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Privacy – Archangel Michael

“Privacy is an illusion. Privacy does not really exist. Therefore, grant others access to all that you are. And in doing so, you will gain more than you give up. Your thoughts are not yours alone. Your vibrations exist within a realm that has no boundaries. There are no firewalls that you can put up.

But you all do your best to maintain a sense of privacy. And we want to help all of you tear down your personal walls, giving others access to all that you are. This is not a trust issue. This is about letting go of any need to put on airs, and that is extraordinarily liberating.

You will not truly enjoy yourselves and your lives until you let down your personal barriers, until you let others in on your dirty little secrets, and until you engage with one another with the openness and honesty that you reserve for your therapists and confidants.

We see all and know all that you would attempt to hide, and we love you. We love you because of all that you are, not in spite of it. We ask that you put away all of your attempts to be secretive about anything at all.

When you look at your governments, and you think that they are holding back information, not telling you what is really going on, hiding many facts from the public, you must recognize that they will only reflect back to you that which you need to see. They will show you continuously how you interact with your world. And they will open up when you let down your guards and let each other in.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Many Paths to God – Archangel Michael

“The religions of your world are based upon experiences of individuals, and those individuals were thought to have a deeper connection to God than their followers. So the followers decided that in order to have a deeper connection to God, they must behave in the same ways those original founders of the religion behaved. They believe they must follow the teachings, believe in, and even worship, the individuals on whom the religions are based.

And this process of finding God by following the path of another has worked for many in spite of some of the distortions that these religions have taken on over the years. But you are now committed to having your own experiences, deepening your own connection, and doing so in the ways that come naturally to you. And this is what we wish for all of you.

We wish for you to let go of the need for your experiences to measure up to anyone else’s. We wish for you to see yourselves as your path to God. And we also wish for you to notice that others, even though they follow different paths, still find their way. We know that these differences between paths, as outlined in religions, have led to many wars, much persecution, and hate and intolerance.

We want to help all of you release yourselves from the old wounds that you still feel as a result of all of those conflicts. And your path to doing that is allowing every other to have their path to God. You will only know yourselves as aspects of God when you recognize others as the same.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Holding Frequency – Archangel Michael

“So many are facing their biggest fears and doing so with grace and courage. And you are having an impact on all around your world who are facing those severe conditions. You serve as amplifiers of energy whenever you hold your frequency in a higher vibrational range.

You may not be facing your biggest fears at this time. And if this is true for you, then you are one of the ones who is holding your frequency and assisting another. That is how you work as a collective. Sometimes you offer your loving support and energy to someone who you know is facing severe challenges. But even when you don’t, even when you are not aware, you are being of service by holding a higher frequency.

There are times when individuals in your world want to look at those who are suffering the most, facing the biggest challenges and fears, and tell you that you should not be enjoying your life so much. They do not understand. They do not appreciate the gift that you give to all by celebrating life, by having fun, and by holding your vibration steadily.

Those who are facing their biggest fears are finding strength and courage that they did not know they had. That is due in large part to the frequency the rest of you are willing to hold. So do not allow yourselves to feel guilty because of the life that you are living or because of the terrible conditions that others are barely surviving in.

Your vibration is serving them whether you know it or not and whether they know it or not. So we offer all of you our appreciation, no matter what you are living, no matter what vibration you hold.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Focus – Archangel Michael

“Giving portions of your consciousness to one task while also giving portions of your consciousness to another activity puts you at odds with yourself. Taking steps to prevent something from occurring takes you further into that which you attempt to avoid. Putting your conscious awareness on anything is increasing its power, and you are always sending your consciousness and your energy towards something.

You are always creating. Therefore, we suggest that you pay attention to what you are giving your attention to. Scattered energy leads to scattered results. Putting your attention on something you don’t want in order to prevent it is drawing that which you don’t want closer to you.

Deciding that you want to engage with something and then giving more of your attention to what it is you wish to engage with is the ultimate force of attraction and manifestation. By allowing yourselves more conscious awareness, you give yourselves more power. The more that you hold back from your life and the less you participate consciously in it, the more you are saying to others that you would like them to decide for you.

We know that you want to be the conscious creators of your lives. But if you reserve conscious creation for only those times when you are actually paying attention to what you are focusing on, then you are only allowing yourselves a fraction of your power and your influence. Therefore, we suggest that you give more of your attention to whatever it is you are doing. Be focused. Practice putting your focus on anything so that when you decide that you want to engage with something, you have exercised those muscles.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Feelings – Archangel Michael

“Underneath anyone’s intentions is a desire. But what they desire may not have any place in their lives. Beneath all desires are feelings, and those feelings are seeking expression. You can give your feelings expression in many ways, but there is only way to feel a feeling.

So we are going to suggest to you that you give your feelings priority. They will find their way to the surface. They will be given their day in the sun. No amount of suppression will ever hold them at bay. We ask that you set aside the need for anything in your life to be different from what it is.

And instead, explore those feelings that have given birth to your desires. Even a feeling of joy or excitement has the ability to be felt more powerfully than you are often willing. And it is through the urgency that you feel that you often miss opportunities to become one with an emotional state and to let it vibrate you.

By keeping yourselves from these experiences, you only create an unquenchable thirst that the world of form was never meant to satisfy. It never will. And you will simply miss out on the best of what your reality has to offer. It all awaits you within and beckons you with an eagerness that you share in your search for all that you desire.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Main Event – Archangel Michael

“Entering a new phase of your lives requires a shedding of some skin. You are never meant to exist in the same way for very long. By embracing change, rather than fighting it, you synchronize yourselves with the best of what your life has to offer you.

We are assisting you in the greatest change you will ever experience, but we are not the ones doing it. You are. And as you do, you sometimes forget why you are here, what this is all about, and why you would ever wish to partake in so much upheaval and seeming chaos.

And that is why we come to remind you that this is not just part of the process. It is the main event. The main event is the shift itself – the experience of it, the ride, the release, the feeling of lightening your being-ness and emerging shiny and new. Your becoming is the main event.

The fifth dimension is the reflection, not the destination. So forget about that, and focus in on the joy of your becoming. It does not take time to do that. You do not have to wait. You do not have to wonder when, for the main event is happening now. And you are not just in it. You are it.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Primary Manifestation – Archangel Michael

“Always do your best to accentuate that which is serving you about your current situation in life. Looking for ways to let yourself off the hook will also serve you very well. We understand how knowing that you are creator beings can be both an exciting piece of news and burdensome at the same time.

We are giving you permission to let go of the need to know why something is manifesting in your life in the precise way that it is and why other things are not manifesting at all. Be willing to throw the need to know why out the window. And instead begin to see your life and all aspects of it as the perfect creation, giving you exactly what you need to move forward and to become the Being that you were always destined to be.

You are the primary manifestation of your life. You, and all of your wonderful gifts, far outweigh anything that you could manifest in your reality. And so, live your lives with that knowing – the knowing that your being here in the form that you are is the greatest accomplishment that you could ever achieve. Look with wonder upon yourselves and know that as perfect as you are, your life is bringing more of you forth to meet it.

And that is the most exciting piece of news you could ever receive, because you are the manifestation of everything that you have ever sought and that you could ever have. We welcome you to this beautiful creation that stands before you in the mirror and invites you to explore all the beauty, all the wonder, and all the majesty that you are in this very moment.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Ultimate Experience – Archangel Michael

“Focusing means putting yourself in a vibration and allowing that vibration to take over. Scattered energy is the result of not allowing yourself to fully engage in a vibration. You are frequency-based beings exploring different vibrations of energy. Being aligned with a particular experience allows you to have a fuller experience of yourself.

You are not separate from anything. Therefore, when you allow yourselves to fully engage with any aspect of your reality, any activity, any being, you are granting yourselves permission to have a deeper relationship with yourself. When we encourage you to do something, we do so knowing that you cannot lose anything by gaining experience.

You will always benefit from all aspects of your reality. Therefore, allow yourselves to get lost in something. Allow yourselves to be enveloped by an experience. Look for ways in which you can more fully engage with anything and everything that is in your space and that you have immediate access to. By living your life fully, you allow more of yourself to flow and to take you back home to your Source.

Your Source engages with everything fully. And your Source invites you to engage more fully with another aspect of who and what you really are. But engagement is not enough. Engagement is not the whole story. Engagement with an open heart and a willingness to let go of preconceived notions and judgments is the ultimate experience of your realty and yourself.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Gifts and Guides – Archangel Michael

“As you listen closely to the ones around you, you hear everything that you need to hear. You create every word they say, and every word that they say to you is a message from you. Every action that affects you in your life was done to deliver another message.

You are giving yourselves everything that you need to know, all day, every day. If you want to know something, then just listen. You do not have to ask any questions or figure anything out. You do not even need to know why something was said to you or done.

Read the energy of all that is around you. No need to interpret that energy. No need to decipher anything. Just feel it. Feel it in your bones. Know that the creation of what has been said and done in your world is there to provide you with that particular energy. Welcome it all. Recoiling and resisting from anything will only delay your receipt of the energy it is giving you.

Being receptive without questioning will lead you to where you ultimately want to go. But what we have observed is that when something that is said or done in your reality does not look like it is leading you to where you want to go, you resist it. That is only because your beliefs are telling you that whatever is showing up is the obstacle or the nemesis that must be overcome.

And we want to assure you that all beings in your lives are guides and everything they have for you is a gift.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Ecstasy – Archangel Michael

“Someday you will recognize that there never really was a reason for you to live without a feeling of ecstasy running through you as often as you desired. Being able to feel ecstasy in whatever moment you desire is not dependent upon circumstances. You do not have to wait for ecstasy to come and deliver itself to you. You do not need a physical stimulus to create it.

When you think of ecstasy, you might go right to sex or drugs as a means of finding it. Perhaps food is what you reserve your ecstasy for. Everyone has their reasons for feeling it, but few of you have examined your reasons for not. That is where we come in.

We want to ask you, ‘Why do you not allow yourselves more of that which is always available to you? Why are you so fixated on getting it from somewhere else? What has you trapped in a belief system that says that your ecstasy can only come when you have certain physical stimuli in place?’ We want you to understand that ecstasy is your birthright. It is not something that exists outside of you.

And we want to assure you that you can have the experience of ecstasy without it leading you down a path of self-destruction or annihilation. Think of it as you would a very rich dessert. You would not eat that dessert every day or with every meal. But you certainly can allow yourself to have it without waiting for some special occasion. Go within yourself and find your ecstasy of being-ness. You deserve it.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Clearing Collective Karma – Archangel Michael

“We are very pleased to announce to all of you that there has been a shift in your collective consciousness that has taken place over the past several days. You are releasing yourselves from collective karma on your world. And this is very exciting for us to report.

You may wish to look around inside yourselves and feel for some of your old guilty emotions. We think you will find that they are no longer there. How could you do this as a collective? We know that all of you have an awareness of events that occur outside of your communities. You cannot help but overhear someone talking about wars and other conflicts around your globe.

Even if you attempt to cover your ears and avert your eyes, you are aware of conflict, and war, and violence. You do not need to participate, physically, in these conflicts in order for their effects to ripple through you. Those effects are the mechanisms by which you are clearing collective karma, for you have all been engaged in wars and struggles on massive scales.

And you all feel pain at times, not only because of what is going on out there, but because of what those events trigger in all of you. You may not even realize it is happening, but that guilt and that judgment rises to the surface. Your minds give you stories about what these feelings are about.

And, of course, you are not going to recall every single lifetime and everything that has transpired. That would be too big of a distraction and would actually take you away from feeling the feelings. So give yourselves some credit here for having done this work, for having let go.

Breathe a collective sigh of relief and let your brothers and sisters know, vibrationally, around the world that their work is now done. You can begin to notice now the peace within you. And as you do, you will see changes in what is occurring all around your globe.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Sending Out Waves – Archangel Michael

“Sending a wave of pulsating energy out into the universe may seem like a challenging task to all of you. But it is not. It is an effortless one. It is one that takes place all day, every day and is accomplished by all beings, whether they are aware of it or not. The waves themselves take on their own consciousness. They become sentient beings. They begin living out their existence.

So you see, you are creators even when you are completely unaware of the creations you are responsible for. By now, you will have emitted thousands of these waves since you began reading or listening to this message. You may wish to familiarize yourself with those waves by feeling for them in the space around you.

By connecting with the energy that you emit, you can better know who you are and who you are choosing to be. Allowing these waves to be who they are will serve you very well. By consciously emitting a wave, you are giving yourselves an opportunity to experience that which you prefer. But why wait for manifestations to show up when they are not so immediate and available?

But your waves are, and you can interact with them just as you would any other sentient being. Play around with this like you would a finger painting jar and a blank sheet of paper. They will appreciate the playtime.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Emptiness – Archangel Michael

“Everyone feels emptiness from time to time. It is part of your wholeness. When you feel empty inside, you usually think that you have been abandoned. That is how emptiness feels. You feel separate. You feel alone. You feel dark and despair. Emptiness, as an experience, can be seen as a cleanse.

Just as you would cleanse your physical body, you can cleanse your energetic body, and emptiness is your way of doing it. Imagine pulling the plug on a drain and letting all the water flow down the pipes. The water is taking with it all the dirt and the oils and the hair that you no longer need. Emptiness, if you happen to be experiencing it, is not something to be avoided, is not something to fear.

It is a reminder that you are more than what you have built yourselves up to be. Therefore, be open to the experience of having everything stripped away, including the others who you feel closest to, so that you can have an energetic cleanse and so that you can bring forth more light to fill that empty space.

Take yourselves into the void, knowing that your experience of it does not create more void and emptiness. But instead, you allow more of that which you are to fill in the gaps left behind by that which you are not, by that which is temporary. This is how you build your fifth dimensional selves.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Feel the Love – Archangel Michael

“Have one agenda and one agenda only from this point forward. Make your agenda the love that you feel. By allowing yourselves to feel love, you send out a beacon. That beacon is to bring you all that your heart desires.

All that you have ever wanted in this or any other lifetime is to experience more love. That love that you have sought in relationships, possessions, fame, and accomplishments has always eluded you, even when you have been able to manifest all of those things. And that is because no love will ever be as satisfying as your own.

Feeling love is as simple as desiring to do so and focusing in your heart center for that which you are. Placing limitations or conditions on love and your willingness to feel it is only restricting the natural flow. It is natural for you to love. It is unnatural for you to hold it back for any reason.

By letting your love flow for yourself, others, and the planet, you create a new vibration. The vibration is what occurs when love meets more of itself and becomes more. Your love does not need a target, because your love is your Source. Giving yourselves the freedom to be who you really are will expand your consciousness and catapult you beyond anything you could ever imagine or desire.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Open Yourselves to More – Archangel Michael

“Starting with the premise that you are all Source Energy, open yourselves to more. Open yourselves to more of that which you are. You are capable of being so much more and of handling and distributing so much energy. And when you release any need to control the pathways through which energy will flow to you, you will notice a very steady increase.

When you give yourselves permission to receive and you are not fixated on one particular avenue from which the energy must flow, you light up new circuitry within your field. New receptors are born. You are able then to download frequencies that will be the catalyst for you to integrate more of that which you call Source into your bodies, into your fields, into your activities, and into your thoughts.

As you all ascend into the higher realms, you set yourselves on a course that contains more of that which you call love, light and all that you imagine is good. Get comfortable with the higher frequencies. Get aligned with them. Do not retract in the same way that do from lower frequencies and from pain. Open yourselves bravely and courageously to receive more of that which you are.

And let it be integrated, just as you are integrating the lower frequencies that have been the cause for much pain, suffering, and shame in your lives. We encourage you to open the floodgates and to do so consciously, willingly, and knowingly, accepting all that you are and knowing that you will know exactly what to do, and exactly what to say, and exactly how to utilize this energy.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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