

We appreciate that which you are doing, and we know that Source does as well. One of the ways in which you can acknowledge yourselves for the gift that you are and the gifts that you give is by doing something you have never done before. By taking an action, you operate as Source and you give Source a new experience of Itself.

So if you are not feeling your Divinity, and if you are having a hard time even acknowledging that your Divinity exists, then simply do something you have never done before. And feel the way you come to that activity as more than what you knew yourself as. Feel the blossoming of the flower that you are.

What you do is never as important as what you bring to what you do. So do not agonize over what you should do, because that will stall you every time. And you will deny yourself and Source what you came here to do and experience. You came here to have a physical experience as Source. So begin to see every action you take as an opportunity to know yourselves as Source and to give Source more of what It came here for.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

No Absolutes – Archangel Michael

“There are no absolutes. There is no absolute regarding life and how you live it. Everything is changing all the time, so how could you ever pin something down and attribute an absolute to it? You are changing. Your environment is changing. Everything around you is changing.

So what was true yesterday may not be true today, and you must accept that. You must be willing to throw away that which you have known and clung to. You must be willing to live in the now completely.

And we tell you this because we want you to know how powerful you are, and we also want you to enjoy the journey that you are on. And the longer you try to find the one truth, the longer you will stay in that reality. Letting go means not only giving up attachments to people, circumstances, and things. It also means letting go of teachings, even those that were given to you as laws.

You get to determine what reality you live in, and you get to shape that reality. You get to choose your perspective on that reality. But for so long, you all have been operating under the assumption that there is one reality. And if there is only one reality, then there must be truths that you could discover, and live by, and tell others about.

But we tell you it is not that way. If it were, you would all get bored very fast. So create something that pleases you and live there. And recognize that even that reality is only temporary, and you can change the rules and make up new ones as you go. You absolutely can, and do, and will continue to do so.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

No Wrong Way – Archangel Michael

“Ultimately, there is nothing that you can do wrong. There is no such thing as sin. There is not even the tiniest mistake that can be made. We are speaking now of the ideas that you have on your world of right and wrong. These are not absolutes. They are not determined by anything outside of you.

There is no right way to do something. There is no wrong answer. There is only that which serves you and that which does not. When we talk about serving you and not serving you, we are speaking now about the intentions that you hold. If you hold the intention of putting out a fire, then throwing gasoline on it does not serve you. Throwing water on it does.

So let us say that you come across a fire, and you want to put it out. And you do not know the difference between water and gasoline and their effects on fire. Let us say you throw the gasoline onto the fire, and let us say that you survive the experience. Now your intention to put out the fire is even stronger, and now the water is even more appreciated and the experience is more satisfying.

But you could have also thrown dirt on the fire or smothered it in some other way. And that is not a more right way to go about it. In fact, if you do not give yourself the experience of throwing the gasoline on the fire, then you are not having as much of a diverse experience as you could.

So if that is the underlying intention that you have before incarnating, then certainly it would not serve you to throw the water or the dirt onto the fire first. Diversity of experience is a wonderful thing. It is highly recommended. It is sought after and appreciated, and it always serves you.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Feel Your Divinity – Archangel Michael

“There will be no test administered. There is no standard that has been set. You are all making up the rules as you go. So there is no need for any of you to worry about whether you are hitting all the right marks. The idea that you are being judged, or measured against some standard, has in some ways been carried over to the spiritual and new age realm from religions.

We do not want to take any shots here at religion. It serves many people. But the one aspect of religion that keeps individuals separate and lower than God is this idea that there are rules set by God and standards that must be met. And we want all of you to leave that behind. We want all of you to acknowledge yourselves as that which you call God and to recognize that this is somewhat of a game you are playing with yourselves.

So when you look at yourself during meditation and decide that you are not doing a very good job, just relax and laugh. That is not what meditation is about. It is not about achieving perfection, nor is yoga, nor is any spiritual practice. They are about enjoying your connection and knowing of self as Divine. And if you are using them as such, then you get an A+ in our book.

Any thoughts of not living up to a standard can easily be released by you now that you are aware that you sometimes do this. And now that you know that, the only thing worth doing at this point is all that encourages you to feel your connection and the spark of Divinity within you. This is not a pass/fail examination. Enjoy the moments that have. Enjoy the feelings as they come, and experience all that you are, however brief those moments are, however rarely they come. Be pleased with every glimpse.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Joy That You Are – The Unicorn Collective

“Celebrating every moment of every day is not even enough to give you all the joy that you are. It is not possible for us to quantify it for you or to express it in words, but we will try anyway. We are joyous beings. We play, and we frolic, and we laugh, and we sing. We have parties that seem to have no end. And that is not even close to describing the joy that you are.

Whenever you feel joy coursing through your veins, that is a time when you catch a glimpse. That is a time when you have some idea of who you really are. And when you do that which brings you joy, you are more of who you are. You literally bring more of yourself to the party. That is all that Source would ever ask from you. Be yourselves. Do what brings you joy.

Seems easy enough, doesn’t it? But joy is not just a feeling. It is not just an emotion. It is an expression of who you are. It is the truest expression of that which you are. You experience joy less frequently than most beings, and that was part of your desire for this incarnation. So it is not a knock on any of you when we say that. But another part of this incarnation is discovering the joy that you are and applying it to everything that you do.

Expressing yourselves as joy will be all that will ever really satisfy you. It is not enough just to understand what we are saying as a concept. We want all of you to understand that feeling joy is as easy as summoning more of yourselves. And summoning more of yourselves is easier to do when you are engaged in something that brings you joy. So another part of what you are doing here is discovering and deciding what brings you joy so that you can put your attention there, so that you can choose joy.

Choose life. Choose yourselves. And be an example to others, because they are mostly still under the impression that they are not joy. And so the wayshowers will be the joyous ones. They will be leading by example. And you can be at the front of that parade, as long as you decide that you are here to be who you are and to express that joy in as many ways as humanly possible.

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

Your Future – Archangel Michael

“In case you were wondering, there is nothing for you to worry about. In case you were having some doubts about the future, your future, and the future of the world, you can set your mind at ease. You can rest assured that everything is being taken care of. You can let go of any need to control or know about your future. We invite you to see that which lies ahead of you as you do Christmas morning.

When you wake up on Christmas morning, you understand that there are gifts that you will enjoy, but you do not know what those gifts are. Everything that you desire, and everything that ultimately serves your greatest and highest good, is being wrapped up in a pretty package with a bow.

Now you may have to wait till Christmas morning, but you can rest assured that the gifts are there, your requests have been received, and all is going according to plan. Have you ever noticed that the best things in life come when you don’t expect them, when you haven’t lifted a finger, or tried to make any of it happen? And if you haven’t noticed, then we suggest that you take an inventory and demonstrate to yourselves that what we are saying is true.

The more you recognize how wonderfully and easily everything is unfolding for you, the less worry and doubt you carry and the more you enjoy the gifts. But if you worry about whether or not the gifts are coming, all you do is trade your eager anticipation for fear.

We are not giving you this message because there is something wrong with worry and doubt. They are completely valid experiences for all of you. We are giving you this message so that you know you have a choice. The doubt, the worry and the fear will always be there too. But from this point forward we offer you the option of knowing, and we suggest you give it a try.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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