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Preparing for Contact – The Hathors

“Will you consider for a moment that there are billions upon billions of galaxies in your universe? Now, consider the fact that most of your galaxy is unchartered territory for you, as humans. Now, take into consideration the diversity that exists on your planet. Now, consider that the kind of diversity you have on your planet is reflected out into the stars, the other worlds, and other galaxies in your universe.

So we want you to consider all of this because we want you to be prepared for the life that is out there, so to speak. You are part of a broader family of beings that you share genetic material with, that you are connected to energetically, that you have history with. These beings can provide you with much knowledge and can help to complete some of the pieces in yourselves that have always felt as though they were floating around, or foreign, or not quite fitting in.

You are much more complex than you even realize. These beings can help all of you make sense of yourselves. Our recommendation to you is that you reach out with your intentions, with your thoughts, with your energy, and let these other beings know that you are willing to share experiences with them, to share perspectives, and to reconnect.

There have been many stories told about extra terrestrials on your world. So many of those stories are taken to such an extreme that many of you feel that these beings are either going to destroy humanity, planet earth, and everything on it, or you believe that they are coming to rescue all of you from yourselves. We want you to prepare yourselves for something that is very much in between those two extremities.

You are as different from some of your next-door neighbors as you are from some of these ET beings. And yet, you also share quite a bit in common with your neighbor and with your ET brothers and sisters.

So what we are giving you here is the idea that when you are preparing for contact, prepare to meet an aspect of yourself, a being that is not so different from you, and beings that have as much to gain from interacting with you as you do from interacting with them. You are part of a galactic community, and sooner than later you will meet your neighbors.

We are The Hathors. We thank you, and we wish you a fond good day.”

Accessing Your Energy – Archangel Michael

“Begin exercising your right to your own energy. Let everyone else off the hook, and give yourself what is rightfully yours. There is a tendency in all of you to look around at the world outside of you and to attempt to fill yourself with energy. You do this in any number of ways. Some of you have addictions that don’t even look like addictions to most of the world. But all addictions are about energy and about the use or abuse of energy.

So finding your energy source is as simple as imagining that you have a valve inside of yourself and loosening the valve so that you can allow more energy to flow from within you, filling not only your physical structure, but also your energetic field. That energy that belongs to you IS you. It is not separate from you. It is not something that you need to access from another realm or another dimension. You are here and now, and so is the energy that you are.

But it is necessary for you to give yourselves that energy. It is a part of your evolution to recognize this and to let go of some of your outside energy sources. Some of you are doing this consciously. Others are having those sources taken away. But they are still calling the shots, just not from the level at which they operate. So you see, knowing yourselves as your higher selves will make it easier on you to access the energy that is you.

But as long as you know yourselves as separate, as egoic, you will still attempt to receive that which feeds and nurtures you from somewhere, something, or someone. Believe us when we say that there’s more to you than meets the eye, that the source that is you is infinite, and that the valve is always there, ready and waiting to be loosened, to open the floodgates, and to allow yourselves expansion from within.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Releasing Resentment – The Hathors

“Harboring resentment creates a force around you. It puts up a wall, a wall of energy that is constructed in your resentment, prevents things from appearing to you, prevents energy from running through you, prevents you from receiving valuable and vital energy and information. It is truly a cancer of your system. Resentment, holding a grudge, having enemies that you think about from time to time, these are all the most destructive forces that you could participate in and with.

But many of you feel so justified, and when you hear something like this you believe that we are taking away from you the right to be resentful. So we want to do nothing of the sort here. If anything we say, do it now, but don’t hold onto it. Believe that you are right, and let yourselves feel the venom, the hatred, the anger, and the resentment. But let it move through you before the walls are constructed.

Be able to discern the difference from setting a healthy boundary for yourselves and holding a grudge. These are not the same thing. They are quite different energies. And you know when something is healthy because of how you feel when you do it, when you think about it, when you participate in it. You know when something is unhealthy because of the way your body feels. The way you tense up physically represents something that is happening in your energetic field that you want to let go of, you want to release.

You want to be open and to allow for new creations, new solutions, new ways of getting along to be delivered and downloaded into your field. You want to be pioneers, because vendettas are very old. They are tried, true, and tested in your world, and they are shown lifetime after lifetime to lead only to sadness, destruction, and discord. And you are all about harmony and peace, unconditional love and compassion.

So justifiable or not, when you hold resentment, when you hold a grudge, when you seek vengeance, you are not in service to yourselves, to your missions, and certainly not to peace on earth. Be willing to have your full experiences in the moment, but let go, let yourselves be clear, and forgive, for that is the only way to your true salvation, the salvation that you seek from lives of bitterness and despair.

And when you let go, you open the floodgates, the walls come crashing down, and you set yourselves adrift on a sea of serenity that will lead you to such beauty, such love, such harmony. A new world that could not have existed without your experience of that which acted as the building block of the resistance and the walls in the first place.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we bid you a fond good day.”

Abstinence and Choice – Archangel Michael

“Abstinence from anything is including it in your experience. Giving yourselves permission to have anything that you want, including those things that you believe are bad for you, is the only way to live freely. It is the only way to live purely and truly. Letting yourselves be overtaken by something, no matter what it is, is a form of bondage. But abstinence is not always the answer.

In abstaining from something, you are giving it power over you. You are deciding that something else is making your choices for you. So we recommend granting yourselves the freedom to choose, and choosing from what the moment is asking for. You are never being asked to decide whether something is good or bad forevermore, no matter what it is. You must allow yourselves to hold different perspectives on the same thing, or you are not really being your true selves.

One day you might decide that you want to participate with something or in something, and the next day you may decide that you would rather not. But in neither case must you condemn and in neither case must you give your power over. When you recognize that everything in your world that you have the freedom to choose is just an experience of yourselves, then you can see the value in your participation with it.

But while you are still experiencing something in your reality, you are finding the perfect relationship with it. Your perfect relationship with everything will include your relationship with yourselves. You do not need to abstain from an aspect of who you are, just as you recognize that condemning any aspect of who you are is not serving you.

Let yourselves be free. Let everything around you be sacred, be that which you call God. And let yourselves be in the perfect relationship with your world and everything and everyone in it. All is Love. All is Source. All is You.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Wisdom of Source – Archangel Michael

“The wisdom that you acquire in the course of your lifetime pales in comparison to what you have access to in any moment in time. The wisdom of the ages does not hold a candle to the wisdom of Source. You are unable to really comprehend just how much is available to you. And the reason you are unable to comprehend it is because so few of you are willing to access Source’s wisdom.

You do not need a special code or abilities that are only available to a select few. All you need is that willingness, and that willingness requires you to let go. We are referring to the way that many of you cling to the wisdom you have acquired. It is a source of pride for many of you when you tell others what you know. You hold your heads up high and you speak from a sense of authority.

It is easy to understand why you wouldn’t want to give that up, for why would you have the experiences that you have if you were not to take away a sense of becoming more knowledgeable about your world, about yourselves, and about how to relate to all beings? There is also a sense of shame, a sense of being smaller than or less than that you experience when you compare yourselves to your Source.

But look at the criteria by which you compare. Just because Source holds more of that wisdom does not make you inferior. You do not need to let go of your sense of self and self-worth in order to recognize that Source is able to perceive so much more than you are.

So do yourselves a favor and open up to the wisdom of Source, to that which may contradict something you have always believed and clung to. Be willing to embrace the change that is already occurring and that happens too quickly for your historians to note. Wisdom is now-based. Everything else is just an account of what has occurred.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Remember the Children That You Are – The Unicorn Collective

“Part of your evolution is about believing in something unseen, something mythical and magical. We represent that to you – we and all who dwell here with us in the faerie realm. We are that which you abandon when you let go of your youth, and we are here to be remembered and embraced. You cannot hide from yourselves, and your youth beckons you home.

You did not forget who you were. You had it systematically removed from your consciousness by others whose agenda did not include your living the lives you wanted to live. But they were acting on your behalf. All who seem to oppose and diminish you are.

And now we are acting on your behalf. We, and those like us, who are nudging you awake. We are encouraging you to let go of the so-called real world, to let go of all that does not bring you back to your Whole Selves.

All that you are includes that young dreamer who not only believed, but who saw, felt, and knew that which we are, that which all are in the faerie realm. It is time to once again know your world as a magical place where anything is possible, where you have super powers, and where we coexist with you.

We will share your world once again, and we will play, and you will remember the children that you are. And those who wanted you to grow up and be that which they wanted you to be will be right beside you, remembering the children that they are.

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

Having It All Right Now – The Hathors

“So, waiting for something is usually an indicator that you believe that it must take time to arrive. That also indicates that you believe that it is something that exists outside of you that must find its way to you by some way. We suggest that you stop waiting, that you let go of the concept of time and the concept of space and that you live in the moment as the most expanded version of yourself that you possibly can.

When you are operating as the most expanded version of yourself that you possibly can be operating as, you are including those things and those people, those circumstances and those events that you have been waiting for. For you will no longer see them as existing outside of yourselves, somewhere, somewhen in space/time. You will fully acknowledge that they are part of you. And as you recognize this, then your life begins to unfold in magical ways.

Then as you play the game of space/time, you see it as a function of your vibration, you see it as only that which serves you, and you no longer find yourselves scratching your heads, wondering and waiting. You are this universe. This universe exists as an extension of you, as an extension of your consciousness. You cannot possibly be separate from anything in this universe. But you can create that illusion.

Now why would you want to create that illusion for yourselves? Well, to get yourselves to realize that you do not need anything that could be perceived as outside of you. That is the most important thing, nugget, tidbit, to take away from that experience as you continue to play with it for a little bit longer.

Be willing to give yourselves the experience of having no separation. Be aware of the places in yourself that you feel lack, and be aware of how you exactly you believe that these things that are somehow separate and outside of you could fill that hole where you feel the lack. We suggest that you fill the hole now. There is only satisfaction in filling the hole first.

We are not saying that it is not possible to do all the things that you believe are necessary to go out and get this thing or this person or have this experience that you believe exists outside of yourselves. We are just offering you a way that we believe would be much more satisfying for all of you. Because then you realize it is not about the thing, and you do not run attachment to the thing or the person. You realize that you are all you need to be whole and complete in this universe that is an extension of who and what you are.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

What You Really Want – Archangel Michael

“Projecting yourselves into a reality enables you to experience a particular flavor of who and what you are. All realities give a different sense of your being-ness. Therefore, all experiences within this reality serve you in that way. When you look for the service in a situation that you find yourselves in, often you look for how it may serve your desires. You tell yourselves that it somehow is related to you getting what you want, even if what you want is more expansion.

But ultimately all things are in service to your having an experience of self. Therefore, it is always easy for you to find the service, as long as you recognize that you are always what you are receiving. If that seems like a raw deal to you, then you are underestimating who and what you are. Nothing could be more magnificent than experiencing your true selves.

We are talking about feeling who and what you are. We are talking about tuning yourselves to the majesty of your essence, and that is something to be desired. That is something worth seeking. Everything else in your reality that you desire to experience is really because you want more of who you are flowing through you. And it is easy for you to see how that is possible under certain conditions.

But we tell you that all conditions are designed to give you that sensation, to give you that experience. When you shift your intention from getting something you want to feeling more of who you are and having the sensation of knowing yourselves fully, you can relax into the moment. And when you do, you then create from that experience. You then create as your Whole Self. And what you can create is limitless, just like you.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Transcending Polarity – Archangel Michael

“The encouragement that you seek from outside sources is no different than the criticism that you attempt to avoid. Whenever you are looking for someone or something outside of you to give you a sense of validation or worth, you are always going to get the opposite of that which you seek as well. You cannot receive just one side or one end of the spectrum. So know that if you go seeking one, you will find the other as well.

When you are addressing yourselves, you get to choose every time whether you give yourselves praise or whether you criticize. You choose from both ends of the polarity. They are both there. They are both allowed to exist as choice. But you get to choose which one.

Now, most of you are not doing this consciously. So you choose to give yourselves praise only when you feel you deserve it, and you choose to criticize yourselves when you feel you deserve that. But what if you made the choice to give that which you want to receive to yourselves no matter what? What if you allowed the choice for self-criticism to be there, and yet, you chose self-love, encouragement, and blessing yourselves?

There would be no need for any of you to justify that which you gave yourselves with some sort of accomplishment or desired result. You could give yourselves unconditional praise before doing something. And then perhaps you would no longer seek that praise, that love, and that encouragement from an outside source. This is how you free yourselves from duality, from polarity. This is how you live in the fifth dimension.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Equal to That Which You Desire

“Get ready, because in your readiness you are offering yourselves to that which you desire to receive. You are not only receiving that which you desire, that which you manifest. You are participating with it. You are giving yourselves to that which you receive. Nothing is a one-way street. Nothing is one-sided.

Give yourselves more credit than that. As you acknowledge yourselves for having something to give, you ready yourselves to receive. You recognize yourselves as being equal to that which you want. By putting yourselves on an equal playing field, you light up for that which you desire. You send out that invitation, and you become vibrationally attuned to all that you seek.

Everything that you seek also seeks you, but it cannot find you in the dark. It can only see that which is equal to it. And when it arrives, there will be no mistaking the harmony between you. You will have no qualms whatsoever in maintaining a relationship with that which has arrived, because you will have established the frequency that allows you to give to that which you receive.

Offer yourselves as playmates and send out your invitation as a play date. And you will welcome in that which prior to now has seemed out of reach, out of range, and out of your comfort zone. Be willing to accept yourselves as gifts to that which you desire.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Take a Moment – Archangel Michael

“It only takes one moment of your time to recognize beauty. It only takes a moment of your time to live fully. It only takes a moment of your time to experience joy. You desire to live that way, but how often do you actually take a moment to experience, joy, beauty, and your whole selves? And how often do you use a lack of time as your excuse?

By living fully in the moment, you extend time. You create more time and you need less. What do you need time for? Is it to get things done? And what will you do when all those things are done? You will likely find more things to do.

Having taken the time to experience yourself fully in the moment, recognizing the beauty around you, and experiencing the joy within you, you will notice that everything around you slows down to accommodate your new vibration. Your hectic, whirlwind lifestyles are not created by the environment where you are, the technology you have access to, or the number of people on your planet. Those lifestyles are created by choice.

You can step out and step back in, but you cannot get away with using the excuse that there is not enough time, not when you create everything in your experience, including your concept of time. Take moments to appreciate beauty, feel joy, and tune in to your whole self, and those moments will become longer. And you will create the life that you thought you needed to claim through all that action. And you will know it. You will recognize it, because you will be it.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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Room For Growth – Archangel Michael

“Always leave yourselves room for growth. See everything as perfect as it is, and yet, know that growth will occur. You need not ever fulfill every desire, every expectation, every intention for your lives, because if you did you would leave no room for growth. Many of you want to be further along in your evolutionary process than you currently find yourselves. You wonder why or how you could be stuck dealing with the same challenges that you have been for years and years and years.

The purpose is not for you to get past something, to eliminate the need to ever experience it again. The point is for you to notice how different you are as you experience the same challenge over and over. So leave room for growth. Be willing to accept that where you are is the perfect place and that where you are going draws more life through you than any sense of completion or perfection ever could.

It takes a great deal of that which you call patience with yourselves. You may be called upon to let go even more during those times when you may even feel like you are regressing or backsliding. That is the time to pull back and remind yourselves that this journey you are on is not about getting somewhere that you haven’t been before.

It is about being the you that you always have been but sometimes forget. And that being will never be complete, will never stop growing, and will never stop seeking for reasons to continue on.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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Creating as the Oversoul – The Hathors

“From time to time you will find that you cannot possibly create the exact experience that you want to create for yourselves. And this has many of you feeling frustrated and even angry with this business of ‘you create your reality’ and the law of attraction, and so on.

So we want you all to let yourselves off the hook just a bit. You are creators, indeed. You are creating every single moment, and every single detail within that moment, that you experience. But you are doing so from many different levels of your being-ness. So you see, you are aware of yourselves as an ego, as but a small fraction of who and what you are.

And so that portion of you has desires for itself. Most of those desires revolve around comfort and survival and fun and things of that nature. But you are also part of a bigger entity called your oversoul. And your oversoul is more interested in having a variety of experiences. So you want all the good experiences. You want all the pleasurable ones, and your oversoul wants to know all experiences for itself.

And so, in some ways you are living in service to that goal. And that has many of you feeling like you are out of control, that your lives are not your own to live. You may even see your oversoul then as the bad guy or bad girl. We can understand this. We understand how it seems as though this is not you, this is some other being that exists somewhere else, and that you are just a pawn in its game.

But we want to submit to you that you are your oversoul and that you cloud your awareness of this fact by setting yourselves up with certain beliefs and with certain experiences that will give you that very limited perspective that your ego has. And then you will believe in fact that you are your ego. It is a trick, but it is a trick that you are playing on yourselves.

And if you want to release yourself from the trick then you must first acknowledge that everything is your creation. You must also acknowledge that everything serves you in some way. You must be willing to look for the service in everything that you experience. And you must also embrace all experience as being a part of the truth of who you are. Then and only then will you have the perspective of the oversoul.

And when you have the oversoul, you are of the vibration of the oversoul. And when you are of the vibration of the oversoul, then you begin to create the precise reality that you want to experience. And then you may be surprised at what you do select for yourselves. You will find that you choose to experience some of the same challenges that right now you simply feel are being thrust upon you. We think you like challenges, and we think that you would like your life so much more if you accepted those challenges with a grin and a nod and a knowing glance.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

Your Journey to the Fifth Dimension – The Creators

“The level of consciousness that you hold is the most appropriate for this dimension. So you are not doing anything wrong by being here at this time, by experiencing third and fourth dimensional realities. It is not because there is something that is going wrong with you that you are focused here at this time, because the experiences that you want to have are here and now. And in order for you to have them, you must maintain this level of consciousness.

When you are complete with this experience and all that you desired from it, that is when you will complete the shift to the fifth dimension and will have that level of consciousness. The reason that we are giving you this now is because we want you to understand that your journey to the fifth dimension is not dependent on you doing something, or meditating more, or practicing holding a frequency for hours at a time.

You will get there by virtue of the fact that there is nowhere else to go. So you can relax and you can put down for a minute all of the tools, and exercises, and processes that you are using to attempt to expedite the process. The process is the thing. That is why you are here and that is what you wanted to experience. It is a shedding of layers experience and emotional trauma that you have collected.

And the way that you do it is the exciting part. It is the part that is most interesting, that has the most potential for growth and for learning. And it is what you will share with others in this universe as you complete that journey. We want you to enjoy this experience a little bit more, because there is something that is very unique and satisfying about being where you are and having the remainder of the journey before you.

If we could assure you that you will get there, then we know that you would skip and laugh all the way. But it doesn’t really matter what we say to you. You would prefer to see some hard evidence that you will in fact be experiencing a fifth dimensional level of consciousness in this lifetime. So from where you are now you can easily access what that would feel like to have completed your shift. And we welcome you to go within and seek out that frequency that is inside of you, so that you can give yourself that reassurance.

And that once you have that feeling in your bodies, you will be able to face the challenges of the road ahead with a bit more light, a bit more laughter, a bit more of an open heart and a relaxed mind. And that will create a more enjoyable experience for you as you continue on in this wonderful and creative journey that you are on.”

Silence – Archangel Michael

“Silence is a rare and not often sought commodity in your world. You have your hustle and bustle, your fast-paced lives, your instant access to information, products and services. And many of you are like kids in a candy store, because there is so much that is available to you and much of it is free. But what is also free and of much greater value to you now is the absence of all that is available. You have fast-moving energy, and you all attempt to keep up with it physically.

But what if you didn’t? What if instead you stopped, slowed down, got silent, and appreciated the movement of energy? We notice that many of you force yourselves to get sick or injured so that you will have a reason to slow down, to take it easy, and to get silent. Sometimes you go on vacations, and when you do you notice that there is less to do, there are less thoughts floating around, and you have more freedom to explore your consciousness. And some of you very much appreciate that time, and others of you cannot stand it.

Silence is a tool for you. It is not the absence of anything. Silence is not the absence of sound. Silence is a state of being, quite similar to peace. If you can enjoy silence, and solitude, and a lack of activity, then you can access greater and greater powers and abilities, because they are already there. They are already waiting for you to see them, to reach for them, to touch them, to envelope yourselves in more of that which you are and to be comfortable in silence.

And when you do accomplish this, you will notice that everything around you has slowed down to meet your newfound state of being. And the thing about everything slowing down is you actually have time to savor it, to integrate it, and to appreciate it. And isn’t that what you really want to do?

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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