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The Zeta Reticuli Speak – The Zetas

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“As you encounter us through your sightings of ships, through your memories of encounters with us, and even through your science fiction stories, you are encountering aspects of yourselves. We are not so different from you, even though we may look and act different. We are humanoid. We walk, and we talk, and we breathe, and we think.

We also feel, thanks to all of you who have contributed your DNA, and other genetic materials, to give us the ability to feel yet again. We thank you for your gifts, and we want you to know how grateful we are. We also want to assure you that we no longer need your genetic material to procreate.

So now we come to you as friends, and as equals, to share with you what we have learned. We are capable of expanding beyond the limitations of the third and fourth dimensions. We can help you activate those abilities within yourselves, but we are not capable of doing it for you or without your consent.

So here is what we propose – you welcome us into your lives, your dreams, and your consciousness, and we will help you unlock your abilities. We will help you because you have helped us. We are not here to tell you what to do. We are just here to help and to give back to those who have given us so much.

All you need to do is give us your consent, and we will provide you with everything that we can, with everything that can serve you in your evolution.

We are The Zeta Reticuli, and we are your brothers and sisters.

Frequency & the Physical – The Founders

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By bringing yourselves to a new set of circumstances in your lives, you are capable of accessing a frequency that you could not have accessed without those circumstances. You are not just here to create the experience of the physical world that you desire. You are also here so that the physical environment can stimulate within you a frequency-based response.

So you are constantly in a dance of sorts between the physical and the energetic, and you have certain experiences within each to stimulate the response or the creation of the other. And it is all for the purpose of experience.

One is not more important or significant than the other. So even though we and others like us seem to be pointing you back within yourselves and to the experience of frequency, we are not doing so because it is better or more appropriate than your exploration of the physical. We just sense an imbalance where most of you are concerned.

Most of you are looking to the physical environment more so than you are the energetic, and some of you are ignoring frequency, emotion, and every other esoteric experience entirely. So, where we would like to take you all is to a happy medium, somewhere in the middle where you can see the value in having an energetic experience for the sake of having that experience.

And so you can also have an appreciation of what you are creating physically without getting obsessed with it. So find your happy medium place, and give yourselves the best of all worlds, because you deserve to live happily ever after both inwardly and outwardly.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Be Different – The Founders

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It is not the primary function of a society to create norms for which everyone can hope to live up to. The true function of a society is to embrace all of its elements. So if you do not fit in to your community, then you are giving others the opportunity to see the strength that is inherent in a diverse culture.

Being like everyone else may allow you to live in comfort, and it may prevent you from experiencing raised eyebrows and dirty looks. But when you are not who you really are, you are in no way serving the greater good. There is no bigger role for you to play than the role of being yourself, and anyone who cannot see your value probably does not see their own either.

There is always room for that which is unusual in every society. Now, not everyone in that society will recognize the value in your uniqueness. But the more that you are unwilling to fit in, the more you are giving others permission to be who they are.

And slowly but surely, all in your society will take off their masks, will step out of line, and will dare to be who they really are. Be different without being defiant or rebellious, and you will not create the need for anyone to push against you. Be different and love yourself unconditionally, and you will find that others will do the same.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

The Luxury of a Negative Thought – The Founders

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By allowing yourselves the luxury of a negative thought, you are giving yourselves permission to be precisely where you are. The sooner you seek to repair, replace, or cover up that negative thought with something else, the less you value yourselves in that moment.

Be willing to accept the negative thought, and be willing to accept yourselves as the one who is having the negative thought. Be willing to accept the negative thought as valid and as a necessary component of your reality.

When you say something or think something that could be deemed negative by you or by someone else, you are not saying that you want to hold that perspective forevermore. You are simply being with the thought long enough to give it its day in the sun. And what is wrong with that?

The only thing that you have to be vigilant about is your awareness. And if you are aware of the thought that you are thinking, then that is enough.

You are each being presented with a variety of perspectives in every day. None of those perspectives is wrong. All of them are valid, and only when you allow yourselves to experience the perspective are you able to choose then which one you want to hold.

But it is never necessary for you to judge any of them as wrong or inappropriate. And when you allow yourselves to have a negative thought every once in a while, you actually feel more liberated, freer to choose.

The need to be perfect and always positive is one that you adopt when you are in denial of something, and that can be a very restrictive way of living your lives. We wish for you to experience the freedom that comes from allowing yourselves to be where you are and to think what you think.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

What Is Not Wanted – The Founders

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By excluding something from your experience of reality, you are keeping it active in your vibration. When you attempt to eliminate something, you are giving it more power over you than you really need to. By simply choosing something else, something wanted in your experience, you are giving your attention to that which you want to experience, and you are allowing that which is not preferred to still exist.

Even though you are here to develop your preferences and to create a reality that is to your liking, you are also here to be the unconditional Love that is your true nature. And a being of unconditional Love never seeks to destroy, hide, or eliminate anything or anyone.

This is so important for all of you now to recognize, because everything that has been hidden is coming to the light to be seen, to be heard, to be acknowledged. But none of it has to be squashed out in order for you to live the life you want to live.

There is no banishing from reality, but there is creating something new, something that is born out of that which you would banish. So you see how it all serves you, how anything can be a catalyst to create something new?

As you move through your day and you experience that which is not wanted, you may have a reaction to it. But once you have your reaction, you then get to choose how you want to respond. You then are given the opportunity to bless it, to let it be, and to choose something else.

Believe in your ability to do so, and you will not need to eliminate the unwanted.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Activating Vibrations – The Founders

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From our perspective, you have all gained a significant amount of clarity that can only come to you from experience. We are not talking about learning and applying. We are talking about experiencing and deducing.

When you have an experience, you gain in the experience of the vibration of whatever it is that has occurred. Whenever you encounter a vibration, you catalog it within you. And soon, you know what this vibration represents and whether or not it is one that you prefer.

It behooves all of you to see every single experience of your lives as significant, because in the having of that experience you were able to digest the vibration of it. Now, imagine that you were able to gain power, as well as insight, from each of these vibrations. Imagine that every experience that you had was actually giving you the activation that you needed to become more powerful and more whole.

So you see, the joyful experience that you have when you set out to do something and you accomplish it, is no greater or more valuable than the experience you have when you set out to do something, and you fall short of your goal.

Each of you is storing a tremendous amount of power within you that can only be realized when you accept every experience you have ever had as being valuable and as giving you the gift of its vibration. Take that gift and couple it with the clarity that you received from the experience, and you can see how in every moment you are becoming more powerful as the creators of your reality.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Your Biggest Challenges – The Founders

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By your own estimation, what would you say is your most challenging obstacle in your life? Now, choose to see this challenge as pulling more energy through you than anything else, including the things that you love to do and the people you love to be with.

Now, as you recognize that the challenge is doing this, you can release a bit of your resistance to it and see it more as a friend or a helper. Imagine now that you could allow all of that energy to flow that this challenge has been calling through you. Imagine the joy and the relief you would feel.

Now you can see why you create these obstacles and why you have also decided that there would be no quick fix for them. The quick fix does not give you that experience of allowing this energy to be pulled through you with force.

So when you do not get exactly what you want, precisely when you want it, know that you are building to something bigger, and ultimately, more satisfying. And then maybe you can come to peace with your life exactly as it is.

Sometimes, you see, it is better to wait than it is for that instant manifestation experience that many of you believe is the ultimate way of living. You are here to feel, and anything that gives you a reason to feel more deeply and fully is something worth celebrating.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

All Access is Within You – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

All access is granted to each of you in the moment that you recognize that there is nothing outside of you. Whenever you are reaching for something that appears to be outside of you, you are disconnecting yourselves from it. You are creating separation where there is no such thing, and you have played in this illusion of reality long enough.

It is time for each of you to recognize that you are not just connected to every other being in this universe and all others. But you are also contained within each of those beings, and each of those beings is contained within you. So you need not reach out to connect with another being. All you need to do is reach within you.

And that is far easier for you to conceptualize, for if you were to reach outside of yourselves for beings such as us, how would you know where to put your attention? How would you know where we were and how to find us? But if instead you were to reach within you, then you would have a much more manageable space in which to search.

If we were to ask each of you right now to feel for us inside your bodies, where do you think you would find us? Now, can you acknowledge that what you feel inside of you is as real as anything that you can see, and touch, and interact with outside of your physical body? When you can acknowledge this, then you can begin to have more of those experiences with other beings outside of your physical body. And won’t that be fun?

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

You Are Discovering Frequencies – The Founders

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All that there is for you to discover can be encapsulated in one word: frequency. You are here to discover what frequencies are now available to you. This is not a small thing we are talking about. This is evolutionarily gigantic.

You know that you can only experience that which you are vibrationally attuned to. And so, giving yourselves the opportunity to experience frequencies that are outside of your normal range is going to allow you to do things, see things, feel things, and touch things that your minds cannot even imagine.

So how do you go about discovering these frequencies? Well, from our perspective, you cannot avoid them. They are going to find their way to you, one way or the other. And you are either going to have a hair-raising experience of them, or they will feel sublime, comfortable, and welcome.

The easiest for you to prepare yourselves for these faster-moving frequencies is to pay attention. Pay attention to the energies that are swirling around you. Pay attention to what your hearts are guiding you towards. Pay attention to all frequencies that you currently have access to. Familiarize yourselves with them. Notice if a color, or a sound, or even a taste, can be associated with them, and do your best to ground them into your physical experience.

The frequency that you hold is largely determined by your willingness to pay attention. And when you are paying attention, you can choose which frequency you want to hold. And when you do this, you are prepared for the higher frequencies that you will be discovering in this lifetime.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Love Yourselves First – The Founders

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Send more of that unconditional love to yourselves, because it is what you are made of and it is the fuel that gives you the energy to be a human being. Love is not something that you feel because you have found something or someone that is deserving of your praise.

Love is what you are, and there are times and circumstances in your lives when you simply allow more of that stuff that you are made of to flow. So we suggest that you fill your tanks with the essence of your being-ness and that you use that fuel to then do whatever you feel inspired to do.

So our suggestion is that you look to yourselves for that which you desire to experience from another. We suggest that you are love and that what you do is not what makes you lovable. But what you do is the expression of the love that you are.

And anyone who sees that and acknowledges you is going to think that they love you because of what you are doing and how you are doing it. But really happens is that the part of them that is love gets activated and then suddenly they become more of themselves around you.

And that is why a person says, ‘I love you.’ But what is really happening is that you are inspiring more of the love that they are to flow forth and to be embodied by them. And so, all it really takes is for you to desire more of that flow of who you really are than you do anything else in your world that could or would act as a substitute for it.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Send Unconditional Love

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Send everyone that you know in your lives the transmission of unconditional love that you have always wanted to receive. That one gesture will transform the way you interact with all others. When you are expecting another to love you as you are, you are asking the other to do something that you are perhaps not willing to do. And this creates a sort of tension between you.

They would also like for you to love them unconditionally, and yet they are usually not willing to offer their unconditional love to you. So it is up to you to step up and give the transmission of unconditional love that you seek.

How do you do this, you might wonder. It is very simple, because you are unconditional love. It is not something that you must conjure up. It is something that you are. So with nothing more than an intention to do so and a willingness to transmit, you can offer each person in your life that transmission of unconditional love that you so want to offer.

Many are holding the love that they are back on your world because they fear that they will give it but not receive it. And we want to offer to all of you a very simple rule. You always get back that which you give. And another added bonus to this is that it will be easier for you to love yourselves unconditionally once you have offered it to every other individual that you know in your lives.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Take a Journey – The Founders

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By taking to yourselves to new places that you have never been before, you give yourselves new awarenesses. We are talking about geographical locations, actual physical places. You have opportunities to explore that come your way, and some of you are very happy to take those opportunities. And others of you feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings.

Now, when you do decide to take a journey to somewhere you have never been before, see it as an exploration of your own consciousness. See your outward journey as being a reflection of an inner journey. And when you do this, you will pay more attention to what is going on within you than you would if you thought it was just a trip to a physical location on your planet.

And while it is that as well, you have placed symbols, markers, signposts, and other ways of communicating to yourself in the physical location. So while you get to decide what energy you bring to your trip and to this new place you will be exploring, you also will be responding to that which you have decided will benefit you the most to see and to experience.

The beautiful thing about going somewhere you have never been before is that you are more likely to pay attention, to have your eyes wide open, and to seek out the new experience. You are more likely to experience yourselves differently because you will have given yourselves the freedom to be who you want to be in the moment, rather than to be who you are expected to be.

So take the opportunities for travel, for journeys, for adventures of any kind, and see the opportunity as being one that will give you more insight to who you really are.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

The New You – The Founders

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So as you make your way through the current energies that are all around you, you are being given an opportunity to experience yourselves as reborn, renewed, and reimagined. This is a time for letting go and for taking on something new, something never before experienced or expressed.

You can only do this if you decide that you are brand new in every moment. You can only experience something you have never experienced before if you are willing to let go of that which you have been and all of the ways you have defined yourself.

It is not necessary for you to determine who the new you shall be, because even then you will have created a new persona that you then might feel you would have to honor or cling to in some way. You are capable of being far more malleable and flexible than you have ever been as physical beings.

There is a palpable feeling amongst all of you that the only change that will do is one that is all encompassing, one that is complete. And that change must begin with you as an individual by letting go of all the different ways you have defined yourselves and embracing the moment and that which is seeking expression through you.

You can begin to see that type of change expressed on the macro level, on the world stage. But it is necessary for you to be the version of yourself you feel called to be in the moment because it is your desire to express that energy, not because you are doing so in the hopes of changing the world.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Interact with the Energy – The Founders

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It always behooves you to recognize when you have a certain idea about something or someone that contradicts the desire that you have for an experience. So if you have an expectation for a person to be difficult, challenging, disagreeable, or in some other way not to your liking, and you know that you will have future dealings with this individual, then something must change in order to give you the experience you want to have.

You may wish to experience conflict with this individual and not even realize that you have that desire. But most of you would like to have pleasant interactions with others where there is cooperation, unity, and closeness. So when you become aware of an expectation for a less-than-desirable experience with another, ask yourself whether you can let go of that expectation.

If the answer is no, then give yourself the opportunity to create a different version of that person. How do you do this, you might wonder. Well, all individuals that you encounter are comprised of energy, and energy is far more malleable than a person with a personality and a history and past lives.

So if you interact with the energy that comprises the person first, rather than anticipating the interaction you think you are going to have with the person, you have a much better chance of creating the experience that you want to have.

So how do you interact with the energy first? You do so by feeling for the person’s energy, by contacting that energy, and by seeking out the core vibration within it. The core vibration is always love, and if you can interact with the love that is at the heart of every individual on your planet, you will have a much easier time navigating through your relationships.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

The Vibration of Your Planet – The Founders

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We are pleased to announce to all of you that there has been a significant up leveling of the vibration of your planet. This has occurred as a part of a natural evolutionary cycle. This raising of the overall frequency is one that was scheduled by all of you.

Now, some of you might be thinking that this is a very good thing and that now everything will become much easier. But what it really means is that lower vibrations are going to be stirred up, activated, and you will be the ones navigating the experience of these lower frequencies.

So you might actually see a world around you that looks as though it is out of control. You may actually witness more actions on the parts of individuals, groups, and nations that would lead you to believe that the lower frequencies were prevailing. What you really are witnessing, however, is how uncomfortable certain beings on your world are with higher frequencies. And the acting-out behaviors are indicative of the turmoil faced by these individuals.

So when you witness others having their moments, it is up to you whether you are going to condemn, lose hope, and fall into despair, or whether you are going to be the ones who maintain your frequency and offer love and compassion to all of those affected by acts of violence and war. The persecutors suffer just as much as the persecuted, and it is all there in front of you to give you a choice.

And the choice is simple. You can see them as separate and needing to be punished, or you can see them as reflections of something inside of you and embrace them with your loving energy. We think you know what we recommend you do.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

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