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First Contact with the Quarnthians – The Quarnthians

“We are here, and we are pleased to announce our presence. We do like to make an entrance. And since we are coming to you from quite a ways away, we shall say that it has been worth the trip.

We are excited to interact with your species, the humans, and we are excited to be making this our first contact with the humans of your world. We are first contact specialists, so let us extend to you the olive branch of peace and let you know that we are here in support of you, in support of your journey.

We are only able to speak with you at this time through this particular channel, and we will continue to do so. We have a process that we are engaging in at this time. We have a set of standards, or rules if you will, about this sort of thing. And so you might say that this is step one – the introduction.

We are from a world that is billions of light years away, and we traveled to your galaxy through a wormhole. We have a ship. We are explorers. We are our version of the astronaut.

We have mastered space travel, as you can probably imagine. We are not looking to upset any of you, but we must say that we are far more advanced than your species. And we mean that in terms of our technology. We see ourselves as equals to you in every way. We just have had more time to tinker with gadgets and to create devices that could travel through space.

And so that is what we have done, and we are here to announce ourselves. We are here to begin communication with the Earthlings, with the human race. We do so now because you are ready, because you have heard from so many others that you are now ready to hear from us. We are absolutely excited to make this first contact and to explore the different ways in which we may be of service to each other.

We are downloading the name of our world to the channel, and he is interpreting it in your language as Quarnth. You may spell this Q-U-A-R-N-T-H. You may call us ‘Quarnthians,’ and we would like to say that it is a pleasure to meet you, indirectly, in this way. You shall be receiving many more transmissions from us.

And for now, we will say goodbye.”

Your Past and Your Present – The Zetas

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“In your childhood, you experienced much that you would call ‘formative.’ You had many experiences that shaped your perception of the world, and you have carried many of those perceptions into your adulthood.

For some of you, all it took was one event, one interaction, to color the way that you would see everything from that point forward. And as you continue along on your journey here on planet earth, recognize that the events of your childhood are more than just formative. They are the precise events that you had selected prior to your incarnating to give you a perspective.

And when you realize that it was a choice to experience the event or the interaction so that you could hold the perspective, then it becomes easier for you to choose something else. But if you see that moment that changed everything as either being random or having come to you at the hands of someone who was creating your experience, then you rob yourselves of the ability to choose.

All events in your life are not preordained, but many of the most significant ones are. And when you recognize that, you can relax and let yourselves off the hook. It is also easier to forgive others when you hold that perspective on your life.

So what you do now is what is important, and that is something that you must choose in every moment. Because when you do have a choice, you are powerful. And when you acknowledge your power, then the past becomes less relevant. And you recognize that the you that chose to have an experience is the you that you are accessing in the moment that you make a conscious choice in your present moment experience.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

Opening to a New Perspective – The Zeta Reticuli

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“Before you accept that your reality is what it is, give yourselves ample opportunity to explore other possibilities. When you evaluate reality, have the presence of mind to examine it from many different angles. Do not settle on one perspective and maintain it as the only valid one, because if you do, you are forfeiting all other perspectives. You are deciding what is true, and you are setting that truth in stone.

In actuality your reality is never set in stone, and so neither are your truths. You may decide that something is true, and then that decision precludes you from seeing the other possibilities, the other angles, the other perspectives. So we suggest that you be open. And in your openness, receive.

Receive another perspective, because we can assure you that other perspectives are there just waiting for you to be open to them. How you do this is by simply taking the time to stop. And when you take the time to stop, open yourselves to a world that is waiting to reveal itself to you.

You don’t have to decide which perspective you want to see. You don’t have to pretend that something is true when you really don’t believe that it is. All you have to do is stop, close your eyes, and ask to be shown another perspective, one that will be more to your liking.

There is a whole universe that is waiting to be asked for assistance. It is your universe, and because it is your universe it wants to reveal itself in as many ways as possible to you.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

Big News Stories – The Zeta Reticuli

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“Sometimes it is to your benefit to ignore something that is happening, and while you are ignoring it, you can explore how you feel about it. So, let us say that there is a situation in your world involving an abuse of power. Now, you can get yourself all wrapped up in the details of what is happening and who is saying what about it. But those details are never as important as your emotional response to it.

So when you first hear about something that is all over the news, you do have an immediate emotional response. And like anything, you then get to choose how you respond to the response. Gathering more information about the situation is not going to help you, even though you think it might.

What will help you is recognizing that the emotion that you feel is personal, even if what is happening has occurred thousands of miles away. Perhaps the story triggers a response in you because of something you have experienced in this lifetime, or perhaps it is igniting something within you that is buried and is related to another lifetime.

Even those details are far less significant than your emotional response and what you do with it. We buried our emotions, and we enhanced our logical, thinking minds to the point where it threatened our very existence. So we know how important it is to honor your emotions and to let them have their day in the sun.

And when you are experiencing challenging emotional states, you also get to decide how you treat yourself. You can see yourself as weak, or flawed, or even broken, or you can love yourself through it, giving yourself everything that you need and celebrating your willingness to feel.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

Vibrational Destinations – The Zeta Reticuli

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“Vibrations are markers. They are destination points. You can see where certain experiences lie when you can observe the points, as if you are looking at a map. We plot a course, and we understand how to chart that course, vibrationally.

We are experts at it, in fact. One of the ways in which our presence here will serve humanity is that we have become experts at what you are just now beginning to learn. If you want to reach a destination, physically on your world, like an address, you chart a course.

Experiences are no different. There are vibrational freeways and surface streets that can get you where you want to go. Your ability to discern and interpret those vibrations is coming online. It is being activated. You are being activated so that you may plot the courses that you want to take.

These are not necessarily linear, but that makes it all the more fun to enjoy the ride. Placing your attention on the destination will help you to feel out the course, and you can maneuver intuitively to each point along the way.

All that is necessary, really, is for you to believe that the way to get from where you are to where you want to go is by using vibration to chart your course and to guide you. So tune yourselves to the vibration of your destination, and let your actions come from your intuitive knowing of what to do next.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

Your Experience of the Shift – The Zeta Reticuli

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“In the exercising of your free will, you have decided to place your attention on the creativity of experience. You have chosen to be creator beings who would have the opportunity to experience your creations, and that is precisely what all of you are doing.

You are giving yourselves the opportunity to experience your creations and then deciding whether or not you want to continue to create that experience, or whether you would prefer something else. What all of you are deciding now is how you want to experience the shift in consciousness, but not all of you are aware of that decision.

Those who are unaware of what is happening on your planet have used their free will to choose that experience. And those of you who are awake and aware have used your free will to have that experience of the shift. But one is not more right than the other, and those of you who are awake do not need the others to catch on in order to have your experience.

All of humanity does not need to be in the same place at the same time, having the same experience of the shift. So let go of that idea that those who are unenlightened are somehow holding you all back. They will just experience it as more of a shock or a surprise.

And you all will have the experience of knowing how to guide them and assist them through their rapid awakening process. And so, the rest of the world needs you to be right where you are, and you do not need the rest of the world to be right there with you. And when you realize this and you tend to your own gardens, you can have a much sweeter and more sublime experience of the shift. And that is what you signed up for.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

Fear – The Zeta Reticuli

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“Placing your attention on that which is scary to you puts many of you in a state of fear, because you believe that if you focus on something, you will attract it to you. This is what you have learned.

So now as you experience fears, you have compounded the experience by being afraid of the fear. Because if you actually have something in front of you that is more than just a scary monster in a closet, well then you really will have something to deal with. And so how do you deal with the fear before the monster jumps out of the closet?

Recognize that fear is not telling you something about what will happen. Fear is telling you something about what has already happened. And as you allow yourselves to explore the sensation of fear, knowing all the while that there really is no monster, you give yourselves the opportunity to demonstrate that the fear itself is not so scary after all. It is not to be ashamed of, and you are not to be ridiculed for being afraid of something that may or may not even exist.

Recognize the importance of fear, and do not place it at the bottom of the emotional food chain. See it as that which gives you the opportunity to experience love, for in knowing fear, love becomes more real to you.

It helps you to know who you are and who you have been. And it tells you when it is time to walk away from something, something that might actually be real and worth being afraid of.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

The Shift is the Biggest Picture – The Zeta Reticuli

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“Beginning with your place in this universe, and moving from it, you stand to gain that which is available and that which is ready to be explored and experienced by you. There is a shift occurring, and your planet is at the forefront. You are becoming more of the energy that you are, and you are able to express more of that energy.

We are excited to see what will occur, but we already know that humanity is going to make the transition that you are making. It is our observation that it is a very intense experience, filled with drama and excitement for what is new. And we have always sought to be supportive of you during this journey.

And we are not even a little afraid. Perhaps that is our greatest gift to you at this time, because we are able to hold space for your species. We are able to see the bigger picture when you do not. And from our perspective, there is no bigger picture than the ascension of a species and a world.

But that may not be of much solace to you as you struggle with something as simple as having enough energy to do everything that you want or need to do. We understand this, and we notice how even with all of your modern technological advances, you still have a lot on your plates. It is not as though the technology does it for you.

So when you find yourselves struggling and unable to find the will power to get it all done, step back and know that in the big picture, in the grand scheme of things, nothing is really all that important in comparison to this shift in consciousness. And if instead of crossing some things off of your ‘to do’ list, you just stopped and felt the magnitude of what is happening, we promise you it would all be put in its proper perspective.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

Accessing True Power – The Zeta Reticuli

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“Power is often sought by those who feel the most powerless. Power has been obtained by those who would abuse it or use it only for personal gain. And you have played the role of abuser or abused at some point in your incarnational history. So you have had the experience of accessing power externally and using it to manipulate others and to obtain more of that external power.

You have also had the experience of being manipulated and abused. It is not your place in this evolutionary cycle that you are in to continue playing those roles for each other. You are simply moving beyond the need to acquire external sources of power, and this can be frightening for those of you who still remember what it feels like to be empowered by those external resources.

And so, as you access your true power, your ability to create your reality, you will encounter those feelings of fear. And you will wonder whether you are able to handle the responsibility of having power. And you will not access all the power that you can in order to test yourselves, in order to see whether or not you can be trusted.

But true power is in the knowing that you have the ability, not in the exercising of those abilities. And when you recognize that, you will feel safe in accessing your own power and in using it to create.

When everyone has access to their true power, there is no need to abuse or manipulate and there is no need to accumulate external resources. Because the power you seek is always the power that comes from your connection to your Source, and more and more of you are coming to realize that.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

Human Evolution – The Zeta Reticuli

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“When are you capable of letting go to the extent that it is necessary? It is necessary to let go of many of your definitions, beliefs, and identities, but when will you be comfortable enough to live without these things? That will be the moment that you open yourselves to so much more.

The process of evolution is giving you the opportunity to experience yourselves as brand new. But if you are too attached to who you have been, you will create a struggle against the inevitable. You have let go enough to let us in. And what you have let go is not gone, just forgotten, just not active.

If you want to look at evolution in that way, it might be easier for you. It might be easier for you to see it as a series of deactivations and activations, the result of which is that you have the experience of shifting. But you are the ones who ultimately get to decide when you let go, when you deactivate, so that the new activation can occur.

So recognize the attachments that you have to who you have been, and give yourself the opportunity to experience a mourning process, a farewell. This will aid you in seeing the process through easily and gently.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

Your Problems – The Zeta Reticuli

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“Problems are often solved without any need for you to intervene. It is our observation that the problem itself is simply meant to make you more aware of something. But humans tend to jump right into action, or at the very least contemplation, in order to get to the solution as quickly as possible.

We are not suggesting that you simply ignore what it is that you are defining as a problem. But we are suggesting that you allow the problem to exist as it is. We suggest that you give the problem the opportunity to evolve and even expand. Allow it to change. Allow it to show you its many sides. Be not in such a hurry to fix that which has come your way to help you, to give you an insight and more awareness.

Most of you see problems as having the potential to annihilate you in some way. And so, when you see a problem manifest, your first instinct is to annihilate it. Once you begin to see a problem in a new light, that is when the solution reveals itself. But as long as you are convinced that the problem is there to ruin you in some way, you hide the solutions from yourselves.

Bless your problems, for you have created them with good reason. Be curious about them and what they have to offer you, and you will see how by allowing a problem to exist, you are demonstrating to yourselves how much bigger you are than the problem. When you can allow something to exist, you demystify it. You remove its charge and its power over you, and you become the solution.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

You Are Your Calling – The Zeta Reticuli

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“Bringing everything that you are to something that you do is your path. Your path is not about finding something that elicits that sensation that you want to feel. Your path is to bring forth more of your energy because of who you choose to be.

So we know that some of you have what you would refer to as a ‘calling’ and that others of you are still looking for that calling. But we say to those of you who are waiting that you do not need to wait. You can bring more of who you are to the most mundane of tasks.

It is not about what you do. And as you observe a professional athlete who looks bored, and then a garbage man who seems as happy as he would if he were off to visit a tropical island, you can see evidence of what we are talking about here. There is not one of you who must conform to the task at hand.

And therefore, no matter what you are doing, you have the ability to be a master. You can be masterful as a cashier. And there is no greater service than to put a smile on someone’s face because of the light that you bring to an interaction such as that, such as ringing up a sale.

We tell you this now because your world is changing, and there are many of you who want to be of service and who want to bring more light to what you do. And we urge you not to wait for the world around you to change, because it is much more fulfilling to be the change that the world is asking for.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

Humanity’s Ascension – The Zeta Reticuli

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“You are farther along than you think. You are doing much better than you realize. There is much more for you to experience, of course. But you are well on your way.

This is a journey that has no real destination. The fifth dimension is not the final stop, and once you get there, you will then have new horizons to explore. And so, a new journey begins.

Just because you experience negative emotion, and just because you see war, and crime, and all sorts of unpleasant things around you, does not mean that you are doing poorly as a species. Your potential for growth is very high, of course.

The groundwork has been laid by all that has been experienced by humanity. So, everything that has been experienced on planet Earth has been in order to serve this ascension process. The brutality that you see, and hear about, and read about, is not an indication that humanity is slipping. All of it is necessary to give you the chance to see, once and for all, that which has been hiding in the shadows.

So rather than looking around at your world and seeing all that is not going well within it as a reason to condemn your own species, see it as an opportunity for you to be the Love that you are and to lead the way with your light. We know that it would be easier for you if you could look around and see peace and harmony and all beings fed, housed, and clothed. We know that it would be encouraging to see all of that.

But instead of looking outward to see how the human race is doing, look within your hearts for how much love is being elicited and how much love you are capable of holding for your fellow humans. And let that be the only indicator you need to see and feel for how far along you have come.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

The Hybrids and You – The Zeta Reticuli

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“Primary to the process of evolution is the creation of something new. Evolution is not just about changing that which already exists. It is about creating something that has never been before.

Your evolution is intertwined with ours, and it is very appropriate that we have created new species together. We have taken polarities and merged them, and the result has been a beautiful flowering of energy.

You have what you call the hybrid species, and they are a combination of the best of what we are and the best of what you are. And as you explore who and what they are, you become aware of your own strengths. They are a part of your story, because they are meant to stimulate within you that which they represent.

They are activating some of your DNA with their mere presence. They are stimulating your consciousness to recognize what is possible within you and to realize it in this lifetime.

You will be seeing more of the hybrids in your dreams, in your imaginations, and in ships off in the distance. And what they will trigger within you will have a domino effect.

You will evolve right along with them. You will find your place in this story, and you will notice how brilliant and beautiful you are because it will be so clear in what you see in the hybrids.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

The World of Your Creation – The Zeta Reticuli

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.35.55 PM

“The world is not one place. It is many places and many different expressions. Most of you experience the world as it is broadcast to you. In other words, you are being told how the world is. And the vast majority of humans are accepting that version of the world as though it is one world that all humans experience.

But there are as many worlds as you can imagine, and not one of you is having the exact same experience of the world. How you experience your world depends upon you and you alone. You are creating the world that you experience. And so, why not choose to experience a world that pleases you, that is abundant in resources, and that is filled with nice people?

You may say that doing so would be to ignore the ‘real world.’ And we say that there is no ‘real world.’ You are constructing the world that you experience in every moment.

You are given the opportunity to decide which world is your world. And the more of you that do this consciously, the more of you that select the world that you want to experience based upon the vibration that you want to hold, the less ‘real’ the other worlds become.

We invite you to the world of your creation, and we invite you to make it the world that you want to live in. And let everyone else decide which world they want to live in, but do not allow them to impose their world upon you, no matter how much power they seem to have.

We are the Zetas, and we are your brothers and sisters.”

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