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Raising Your Vibration ∞Archangel Gabriel

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“By listening to your own words, you can discover what vibration you are holding. Every action that you take is also a clue. Every emotion that you feel gives you an indication of your current vibration. And of course, the thoughts that you think resonate with your vibrational offering. The vibration that you offer is like the magic wand. When you wave the magic wand, everything in its path changes.

So how do you change your vibration? How do you wave the magic wand so that everything you experience becomes of that vibration? You can start by surrounding yourselves with that which is of a high vibration.

Putting yourselves in nature is the easiest way. Listening to music that resonates the vibration you want to hold is another very easy method. Wearing clothes that feel good on your body, spending time with your pets, taking a bubble bath – there are a myriad of ways that you can easily affect your vibration.

And once you find yourselves in a place where you feel that you have a firm grip on the magic wand, let yourselves feel the vibration that you want to offer. Let the vibration run up and down your chakras. Become the vibration that you want to see reflected back to you, that you want to feel in your emotions, that you want to speak, think, and act.

The easiest way for you to adjust your vibration is to pay attention to the vibration you’re offering and to simply intend that you raise your frequency. It is that simple.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Go Big ∞Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

Before you take a step forward in your life, you often think about where you might go, where that step might ultimately lead you. There comes a moment where you must decide, one way or the other, one direction or the other. And that decision point becomes more important and more significant with every choice that you make.

You are at the high stakes tables now. There is no more playing small for any of you, because your life simply will not allow it. Now we give you this information not so that you will put more pressure on yourselves when making decisions about your lives. We tell you this because we want to encourage you to reorganize your priorities if you have not done so already.

So here’s what looking small would be in this current day and age. You would give in to mediocrity. You would settle. You would play it safe in every aspect of your life. Going big, by comparison, means that you are following your feelings. You are never weighing pros and cons, and you are always looking at the biggest possible picture.

The biggest possible picture is always your evolution, because you are here to become more of who you are. And any decision you make that supports the becoming of more of who you are will lead you in a direction that is far more satisfying.

Your lives are getting bigger all the time. You are expanding your awareness of who and what you are. You are making connections with other beings, physical and non-physical, from other dimensions.

You cannot fit into the box that society has laid out for you anymore. We sense that more and more of you are breaking free from those boxes, and we want you to know that you have our support any time you make a decision that will result in the becoming of more of who you are.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Existence in the Fifth Dimension – Archangel Michael

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“As you be, there will be another to reflect. And you will give the essence of who you are. That will be the way that you exist in the fifth dimension. You will not be able to hide anything from anyone. You will not be able to say one thing while meaning another. There will be no more delaying the essence of what you are offering from impacting you directly.

You are fortunate enough to have the training that you have in the fourth dimension. You are given several opportunities to shift your frequency before it comes back to you in the physical. There will be no such room for recalibration in 5D. But you will also have the ability to clean up your mess with more ease and less trauma.

You will deliver the essence of who you are in every moment to your fellow Earth inhabitants. That will be felt by each of them, and you will exude the essence of who you are without needing anyone else’s approval. You will all experience each other as equals and as co-creators. There will be plenty of room for growth, even within a system where nothing can be hidden.

As you let go more and more of any need to create perfection, and instead, you experience reality with curiosity and a sense of exploration, there will be a domino effect. And you will not even seek to make a course correction, because you will want to see the results of what you are offering firsthand, for experience and for fun. You may wish to take this approach to your lives right now, right where you are.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Comfort and Discomfort ∞Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

Comfort is something that most of you seek in your lives. We are not just talking about physical comfort here. There are many ways for you to experience comfort, and there are many ways for you to experience discomfort.

You can experience either end of the spectrum physically, emotionally, energetically, and even with your thoughts. You are not ever supposed to experience just one end of any spectrum. That would not only give you a diminished experience of life, but it would also deny you that which a little discomfort can bring.

As soon as you are in any sort of discomfort, you have the opportunity to soothe yourself, and you offer others the opportunity to soothe you, to offer aid and assistance. Being in a state of comfort is naturally enjoyable. But what you find is that eventually you feel bored, you have less energy moving through you because there is nothing to summon it.

What we are attempting to sell you on here is that discomfort can be a great service to you, that it is not to be eliminated right away. As you learn to look within the discomfort for the opportunity for expansion and growth, you can see its value. And when you see the value in something, it automatically begins to serve you.

The way you respond to your discomfort determines whether or not you will benefit from it. We ask that you give yourselves the pure experience of discomfort while holding curiosity in your consciousness about how it could serve you, about how you can work with it, and about how it can help to bring you to a higher level.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

2016 ∞Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

It will become clearer and clearer to you what your next steps will be as you make your way to the end of 2015. You may have experienced this calendar year as particularly challenging, and also as filled with opportunity.

Once you begin your next calendar year, there will be a download that occurs. And this download will help each of you sort out the codes that you have been receiving, and everything that has been shaken up will fall into place.

You often believe that it is up to you to make it all happen, to figure it all out, and to do the necessary work to spur on your evolution. But so much is being done on your behalf to give you the opportunity to then create the experiences you want to create. But you do not have to do it all, and you certainly do not need to know it all in order to proceed with joy into 2016.

It will be a pivotal year in the evolution of your collective consciousness, and each of you as the moving parts in that collective consciousness, will be receiving more of what you need. We ask that you accept the grace that is being offered to you, and if you need to tell yourselves that you’ve earned it in some way, well then go right ahead.

It was always yours for the taking, however. And soon you will be ready to receive it, as you let go of control and as you seek out peace within yourselves. As you recognize that you are the experiencer of The Shift, that is when you will be able to fully embody your roles as Creator Beings in the fifth dimension.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

A Cosmic Joke – Archangel Michael


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“By taking yourselves too seriously, you limit the amount of joy that is available to you. By letting yourselves see all of this as a fun adventure, you will notice that there is so much less to be serious about. As you observe your life, the lives of those around you, and the world at large, look for the humor in what is happening.

See the absurdity as a cause for laughter. Make fun of what is happening. Your spirituality does not have to be a place where only serious thoughts and discussions are allowed. You have been taught to believe that things of a Divine nature are to be revered, but that was always just a tactic to keep you in your place.

As you recognize yourself as a Divine Creation, and you see how playfully and carefully you have selected the details of your life, you can see the humor in it. Certainly a god who cannot pay the rent is a cosmic joke. As you take on that perspective of lightness and humor, you see the various situations in your life, in your world, and in the lives of those around you as not so serious at all.

You see it all for what it is – it is a game that you are playing. And as real as it seems, it is still meant to be fun. And the ones who are having the most fun are the ones who are deciding that all of this can be fun, even with the tragedies, and the loss, and the heartbreak. You are all beings of light, so having a lighthearted approach to your life is allowing yourselves to be as you truly are.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Frequency of Your Desires – The Hathors

“Something that you desire has a particular frequency about it. The frequency is what you’re really after. The thing, the person, the job, whatever it is, is not really what you are seeking. It carries a certain resonance. It represents something to you that can also be found within you.

But when it is outside of you, it is so much easier to appreciate. You can touch it. In some cases you can drive it or live in it. In some cases it will tell you that it loves you. And therefore, it is very attractive. And we are not telling you to not want those things for yourself. We are not here to give you that type of lecture. We are here instead to help you understand why you want the things that you want and what they represent to you.

If you can look within you and feel for the absence of those frequencies that they represent, then your not getting what you want in life will serve you very well. Because then you can identify where you have those apparent holes within yourselves that you are looking to fill. So what is it that you want in life? And what is the frequency that it carries for you? And can you feel within yourself the absence of that frequency?

If the answer is ‘yes,’ there is no need for you to feel ashamed or wrong or bad. That is simply part of your setup. That is something you wanted to experience. So, how can you fill those holes when the objects of your desire remain out of reach? The truest answer to that question is that your awareness that you are trying to fill those holes is such a positive step in the right direction that all the rest will just be something that you do, or something that you tell yourself, that gives you a reason to believe that it is then possible to fill those holes by yourself.

Nothing is really necessary here, other than that awareness. But we will give you something. We will tell you that the intention for you to find that frequency within yourself would be the next step that we would recommend. And then we would add that the frequency does in fact exist inside of you, but it lies dormant. So you do not have to conjure it up or drum it up out of thin air. It is in there. It is just not active.

So we recommend that you feel around for it, knowing that it is in fact there and that you can activate it with your intention, with your focus, with your desire, and simply by acknowledging that you are whole, just as you are, and that nothing is required to give you a sense of completeness. You are complete. And the more you feel for that completeness, the more those frequencies will naturally activate themselves.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

Relationships ∞ Archangel Michael

“Linking yourself to another puts you in a co-creative dance together. The dance is what you would call your relationship. As you connect with another’s energy, you are accessing different data within yourself then you have previously had access to.

Your work together as friends, family, or lovers will be to access what you need to access to give you the experiences that you need to have. It is always part of your evolution to be involved with another in any way. When you let yourselves be completely open and receptive to all that the relationship has to give you, you make progress along your path.

And sometimes the other person will come with you. And sometimes they will not. As much as you want to believe that you are responsible for each other, this is never actually the case. Having said that, please recognize that you are all here to exist as a collective and to honor each other. That is quite different from being responsible for another’s journey, happiness, or wellbeing.

As you continue along your path with the others that are joining you, give yourself exactly what you need and let the others do the same for themselves. Participate in the dance, but do not mistake the dance for what you are doing here. You always have the opportunity to extract what you need while giving more of who you are.

And that is quite different from giving all of your time, energy, and money. That is truly what you offer each other whenever you are in a type of partnership. You offer more of who you are, and you invite the other to do the same.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are love.”

Change Comes from Within – The Hathors

“For the purpose of creating a new idea of who and what you are, many of you decide that you want to make a change in your life. You want to do something differently. You want to move, change your job, change your mate, change your clothes. Whatever it is that you want to do, you have a tendency to take some sort of action that would give you that sense of newness, that sense that you had transformed in some way that is pleasing to you.

We can see why you would do this. You are accustomed to seeing others who have changed, and you see that they are interested in new things, that they have a different way of living their lives in some way, and you assume that the change in them has come from the change in where they are, what they are doing, who they are with, and so on.

We want you to understand that the change is always coming from within the person, and then they feel attracted to doing something new. They have different people around them. They may feel compelled to move somewhere that is more reflective of their new frequency.

So you see, just because there is a correlation between one thing and another does not mean that there is cause and effect, at least not in the way that many of you are assuming when you see someone doing something. You want to know what it is they did, how it is they got to where they are so that you can follow the same steps, so that you can have your own transformation.

We want you to know that you are always constantly transforming, that the desire that you have to see a quicker transformation within yourselves is really what you are experiencing, because you cannot help but transform. There would be no point in you remaining in this incarnation if you were simply repeating the same over and over and being the same over and over.

So that is not happening, but you are unable to perceive some of the more subtle changes that are occurring within you. And when you see the same people and the same job and the same results in your life coming back to you, then you may assume that you did not change at all. But look at the way that you are responding to the same people and the same events, and see how the change within you is reflected in that.

You must be willing to be where you are in order to take the next step forward. Our recommendation to you is to have more fun right where you are, doing what you are doing, with the people you are doing those things with, and expect the change to be in how you are perceiving your reality. That is all for now.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a very fond good day.”

You Are The Creators – The Creators

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“Begin by understanding the nature of your reality. You are putting it all together with your very consciousness. You are not being sent to a place, nor are you going to a place when you incarnate. You are creating a place to go. You are creating experiences to have. You are the one who is making it all happen.

There is no one outside of you who decides or determines what experiences you will have. You are in the driver’s seat because you know what is best for you, you know what it is that will stimulate you, that will give you pause, that will turn everything upside down and on its head.

And that is what you want. So who better than you to make all the decisions about your life and who you will interact with, what you will be doing with the majority of your time, and so on. It is in your best interest to accept that this life is the life that you wanted. It is for your highest good to be where you are, no matter how it may seem. And when you consider your friends and relatives, even people you don’t know, also realize that they have chosen to be right where they needed to be.

And that is a good thing to acknowledge. You all have been taught to place forces outside of yourselves so that you would have something to revere, worship, or push against and fear. But the reality is that all of that is just a set up so that you will have the experiences you wanted to have, so that you can come home again to the knowledge that you are your own God, your own savior, and the Creator of All That Is, all that you experience.

We delight in giving you this information, and we ask that you refer to yourselves as ‘The Creators’.”

You As the Universe – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

Believing in your ability to stretch yourselves beyond where you have been before is what you are about to accomplish. We are not talking about believing in your abilities to manifest, or to connect with your guides, or to have any type of supernatural power. The ability that we are referring to is the ability to perceive yourselves as the universe you once thought you inhabited.

This is the leap of faith that is necessary for you to manifest, for you to have all of the other powers and abilities that you seek. Even your willingness to see your guides as aspects of you will give you that connection that you desire.

As long as you see the universe as something outside of you that you exist within, you make it harder on yourselves. You put yourselves up against forces that also must exist outside of you. But as you begin to see yourselves as the only force, and as you begin to see the universe as a part of that force that you are, you will have the ease that you seek and you will enjoy your existence beyond measure.

So how do you accomplish this? How do you awaken to this knowing? Start by interacting with your world differently. See everything as an inside job. Talk to the universe in the same way that you talk to yourself, with full recognition that you are being heard. Seek to expand your consciousness, and do so by feeling for what is around you before interacting with it in any other way. Begin to experience all of it as you, expressing in another physical form.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Releasing Resistance in the Information Age – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

Because you are lessening your resistance to that which is and has been in your world, you are experiencing your shift with more ease. Because it is easier to simply release or reduce your resistance to something than to eradicate it, you are becoming more whole every day.

You cannot eradicate something within yourself, even if you were to somehow find a way to eliminate it outside of yourself. You would only be doing so temporarily, because nothing can be completely eliminated. It can be deactivated, however. And that is what you do when you release resistance and accept the presence of something that you do not like and that you do not want.

The way in which you are releasing resistance is through your information age. Not only is everything right in your face on your computers, and your televisions, and your phones, but you also get to see a variety of perspectives on this thing that you cannot ignore. The offering of those perspectives by others opens the doorway for you to have a new perspective of your own, one which carries with it less resistance, less fear, and less judgment.

So when you see things happening in your world that make it look as though you are regressing as a species, just realize that the events are giving you the opportunity to let go of some of that resistance, some of that fear, and some of that judgment. And by looking directly at it, you cannot help but do so. You cannot hold those lower frequencies anymore, not if you want to remain in this physical reality.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Beauty Within Tragedy – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

When you are taking stock of your lives, and you are able to discover the gifts within the tragedies, within the failures, within all of the ways in which your life has not measured up by your standards, you have actually exceeded all of the goals that you have ever set. You see, if you accomplished everything that you set out to do, and if you had everything that you have ever desired, you would not then be able to appreciate how much adversity, pain, and shortcomings have to give you.

They are not your badges of honor to be worn like war wounds. That is not what we are saying. We are simply asking you to look for the ways in which the detours, the obstacles, and the pitfalls have led you to something even better.

And when you take the moment of time that is required to appreciate all that you have around you, all that you may not have had without the tragedy or the failure, you are giving yourself so much more than any accomplishment could give you.

You must be the one who decides what real success is in life. You must be the one to define success in your own terms. If you create the goal in order to get something so that you can then feel happy, you are missing the direct route.

The direct route to happiness is to find it within you. And you don’t need to ignore anything in order to be happy. You don’t need to pretend that things are different than how they actually are. When you look for the opportunity for beauty within tragedy, you have everything that you need, everything that could ever come from having a human experience on planet Earth.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

You Have All the Answers – The Creators

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“When you discover that you contain within you information that you can use to guide yourselves and to serve others, then it would be of benefit to you to look within for your answers, for your guidance, for anything that you seek. It can all be found within you. You are like giant storage devices with trillions of cells, each of which contain their own history, their own unique information. And this information pertains to not only you, not only your genetic line, but also all of the other beings who have ever been incarnate on this planet.

It will be so beneficial for you to discover that when you desire to know something, you instantaneously know it and that you do not really need to seek information from other sources. However, if that is something that you want to do, if that is something that you desire in your life, then by all means look for other perspectives. That can be a fun endeavor. But you are a self-contained, self-sustaining unit. So there cannot possibly be something that would exist outside of you that would be of more benefit to you than the guidance that exists within you.

So we are advocating that you decide that you are the ones who are your best guides and that you give yourself permission to crack your own codes, to enlighten yourselves, and to access everything that you need to access to live happily ever after. There is no better source of information than the being that is desiring that information. Because, you see, the question and the answer are like two sides of the same coin. And so, of course, if you have one side of the coin, you must have the other side as well.

Now, take into consideration the fact that you are the one who is living your life, and you are the one who has had all of the experiences that you have had. So your perspective on your life must contain more information than anyone else’s perspective on it. It simply can be no other way. You may be in denial, and that may prevent you from knowing something or seeing something from the perspective of another. And you can always tell what you are in most denial about by what really stirs you up, what causes you to constrict yourself and to access resistance.

Whenever you find yourself in that state, ask yourself if you are in denial about whatever it is that is before you, whatever it is you are hearing. And above all else, be willing to trust yourselves, to know that if you are getting something, that even though it is coming from you, it is still what you are getting. There is nothing random about anything that you receive, or that you experience, or that you come across in this lifetime. Not a single moment of it is unplanned and un-orchestrated.

So whatever you receive, it is well worth your while to give it as much credence as you would if it were coming from Source Itself.”

Peace in a Heartbeat – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

Believing in a cause will ignite within you a spark of desire, and that desire is fueling your presence on planet Earth. When you are passionate about something, you are allowing a greater flow of your own energy. It is not important what you are passionate about, just so long as you are allowing that energy to flow.

When you have an event like the recent acts of violence on your world that have gotten so much attention, you begin to feel passionate for the cause of peace and harmony. If all of you could then allow the energy to flow, that the spark of this desire has summoned forth, you would achieve peace on Earth instantaneously.

The only thing getting in the way of the flow of that energy is the way that you are processing all of it through your minds. You want to have the right perspective. You want to take the right approach. But the only way for you to allow the energy to flow towards that cause of peace and harmony is to let go of your thoughts and to open your hearts to the possibility that peace can be achieved in a heartbeat.

This requires surrender. You must surrender to what is and what has occurred. Everything else can and will be taken care of with no need for further thoughts or actions on the part of humanity.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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