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Prayer – Archangel Michael

“We always appreciate your prayers. Your prayers are coming from your most heartfelt desires, and we appreciate that you take your time to reach out. We understand that all of you are looking for help and are looking for answers.

We are anticipating that which you are asking for, before you even decide to relay the prayer. We are giving you an opportunity to hear yourselves as you say your prayers and as you make your requests. We are already giving you the answers to your prayers in the moment that your desire is created.

However, you may still want to ask. You may still want to give voice to your desires, for they are a part of you. They are coming from a deep place within you. Your feeling is what is transmitted in the prayer. The words are not part of our expression. We are not verbal and we do not have language.

But we feel you, and we know the essence of what you are asking for, and that is always what you are being given. You are the answerers of your own prayers. You are giving yourselves an opportunity to experience what it is like to move from having a desire to having the desire fulfilled. That is one of the reasons why you exist where you do and how you do.

We are holding your frequency here in the angelic, and we are watching like proud parents as you catch up, as you make your journeys, and as you know yourselves as the answerers of your own prayers.

We are the Archangel Michael. We are infinite. We are love.”

Enjoyment – Ophelia the Faerie

“I am here. I am with you.

The way you enjoy something is one of the markers for how far you are coming in your evolution. There are so many different ways that you can experience enjoyment when you are engaged in an activity that pleases you. How free are you in your expression of your enjoyment? How much do you savor that which you are enjoying? How much of your focus is right where you are and how much of it is looking forward to the next thing, and the next?

The next time you are engaged with something that you enjoy, I invite you to dive a little deeper into your enjoyment to allow yourself to fully experience and engage with that person, or that food, or that activity, or that place. That which you enjoy is a part of you, just as we teachers keep telling you that all aspects of your world are reflecting back to you something that is within you, the pieces that you enjoy must be included. And they are just as significant for you as the parts you are attempting to deny or hide from.

So give yourself a multi-sensory experience of that which you enjoy. Be sure you are completely grounded in your bodies as you engage with the object of your enjoyment. Close your eyes or open your eyes. Breathe deeper. Listen. Explore every nuance of it. Engage with it in a new way. Feel its presence and your presence merging in the moment. Become one again with that which you enjoy, with that which is a part of you.

And seek out more experiences with that which you enjoy. Give yourselves permission to indulge. Your enjoyment is just as much a part of your evolution as those fears and traumas that you are integrating at this time. Your enjoyment is just as much of a spiritual practice as those things that you are doing because you believe they are putting you on a spiritual path. You are enjoyable, and you deserve to enjoy fully that which resonates with you.

I am Ophelia, and I love you.”

Your Distractions – The 9D Hathors

“You find solace in many of your distractions that you have. There are many things that you do simply to escape from what is. We observe you doing this quite a bit, in fact. Solace is a wonderful thing. We love that you are finding your way to a sense of balance in your lives, and we are not here to take all of your distractions away from you.

We just want you to be aware of when you are doing it. We want you to do it with intention so that you realize that you are using a distraction, rather than believing that the distraction is really what you want to experience, because it is not. It is just serving a purpose for you.

What you really want is to be fully present with your life, with what is flowing and what is not flowing energetically, and with your surroundings and those people that are a part of your life. And if for some reason you feel that you are not able to in the moment face that which is showing up in your life, then by all means choose your distraction.

Choose it carefully. Choose it while knowing that you still have everything else in your life waiting for you and that the escape is not a way of dealing with that which is challenging you, that which is causing you to look at yourselves, and that which is eliciting emotional responses within you.

Numbing yourself is a different story entirely. Numbing yourself is a type of escape that we do not endorse. But distracting yourself is harmless, as long as you do so knowing that the distraction is a means to an end. The distraction can help you bring yourself to a higher frequency state so that when you do decide to face up to the challenges in your life and the other people who are showing up, you will do so with more of your wits about you, with more of your energy.

So use your distractions and refrain from numbing yourselves with substances, and you will be just fine. You will be able to take a new perspective, a new look at those challenges, those emotions, and those individuals which are not going to go away just because you choose to check out for a little bit. But you will be so much better off if you allow yourselves a few distractions every once in a while.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

The Primary Frequency – Ophelia the Faerie

“I am here. I am with you.

Your frequency will tell you exactly where you are, and it will tell you exactly where you are going. Your frequency is a product of your attention. Whatever you place your attention on vibrates, and that vibration is not only detected by you, but you usually assimilate to it quite easily and rapidly.

Therefore, when teachers like myself are guiding you to go within, it is because we understand the true nature of who you are. The true nature of who you are holds a very high frequency – the highest, in fact. So putting your attention there will elevate your frequency.

And then as you move through your world, you will find that the reflections that you interact with are more harmonious with that higher frequency state that you hold at your core. It is the primary frequency. Therefore, the more attention you give it, the more you will be in harmony with that which is and that which always will be the vibration of Source.

Harmony with self and harmony with Source and harmony with the exterior are all the same thing. So finding your harmony with the frequency that is at your core will give you the most satisfying experience of your external world.

I also encourage you to look for that which is in the external world that matches the frequency of your core and to give your attention to those people, places, objects, music, and whatever else stimulates that knowing within you that you are seeing mirrored to you a very close approximation to who and what you really are.

The more foreign something feels to you, the more discordant the relationship you find to it. Give yourselves the experience of moving in harmony with that which is in harmony with you, and know that the more that you spend your awareness on that which is eternal and internal, the more you will see it reflected outside of you and the more enjoyment you will have of this beautiful universe that is your creation and your playground.

I am Ophelia, and I love you.”

Other Perspectives – The Hathors

“Taking on another’s perspective as your own can work in one of two ways. It can open you to having a fresh point of view and expand your consciousness by allowing you to see something from a slightly different angle. Or it can give you insight into something that you are already are thinking and feeling but are unaware of on a conscious level.

Therefore, it is never harmful for you to be aware of another’s perspective, nor is it detrimental to you in any way to try it on for size. You will always become aware of the perspective that someone else is holding when it serves you to be aware of that person’s point of view. So it is never being thrust upon you. It is always there by invitation.

And we want you to consider reaching out more to ask others about their perspective on life, on what it means to be human, on their own spiritual evolution, on some world event, anything at all. And if you are being triggered in any way by the other person’s perspective, then we suggest that you use that as an opportunity for you to clear your judgment about the belief and the ideas that the other is holding.

You are always meeting yourself in this life. You are either meeting yourself that you are unaware of, or you are meeting yourself from another incarnation. You are meeting yourself from your past or from your future. But in some way you are always face to face with an aspect of you. So always treat others with respect, no matter what it is they say or do.

You have many that you would easily dismiss as soon as you knew their political leanings or their religious beliefs, and it is always better for you to sit with that perspective that they hold and let it simmer within you. Let it show you where you are still holding resistance, where you still have some letting go to do.

And do not allow a person’s perspective to define who they are or to define your relationship to them. They are just showing you in that moment what you need to integrate. But who they are is much bigger than that, much more expanded and has much more to give to the world than just that one perspective.

We invite you to see yourselves as the ones who are holding a certain perspective and not as the perspective itself. Do not get too caught up in your interpretation of reality, for it is temporary, it does not define you, and it is just something that you are putting on and taking off like a shirt.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

Softening Resistance – Ophelia the Faerie

“I am here. I am with you.

Softening your resistance is a good place to start. The idea that you can release resistance all at once can be overwhelming and a bit unrealistic. But if you can embrace the concept of softening resistance, then that can take you a long way towards that complete releasing that you are all striving for.

So what do I mean by ‘softening resistance’ then? Softening resistance means existing side-by-side with that thing or that aspect of yourself or that idea that you feel so much negative emotion around. If you begin by simply giving yourselves the opportunity to experience it, with the intention of letting down your guard, with the intention of exploration, and with the intention of co-existing with it, then you will find that your resistance will soften automatically.

I want you all to recognize that whatever it is that you have resistance to is part of your set-up for this lifetime. It is not as though you are just resistant by nature, that you are going out looking for things to push against. You have very specific desires for this incarnation, and those desires relate to very specific experiences that you wanted to have. And one of those experiences was to face this monster that you are so resistant to and to eventually embrace it and let it be.

Your minds can find it difficult to even comprehend how certain things and certain acts and even certain individuals could be allowed to exist. Therefore, I recommend staying out of your mind, because certainly it is illogical for you to allow certain things to occur in your world.

But this experience you are having is not a mental experience. It is an energetic experience. It is a feeling experience. Therefore, when you let go of resistance, I also recommend that you let go of your thoughts about whatever it is that you are holding that resistance towards.

Start with softening. Start with softening resistance to something that is not so big and so scary and abhorrent. Let yourselves have that experience. You will find it gets easier as you move forward in this eternal becoming that you are engaged in.

I am Ophelia, and I love you.”

The Journey – The 9D Hathors

“Setting out on a journey is part of the experience that you are having in your human, physical reality. You get to have the experience of moving from one place to another. Not just on your physical world, but also metaphysically speaking, energetically speaking, evolutionarily speaking, you get to have that experience.

It is not as though you need to have that experience in order to become one again with Source Energy. This was not a business trip. This was not a trip of necessity. This was and is a trip of exploration and of fun. This is a bit of a vacation for all of you, and it is for the purpose of experiencing all of the different paths along the way.

The paths may seem like a necessity to get you to where you are going, but the paths are really there to be experienced. That is why we are encouraging you at this time to slow down a bit, to not be in such a hurry, to stop and enjoy all the sights and all the sounds and all the smells that you can.

Recognize that your wise old saying that ‘the joy is in the journey’ could not be any more true for you now than at any other time in your existence, because the journey that you are on now is so profound and so life-altering. It has the potential for so much joy and so much wisdom, so much energy flow, so much deliciousness of experience. It is all available to you and ripe for the plucking. We want to reassure you that you cannot wander off this path, this journey that you are on, and get so lost that you will not reach your final destination.

So when you find yourself out there, off the trail, looking for home, do your best to find the nugget in that experience as well. Do not be so quick to dismiss the wrong turn that you have taken as just accidental and of having no value to you whatsoever, and as simply a waste of your time. All of it is to be absorbed, is to be devoured by you. And no part of the journey is more exciting. No part of the journey is better. The journey is what you make of it. The destination is assured.

So give yourselves more opportunities to bask right where you are and in some cases to even let some of the destination to come to you, right where you are, right now. That is where it’s at. Be willing to take more of it in for no other reason than that the experience of it is what you came for.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

Relax – The 9D Hathors

“Too much of anything can be something that will only serve to lessen your experience of it. So even if a little of something is desirable and pleasant for you, you cannot just assume that more will equal a bigger impact on you. Not in the way that you would prefer to be impacted, at least.

Even something that is considered to be very good for you can lead you down a path that will only keep you from the desired outcome. So when we give you processes and ideas about different things that you can do and engage with, we are asking you to incorporate something into your lives. But you do not have to do anything at all. And so applying yourself with a spiritual practice can actually take you further from what was meant for you to experience by the one who gave it to you.

So we are not wanting to give you a rule, or a law, to live by, such as: ‘moderation in all things.’ That is not our desire here. We just want you to recognize when you are pushing yourselves, when you are overdoing it, when you are treating something like a job, when you are creating a chore for yourself. We want you to know that the perfect amount of anything is determined by you in the moment that you are engaging with it.

You can always tell when you have had enough. You can always tell when you are pushing it beyond the limitation that you are creating for yourselves. You are creating a perfect exit point for yourselves with everything that you are engaging with, and it is up to you to sense it, to acknowledge it, and to honor it.

No one can tell you how much of something is right for you. That is something that you can determine from moment to moment and from day to day. You can continue to reevaluate whether this thing that you once thought you needed a certain amount of every day is in fact still serving you.

By all means, we are suggesting that you relax. Relax when it comes to your life. Relax when it comes to your spiritual practices. Relax when it comes to your free time activities. There’s no need for you to turn anything into a regimen. Let yourselves decide whether you want to engage with something or not and when it is appropriate for you to let go of that thing, to let go of that practice.

Be gentle with yourselves. Be kind to yourselves. Be lenient with yourselves. And you will receive all of the benefit that activity, any practice, could possibly give you.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

You Are Magical – Ophelia the Faerie

“I am here. I am with you.

Somewhere, somewhen you exist as pure energy. That part of you that knows itself without physical form has a truth that it would like to share with you. And that truth is that you are magical just as you are. You needn’t do anything magical or change anything about yourself to know this magic. You simply are it. So how can you know yourself more as magic and as magical?

There’s a certain amount of whimsy and flare that goes along with being a magician. The magician entrances the audience. The magician entertains the audience. The magician knows that he is not the act, but that the illusion is the act.

You are also working with illusion. You exist in an illusion. And you have the opportunity to entrance yourself into whatever state of being that you want to hold. That then allows the illusion to do what illusion does. You allow it to create an experience.

Because you are working with these physical bodies that do not seem to change very much from moment to moment, you have a challenging time recognizing your magic and your powers. I want to invite you into the realm of magic. I want you to know yourselves as magicians who play with illusion and form for the purpose of entertainment and experience, with the result of wonder and awe. I encourage you to be your own audience, to allow your life to be your act, and to seek to entertain and to entrance yourselves.

This is your journey. This is your show. The stage is yours. The possibilities are limitless, and your bag of tricks is bottomless. But you must reach in and you must believe in magic in order to have any chance at all of forming the illusion that you want. Be whimsical and fun and do not take your act so seriously that it loses its wonder and its aspect of joy.

I am Ophelia, and I love you.”

Welcome Home – Archangel Michael

“Welcome. We say ‘welcome’ because you are entering our realm as you hear or read these words. You are making a connection to us and with us. We are the angelic. We are known to you as Michael. Michael is the name you have given us. And we are comfortable with that name, so we will use it.

We are not here to protect you. We are here to guide you back to yourselves. We love you. We send our love to you without hesitation. We do not look for those of you who are more deserving of love or more in need of love. We simply give it because that is who and what we are. That is who and what we are guiding you towards.

We have no other agenda, other than to serve you. To be your guides is our greatest joy. We recognize you as the beautiful beings of light and love that you truly are. That is how we see you. We do not see your struggle, although we certainly hear your cries for help. We only see your beauty. We see your magnificence.

We recognize the Source Energy that is flowing to you and through you at all times. We ask you to surrender to that energy. We do not ask you to surrender to anything else. We ask you to fall in love, to let go, to let yourselves know that energy within you is you. We invite you to allow more of that energy to flow, and we know that you will enjoy that more than anything that you could project outside of yourselves and obtain.

Even the love of another is no substitute for that energy. We ask you to look at yourselves and to see that energy as you, not as being contained in you, but as you. We welcome you to our realm, and we hold space here for each and every one of you to come home.

We know that we are associated with the color white and that you associate that color with purity, with virginity. But we want you to see us as containing all of it – all the colors, all the good and the bad. All that you are is what we are. And as you see us in that way, you will be able to come home.”

Communication – The Hathors

“Bringing a discussion to the table will often illuminate something that you have been hiding from yourself. Therefore, we are big proponents of communication. Even when you think you know where you stand on a certain topic or a certain situation, often you will find that sitting down with another to have an open and honest conversation will lead you to make certain realizations that were previously unavailable to you.

There is an exchange of energy that happens when you have a conversation with another. That exchange of energy gives you the insight. So you see, your energy is a conductor of energy. Therefore, whenever you share your energy with another, you allow for more energy to be received by you. And when you are in that open, communicative state, you can receive and interpret that energy.

We see you all having conversations where you go in with a certain agenda, where you want to convey a particular point of view, or where you want to get something out of the other person. But what winds up happening, more often than not, is that the interplay between the two of you changes your perspective. Even if you are holding firm to your point of view and you are not giving any ground to the other, you are still being changed.

So on the egoic level, you may not want to admit that the other has a point. You may not want to admit defeat. But you are having your transformative experience on the energetic level. Therefore even if you are unwilling to admit it, you have received the other’s point of view. And you will be able then to assimilate that point of view. And that is really what you are here to do. You are here to experience as many different points of view as you can without judgment and simply for the experience.

Therefore, we recommend that you let go of your attachment to being right or having the one perfect perspective on a situation, to open yourselves up to the energetic exchange so that both of you can benefit from the interaction.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

Speaking Your Truth – The Hathors

“Saying what you mean is as important as offering the frequency that you want to offer. There is a quality to authenticity that brings the energy that you want into you, grounding it into your body in a way that can only be accomplished through speaking your truth. Now, there is also acting in accordance with this truth. And that is also significant as a means of grounding that which you are and the energy that best represents who you are. However, for now we are just going to discuss speaking your truth.

Noticing yourself as you are speaking is a good way to begin this journey. Notice how much defending, justifying, and going into the past to drag something up to the present you are doing. Notice how much of your time you are talking about other people and what they are doing and whether you approve or disapprove. Notice how much time you spend talking about things that are not really relevant to you but that you think will make interesting conversation. And notice all of these things without judgment, without self-criticism.

Just notice, for now, when you are doing it. And if you catch yourself in a moment where you are speaking something that does not truly represent who and what you are and the energy that you want to bring forth, then allow yourself to be authentic with the other person or persons in that moment. And let them know that you’ve noticed that what you are talking about and what you have been talking about it is not really representative of who and what you are. And then be silent. Do not feel that you need to fill space with words all of the time.

For then when you do speak, you will speak with that authenticity. You will speak from the heart. You will speak that which is true for you in the moment and nothing else, because nothing else really matters anyway. We also recommend that you pay attention to the tone of your voice when you are speaking, because the tone and your posture can reveal more than the words.

So let yourself be aware of all of these components that are reflections of the vibration you are carrying in the moment, and then be honest with yourself and others about that vibration. And again, sit with it. Sit in silence as you get in touch with your vibration and as you come to your own personal clarity about what it is that you really want to say and what it is that really represents who and what you are.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

The Frequency of Your Desires – The Hathors

“Something that you desire has a particular frequency about it. The frequency is what you’re really after. The thing, the person, the job, whatever it is, is not really what you are seeking. It carries a certain resonance. It represents something to you that can also be found within you.

But when it is outside of you, it is so much easier to appreciate. You can touch it. In some cases you can drive it or live in it. In some cases it will tell you that it loves you. And therefore, it is very attractive. And we are not telling you to not want those things for yourself. We are not here to give you that type of lecture. We are here instead to help you understand why you want the things that you want and what they represent to you.

If you can look within you and feel for the absence of those frequencies that they represent, then your not getting what you want in life will serve you very well. Because then you can identify where you have those apparent holes within yourselves that you are looking to fill. So what is it that you want in life? And what is the frequency that it carries for you? And can you feel within yourself the absence of that frequency?

If the answer is ‘yes,’ there is no need for you to feel ashamed or wrong or bad. That is simply part of your setup. That is something you wanted to experience. So, how can you fill those holes when the objects of your desire remain out of reach? The truest answer to that question is that your awareness that you are trying to fill those holes is such a positive step in the right direction that all the rest will just be something that you do, or something that you tell yourself, that gives you a reason to believe that it is then possible to fill those holes by yourself.

Nothing is really necessary here, other than that awareness. But we will give you something. We will tell you that the intention for you to find that frequency within yourself would be the next step that we would recommend. And then we would add that the frequency does in fact exist inside of you, but it lies dormant. So you do not have to conjure it up or drum it up out of thin air. It is in there. It is just not active.

So we recommend that you feel around for it, knowing that it is in fact there and that you can activate it with your intention, with your focus, with your desire, and simply by acknowledging that you are whole, just as you are, and that nothing is required to give you a sense of completeness. You are complete. And the more you feel for that completeness, the more those frequencies will naturally activate themselves.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

Your Hypotheses – The Hathors

“You formulate a hypothesis based upon what you have observed in your own lives and what you have gathered as your evidence from other resources. And then you take that hypothesis, or your hypotheses, and you use them to create your reality. You are taking out of the equation the fact that what has occurred no longer needs to, however. You are assuming that there is some sort of constant in your world and in your universe and that the constant must be repeated over and over and over.

In other words, every time you attempt to create a rule or a law or a theory about your world you are taking out of your consideration the fact that the world that you are observing is in a constant state of change and evolution. Therefore, basing your hypotheses on what has happened is like saying you only want to live in the past.

If you are going to formulate a hypothesis, do so based upon what it is you want your future to look like. It is a clever trap that you all set for yourselves to assume that history is repeating itself and that no amount of your personal and your collective evolution is going to change the environment you live in.

Instead, let us give you our hypothesis. Everything about you, about your world, and about your universe is changing and nothing needs to be repeated that has already occurred. You do not need to reinvent the wheel and you do not need to re-experience something once you have experienced it. You can choose to, but you do not need to.

And you certainly do not live according to what has occurred. You do not need to live that way. You do not need to create your reality based upon what has occurred. But what has occurred can propel you into a new reality that is based upon what it is that you have decided you want to experience.

That is how we would use past events if we were you. We would use them to help us decide how we want to move forward. Your lives are filled with these theories, beliefs, hypotheses, ideas, constructs, paradigms, and you are here to experience them as well. But experience them with a type of curiosity and experience them as observers. Experience them as creators, knowing that you create the new hypotheses from which the future can be formed.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

Free Yourselves – The Hathors

“Freeing yourselves from the idea of oppression is more important than freeing yourselves from any actual oppression, you see. There is, of course, the idea of oppression and there is the idea that you are free and that you are creating your realities. You get to choose which one of those ideas you incorporate into your lives.

You will see and hear about these beings in your world who are attempting to control and to manipulate. But when you receive that information, you then get to decide how you want to use it to better yourselves, to better humanity, and to serve the collective. We are not advocates of fighting for freedom. We see that whole idea as a contradiction in terms.

You needn’t fight for that which is available to all of you in any moment and in every moment of every day. You are now being offered the opportunity to choose to continue to see yourselves as oppressed and as victims or to see yourselves as free and as creators. That is the choice you are being given right now. And some of you will say, ‘But it’s true!’ And we would say in response to that, ’So, what?’

All truths are true. Everything is, and everything is available to you to choose from. So if you are playing out this idea of oppression and victimization in any area of your life, including your relationships, including your work, we invite you to let go of that idea, to disempower the idea not the oppressor. The oppressor only has as much power as you give the oppressor.

We also want to invite you to see yourselves as the oppressor and, of course, to see yourselves as the creator of it all, because all of this is just a game that you are playing with yourselves. There really is no out there, so there really can be no forces out there that would oppress those who are asleep. It is all by agreement.

We so enjoy seeing those of you who wake up choose to be free, because you do and always will have the free will to choose your freedom. And as you free yourselves from the idea of oppression, control, forces outside of yourselves, you will see that your power is equal to anyone else, no matter what title they hold, no matter what amount of money they have, no matter who they are.

You are as powerful as any other being. And when you see yourselves in that way, then all you want to do is be an example to others, because the oppressor is not free. The one who plays that role is also not feeling the freedom to simply be who they are. You can offer them that opportunity with your example.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”

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