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Your True Power – Archangel Gabriel

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“The day that you decide that you will expect everything to go your way will be the day that you begin to exercise your true power. Your true power exists, but you do not always exercise it. There are moments when you do. But in those moments you may not even recognize that you are exercising your true power. Because in those moments, you are only believing that things are going your way because that is your habit.

So we are suggesting that you make some new habits. Make a habit of believing in your self-worth. Make a habit of giving more of yourself in every situation. Make a habit of receiving. Make a habit of living your life by your own rules, and make a habit of making those rules up as you go.

You have plenty of old habits, most of which you are aware of. But the day that you decide that you are going to make some new habits is the day that you begin to feel your power, to harness your power, and to direct your power where you want it to go.

You often give your power away. You give it to those who are all too ready to take it, who do not question whether or not they deserve it, and who will do everything in their power to convince you that you do not need it. And so, little by little, you take back your power. And little by little you exercise your power.

You stand on your own two feet and you declare your power. And that is how we recommend you proceed. That is how we see you. We see you stepping into your power, and we see you acknowledging your power, and we see you filling yourselves with that power breath by breath.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

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The Journeys of Others – Archangel Gabriel

“When you observe another and you witness their journey, you have an opinion about it. You may call it ‘a challenging path,’ or you may wonder why another makes the decisions that they make. You may see another’s journey as tragic or beautiful, or you may determine that someone else has it much, much easier than you do.

And as you witness the journeys of others, you must recognize that you cannot possibly walk in their shoes. You cannot possibly understand what it is like to be on that journey, to be making those decisions, and to be living the lives that they are living. And that is quite all right.

It is not necessary for you to have the exact same experience as someone else. It is not necessary for you to walk in anyone else’s shoes. It is only necessary for you to walk in your own and to live your lives.

But when you cannot help but observe another’s journey, you do have a choice in how you respond to their journey. Whether you see their journey as harder or easier than yours, it does not matter. You would not have incarnated with billions of others to have the exact same journeys. That would not serve the greater good.

So when you are witnessing another’s journey, we recommend that you leave your opinions out of your observation. Instead, you may wish to feel some empathy for whatever it is they are experiencing. For no matter how they came to be where they are, no matter what decisions they have made, whatever they are experiencing, there is always room for compassion and empathy. There is always room for you to be there for another, to hold space for their journey, to cheer them on, to high five them in their triumphs, and to hold them when they need holding.

It is powerful for you to recognize that every single other being that walks the planet with you is a necessary component in the collective journey that you are on. And it is wonderful for you to acknowledge that you could never get to where you are going without everyone else taking their steps and making their journeys alongside of you.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

No Lines to Cross – Archangel Gabriel

“Play with the idea that nothing you could ever do could sully or stain that which you are. Just entertain that notion. There is no act, no intent, no outcome from one of your actions that could ever diminish the Love that you are. When we say that to you, do you believe us? Do you believe that it is possible to cross a line that would take you so far from the Love that you are that you would not be able to return?

Where is that line? Who gets to decide where the line is? And does the line ever move? We can assure you that from our perspective only those who are feeling most separated from who they are are those who get the majority of our attention and our Love. So certainly, from our perspective, they are not so bad that we would turn our backs on them. But they might turn their backs on themselves.

That is the punishment that you dole out on yourselves when you have done something or said something that you deemed so bad, so evil, so unforgivable that the line has been crossed. All that you do in your punishment of yourselves is draw more Love from us and through us. And all that you are doing is denying yourselves the Love that you are.

You do not have to love everything that you have ever done, or said, or thought, but you can love the one who experienced themselves as that person. You can join us in our willingness to see your light and your Love through it all. And you can join us in thanking you for doing whatever you did so that we could have the excuse of radiating more of that Love to you.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Unraveling Your Perfection – Archangel Gabriel

“As you move forward, you do not take on more. You are not adding to who you are through experiences that you have. This is a process of subtraction. Who you are is infinite. How you experience who you are is what is shifting. So when we and other teachers like us say that you are engaging in a process of becoming, and in a process of expansion, we are speaking about your experience of what is going on.

But you, blessed beings that you are, do not need to become more. You are simply realizing the ‘more’ that you already have become. You are recognizing more of the divinity that you are. You are letting go of those false notions, those limitations, those self-imposed and societal labels that we have spoken to you about.

And instead, you are deciding that you are expressions of Source Energy, creating and experiencing. And you are Love, and that Love that you are is expressing. There is really nothing else to do. Some of you have concocted great stories about what needs to be done in order for your ascension to occur. And that gives you all a sense of purpose and a sense of accomplishment. But you, oh dear ones, you do not have to worry.

You do not have to worry that your species won’t make it. You do not have to worry that you are destroying your world. You do not have to worry about what your governments are doing or not doing. You can relax into the knowing that you already are all of it, and you are deciding which parts of that which you are that you want to experience, while letting go of the shame and the guilt over the parts of yourselves that you no longer wish to experience.

You don’t have to rid yourselves of anything or any part of who you are. You are just letting go of the idea that there is something wrong with any part of you, or any action, or any words you have ever spoken. You are perfect as you are, and you are unraveling your perfection.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Labels – Archangel Gabriel

“By getting the labels out of the way, you open new doorways that you had previously kept shut with them. The labels we are speaking of here are not just the ones that you are proud of and the ones that you are ashamed of.

We are also talking about the labels that you don’t even think of as labels. For instance, your country of origin and the country, or state, where you currently reside, your gender, your sexual preference, your age, your political party, your marital status, what you eat or do not eat, and so on.

The labels that you give yourselves, and that you use to define yourselves, are mostly used out of habit. You don’t even think of most of them as labels or as boxes that you put yourselves in. And then there are the ones that you feel proud of. You may be proud of the fact that you are a parent of three and that you have raised your children into adulthood. You may be proud of the fact that you are a vegan.

Even labels such as, ‘spiritual’ have a certain connotation. And they all serve to separate you from others, to pigeonhole you, and to limit you. For if you are a ‘spiritual’ person, how can you enjoy that boxing match or that football game? How can you eat that bacon double cheeseburger?

And then there are the labels you are ashamed of, like ‘alcoholic,’ for instance. Or ‘blue-collar worker,’ even ‘divorcé’ puts you in a box and drums up feelings of shame. We want to free you from all of these labels, but we also want you to understand that the label itself only has as much power as you give it.

So as much as we want you to stop using them, we also suggest that you do not see them as ways of being in the world. They are all temporary and only hold the meaning and the power that you give them. The easiest way to strip a label of its power is to stop using it when you are speaking of yourselves or others. And instead, know yourselves in the present moment as love incarnate. That is the only label we would ever use if we were you.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Follow Your Hearts – Archangel Gabriel

“Before you have the ability to see, you must have the ability to feel. What you cannot feel, you cannot experience in your physical reality. Energetically speaking, it would defy the laws of physics. It would defy the laws of your universe. Practically speaking, it wouldn’t be enjoyable for you to experience something that you did not have the ability to feel.

You have an expression that says, ‘That went over my head.’ And this would be similar to that, except that it is not your head we are talking about. It is your heart. You are beginning to recognize that your heart is a sensory perceiving organ, like your eyes and your nose, your ears, your tongue, your skin.

You are beginning to recognize that without the heart and the ability to feel, you are unable to manifest that which you want to experience with the rest of your senses and perceptive organs. The heart is not very logical. The heart does not need to know how something could happen. It does not need a series of steps that gradually lead it to something new and different. The heart is capable of experiencing so much more.

And when you decide that you want your hearts to lead the way and to show you what is possible, that is when the unbelievable will become real. That is when you will witness quantum leaps in what is possible in your reality. And that is when you will be capable of experiencing all that your heart contains. We suggest that you begin today, that you begin now, and that you begin to follow your hearts.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Beneath the Surface – Archangel Gabriel

“Everyone that you meet gives you but a portion of who they are. You have not met all of anyone, no matter how well you know them. You have only begun to scratch the surface, even if you have been married to the same person for over fifty years.

The same could be true for your relationship to yourself. If you think you know who you are because you have observed your personality traits and your tendencies of behavior, you are mistaken. You only know that portion of yourself that you have been able to become aware of.

Knowing another, or yourself, takes much more than listening and observing. It takes much more than witnessing, even though those are all wonderful things to do, and necessary things. The real being that you are and that you can experience in another goes so far beyond what is shown on the surface.

That part of the self that holds the light and the love through all that each and every one of you experiences is waiting to be known. And the way you can know that love and that light is by feeling for it. When you interact with another, if you remain focused on what he or she is saying and doing, you miss out on the bigger picture.

You miss out on all the good stuff. If instead, while you listen and observe you also reach out with your energetic body to sense the reality that exists beneath the surface, you will be in for a richer and fuller and more fulfilling experience of every single person that you meet, including yourselves.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

The Little Things – Archangel Gabriel

“Appreciation starts with the little things. It is so easy to take the little things for granted until you do not have them, of course. If you want to live a life filled with appreciation, then by all means start small. When you notice something that pleases you in some way, hook in to the sensation of it. Give it your complete attention.

When you are eating appreciate every flavor, every texture, every little bit of what you are munching on. Enjoy the aroma before it even hits your mouth. Enjoy the feeling in your stomach when you are done eating. Enjoy the sensation of being satiated.

The path to a happy life is filled with these little opportunities for enjoyment. If you think that you will begin enjoying your life when you have the perfect house, car, mate, job, friends, and whatever else you feel you need, then we tell you that all of it starts in the here and now. By appreciating something small and seemingly insignificant, you set yourselves on that path.

Now, we want to be very clear about something here. We are not talking about appreciating the little things so that you can have the big things that you REALLY want. We are telling you that unless you appreciate the little things, you will not appreciate the bigger ones when they come along.

We invite you to live your lives by the simple code that if something fills you with more of who you are, then it is worth taking note; it is worth giving that your attention. Do it for the sensation. Do it for the joy and the love that you feel. Let your relationship to your life and everything and everyone in it be about feeling that feeling inside of you. And let everything else be an excuse to feel, an excuse to let more of your energy flow and to be more of who you are.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Create Your Reality – Archangel Gabriel

“In your attempts to understand why something has occurred in your reality, you often look to what you decide are the most obvious causes or precursors. And then you make assumptions based upon your theory. When you do this you often are attempting to either create more of something you want or prevent something you do not want from happening again.

This strategy for living your lives according to your preferences gives you a feeling of control, and control is quite satisfying. You feel safe when you believe that you have control over what comes next. But what if the unexpected was the real treat? What if you could experience something new and exciting without knowing why and without knowing when it would come into your reality? Would you prefer to know or to not know? Would you prefer control over the excitement of surrendering to all?

We love watching you learn about your universe and about the laws of your universe. And we love your excitement as you determine what it is that you want to experience, and you set out to attract and create all that you desire. And we invite you to create your reality in a new way, in a way that you have never even considered.

Create your reality through surrender. Create your reality through letting go. Now, that may not seem like conscious creation to you. It may seem like giving up. But we assure you, you are always the ones doing the creating. But from now on, instead of using your minds to figure out what you want and how to get it, we suggest that you use your hearts to feel the reality you want to experience and then to let yourselves be surprised and delighted by what your heart creates.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Presence – Archangel Gabriel

“Presence. That is all that is required of you. Sacrifice is not required. Penance is not required. Acts of service are not required. There is no minimum amount of time that you need to be meditating, chanting, or doing yoga. There are no dietary restrictions necessary. You do not have to work to save the planet or the environment or the whales. Nothing but your presence is required.

So why then do you have rules of conduct? Why do you have those who tell you that you must be vegetarian to remove yourselves from the karmic wheel? In many ways you are following the behaviors of others, and those others seem to be enlightened. They seem to be on the right path. And while you may notice that beings who are only wanting to be of service are holding a high frequency, there is still a need for those who have other callings in this world.

And so your job here is not to notice what the most enlightened beings are doing and follow their lead. Your job, if you want to call it that, is to notice what your calling is and to do that and to be present. Now, there are those of you who just want to know what that calling is so that you can do it, so that you can be good enough. But we want you to know that your calling may be as simple as going for a walk on the beach, or watching a bird, or skipping stones on a pond.

Your calling does not have to be a lifelong career or a book. So you can let yourselves off the hook for finding meaning and substance in what you call your career. And instead, you can simply be present with whatever it is you are doing and to allow Source Energy to have a unique experience through you.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Time – Archangel Gabriel

“By taking time to savor a moment, you are extending that moment. You are releasing yourselves from linear time. You are taking yourselves into a different version of reality. You have the option of staying on the hamster wheel and feeling enslaved by the clocks, and you have the opportunity in each and every moment to extend time, to make it yours, and to do with it what you please.

These moments that you extend do not have to be of anything special. They do not have to be the moments that you want to experience more of. It can be a very simple and pure moment of quiet reflection or contemplation. You can experience your reality in more ways than you can imagine. And time is one of those variables that you can play with as you make time stop. With your full attention and full presence in the moment, you become masters of time and space.

You become shifters and jumpers, and you have more opportunities, because they present themselves to those who are masters of the moment. At this point in time, you are more powerful than you have ever been. And exercising your power has now become a priority. But exercise it in curiosity and in excitement and in joy, not because you are trying to prove anything to anyone, including yourselves.

Have fun with time. Play with time. See how long you can make a single second feel. And use your powers to slow time down or to speed it up as you see fit. This will be the first way in which you begin to exert true power on your reality. Time first, then space, and then whatever you want. So set some time aside to play and to enjoy and to savor a single moment.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Your Unique Expression – Archangel Gabriel

“All you are and all you ever will be is your unique expression. You will never stop being a unique expression of that which is and that which always will be the Source of All. You do not need to worry that someday you will become so merged with all other unique expressions that you will lose your sense of self, or that you will stop being unique. That which you know yourselves to be now – that consciousness that you are – that will never cease. But that which you are will always expand and become more.

That which is interesting to you now will not always be interesting to you, but your likes and your dislikes do not make you unique. It is always the energy that you bring to something that is uniquely yours. It is what you do with it. That is the key. That is what you are here to explore.

You will always be the one true expression of that which you are. But how you express that which you are will change, and the changes will be a reflection of your expansion and your growth. There will be a time when you will accept all that you are and all that you have ever been. And when you reach that point, you will see it all through different eyes. You will see the expression of that which you are as not defining you. You will see it as that which enabled you to know yourselves. And therefore, it is all valuable. All experience is valuable and valid. The tragedy is no less valuable than the triumph.

Up until now it has been your way to see that which you do as having defined that which you are. That is why so many of you ask each other what you do upon meeting one another. But perhaps, from now on, you will wonder who a person is instead. And you will want to experience the expression of their uniqueness through everything. And then you will know that you have really tapped in to who that person is. And perhaps you will experience yourselves in the same way, not by judging what you have done as good or bad, but by feeling who you are as you do what you do and recognizing your soul’s essence in all of it.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Vulnerability – Archangel Gabriel

“Opening exists for the purpose of giving you the experience of vulnerability. Why would ever want to feel vulnerable? Well, recognize that you are anything but vulnerable. You are powerful beyond measure. You are infinite. You are eternal, so why not have the experience of being vulnerable? Wouldn’t it be fun to know something, to experience something that is so the opposite of anything that you could experience as your total self?

We enjoy watching you pretend that you are opening yourselves to something that could result in your feeling hurt of diminished in some way. We don’t delight in watching because we are satisfied with seeing you have that experience. We delight in watching you because we know that you are just pretending and that everything is and always will be perfectly fine.

So what if you decided that you would open yourself up and be vulnerable, and yet still held that awareness of your true nature, of your infinite, eternal, powerful nature? What if you gave yourself the experience that we have of your vulnerability? What if you did it for fun? Would it still be real? Yes, because you can hold two perspectives at once and you can switch back and forth quite easily.

So be vulnerable and strong. And let yourselves know that the two experiences together are far more delicious than either one by itself. Blending the two, you create something new. You create something remarkable. You create something worth living and worth experiencing, and isn’t that truly what you are all here to do? We know that you are, and we encourage you to recognize the beauty in all of your experiences, even the ones that seem a bit terrifying at first.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Promises – Archangel Gabriel

Promises are only made to the self. Promises may be kept and they may be broken. But nothing is eternal, except you. So why would you ever feel the need to make a promise to someone else or to hold someone else to their promise to you? We will tell you why. It is out of a need for security – the security that cannot be given from one to another.

Security is non-transferable. It is more of a concept than a frequency. And your concepts are even less transferable. At least with your energy you can send an invitation. But you continue to make promises. And the others in your life continue to hold you to those promises, mostly out of fear, certainly not from a place of love.

Promise to remember who you are, and then be who you are. Let that be the commitment that you make and seek not promises from others. All you do when you ask for a promise is remove yourself from your present moment, project out into a future a time when you would need to hold someone to their word. And then you put yourself in alignment with that reality.

Exercise your right to live in the moment. Make your promise to be present. Make your promise to be whole, and ask others to make the same promise to themselves. This releases you from codependency, and freedom is such a large part of who you are. And as you grant each other the freedom to be who you are in the moment, you find it unnecessary to make promises or to ask for promises from others.

You will experience bonds between yourselves and others, between groups. Those bonds are formed with an understanding of energy exchange and unconditional love. And there are no terms. There are no contracts. There are no agreements when you live and let live and when you ask all others to do the same.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Magic – Archangel Gabriel

“Magic happens in the blink of an eye. Now you see it…now you don’t. Putting your faith in that which has been is a foolish game. You all recognize that everything changes. All is changing more rapidly than ever. And yet most of you only believe in that which has been proven, what has worked in the past. That is what you bank on and that is what you cling to.

Putting your faith in something that does not yet exist seems like it is the more foolhardy choice. And yet you believe your weather forecasters. You look at their predictions and you believe that with all their equipment and all their knowledge, ‘They must know more than I what the weather will be like.’

And then there’s the magic. The magic happens in spite of your beliefs, because you are not feeding your beliefs all day, every day. You have plenty of moments where you simply exist, where you are not calculating what will be based on what has been, and those moments where you relax and where you stop recreating the same old, same old. That is when the crack opens up and the light comes through. And there is magic in that moment.

Now, many of you have attempted to be magicians. You have desired to manifest things out of thin air. And you wonder why you do not see the results we are talking about. And then you give up.

But it is only when you give up that you can see the results, because magic does not work if there is even a pinch of attachment, of impatience. And so, the time is now for you all to play with magic and to still recognize that the immediate results are not quite available. But they will be soon, so practice now and let go of all doubt and all that tells you that something wondrous is anything less than a guarantee.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

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