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Feel the Love – Archangel Michael

“Have one agenda and one agenda only from this point forward. Make your agenda the love that you feel. By allowing yourselves to feel love, you send out a beacon. That beacon is to bring you all that your heart desires.

All that you have ever wanted in this or any other lifetime is to experience more love. That love that you have sought in relationships, possessions, fame, and accomplishments has always eluded you, even when you have been able to manifest all of those things. And that is because no love will ever be as satisfying as your own.

Feeling love is as simple as desiring to do so and focusing in your heart center for that which you are. Placing limitations or conditions on love and your willingness to feel it is only restricting the natural flow. It is natural for you to love. It is unnatural for you to hold it back for any reason.

By letting your love flow for yourself, others, and the planet, you create a new vibration. The vibration is what occurs when love meets more of itself and becomes more. Your love does not need a target, because your love is your Source. Giving yourselves the freedom to be who you really are will expand your consciousness and catapult you beyond anything you could ever imagine or desire.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Open Yourselves to More – Archangel Michael

“Starting with the premise that you are all Source Energy, open yourselves to more. Open yourselves to more of that which you are. You are capable of being so much more and of handling and distributing so much energy. And when you release any need to control the pathways through which energy will flow to you, you will notice a very steady increase.

When you give yourselves permission to receive and you are not fixated on one particular avenue from which the energy must flow, you light up new circuitry within your field. New receptors are born. You are able then to download frequencies that will be the catalyst for you to integrate more of that which you call Source into your bodies, into your fields, into your activities, and into your thoughts.

As you all ascend into the higher realms, you set yourselves on a course that contains more of that which you call love, light and all that you imagine is good. Get comfortable with the higher frequencies. Get aligned with them. Do not retract in the same way that do from lower frequencies and from pain. Open yourselves bravely and courageously to receive more of that which you are.

And let it be integrated, just as you are integrating the lower frequencies that have been the cause for much pain, suffering, and shame in your lives. We encourage you to open the floodgates and to do so consciously, willingly, and knowingly, accepting all that you are and knowing that you will know exactly what to do, and exactly what to say, and exactly how to utilize this energy.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Releasing Conditioning – Archangel Michael

Releasing Conditioning – Archangel Michael, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Breaking free of your conditioning takes practice, but you can do it. And you must congratulate yourselves every time that you do. Those are the times for you to emphasize and focus on. For the conditioning was here before you got here. It is not really yours. But those moments when you break free from it, those are unique. Those are what you can hang your hats on.

By practicing your awareness of being focused in the present and intending to live your lives consciously, you are laying the groundwork for that which will be a moment-by-moment experience. Conditioning puts you on autopilot, makes you subject to the energies that are all around, and does not give you a moment of clarity to take a deep breath and assess exactly what it is you are doing.

But you will take more command of your lives by awakening your consciousness to every moment. And by giving yourselves more opportunities to choose the path and the frequency that you will hold, you are creating a new reality. These things take time. Be gentle with yourselves. For when you catch yourselves slipping back into old patterns and conditioned thoughts and beliefs, you have an opportunity to either be gentle or to be harsh.

When you choose to be gentle with yourselves, you are in that moment releasing conditioning. You are recognizing that nothing is ever accomplished with a stern look, the wagging of a finger, or a punishment. The more that you relax, the easier it will be for you to notice that you have let your awareness slip away for a moment and have gotten caught up in the tides and the current of old thought forms that are always swirling around.

You don’t have defeat anything. You don’t have to fight anything or anyone. All you need to do is to celebrate your awareness, make a new choice in the moment, and let go. No assessment is necessary. No need to count or keep track. Just be willing to continue making those choices and being more conscious.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Let Your Heart Speak – Archangel Michael

“Speaking from your heart means letting go of anything that you would have been holding on to from any previous conversation or interaction with an individual. Your heart is very present. It does not store your old wounds and hurts. It has no pride that it is trying to protect.

So open your heart before opening your mouth, and let that which is present be all that is relevant to the conversation. There is no speculation in your heart. There is no need for your heart to consider the future. By letting your heart speak for you, you can be assured that you will reach the other. You may not reach their mind, but you will reach them. And then you can have a discussion whose only purpose is to communicate love in verbal form.

Taking heed of your heart’s desires will bring you into further alignment with your soul. Your soul has its own agenda. Your soul always knows the right thing to say. You are bringing your soul’s consciousness into your hearts, and speaking from your heart is like opening the doorway to let more of your soul’s energy in.

Being one with the heart and soul will give you the broadest experience of yourself and will give that experience to others, welcoming them home to their hearts and welcoming their souls to the party. Truly, those are the types of conversations and relationships you are seeking. Anything less will not satisfy you, will not even satisfy your ego.

Begin with the words that you speak to yourselves. Open your hearts and let yourselves know how your soul feels about you, using words as a way of expressing unconditional and infinite love.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Feeling Experiences – Archangel Michael

“Vibrationally speaking, there is little left for you to learn. There is only what is left for you to experience from this point forward. There is no need for you then to accumulate more knowledge, because most of what you learn and have learned is simply to keep your minds occupied. That which is truly left for you to experience is that which you will feel.

You are all living in this reality, giving yourselves these final opportunities before you shift to have experiences of a feeling nature. But what that means for most of you is feeling the feelings that you have wanted to ignore, suppress, or label as ‘negative’ and ‘dark.’ And that does not sound like very much fun.

So we want to give you this. Feeling those emotions can be as exhilarating an experience as feeling joy, love, freedom, and all the rest. It is only when you attach a story to these lower frequency emotions that they then become burdensome, unwanted, and lacking of all value to you.

So when you find yourselves having one of these feeling experiences, do not attach a story and do not get down on yourselves for being where you are. And when you are complete with one of these emotional experiences, don’t hesitate then to find a frequency that you do prefer. And be willing to fill your energy field with the best feeling states that you can possibly imagine.

Be explorers of all feelings. Be as curious about them as you would a fifth dimensional forest. Set foot inside your forest of emotions with as much wonder and with the full knowing that you will come out on the other side filled with magical experiences that will serve and all others that you share your planet with.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

You and Your Universe – Archangel Michael

“By living what you are now you are sending the preferences to all dimensions. You are having an impact on more than just your time/space reality. You are constantly sending out signals to all beings in this universe and beyond. Therefore give yourselves plenty of credit for everything that you live.

Acknowledge yourselves often for having contributed mightily to this universe, not in your accomplishments, not in your creations, not even so much in your acts of service. You contribute with your willingness to be here and to traverse your reality of polarity with courage and grace.

We see you living your lives, feeling insignificant, and seeking something more for yourselves, seeking to do more, to contribute more, to have a bigger impact. And in those moments, we want so much to show you the impact that you are having. But it is not possible to demonstrate to you. You would not be able to see it with your eyes.

The universe is taking shape around you. It is finding new ways to be. It is welcoming all of your input, and it hears all of your requests. Be willing to have a more interactive relationship with your universe. Be willing to communicate, to ask, and to send out your unique preferences. But do so in an act of collaboration and co-creation. Demands are never met.

But when you see yourself as an equal to this universe, then you have some ground to stand on. Then you can begin to notice how the universe responds to you in the same way that you respond to it. It holds you with as much reverence. It seeks to understand you. It marvels at how expansive you are.

And yes, you and your universe are one. But you are playing, and you are playing with the idea that you exist in it. So have fun with that game, and know that the rules are always changing to accommodate you in your quest of self-discovery.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Embrace Your Darkness – Archangel Michael

“You all discover places within you that you would rather be done with, and expel from your being-ness. There is a process of discovery that takes place through the simple act of living your life. And as you uncover the darkness within, you immediately go into fix-it mode. You want to clear, cleanse, and eradicate all darkness so that you can live completely in the light.

We understand this desire. We find it noble. And we see all of you struggling every day with your darkness. Living in a reality of polarity necessitates this darkness. It brings you the light. It gives you the ability to recognize the difference. But that does not stop any of you from running, from suppressing, and from even wanting to defeat that which you deem to be dark forces.

Recognize that the dark is just the light seeking to discover itself. Therefore, one is not better than the other. But certainly those dark recesses within you are having a harder time. There is less love there, less light, less acceptance and less compassion. And that is why it seeks attention. That is why your darkness acts out.

And the only response that will ever bring you into full integration and wholeness will be to love and embrace those dark elements within you and to nurture them with all the care that you would a sick child. Be loving to yourselves, no matter how much darkness is coming to the light.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Stepping Out – Archangel Michael

“The way that it all began for you was with an inkling to emerge as a being who had everything to gain by simply existing in a new way. By letting yourselves experience who you are as a new beginning in every moment, you fulfill an initial desire for becoming the consciousness that you are.

Knowing yourselves in new and creative ways is as simple as doing something you have never done before, not for the experience of it, but for the experience of yourselves while doing it. Place yourselves in new scenarios, with people you do not know, in unfamiliar circumstances. Give yourselves as many opportunities in every day to be new, to emerge once again as a different version of Source Energy.

Place by ear, fly by the seat of your pants, look for adventures, and know that they are all entry points for you to be an entirely different aspect of who and what you really are. Stop playing it safe in your lives and looking for security. There is much more in chaos for you than you could possibly imagine.

As you discover yourselves as multifaceted and multidimensional, you create a new environment for yourselves. You access new energies, new frequencies, downloads of all kinds and all magnitudes. You plug yourselves in and you light up the night sky with your brilliance. We enjoy watching when one of you steps out into unfamiliar territory, not to see what you’re made of, but to see what you can make of your life, using new raw materials that are vibrating with ecstasy and waiting for you to notice.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Relaxing into 5D – Archangel Michael

“Bringing yourselves back to your original state of being is like opening a door to a new dimension. You are all sacred and sovereign beings who are here to experience yourselves in new and magical ways. And one of the ways this is achieved is by hitting the reset button and bringing yourselves back to where you were when you originally began incarnating on planet earth.

Let yourselves recognize the non-linearity of your experience. Know that this idea that you must be better or more evolved as you move through time, this is a fallacy. This is part of your mind’s concept of how evolution ‘should’ work. But this step forward that you are taking is just as much of a step backwards to the time before you created so much, back to your innocence.

Because you are clearly conscious of who you are what you are doing here now, this idea could seem a bit disconcerting. You want to believe that you are steadily making progress. But what is progress? If you are progressing towards new experiences, is that not worthy of being considered evolution? And sometimes in order for you to have a new experience, you must lower your frequency.

You must dive down into the darkness and reemerge as you once were, born without sin, born without karma, born without anything that you might consider knowledge. So, what does this mean to you, this idea that you are taking a step back to where it all began? We just want you to know that there’s nothing for you to do.

There’s no steps for you to take. There’s nothing you must become that is better than what you are now. Becoming more is as simple as letting go of any notion that you have that you are not as whole, complete, and perfect as you are. Relax your way into the fifth dimension. Let it be a returning to somewhere you have already been, and let yourselves go willingly.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Translating Energy – Archangel Michael

“Translating energy is an art form. You are all receiving energy from the higher realms and from each other. Translating that energy into something that will be of value to yourselves and others enables you to understand better the energy that you receive. It is not about what you receive. It is about what you do with it, how you use it, what purpose you give it.

That could be seen as your overall life’s purpose. You are here giving meaning to energy, translating it, transmuting it, and exchanging it. Therefore, see it all as energy, without labels, and then ask yourself, ‘What can I do with this energy to give it meaning, to serve myself and others, and to create something new?’

By letting yourselves create with the energy that you receive, you open the doorway for more. And as you do, you allow yourselves access to a continuous flow. You demonstrate to yourselves that there truly is no shortage. But first you must decide that you want to tap in to this stream of energy that is flowing and that you want to do something with it, that you want to express yourselves and your creativity.

You will find that there is no shortage of ways that energy can be expressed, translated, and given meaning. Think of yourselves as part of that energy. Notice how you can change from one moment to the next. You can make new decisions. You can go places and do things that you’ve never done before.

Repurposing your energy is part of your transformation process, your ascension. By engaging with it consciously you are guaranteed to enjoy this ride that you are on. It all starts with the moment that you decide that there is more than what you can see, that you have access to it, and that you want to give purpose to the energy that flows.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Letting Go of Definitions – Archangel Michael

“Take away all that you have used to define yourselves. Take it away voluntarily and with the intention of knowing the deeper, more natural, and truer idea of who you are. Let go of your definitions, your accomplishments, your strengths. Let go of your nationalities, your beliefs, even your gender.

Let go of it all, and as you do, you will find that a weight is lifted. When you are not concerned with how you are defining yourself or with how someone else is looking at you, you will experience a freedom unlike any you have experienced before. You will know yourselves as infinite, limitless, and brimming with potential for even more.

We ask you to take part in this un-defining, this deconstruction, because we want you to have an easier time with what is well underway. We want you to enjoy now all that life has to offer. And we realize that you cannot do that as you cling to the old ways, the old models, the old systems and paradigms.

Included in all of that is the idea that a person could know who you are by looking at a sheet of paper with all of your vital statistics and other fun facts about you. We are not just talking about going beyond the physical here. We are talking about going beyond all labels, all of your history, even that which you think you prefer.

As you strip yourselves down to your core, to the essence of who you are, you emerge from the soil like a sapling, firmly rooted in this reality, but with so much more potential than this reality and the way that it is structured could ever provide. As you navigate through your labels and definitions, be sure to release them lovingly, for they have served you.

And give yourselves the freedom to not only seek out more of who you have ever dreamt that you could be, but also the freedom to exist from one moment to the next with no attachment – no attachment to what you just said or did or believed yourselves to be. This is the fifth dimensional way of knowing and expressing who you are.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

All About Love – Archangel Michael

“Love welcomes you into its arms, giving always. Love is always available. You come from love. You are Love, and love is where you are going. Take a moment now to breathe. Breathe in some of that love that is calling you home and welcome it as it welcomes you.

Sending love to yourself is somewhat of a fantasy. But you get the idea when we tell you to do this. A funny thing about it is that love is all around you. It is inside of you. It is constantly being sent to you, and it is beckoning you home. So when we say, ‘Send yourself some love,’ what we really mean is, ‘Acknowledge yourself as love.’

Tune yourself to the Love that you are and feel it in your bones. More often than not, you are holding back love, not only from yourselves, but from others. This is a part of the idea of separation that you are all playing out. For to be separate means that you could and do experience yourselves as something other than love.

But love is the basis of all things. It is the basis of all actions, all desires. It is not as though you need to find love, and you certainly do not need to find anyone to love you. But holding yourselves in a frequency of love is truly an act of returning to your origin.

And from your state of ever-flowing, unconditional love, you are able to create anything and everything, because anything that you can imagine and everything that is was created with love, out of love, and for the sake of love. You are an experiment in love, and now is the time for you to prove the hypothesis.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

You and Your Desires – Archangel Michael

“Anyone would rather be sacrificed for what they desire than be forced to live in a way that is not in alignment with their desires. And you confirm this day after day by sacrificing yourselves for your desires in the hopes that those desires will fulfill you, bring you peace, and give you the life you’ve always dreamt of. As we witness you putting yourselves beneath your desires, we notice that not one of you takes a moment to question whether that desire is actually worth all of the hard work and all of the sacrifice.

We are not here to tell you that desires are bad or that they are beneath you. We are just sharing our observations about how you hold yourselves prisoner to those desires that always seem just out of reach. We would love to free you from that bondage, but we cannot do it by simply granting you all that you seek and strive for. But we would if we could.

We would rather direct you back to yourselves, and we would like to remind you that you desired nothing more for this incarnation than to be you, precisely and exactly as you are. We want to reawaken within you that primal desire to incarnate in your body for the sole purpose of being the unique expression that you are. We would love nothing more than for all of you to awaken to the realization that you are still the top priority for this incarnation.

And we want you to enjoy your desires, not for what they are, but for what they give you. They give you a reason to be here, expressing yourselves. And as you recognize that nothing short of the full expression of who you are will do, then your desires will be like the prizes that you get, rather than your reason for living.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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Love Yourselves – Ophelia the Faerie

“I am here. I am with you.

You are making this journey with so many others. This a collective shift that is underway. What that means for each of you is that sharing your experiences is not only helpful to those you will share your experiences with, but it will help validate for each of you that you are on your path.

There is a tendency for all of you to compare your journeys and where you are along that path. And so at times you may feel like you are not where you are supposed to be because of an experience that someone else is having that you are not, or because of an experience you are having that others are not.

You must realize that it would not be so much fun for Source if you all had the exact same experience of this shift in consciousness. So that is why all of you are having such varied experiences of it. If you see someone else’s as better than yours, as more advanced, more spiritual, then know that you are playing that game with yourself in other areas of your life as well.

Be willing to look at the way that you measure yourselves against one another, and see it mostly as an indicator that you are in need for some more self-love time. Self-love will always help you along your way and soothe you right where you are, and you are the only one who can give yourself that love.

Even if you are one of the ones who others are looking and are envious of, you are still the only one who can give that self-love to you. You will enjoy your journey so much more when you allow yourself to love yourself. Wherever you are on it, know that you are right where you wanted to be, having the experiences that are of most service to you.

And rejoice and embrace the experiences that others are having as a part of that wonderful diversity that exists within all of humanity. The piece of the puzzle that you are is as important as every other piece. Be proud of the role that you are playing in the shift, and know that even those of us in the higher realms are having our unique and diverse experiences, as we all continue along this journey together, sharing and supporting.

I am personally in awe of all of you, no matter where you are. I love you, and I invite you to love yourselves. I am Ophelia, and I do love you.”

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