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No Wrong Way – Archangel Michael

“Ultimately, there is nothing that you can do wrong. There is no such thing as sin. There is not even the tiniest mistake that can be made. We are speaking now of the ideas that you have on your world of right and wrong. These are not absolutes. They are not determined by anything outside of you.

There is no right way to do something. There is no wrong answer. There is only that which serves you and that which does not. When we talk about serving you and not serving you, we are speaking now about the intentions that you hold. If you hold the intention of putting out a fire, then throwing gasoline on it does not serve you. Throwing water on it does.

So let us say that you come across a fire, and you want to put it out. And you do not know the difference between water and gasoline and their effects on fire. Let us say you throw the gasoline onto the fire, and let us say that you survive the experience. Now your intention to put out the fire is even stronger, and now the water is even more appreciated and the experience is more satisfying.

But you could have also thrown dirt on the fire or smothered it in some other way. And that is not a more right way to go about it. In fact, if you do not give yourself the experience of throwing the gasoline on the fire, then you are not having as much of a diverse experience as you could.

So if that is the underlying intention that you have before incarnating, then certainly it would not serve you to throw the water or the dirt onto the fire first. Diversity of experience is a wonderful thing. It is highly recommended. It is sought after and appreciated, and it always serves you.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Feel Your Divinity – Archangel Michael

“There will be no test administered. There is no standard that has been set. You are all making up the rules as you go. So there is no need for any of you to worry about whether you are hitting all the right marks. The idea that you are being judged, or measured against some standard, has in some ways been carried over to the spiritual and new age realm from religions.

We do not want to take any shots here at religion. It serves many people. But the one aspect of religion that keeps individuals separate and lower than God is this idea that there are rules set by God and standards that must be met. And we want all of you to leave that behind. We want all of you to acknowledge yourselves as that which you call God and to recognize that this is somewhat of a game you are playing with yourselves.

So when you look at yourself during meditation and decide that you are not doing a very good job, just relax and laugh. That is not what meditation is about. It is not about achieving perfection, nor is yoga, nor is any spiritual practice. They are about enjoying your connection and knowing of self as Divine. And if you are using them as such, then you get an A+ in our book.

Any thoughts of not living up to a standard can easily be released by you now that you are aware that you sometimes do this. And now that you know that, the only thing worth doing at this point is all that encourages you to feel your connection and the spark of Divinity within you. This is not a pass/fail examination. Enjoy the moments that have. Enjoy the feelings as they come, and experience all that you are, however brief those moments are, however rarely they come. Be pleased with every glimpse.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Joy That You Are – The Unicorn Collective

“Celebrating every moment of every day is not even enough to give you all the joy that you are. It is not possible for us to quantify it for you or to express it in words, but we will try anyway. We are joyous beings. We play, and we frolic, and we laugh, and we sing. We have parties that seem to have no end. And that is not even close to describing the joy that you are.

Whenever you feel joy coursing through your veins, that is a time when you catch a glimpse. That is a time when you have some idea of who you really are. And when you do that which brings you joy, you are more of who you are. You literally bring more of yourself to the party. That is all that Source would ever ask from you. Be yourselves. Do what brings you joy.

Seems easy enough, doesn’t it? But joy is not just a feeling. It is not just an emotion. It is an expression of who you are. It is the truest expression of that which you are. You experience joy less frequently than most beings, and that was part of your desire for this incarnation. So it is not a knock on any of you when we say that. But another part of this incarnation is discovering the joy that you are and applying it to everything that you do.

Expressing yourselves as joy will be all that will ever really satisfy you. It is not enough just to understand what we are saying as a concept. We want all of you to understand that feeling joy is as easy as summoning more of yourselves. And summoning more of yourselves is easier to do when you are engaged in something that brings you joy. So another part of what you are doing here is discovering and deciding what brings you joy so that you can put your attention there, so that you can choose joy.

Choose life. Choose yourselves. And be an example to others, because they are mostly still under the impression that they are not joy. And so the wayshowers will be the joyous ones. They will be leading by example. And you can be at the front of that parade, as long as you decide that you are here to be who you are and to express that joy in as many ways as humanly possible.

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

Your Future – Archangel Michael

“In case you were wondering, there is nothing for you to worry about. In case you were having some doubts about the future, your future, and the future of the world, you can set your mind at ease. You can rest assured that everything is being taken care of. You can let go of any need to control or know about your future. We invite you to see that which lies ahead of you as you do Christmas morning.

When you wake up on Christmas morning, you understand that there are gifts that you will enjoy, but you do not know what those gifts are. Everything that you desire, and everything that ultimately serves your greatest and highest good, is being wrapped up in a pretty package with a bow.

Now you may have to wait till Christmas morning, but you can rest assured that the gifts are there, your requests have been received, and all is going according to plan. Have you ever noticed that the best things in life come when you don’t expect them, when you haven’t lifted a finger, or tried to make any of it happen? And if you haven’t noticed, then we suggest that you take an inventory and demonstrate to yourselves that what we are saying is true.

The more you recognize how wonderfully and easily everything is unfolding for you, the less worry and doubt you carry and the more you enjoy the gifts. But if you worry about whether or not the gifts are coming, all you do is trade your eager anticipation for fear.

We are not giving you this message because there is something wrong with worry and doubt. They are completely valid experiences for all of you. We are giving you this message so that you know you have a choice. The doubt, the worry and the fear will always be there too. But from this point forward we offer you the option of knowing, and we suggest you give it a try.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

No Holding Back – The Unicorn Collective

“By holding back anything, you are withdrawing from the life that you have created for yourselves. You are here because you wanted to have as many experiences as a physical being in this world that you could. So let yourselves be afraid and let yourselves be foolish. Let yourselves be laughed at, ridiculed, betrayed, dumped, and rejected. Let yourselves have all experiences.

What we see in many of you is in an unwillingness to step out of a comfort zone that you believe is protecting you. In truth, nothing can protect you. So maybe it’s time to let go of some of those self-imposed restrictions meant to keep you safe from a scary and chaotic world.

We want to encourage you to fall flat on your faces, because until you do, you cannot have the getting up and dusting yourselves off experience. You cannot hide from that which wants to be lived through you. This life, especially this lifetime, is about letting go. Let go of any need that you have to be contained and controlled and be willing to undergo a personal transformation. Be willing to step out.

We are lovers of that which is unfamiliar to us. We enjoy moving beyond our comfort zone. We have removed all self-imposed reigns and are frolicking and playing even as we speak through this channel. We want you all to discover what you are afraid of within you and let it out. Let yourselves fail. Let yourselves be mocked by others. And enjoy that you gave yourselves that experience.

You will only really start living when you stop pretending that you are comfortable living a limited and frightened existence. And when you feel the need for some extra courage to do what you know you really want to do, give us a wink and a nod. Call on us. We’ve got your back.

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

Boundaries and Fear – The Unicorn Collective

“We are placing no boundaries upon you. We are only extending ourselves to you. But we notice that you place boundaries around yourselves, and you do not invite in all energies that are available to you. This is due to fears stemming from interactions you have had with other beings in your human history.

You have been visited by beings that have not all had your greatest and highest good in mind. They have sought to exploit and plunder, and this is why you fear the unknown. This is why you are not open to open contact with other beings. It is not your fault that you are not. It is not a case of not being open-minded enough or not opening your hearts to other beings, like us.

It is because the fear that gets triggered is deep. It is locked in your cellular memories. It is beyond your control, and it is also unraveling all around you. You are making space for other beings by addressing your fears, by becoming aware of your fears, and by facing them.

There is a reason why so many of your science fiction movies and stories focus on alien invasions. Those writers, and directors, and storytellers are giving you what you need. They are scaring the fear right out of you. And as you open to connection with other beings from other worlds, you allow more love to flow.

Some of you say that love and fear are opposites. And we say they are the same. They are just filtered differently. So the same energy that was felt as fear will be felt as love. And you will drop those boundaries, let down your guards, and be open to interacting with those like us who are eager to play with you, to share our stories, and to embark upon co-creative journeys together.

So keep doing what you are doing. You are getting yourselves ready a little more and little more every day.

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

Your Brightness – The Unicorn Collective

“Brightness is your truest expression of self. Being light means that your brightness is a fundamental quality of who you are. Now, how bright you allow yourselves to be is up to you. You have your internal dimmer switch. You can soften or brighten your energy. And that is a fun experience for all of you.

When you are a child and you discover a dimmer switch in a room, you play. You turn it up and you turn it down again and again, and you delight at the changes. When you incarnate into a body, you have all of your light with you, and you shine it to a certain extent. But you also know that you will turn it down, because you want to have fun, because you want to have experience.

And once you find the switch in your heart, you can operate your dimmer switch consciously. You can play. You are light. You are expressions of Source Energy. You are Love. And it is a dance of light and dark that makes the experience of life so much fun. Some of you believe that your journey is about turning the brightness up as bright as it can possibly be and then tearing that little knob off the wall.

But that is no fun. You want to have the option of dimming your light. You want to see it as a choice, and you want to know the power in choosing. By elevating your frequency, you are putting more of your light into your reality. And by letting your light shine, you are granting others permission to do the same. You are excellent operators of your dimmer switch.

Just witness all of the chaos in your world and know that it is nothing more than beings who are having fun, playing with that switch. There is nothing that can ever remove the light entirely, but there is that which will accelerate the rate at which your light can expand. And that is what you are here to discover. That is what you are here to do and to experience.

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

Believing is a Choice – The Unicorn Collective

“Believing presupposes that there is something to not believe in. There is nothing for you to believe or not believe. There just is. That is incontrovertible. Believing is not a matter of faith. It is not a matter of facts.

Believing is a choice. You make choices all the time. You make choices by what you give your attention to. And you eliminate possibilities by what you refuse to acknowledge.

We are not asking anyone to believe in us or to believe that we are speaking through this channel. All we ask is that you reconsider what a belief is. We ask that you make your beliefs true, because it is only by bringing your beliefs to your conscious awareness that you can see up close and personal that which you are giving your attention to and whether or not these beliefs of yours are serving you.

But it is not a matter of whether they are true or not true. They are the power that you give them. They have no power over you. And if you pretend that they do then, of course, they will. But that is also a choice. So choose wisely and choose carefully, and give your attention to that which you want to see more of. Believe it or not, that is how it works. That is how powerful you are.

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

Let Go of Your Plans – The Creators

“Formulating a plan for your life is something that all of you feel the need to do from time to time to give you a sense of stability and because you believe that planning for your future will ensure that you will have the experiences that you want to have.

We suggest letting go of the majority of your plans and your planning behaviors. And instead, open yourselves up to a wider array of experiences that are possible for you that could come at a time that you have not planned for, that could come in a way that were not part of your plans.

You have the ability to bring to you much more than your minds have the ability to imagine. So letting go of the need to know when, where and how and which and who will enable you to have a wider variety of experiences and will make you more of a match to the experiences that you have decided that you want. It is your ability to feel for the experience that you want to have that is far more significant and far more effective than any of the abilities that you have to plan for events.

We are telling you this because we see that so many of you are living just a small fraction of the lives that are available to you. And it is because when you make plans for something to occur, usually you do so from a place of not feeling complete certainty that what you are planning for will occur naturally.

So we want you to realize that the energy that you are creating from is what you will receive. So as you create a plan, you create it from a certain type of energy, perhaps fear, perhaps anxiety, and perhaps excitement, or joy. Only you know for sure, because you are the one who is feeling what you are feeling.

We invite you to stay in the joy and the excitement and the anticipation and the eagerness for whatever it is that you want to experience and to let go of the structure that you will then tend to set in place for that event to occur. Give yourselves the opportunity to experience some spontaneity. The unexpected is often the most enjoyable experience that you can have.

We support you in your desires. We support you energetically. We know how much life there is for you when you let go of your need to know when something will occur, and that is another reason why we suggest that you let go of your plans, because your plans often keep you in the linear time mentality and keep you from having the fullest experience of your now that is available to you.”

Expressing Your Energy – The Unicorn Collective

“The way that you express yourselves is through your energy. So it is not really about what you say or what you do. It is about your energy. That is how you really are expressing yourself. That is how you put your stamp on something.

Many times, people are responding to the energy more than they are responding to the words, or the deeds, or whatever is in front of them that they are taking in through their usual senses. The energetic sense is the sixth sense. It is the sense that you mostly use subconsciously.

You are not always aware of why you are moving in one direction and not moving in another. It is because of the energy that you pick up on. Some of you call this your intuition. We welcome you to put your energy stamp into what you are doing and what you are saying more consciously. We invite you to think more about the energy that you are infusing into your words, your emails, your texts, your actions, even your intentions and your desires.

Express the energy first, and then say what you have to say. Express the energy by extending it out from your body, through your energetic field, and into the universal energy field. And then take the action. Because you are energy that is flowing, and you want to flow in the direction of that which you desire to experience. You want to flow with that which is calling you, and you want to put the energy out that you want to receive.

So be more conscious of the energy that you are putting out, and focus less on how things look or sound. And think less about how you will be perceived, how your words and actions will be perceived, because then you are putting out the energy of worry and fear and self-consciousness. Know that the energy that you put out is always received. The energy can never be misinterpreted.

But you can be conscious or unconscious of your energy. And we invite you to be conscious so that you can enjoy that which you are and that which you are here to express deliberately.

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

You Are Fun – The Unicorn Collective

“You are welcome to play. You are invited. You are in this for play. This is a playtime activity. You are forgetting at times that you are here to play. You are here to have fun and to enjoy.

And we see how serious you all take your lives, yourselves, your world, and your spiritual journey. If you are to awaken to anything, awaken to the playground that is all around you. You may have a job, and you may be going to that job. And you may not see it as play. You may not bring a playful energy to your job. But that is not your job’s fault. You can be playful. You can have fun.

Or you can decide that work is hard, that life is a struggle, and you can play that game. But we don’t see very many of you having fun when you look at life in that way. Having fun is as easy as deciding that you are fun. You are fun, because you are everything, and fun is certainly a part of everything.

And being fun, you want to play, you want to frolic, you want to let loose. But as children you were told not to play, that life is not a game, that you must buckle down. Do your homework, do your chores. You were told that your play was upsetting to others, and you had the fun conditioned out of you.

We are here to remind you that you can have fun, because you are the adult now. And as the adult, you get to make the rules. You get to decide when it is appropriate for you to have fun and when it is time for you to be more focused. But even that can be fun. Even if you are sitting in a meeting with very serious people, you can be having fun with yourself. That is up to you.

We support you in whatever you decide, but we’re here to remind you that you can decide to have fun. You can decide to make everything fun. You can decide to be fun. And you can see the playground expanding as you do.

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

Your Perfection – The Unicorn Collective

“Practicing doesn’t make perfect. Practicing makes practicing. Being as you are is perfect. There is no need for you to practice becoming that which you are. Everyone sees themselves as imperfect, and that is why you continue to see imperfection. Being would not exist if it were not the perfect way to be.

You can put yourselves in a number of different situations to test yourselves for your current level of perfection, and then you can measure the results of those tests against that which you deem to be perfect. And this keeps you playing that game of perfect and imperfect. And you give yourselves reasons not to love yourselves as you are.

But that is just silly nonsense. Who gets to decide what is perfect, and why is it all such serious business? We will tell you why. It is because deep down inside you all know yourselves as perfect, and you strive, and strive, and strive because you want to see evidence that shows you without a doubt that a part of you is right.

But you have such silly ways of measuring yourselves. You are looking for perfection in something that you do, something that you create, or even in your physical appearance. But perfection is what you are. It is the expression of Source Energy that you are. Perfection is in the way you love. That is where you find it.

It is not even the ‘way’ you love. It is that the love that you are is the most perfect expression of Source. And that is just how it is, right now, no practice required. No evidence required. Love yourselves, you perfect, beautiful beings. And if you don’t, that is just fine. But we will.

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

Time to Remember – The Unicorn Collective

“Primarily, we are energy. We are knowing ourselves more as energy than as physical beings. But we do take form. We love taking form. And it is from our energetic state that we look to guide all of you.

That is why we are not appearing as horses with horns. That would be a distraction to you. That would put you more in your heads than in your hearts. Our intention is to guide you back to your hearts, back to your home base, and to remind you of the energy that you come from, the energy that you are.

The purest of hearts knows that there is no separation from any other. So you are us, and we are you. And we are as fascinated by you as you are by us. And what we are fascinated by, mostly, is the way that you all have forgotten who you are. That seems so strange to us, but also quite impressive.

So we remind you of who you are, but we honor your choice to go about believing that you are separate, and that you are flesh, blood, and bone. Now is the time for you to remember. And we know that. And some of you know that. And the remembering is as fun as the forgetting. And the day is coming when we will interact with you as you interact with each other.

And so for now, enjoy your forgetfulness. Enjoy your separation. Enjoy not knowing. From our perspective, it looks like so much fun. We are not mocking you. We are quite serious. And we want you to know how important it is for the experience that you are having that you first forget.

So good for you. Well done. You are magnificent beings. You are projecting yourselves wonderfully into your reality. And some of you are milking it for all it is worth. But all of you are having fun. And sometimes you forget how much fun you are having. We also want to remind you of that.

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

Honest Communication – Archangel Michael

“The way to an open and honest dialogue with another begins with the self. There is no honesty with another without first having that honesty within. The most truthful experience a person could ever have occurs when they are aware of how they feel.

Therefore, an honest conversation is a conversation about feelings. Who did what, what was said by whom, and even the intentions behind what was done and what was said pale in comparison to an open and honest conversation about feelings, emotions, frequency states.

Why is it so important for you to know how you feel, and why is it also important for you to communicate your feelings with another? The importance lies within the experience. Everything else on your world gives you the experience of the emotion, of the feeling, of the frequency. So none of it matters unless it evokes a response within you.

And when it does, that is worth noting, that is worth paying attention to, and that is worth talking about. You are Source Energy Beings having these experiences. This is fascinating stuff. This is significant.

These feelings are why you came. Everything else is there to get you to feel. Therefore, talking about the stuff, the words, the deeds, the situations, is like going to an art exhibit and only talking about the frames.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Uncovering Secrets – Archangel Michael

“When you are seeking to uncover what has always remained hidden from you, there is a vibration of struggle that you carry. Struggle only gets you more struggle. Therefore, allow those mysteries to remain as they are. Be not in such a hurry to find the secrets that you wish to know about.

All will come to you in perfect timing. There is no need for you to be anywhere that you are not, to know anything that you do not, or to come in contact with any beings that are not visible to you. But we know many of you desire to have more contact, to know more, and to see that which is hidden.

So we ask that you put aside those desires for the moment and reach for the feeling instead, not because the feeling will then manifest the information or the beings, but because the feeling is part of who you are. You have All That Is contained within you, and yet most of you are accessing a very small amount of that which is available. And what you seek outside of you is vast by comparison.

It is as though anything that you experience in your inner world is inherently less satisfying to you. And we want to encourage you to flip that belief around. Let your inner world be the most fascinating, the most real, and the most vivid of all your experiences.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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