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Love Yourselves – Ophelia the Faerie

“I am here. I am with you.

You are making this journey with so many others. This a collective shift that is underway. What that means for each of you is that sharing your experiences is not only helpful to those you will share your experiences with, but it will help validate for each of you that you are on your path.

There is a tendency for all of you to compare your journeys and where you are along that path. And so at times you may feel like you are not where you are supposed to be because of an experience that someone else is having that you are not, or because of an experience you are having that others are not.

You must realize that it would not be so much fun for Source if you all had the exact same experience of this shift in consciousness. So that is why all of you are having such varied experiences of it. If you see someone else’s as better than yours, as more advanced, more spiritual, then know that you are playing that game with yourself in other areas of your life as well.

Be willing to look at the way that you measure yourselves against one another, and see it mostly as an indicator that you are in need for some more self-love time. Self-love will always help you along your way and soothe you right where you are, and you are the only one who can give yourself that love.

Even if you are one of the ones who others are looking and are envious of, you are still the only one who can give that self-love to you. You will enjoy your journey so much more when you allow yourself to love yourself. Wherever you are on it, know that you are right where you wanted to be, having the experiences that are of most service to you.

And rejoice and embrace the experiences that others are having as a part of that wonderful diversity that exists within all of humanity. The piece of the puzzle that you are is as important as every other piece. Be proud of the role that you are playing in the shift, and know that even those of us in the higher realms are having our unique and diverse experiences, as we all continue along this journey together, sharing and supporting.

I am personally in awe of all of you, no matter where you are. I love you, and I invite you to love yourselves. I am Ophelia, and I do love you.”

Your Creative Process – Archangel Michael

“As you create, you extract data – data that will be used in your creation. You are keepers of records. You are like giant hard drives, and you access the data that you need when it is appropriate. You do not open your computer and have every single file on the screen in front of you. You access the ones that you need.

You do the same when it comes to your process of creation. You do not have a set of rules that you follow or steps that you take. The process is automatic. When you speak, you form words into sentences without thinking about the precise order of those words, and you do not carefully select every word in most conversations. You open your mouth and you let it flow, and the data that is necessary simply comes to you.

The same is true in your creative process, but you do not always allow the process. The more you struggle, the more you try to figure out, the less data you access. The more in the flow you are with your life, the more the data flows. And suddenly you know things that seem to come from out of the blue. You have insights, ideas, and new discoveries that come to you.

But where do they come from? Where was that information yesterday? It comes when it is relevant and when it is needed. Not a moment before and not a moment after. First, believe that what we are saying is true. And then live your life with that knowing, that everything is coming to you at the perfect time, when you will be able to utilize it for your highest good. And give your minds a rest so that the data can come from the broader you.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Miracles – The 9D Hathors

“Set aside, for a moment, your disbelief in that which you would call a miracle. Let go of your rational mind and embrace, for just a moment, the possibility that anything at all was possible, and that not only was it possible, but that it could, and might, and was very likely to happen.

Now discover how the doubt creeps in, how it seeps beneath the cracks under the door. Allow yourself to embrace the doubt. Allow yourself to sit with it, to notice its vibration. And now switch back to the miracle vibration. There will be no question in your mind as to which vibration feels lighter, feels more comfortable, more at home in your body.

Let that be a sign to you that not only are miracles possible, but they are natural. They are compatible with who and what you are. That is why they exist and have existed for so long, to show you not only what was possible, but also what is when you are being your true self, your natural self.

You do not need to be master or an enlightened being in order to experience a miracle. In fact, we ask you to hold us to this statement by requesting a miracle in some area in your life. Go right ahead and be a person who believes in miracles, who not only believes in miracles but seeks them out.

We want you to recognize that everything is a miracle, if you allow it to be. If you do not set your standards too high for what is miraculous, then you can begin to live your life from miraculous occurrence to miraculous occurrence.

You will notice that the doubt will be reflected back to you in others. They will tell you not to get your hopes up. They will tell you that you are crazy, or that you should live in the real world. And we want you to love them. See them as representatives of that place within you that carries the doubt.

Do not attempt to convince them that your life is one gigantic miracle. But instead, see it as a miracle that they were brought to you, to show you where your doubt still lies. When you love the doubters, then you love that part of you that holds the doubt and you transform it with your love. And then watch as the miracles come rolling in.

We are the Hathors. We thank you. And we bid you a fond good day.”

A Cosmic Joke – Archangel Michael

“By taking yourselves too seriously, you limit the amount of joy that is available to you. By letting yourselves see all of this as a fun adventure, you will notice that there is so much less to be serious about. As you observe your life, the lives of those around you, and the world at large, look for the humor in what is happening.

See the absurdity as a cause for laughter. Make fun of what is happening. Your spirituality does not have to be a place where only serious thoughts and discussions are allowed. You have been taught to believe that things of a Divine nature are to be revered, but that was always just a tactic to keep you in your place.

As you recognize yourself as a Divine Creation, and you see how playfully and carefully you have selected the details of your life, you can see the humor in it. Certainly a god who cannot pay the rent is a cosmic joke. As you take on that perspective of lightness and humor, you see the various situations in your life, in your world, and in the lives of those around you as not so serious at all.

You see it all for what it is – it is a game that you are playing. And as real as it seems, it is still meant to be fun. And the ones who are having the most fun are the ones who are deciding that all of this can be fun, even with the tragedies, and the loss, and the heartbreak. You are all beings of light, so having a lighthearted approach to your life is allowing yourselves to be as you truly are.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Saving the World – Ophelia the Faerie

“I am here. I am with you.

Saving the world, or humanity, is a noble cause. You all seek to do this in one way or another, from time to time, perhaps through your actions, perhaps through your words, perhaps even by meditating. But however you choose to go about it, you do so from a place of fear.

That which you seek to save is an expression of Source that is doing just fine, thank you very much. But your desire to save, or to rescue, is also linked with a real feeling within you, because you all have experienced death and destruction on a massive scale. Somewhere, somewhen in your Oversoul’s data bank that type of experience is being had.

So when you look around at the state of affairs of your world and the beings who exist on it, and you feel that fear, know that it is not about this world, this time, or these beings. And put down whatever tools you are using to save it, and let yourselves experience the fear. Let yourselves access the memories, knowing of course that nothing is ever lost or destroyed.

But your experience is very real, and I welcome you to have it. Be aware that the best thing that you can do for this planet and for these humans is to focus on yourself and to give yourself what you need, energetically, vibrationally, and even physically, because you are your world, and you are all the beings on it. So save yourselves and do so with all the love and all the compassion that you have for the most innocent among you.

I am Ophelia, and I love you.”

The Source Energy Perspective – Archangel Michael

“By living your life, you are letting Source Energy play through you. You are giving Source Energy an opportunity for new experience. Therefore, live your life and recognize that this is precisely what is happening. Believing this is one thing. It is nice to come to this awareness and to hold that knowing in your mental body.

But to live it, to truly embody it, that is what you are all here to do. That is what you are all sorting out. You may find that the challenge lies not within knowing that you are allowing Source Energy to have an experience through you, but in synching up with that perspective of Source as you go through the motions of your day.

Every act is an opportunity to know yourself as Source and to see something through the eyes of Source for the very first time. Taking on the perspective of Source is as easy as deciding that it is the perspective that you would like to hold. Because remember, you already are Source. And sometimes, many times in fact, you are simply pretending to be something else, something separate, or less, than who and what you really are.

And every time that you acknowledge your true identity as a Source Energy Being, filtering Its way through a physical experience, you make it easier for yourself and others to hold that perspective. And the more of you who hold that perspective, the more you create Heaven on Earth. Be willing to don the perspective of who you really are and to live your life in that vibration.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Energy – Archangel Michael

“There is always room for more energy. You are never really running low on energy either. It is not a physical substance. Therefore, it is not easy for you to comprehend how it works, where it comes from, where it goes.

When you offer your energy, when you inject it into a conversation or a project, or even an errand that you are running, you do not lose some of your energy stores. You simply give that which is looking for expression a place to go. But that does not leave you with less to operate on and from.

You are not like a tank that only has so much of a capacity for storage. You are the energy. You are not a body that contains energy within it. You are the energy itself. Therefore, the more of you that you infuse into something, the more of you that you gain from the experience.

Simply put, you are here to express that which you are, to allow that which you are to flow, and to give more of that which you are to the collective. It is only when you withhold energy that you begin to feel depleted of it. Whatever you give in this universe, you receive. And whatever you withhold, you deny yourselves.

Be the energy and let yourself flow, not just when there’s something in your life that is calling for it, but in every moment of every day. You can always allow more of you, and more of you is what you will get in return.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Celebrate Your Life – The Unicorn Collective

“Celebrate your life. Give yourselves cause to celebrate. Allow yourselves the space to acknowledge the wonder that you are. Have a party in your honor. Play music that you enjoy and dance. Get happy and laugh and play.

‘Why?’ you might ask. ‘Why do the unicorns want us to have parties and laugh and play?’ Because we are here to reconnect you with that part of yourself that celebrates life, that honors yourself, and that seeks enjoyment for the sake of enjoyment.

Letting yourselves be like children is not shirking your responsibilities or ignoring the truth of your existence and all of the problems of your world. You are simply embracing an aspect of yourself that has been allowed to atrophy from neglect.

You will excel at everything that is serious and adult if you allow yourself some childlike playtime. You are exploring polarity, but what you really want is to achieve a balance in your life. And we see that the imbalance is that there is far too little celebration and play and far too much seriousness and work.

We are going to bully you right back into the playground that is your formative years, and we will not let you out until you have rediscovered how fun life can be. Your life is an opportunity for joy. Why wait? Why ask your life to bring you something joyful before you frolic, before you let go of all the serious problems and simply enjoy the beauty and the sacredness of all that you have created here?

Our wish for you is that you know yourselves once again as the child that you always have been and to let that child out for recess.

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

Choose with Conviction – Archangel Michael

“Deciding is one of the more important things you can do. As you decide, you put yourself on a timeline and you experience all that is in alignment with your decision. You give yourselves opportunities to decide because you want to focus and to experience.

Each decision comes preloaded with all sorts of goodies for you to unwrap once you choose which avenue you will take. But not all decisions are going to be life altering ones. We are not only discussing the ‘big’ decisions that you face, such as where to live, what to do for work, and who to partner with.

Those decisions seem bigger and more permanent than they really are. But nonetheless, your minor decisions also come with plenty of opportunity. By deciding that you will take one avenue, instead of all the others that are available, you are not limiting yourself. In fact, you are experiencing a quickening of energy by being decisive.

You never have to choose and then forsake all other choices that were available. You can choose knowing that all experiences are valid and that every choice that you make is impermanent. But as you choose with conviction, you allow more energy to flow in a particular direction.

And as you flow with that energy, you make your choice work for you. And as you hesitate to choose, you stifle the energy flow and you do not allow anything more to come. But do not agonize over your decisions. They are not life or death. They are simply life and more life.

We are Michael. We are Infinite. We are Love.”

Letting Go of Illusion – Archangel Michael

“Letting go of the illusion does not mean that you stop living your lives. It does not mean that you transcend this reality. Letting go of the illusion is letting go of the idea that you are somehow limited to this experience and to your body.

When you let go of those illusions, you then begin to operate as a being who is exploring your life using a body to do so. You recognize that you are not your body, but you do not dismiss your body. You embrace the body that you are working with and see it as the perfect vehicle for you to do what you set out to do by incarnating.

You also recognize that your life is not the time that you spend contained within a body. You recognize that the experiences that you have while working with your particular body are part of a much bigger story and that they do not define you. You define them. Your life experiences do not give your life meaning. You give meaning to your life experiences.

By letting go of the illusion, you set yourselves free from limitation, and you know yourselves more fully and more accurately as beings of light and love who are focusing on a very particular set of circumstances. And you use those circumstances to better know yourselves, experientially. Give yourselves a chance to let go and still remain focused on the illusion that you have created specifically for you.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

High Frequency Ripples – Archangel Michael

“By bringing yourselves into a state of being, you’re doing far more than attracting into your life that which you want to experience. By elevating your frequency consciously, you set up a chain of events that does not only involve you and does not only involve this incarnation of who you are now.

By putting yourself in a higher frequency state, you send the awareness of that frequency back to your Oversoul and that energy is available to all other incarnations. By bringing yourself into a higher frequency state, you allow other aspects of yourself to experience that frequency state.

You are creators of experience, but the experiences are not limited by time and space. They are as infinite as your Oversoul, as far reaching as the corners of your universe. They are not limited to one dimension, to one incarnation, and certainly not to one manifestation.

So if you need to be rewarded for holding a higher frequency state, and you do not see any results in front of you in the near or immediate future, that is all right. The impact is felt by every single one of your incarnations. And for a moment in time, you get to know yourselves as more than beings in bodies, living out a single story. You’re connecting with that which is eternal and infinite. You are setting a new standard.

But there is so much more that is happening. The essence of what you are feeling in those moments puts a vibrational carrier wave into effect that ripples out beyond your world, beyond your solar system, beyond even your galaxy. You are sending out a signal that says, ‘We are ready. We are inviting higher frequency beings to come play with us.’

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Contracts with Catalysts

“Someone is in your life right now because there is a contract between you. That contract is an agreement for the two of you to serve one another. The way that you and this other individual will serve each other is by setting each other on a course, a course that will take you away from that other individual.

This may look like heartbreak to you. It may feel like betrayal. You may wonder how someone you love could do or say such a thing as to create the rift between you that will take you down divergent paths in your lives.

We want you to recognize these types of occurrences because we know that it serves you more to focus on the new path that you will find yourself on than it will to ruminate over the betrayal, or the harsh words, or the break-up.

Sometimes the catalyst for your evolution and growth is one that leaves you feeling burned. But that is how you need to be pushed at times in a certain direction, a direction that your ego would never recognize otherwise. You know this prior to incarnating, and that is why you ask your friend to do the dirty work of putting you on the most appropriate path, the one that serves you in spite of the burns you receive along the way.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Heaven – Archangel Michael

“There will always be a place for you in what you would refer to as heaven. There always is and there always has been. Believe it or not, this place exists. But it is far different from how it has been portrayed and imagined.

There certainly are many beings existing there who would appear angelic to all of you, and it certainly is a lovely place. But there is far more going on in what you would call heaven than anyone has depicted in any of the stories that you have.

Imagine a place so bountiful and rich that you could possibly find yourself amidst a wave of ecstasy that would be too much for you to fully integrate. Now, imagine that these waves are all around you and that each one is slightly different.

You would enjoy a microsecond of this experience, but you would also feel overwhelmed, scared, shocked. Be that as it may, there is no separation between you and heaven. But you experience a tiny fraction of it whenever you tap in to that which is infinite and eternal.

You are not likely to experience one of these waves of ecstasy in your current incarnation because, like a drug, you would find yourself addicted and unable to focus on anything else. Bring your idea of heaven to earth and look not for escape. That experience is overrated. But know that heaven exists and that you allow yourselves to experience a very diluted piece of that heaven from time to time.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Ideas and Solutions – The Unicorn Collective

“You find a way every time, no matter what it is. You humans always find a way. You give yourselves challenges because you want to have the experience of finding the way. You also enjoy synching yourselves to higher frequency energies. That is where you find solutions. That is where you get your new ideas.

The new ideas and the solutions do not belong to the individual who first comes in contact with them. They belong to all of you. Sometimes they come through more than one individual at the same time to demonstrate this to all of you. These are not meant to be patented and held close to the chest of the individual who is able to decipher those ideas, those solutions.

But that is the way that you all view reality at this time. There is mine and there is yours, and sometimes there is ours. But mostly you want to take credit for things. You want ownership. And that is quite all right. You get to play with that for a little longer. But as all of you maintain a higher frequency, you will see that there is much available to all of you. And then no one feels like they must claim an idea or a solution for themselves.

When you see the abundance of what is available to you, then you no longer feel the need to cling to a single crumb that seemingly fell from the sky and into your consciousness. If you want a taste of more, then raise your frequency for the fun of exploration, for that magical feeling you get when you download something that is new and exciting to you. And then share what you receive.

Do so because you want to have more experiences of more downloads, because you are excited to find the new idea and the solution. That is where true abundance lies.

Blessings to you from the Unicorn Collective.”

Bringing Peace – The Unicorn Collective

“We are fascinated by your species. We watch in great wonder. And while we respect you as a species and as individuals, we do not understand some of what we observe. We do not understand why people want to harm other people.

It is does not seem to resolve any situation. If anything, it creates more and more and more. When you hurt each other physically, some of you seem quite happy, as if hurting another would change your life for the better. But then we see that the lives of those who are hurting others become much worse. Some of them are locked away. Others feel tremendous guilt. Others receive retaliation.

None of it seems to benefit any of you. So we watch and we attempt to understand. Some of us feel sorrow, others just want to help but don’t know how. And that is how many of you feel as well. You see the violence. You are aware of it. But you don’t know what to do. You don’t know how to help.

We would like to offer you our perspective. You help when you are kind. You help when you smile at someone, a stranger on the street. You help when you take time to love anyone in your life, and by offering gentle affection. That is how you create a world where there is no need for beings to hurt or kill each other.

You do it by embracing all beings, regardless of what they believe, regardless of what they have done or said. You do it by loving them back to the peace that exists at their core but that they have forgotten. It all starts with a choice. Choose how you want to be, and those around you will show you a reflection of the love that you are and that you offer.

Blessing to you from The Unicorn Collective.”

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