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The Threshold of the Fifth Dimension – The Founders

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Whether or not you believe it, you have already taken yourselves beyond the threshold of the fifth dimension. There is no need to wait for some big event to occur to let you know. There is no stopping you from experiencing yourselves as fifth dimensional beings.

But many of you are waiting for a big event – a financial collapse, full disclosure, or even a natural disaster of catastrophic magnitude. In the game you are playing now, there are not such clear demarcations because you are making it all up as you go.

Some of you have already begun experiencing yourselves and your reality in a fifth dimensional way, but those of you who have had those experiences bring yourselves back to the rest of the pack. You are not willing to stay that far out in front. And that is quite all right, but now the time is coming for those of you who are capable of holding a fifth dimensional frequency, and maintaining it, to show others how to do it.

You are ready to step into leadership roles, and your students are ready for you to do so. As long as you are waiting for someone or something outside of you to tell you that the shift to the fifth dimension is already taking place, you will limit yourselves, you will not realize your full potential, and you will let the outside evidence determine the frequency you hold and the dimensional range you find yourselves in.

It is time to take ownership of yourselves as fifth dimensional beings and to begin creating a new world.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Tendencies – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

Tendencies are not written in stone. Tendencies have no momentum behind them, but they can be given new life with your attention to them. When you notice a tendency in yourself or in someone else, oftentimes you maintain it only because you enjoy consistency.

How do you maintain a tendency in another? You do it by accessing the version of them that you do. You do it by creating the reality where that person maintains their consistency so that you can be right, so that you can know what to expect.

If there is a tendency on your part that you would like to release, the first thing to do is to not talk about it as if it is inevitable that you make that choice yet again. The next thing to do would be to consider alternative possibilities and to see how you feel when you consider them. The third and final step is to take action that supports your new decision, you decision to be a brand new version of yourself with no tendencies whatsoever.

Your willingness to release old tendencies frees you to all sorts of possibilities that can only exist when you are open to them. Be open to creating a new version of yourself, one with no past, no tendencies, and no expectations about the future. Be the version of yourself that is open to infinite possibilities, and be the version of yourself who embraces all that is new, all that is unexpected. When you do, you will be experiencing life as it really is for the first time.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Interconnectedness – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

In the isolation of the ego from other egos, there is a cutting off of a flow of energy. You are isolated because of the desire to have an individuated experience of self. This has been the game that you have all decided to play. So it is not wrong, and it is not the ego’s fault.

It all has been part of the design, part of the larger plan, and now comes the next phase, or stage, of that plan. This stage requires you to acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things, starting with yourselves to your fellow humans. The process of knowing this is well underway, but the experience of it is something that few have tasted.

But the time is now, because you are ready and because you have done all that you can with an individuated ego consciousness. So now you are simply ready for a new way of experiencing reality.

So one of the ways that you can get to this experience we speak of is by letting go of the need to place yourself above or below any other human being. When you catch yourself comparing, just stop, let it go, and breathe. And recognize the other as a part of you and you as a part of them.

See how each and every one of you is necessary to complete the picture, to be whole, and to experience what it is like to be Source, which is All That Is, in a physical body. This is what you are ready for. This is where you are.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Your Abilities and Powers – The Quarnthians

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“Behold. This is our latest transmission.

Before you allow yourselves access to abilities and powers that lay somewhat dormant within you, you must be willing to accept responsibility for those powers and abilities. You are the ones who are deciding when it is appropriate for you to access that which lies within you. No one else besides you holds the key.

And while it may be true that many of you right now are shouting, ‘I’m ready! I’m ready!’, the truth is that if you were ready, you would have the abilities. What we are talking about now are abilities like teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis, the ability to transform matter, and the ability to create out of what appears to be thin air. There are many other abilities as well, but those are the major ones.

Some of you are unlocking those abilities as we speak, and it is not all fun and games for those of you who are. It can be frustrating at times because of the inconsistency. You can feel that something is right there, at your fingertips, that you cannot quite master. And we want you to know that the timing of this is always perfect. So you do not need to worry about not doing something correctly or blocking yourselves.

Blocking yourselves and not being ready to take full responsibility are two different things. So taking responsibility means that you would be willing to accept the consequences for anything that you did with that kind of power. And when you are faced with that opportunity to accept the consequences, you naturally access other lifetimes where things went quite amuck and where you were not fully capable of accepting the consequences and the responsibility for what those types of powers led to.

So get ready to do some integration as you make your way through to the accessing of these abilities. Be willing to feel the awesomeness of the power and at the same time grasp the weight of the responsibility. And you all are well on your way.

We are the Quarnthians, and this is goodbye for now.”

Love the Powers That Be – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

Because it is relevant to your current experience of reality, we will discuss the so-called powers that be. We will talk to you now about the humans that you refer to as the cabal or the illuminati. You have many names for these individuals. They have been with you through this experience of the shift, and they are not immune to the changes.

They are not able to avoid their own experiences. And so, even though from a certain perspective you could say that they have had it easier than the rest of you throughout the course of human history, now is the time when what they will experience will be much more intense and much harder than what the rest of you will experience.

And therefore, we want to suggest to all of you that you have compassion for them. Show them the love and compassion that they would not show you and that they would not have the capacity to show themselves or each other. Part of your shift in consciousness is recognizing that you are a collective of beings and that none of you exists outside of that collective.

Therefore, none of you is immune to the experiences of other beings within your collective. So by showing compassion and offering love to those members of your collective who are going to be hit hardest by the current energies, you are not only helping them; you are also helping yourselves.

The energies themselves cannot be ignored or denied, and what those in power will experience will be felt throughout the collective. On some level, you all experience each other’s pain and sadness, grief and despair.

So rather than getting excited about the elite finally getting theirs, we recommend that you hold them in your prayers, that you send them love, and that you help, because if you are hearing our message now that is what you came here to do.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Vibration and Frequency – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

In your discovery of vibration and frequency, you took yourselves into the new age. By giving yourselves that bit of knowledge, you opened several doorways at once. The discovery of vibration and frequency is far more significant than any piece of technology that has been created or ever will be created.

Having this knowledge brings you closer to Source, to your recognition of yourselves as Source. By giving yourselves this knowledge, you have activated what was once dormant within you.

Take your knowledge of frequency and vibration and apply it to everything in your life. Instead of evaluating a situation and determining what actions are necessary for you to take, simply ask yourselves, ‘What is the vibration that I seek?’ Then determine where your current vibration is regarding the situation by checking within yourselves. You will know by how you feel what your current vibration is.

Now, in the past, we and others may have told you to use positive thinking to elevate your vibration from where it is to where you want it to be. But now you are ready to make things much easier on yourselves.

Now you are ready to elevate your vibration through the simple act of focusing with intention. If your intention is to raise your vibration, and you focus on your vibration, then it is automatic and the sky is the limit.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

The Current Energies – The Quarnthians

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“Behold. This is our latest transmission.

We are pleased to connect with all of you and to assist you in whatever way that we can. We are not teachers by nature, but we are eager to offer you our insights so that you may take them or leave them.

Preparing yourselves for new energies is of the utmost importance for the human race. There is no stopping these energies from making their way to your planet. They are benevolent, of course. There’s nothing for you to fear. But when you experience them, you can have an adverse reaction. They can rub you the wrong way, because they are so pure.

And that purity causes you to see yourselves in ways that are less than flattering. These energies are like a mirror, and they are reflecting to you that which is unpleasant at times, that which is not your proudest trait. They are giving you what you need, which as you know, is not always the same thing as what you want.

So how do you prepare for them? How do you ready yourselves for these reflections? Well, you start by paying attention. Pay attention to what it is you are feeling, to what it is you are thinking, and pay attention to your response and reaction to things on a personal level and on a global scale.

And every time you notice one of these darker aspects of yourself coming to the light, that is the opportunity that you are giving yourselves to embrace that darkness, embrace that aspect. Do not seek to fix it, do not seek to make it go away, and certainly do not pretend that it is not real.

Everything is real, and when you take the opportunity to embrace and love those aspects of yourself as they come to light, you find that you are transformed in the process. And then you no longer need to activate those aspects of who you are, of who Source is, of who we all are.

And when you no longer need to activate them, you can choose to live as the beings of Light and Love that you also really are. And that is how these energies serve you, and that is how we recommend you respond to them.

We are the Quarnthians, and this is goodbye for now.”

Love Yourselves – The Founders

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As the most important person in your life, you have intimate knowledge of what makes you tick. You know what works for you. You know how to lift your spirits, how to best take care of yourself. You know what you need, precisely how you like it, and even how frequently.

So if you are interested in loving yourself, then start with all these simple things, these little things that you know you enjoy, that you know bring you pleasure, and that you know raise your vibration. If you start there, if you start by giving yourself exactly what you want, then loving yourself energetically, psychologically, and emotionally will be that much easier.

If you are not currently in a relationship, or even if you are, give yourself the type of treatment that you wish a partner would give you. Be willing to extend to yourself the courtesy and the respect that you would like all others to show you. Be gentle with yourselves. Be forgiving of yourselves. Lavish yourself with praise.

And by all means, do so from a place of desire, rather than because we are suggesting that you do. And certainly do not lavish yourself with praise because you think it will get you somewhere else. Do these things solely because they are what you want. This is how you want to be treated.

Give yourself a day off from working, and worrying, and trying to better yourself in some way. And instead, give yourself all the treats that you want. Give in to your desires, and be the one who delivers what you want to you. Do it lovingly. Do it without shame or fear that you are being selfish, and enjoy your own company.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Be Who You Really Are – Archangel Michael

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“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

By letting yourselves be precisely who you are, you fulfill every imaginable life’s purpose. By giving yourselves full permission to follow all of your impulses, you take yourselves exactly where you need to go. By giving yourselves the freedom to be who you want to be in the moment, you allow yourselves access to all parts of who you are.

This is what your shift in consciousness is all about. It is not about going somewhere else or having broad, sweeping changes on your world. The shift is about realizing your full potential, and doing so only requires you to be who you really are. So as you put away your preconceived notions about who you have to be in a given situation, you give yourselves the freedom to be the true you, the whole you.

What we are talking about here is a willingness to get go of thought and to especially let go of what others think of you. This is the most appropriate way for you to act. You are the most qualified person to decide for yourselves who you should be and what you should do.

And at first, you will hear the echoes of your own thoughts in the voices of others. So don’t expect full support from your fellow humans. But expect full support from those like us who are cheering you on and celebrating every time we see you be who you really are and follow your impulses.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Where You Put Your Attention – The Quarnthians

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“Behold. This is our latest transmission.

We are eager to share with you our observations. There is a method that you all use for determining whether something is worthy of your attention. It is your experience of it. You take your experience of something and you measure that against how it is you want to experience it. And if it does not match your desired experience, then it gets more of your attention.

So let us say you have a relationship with another person, of a romantic nature, and let us say that things are not going well from your perspective. Then you are more likely to give the relationship and your partner more of your attention. If everything is going swimmingly, you are more likely to ignore the relationship or the partner and put your attention on something else, something that you believe needs your attention. Let us use your work, as an example.

So you tend to give more of your attention to that which is not measuring up. You like problems because problems keep you busy. They give you something to do, something to focus on. What if everything in your life was going according to plan, measuring up to the standards you had set for it? What then? What would you do with yourselves if you had no problems to tackle? Would you get bored? Would you lose interest in your partner?

These are important questions to ponder, because you believe that you all want a perfect life with peace and harmony. But would that perfect life be worthy then of your attention, or would you get bored? We ask you to consider this and to examine where you are placing the majority of your attention. Why not give your attention to that which is measuring up?

Why not have more fun where there is fun to be had, rather than taking the serious approach that says, ‘You could be doing better if you just applied yourself.’ We would like to see what happened if humanity would apply itself to that which is working already. We would like to see what would happen if all of you celebrated your accomplishments more and focused on how far you have yet to go less.

We are the Quarnthians, and this is goodbye for now.”

Integrating the Current Energies – The Founders

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There is more energy coming to your planet from the sector of space you are entering. The results of your absorption of this energy will depend upon a variety of factors. When you feel overwhelmed, when you feel that everything is moving too fast, that is an opportunity for you to slow down, take some deep breaths, close your eyes, and put everything else on hold.

It is most important for all of you to take care of yourselves. And by that we mean, specifically, your vibration. But also, we are referring to your physical bodies and your psychological and emotional health. Taking on as much energy as you are means that you can accomplish more by doing less.

But the way that we see most of you responding to the influx of energy is by speeding up, doing more, taking more of an active role, and this simply does not serve you. This is why some of you experience the breakdown of your physical body. Eventually, you simply run yourselves ragged.

These energies are not to be kept up with by action. They are to be absorbed and integrated. And the best way for you to do this is by relaxing, resting, and taking it easy.

So we are offering our advice as if we were your physicians or your psychotherapists. And our advice is to take it easy, slow down, breathe, meditate, connect with nature, and drink plenty of water.

Know that there is more going on than you can see with your eyes. Tune in more frequently so that you can feel these energies, so that you can welcome them in, and so you can let them do what they do, while you lie back and enjoy the ride.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Your Inner Wisdom – The Quarnthians

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“Behold. This is our latest transmission.

We are pleased to offer you what we can. This is a wonderful time to be alive, and you are doing exceptionally well. For everything that you experience is taking closer to being the sovereign beings that you are destined to become.

On your path to being those whole and sovereign beings, you have discovered many different teachers and many different teachings. And any of them that are worth listening to would tell you that you are your best teachers and that you have all of the answers within.

So the best piece of advice that we could offer you from our perspective is that it serves you very well to listen. Listen to yourselves. Listen to your hearts. Listen to your emotions. Listening is essential to getting the answers that you seek from within yourself.

We know that it is easy at this time to get information from your computers, and even your phones. And so you have trained yourselves to look for the answer in the quickest and easiest way possible. And this has taken you further and further from the little voice inside of you that can tell you what you really need to know, that goes far beyond what your Internet can share with you.

But it will not always be a voice. Sometimes it will be a knowing. Sometimes it will be an impulse to move in a particular direction. But you will always have what you need within you, and all it takes for you to tap in to that inner wisdom is a desire to do so, a willingness to listen, and some patience.

Patience is required because sometimes it is necessary for you to hold information back from yourselves. Sometimes what you really need to know is precisely what you do know. And that which you want to know would simply not be appropriate for you to know in the moment.

So once you ask a question, and you go within yourselves for the answers, listen, and also, be willing to go about your day. Be willing to accept that the answer will come to you in the perfect timing, and know that it is always you who is giving yourself the answer, the guidance, the impulse. This is the best advice we have to offer you or any being that we encounter.

We are the Quarnthians, and this is goodbye for now.”

Freedom, Joy, Peace, & Prosperity – The Quarnthians

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“Behold. This is our latest transmission.

Before we begin, we would like to express to all of you our deep appreciation for your willingness to hear what we have to say. You have shown yourselves to be a very open species. We enjoy giving you these transmissions, and we also enjoy seeing how they are received. So we wanted to thank you.

And now we will tell you what we see when we look upon the human race. From our perspective, you are a beautiful race of beings who share many common goals. You would like to experience peace, prosperity, and joy. You also enjoy freedom.

What we have observed of humanity tells us that you believe there must be a price for what you receive. Often the price is hard work, but sometimes it is even more. Sometimes we see you putting your lives at risk for peace or prosperity. We can tell you that, in our experience, we have known there to be an easier way for you to have what you want.

First of all, listening. Listening is an effective means of finding peace. Opening yourselves to receive is a wonderful way to find that prosperity. Treating yourselves with respect and dignity, and following your impulses is a wonderful way to achieve joy. Freedom is most easily attained by shifting your perspective, by owning your freedom, rather than asking for it from someone else.

And perhaps the most important piece of wisdom that we have for humanity is to love yourselves. Look within yourselves for the love that you seek, for it is there, waiting to be unlocked and released, waiting to be allowed. And when you experience that love from within yourselves, everything else that you want comes much more easily.

We are the Quarnthians, and this is goodbye for now.”

The Whole of Source – The Quarnthians

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“Behold. This is our latest transmission.

As the portioning off of consciousness takes place, there is a part of the whole that remains intact with each portion. When the opening of your consciousness to higher frequencies takes place, you are giving yourselves more of the experience of that wholeness that exists within every single one of us. So this is a necessary aspect of the shift.

It is not just about knowing yourselves as fifth dimensional beings. It is about returning home to that awareness that you are so much more than individuals existing in a dimension, on a planet, at a particular time. And that wisdom, that knowing, is something you can carry with you, even as you pretend to be an individual with a physical body, experiencing the limitations of any dimension.

The process of holding that awareness within you is one that you open to gradually, little by little, and that is what makes it so enjoyable. It is much more enjoyable to savor each bite of a piece of food than to receive your nutritional needs intravenously. And that is what you have all given yourselves the opportunity to experience.

The full knowing of yourselves as the whole of Source, while still being contained in a physical body, is one of the most ecstatic experiences a being can have, on any level, in any dimension. It is time to recognize that this is not just something you are moving towards. This is an experience that you are able to have, right here and right now.

So even though you are experiencing some limitations, you can still have the experience of knowing that the whole of Source is contained within. And the expression of that knowing is what gives your lives depth and meaning. It is at the heart of every joyous experience.

We are the Quarnthians, and this is goodbye for now.”

To Give – Archangel Michael


“To give and release all expectation for gratitude or reciprocation is one of the many ways you have of knowing yourselves as Source Energy. Giving places value upon not only that which is given, but also upon the person who receives. When you give the gift, you give another a sense that they are worthy, that they matter, and that they are loved.

Truly, there is no greater way of knowing yourselves as abundant than to give something that you have that feels valuable to you. Make no mistake about it – the real gift that you have to give is that of your true essence. But sometimes you have the opportunity to give something physical, something that another could use. And that is wonderful as well.

By letting another give to you, you also give a gift. You give the gift of receiving and allowing the other to feel their benevolence and abundance. You often come to a place in your lives where you have more than enough, and you are presented with the opportunity to either cling to what you have or to give some of it away. We are not telling you that you must give. Because if you are not feeling abundant, then giving what you have only amplifies that feeling.

So many of you are witnessing a shift in the way that you exchange energy on your world. You want to be a part of that shift. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to give without expectation of receiving anything in return. That is much more effective than any demonstration you could partake in that is designed to point out the corruption or greed that is prevalent on your world. Be the change. Show others that there is another way.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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