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Interests and Boredom – The Founders

flower up close the founders quote interests daniel scranton channeled

“What seems interesting to you now will bore you in the future, and that is as it must be in order for you to continue to expand. What is interesting to you now will draw more lifeforce energy through you and you will engage with it with more of who you are.

When you lose interest in that which is pulling that energy through you, you often feel discouraged. You often wonder what is wrong with you, and you long for that sense of purpose that you once had. But it is always best to go with the flow and to realize that you are not the same person that you were when you first discovered that interest. And so what will grab your attention next will be that which is most alluring to the new version of who you are.

And so what do you do during those times in between when nothing in life seems to be calling energy through you? Well that is when you go within and you discover who you have become as a result of you engaging with your previous interest. You notice that there is more to you than you have ever recognized, and you seek to discover new depths, new insights, and new dimensions of your being-ness.

So what pulls the energy through you and gives you that feeling of being alive is not the be all and end all that it seems to be in those moments. You are the true prize, and as you acknowledge this then what you are interested in will never become an obsession or an addiction.

You will see it for what it is and you will relish the experience of having more lifeforce drawn through you, for that is what life is all about. Life is a journey of self-discovery and exploration, and whenever you acknowledge that you give yourself more power than you give those things that pique your interest.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

The Fifth Dimensional Ego – The Founders

blades of grass up close daniel scranton the founders ego

“Providing yourselves with stimulation to help you find meaning within everything is your primary function as an egoic being. As an egoic being your role is to keep moving forward in your life experience. You are to continue to find new reasons to live and new desires.

Now, when you transition into your fifth dimensional selves, you do not cease to have an ego. You simply have a new purpose as an ego. Your new purpose is to activate all the different aspects of who you are, to integrate them, and to know yourself as more than who you previously believed yourself to be.

So you will still know yourself as an individual, but you will also know yourself as multidimensional. And you will have loftier desires. Your desires will extend beyond comfort, survival, and pleasure. You will see the bigger picture, and the evolution of your desires will follow.

You will all be taking into account how your actions affect others. For even though you will know yourselves as individuals, you will also know yourselves as a collective. How is this accomplished, you might wonder. Well, the ego loves to feel powerful. And so, knowing yourself as a collective gives you that sense of power and it also gives you that sense of responsibility.

When you see yourselves as having more power because you are connected to one another, you also see that it is possible for each and every one of you to get what you want without harming another, without taking from another, and without disallowing any other from having what they want. So your sense of self as an ego is evolving and expanding to include more, and in many ways, you are using that primal nature of the ego to do so.

You are recognizing that oneness allows you to satisfy all of the desires that you have ever held as an egoic being.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

The Shift to the 5th Dimension – The Founders

flower up close the shift to the 5th dimension the founders channeled by daniel scranton

“In the beginning of your journey you specified a timeframe for your awakening. You wanted to have a certain amount of experience with the third dimension and everything that goes along with living in it before coming to the realization that you are so much more than just a singular being in a physical body.

The way that you experience your reality is what is actually shifting. You are not shifting from one dimension to another. You are adding dimensionality to the reality that you have been experiencing. And so giving yourselves the opportunity to experience all that the third dimension had to offer creates a necessity for something new, for something more.

You will always crave experience. You will never be done exploring. You will discover new dimensions as you continue on in your journey. And when you do, you will explore them with a curiosity that can only be described as Divine. You are the Divine exploring the Divine.

And everything that you create to give yourself a new experience adds to who you are. So nothing is ever wasted here. Nothing is ever a waste of time. If you remind yourself of that during those times when you seem to be standing perfectly still or moving further away from your goals, you will have an easier time navigating this reality of yours. And you will have more fun.

And what is the point of going on a journey if you are not going to have fun? So understand that the joy of the journey must be its ultimate reward, since the journey never ends and you never stop becoming who you are.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Conscious Breathing – The Founders

the founders quote channeled by daniel scranton close up flower grass

“Breathing keeps you alive, but it is so much more powerful than even that. Breathing infuses you with lifeforce energy. Breathing opens chakras, portals, and your hearts. Working with your breath is so easy that few of you actually believe in its effectiveness and strength. You are much more likely to believe in some mystical object that is thousands of years old than you are to believe in something that is necessary to keep you alive.

So we are here now to awaken within you the knowledge that you hold of your powerful tool known as breathing. Take a few deep breaths right now and notice the shift in your energy. Notice how you cannot actually maintain a lower frequency when you breathe deeply. So the easiest way for you to use this tool is to actually pay attention. Pay attention to not only the act of breathing, but its effect on you.

Being able to modulate your breathing will enable you to access other dimensions, other beings, and information. And so we recommend that you show yourself how much joy can be had through a simple act that you take for granted. Demonstrate to yourselves how much energy can be moved through you, how much life can be breathed into you, and how powerful you are when you are sitting completely still, noticing your breath and its effect on everything.

Feel the power of the air you breathe, and take back your power by demonstrating to yourselves how easy it is for you to expand your consciousness and to live in oneness with all. Your breath connects you. The particles you breathe are the particles everyone else breathes. And when you all breathe together, in harmony, you can change your entire world.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Presence is Powerful – The Founders

mushroom up close the founders quote daniel scranton

“Presence is your most powerful place. Presence is what gives you the ability to decide. When you are present you are conscious of the decision you are making. When your consciousness is split, and you are not fully in the moment, that is when subconscious programming takes over. That is when you are not deciding, but your programming is.

You are capable of so much when you are present in the moment, and you have access to all aspects of who you are. When your energy is split, the most habitual aspect of who you are is the one driving the ship. But you are multifaceted, multidimensional beings, and now is the time to access more of who you are, to make decisions consciously, and to live moment by moment, free from all subconscious programming.

Now when you find yourself in a moment where you are not being so conscious and present and that programming kicks in, that is when you have the opportunity for more awareness, that is when you can see the programs you are running more clearly. So you see, the moment that you are present you are instantly accessing more of your power. And any amount of split energy and lack of presence is far less important and influential than the moment where you are fully present, fully capable of making a conscious choice for yourself.

If you want an easy way to practice presence, simply do something and give it your full attention. This is why doing what you most desire to do in the moment is so very important. You are much more likely to be present when what you are doing is something you are choosing to do and is something that lights you up.

Be present with what is not so exciting also. Be present with those emotions that you don’t want to feel. Be present with the people you would rather run away from, because in a moment of presence with that which is not wanted you disempower it over you. And in the reclaiming of your power, you are able to choose a different experience.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

True Power – The Founders

power quote the founders channeled by daniel scranton

“Power exists within each and every one of you. Power is not exclusive to the rich, and it does not exist because of status or position in the world. Power is your allowing of who you are. It is a very natural state of being for all of you to feel and exert your power.

Power itself has been given a bad name, especially in recent times. When you see political figures and wealthy bankers grabbing for power and stepping over those who would be in the way, you then get an unfortunate view of what power is.

That type of power that individuals seek by obtaining money, status, and positions of authority is not true power. In fact, those who are seeking those things are feeling a lack of power. They are cutting themselves off from their true power enough that they feel they must take it from others.

You all have access an infinite supply. And when you recognize this and you take hold of that which is rightfully yours, then you will have the ability to influence your reality.

As you understand that the type of absolute power that is often depicted in stories is not what you are really seeking, you can come to peace with your true power. You can utilize it to be of service. You can give as much as you receive, because you will know that there is no reason for you to accumulate more power than is necessary in any moment.

You access your power by going within and by feeling the energy that you are. And the more of that energy that you access, the more you are given. You are infinite, eternal beings of Love and Light, and you get to experience yourselves with as much or little power as you desire.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Unfulfilled Desires – The Founders

flower up close the founders quote daniel scranton

“Often you seek to make sense of what has occurred in your lives. You seek to gain from an experience that you have had. This is something that we have encouraged you to do. And we also want to encourage you to look beyond the ways in which something could be serving your current desires.

And instead, see everything that occurs as being part of a much larger plan for you. So you have your plans for your life, and they may involve finding a mate, finding satisfying work, and living in a nice home. And these are all wonderful things to want for yourselves.

As you begin to see the bigger picture of your life, recognize that when you are not getting what you want, it is always because of the larger picture and the goals that you have set for yourselves for your entire lifetime and existence in human form. Take into consideration that your desires are usually there to get you to move in a particular direction. They are the prototypical carrot at the end of a stick.

Whether or not those desires are fulfilled and realized in the timeframe that you have decided is most appropriate is determined by how much closer you get to satisfying the larger goal that you have for yourself in this lifetime. So sometimes it is necessary for you to step back and see the bigger picture and know that you are the prize you are seeking.

Your development into a being of love and light who also exists in a physical body is far more significant than your finding yourself living in your dream home. So whenever something that you desire in the physical is not coming to you as quickly as you would like it, make sure you take the bigger picture into account. Make sure you see it as an opportunity for growth.

And once and for all, do let go of the idea that if something is not manifesting in your life it means that there is something wrong with you. There is only that which is right with you and your acknowledgement of it.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Using Your Past to Your Advantage – The Founders

water droplets up close the founders quote daniel scranton

“Embarking upon any journey requires you to leave behind more than you take with you. You must be willing to let go in order to move forward with any amount of momentum. So that which was is not defining what is in the present and what will be in the future. They are just merely other experiences.

If you give them any power over your now moment and the choices you are making in it, then you are choosing to have the experience of cause and effect. And as long as you are willing to accept every choice that you make in the moment as being one hundred percent your choice in that moment, that is where you realign with your power.

If you want to use the past to your advantage, look back upon it and see how it has created the perfect moment in the now for you to decide. And the decisions that you make can be informed by your past. That is another way in which the past can serve you.

Looking for patterns of what has occurred in your past can both serve you and can be a hindrance. It all depends upon whether you are able to see those patterns as moments in time when you were not making a conscious choice. There is no need for you to exist within a pattern or to have that which you would call a habit, unless of course you are choosing to have that experience. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that.

But giving yourselves over to the idea that history is doomed to repeat itself does not serve you. And when you take responsibility for the choices that you are making in the present, you also realign with your power. You recognize that you are not a product of your experiences, your genetics, or your society.

You are the one choosing to be right where you are. And as long as you become aware of who you are as the chooser, you have all the awareness that you need to be whoever you want, to do whatever you want, and to choose to have an experience that will satisfy and delight you. And that is truly how you live in a fifth dimensional way.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Positive and Negative Energy – The Founders

lizard up close the founders quote positive and negative energy channeled by daniel scranton

“Positive energy is made up of the same stuff as negative energy. So you see, there is no intrinsic value to make one better than the other. They are not so different. The experience that you have of either or both depends more upon your perspective than the actual energy itself.

So when you talk about things as though they inherently cause you to feel a certain way, you are giving your power over to something that really has no intrinsic power over you. So it behooves all of you to see all energy as equal and to see yourselves as the ones who create an experience of that energy.

Whether or not you agree with someone else about the particular charge that certain energy has will always depend upon the energy you are holding in the moment. That is why something can activate, and trigger you, and feel absolutely neutral to someone else. And to yet another person, the experience may be that of amusement.

So why are we even making a distinction here between positive energy and negative energy? It is purely for the purpose of having a conversation about it. When you feel attracted to something, you must recognize that there is something within you that is meant to have an experience with that which you are attracted to. It does not mean that you will then label all of your experiences as positive.

But all experiences that you have in life can result in a positive effect. And by positive effect, we mean, by your own definition. So this is why it is so important and necessary for you to drop your labels and your judgments and instead allow for your personal experiences. And when you recognize that every experience that you have benefits you in some way, that is the moment when you begin to experience the positive effect.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Acceptance is not Compliance – The Founders

lava tube pic the founders quote acceptance channeled by daniel scranton

“Acceptance is not the same as allowing yourselves to be taken advantage of. Acceptance does not mean compliance. You are beings who exert your influence on the reality that you experience, and you exert that influence in many ways.

So as you begin to accept something that you see in your physical world, such as people abusing animals, other people, or the environment, you do not then need to sanction what is going on. In fact, you can accept what is happening and still take actions that demonstrate who and what you are. You are beings of unconditional love, but that does not mean that you must allow yourselves to be abused or taken advantage of in any way.

Now, as you walk your talk and you embody that which you are, you are an influence to those who would do those sorts of things. You are living examples of how to act in accordance the unconditional love that you are and the compassion that you have for all other beings.

Speaking your truth does not have to be in defiance to anyone else’s. You do not have to resist what someone else is choosing for themselves in order to be of service to the situation. As you look for ways to foster the type of world you want to live in, you still allow others the choice to exist as abusers or as ones who choose to play the role of victim.

But as you offer all parties in the victim and abuser scenarios another choice, you are exerting your influence. You are saying, ‘There is another way’ without negating any experience that someone or some group may be choosing to have for themselves.

We recommend that you be who you are, accept others as they are, and take appropriate actions in the moment. Give yourselves and everyone else the opportunity to choose, and make your choices in support of who you are rather than in opposition to something else.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Energetic Upgrades – The Founders

energetic upgrades the founders channeled by

“For thousands of your years people have been given only what they could handle. This is how it has been and how it needed to be for all of you to make your evolution at a pace that was comfortable. Now you are being given more and you are being asked to take it on. The more that we are speaking of is not information. The more we are speaking of is energy.

Many of you are feeling as though your systems are short-circuiting at this time, as though your bodies are not capable of handling that which is moving to them and through them. And you may feel this way for the next several days or even weeks. But you are not fragile beings, and your bodies are not out-of-date computers. They are machines that adapt well and easily to upgrades.

So the best advice that we can give all of you is to rest, relax, drink lots of water, and avoid anything that is an unnecessary source of stress for you. Be in your hearts as much as you possibly can. Know that this particular upgrade is one that will last you through the transition to the fifth dimension.

And take your progress with pride. Know that you would not be receiving this much energy if you were not up to the task. Believe in yourselves and in your abilities, and know that your upgrades are coming from the highest source possible. So enjoy the energy and ride the wave. You have all earned it.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Desires and Energy Flow – The Founders

flowers up close the founders quote desires and energy flow daniel scranton channels

“By acknowledging that there is in fact a way, you open a doorway to a possibility. By attaching yourself to one specific way, you close all other doorways of possibility. So you see, when it comes to something that you desire, it is far more beneficial to you to be open and to be open to a multitude of possible ways in which that which you desire can occur.

If you stay focused on one particular way in which what you desire could come to you, you not only limit the number of ways but you also create a blockage of energy. So you see, you are always the true prize. You are always what you are looking for. And when you deny yourselves access to all that you are, you experience lives of limitation.

Your energy flow is not actually dependent upon whether or not something you desire comes to fruition. But the more that you desire, the more of who you are you summon forth. And the more that you let go of your attachment to that which you desire and how it comes to you, the more of yourself you allow to flow.

Now all of this may still sound a bit esoteric, especially to someone who very clearly wants to experience having a new car, home, job, or lover. But if you recognize that all of those things that you desire are parts of what it is you desire to experience within you, then you can see the correlation. You can see how it is not really what you desire that you desire.

It is the feeling. It is the moment when you have what you desire, and it is the relief. Because when you allow energy to flow, that is what you experience. You are always in a state of allowing or resisting. And more importantly than allowing or resisting that which you desire, is allowing or resisting that which you are to flow.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Processing Emotions Physically – The Founders

the founders quote processing emotions in the body channeled by daniel scranton

“Processing emotion through your physical body can be very much a shock to your system. There are physical substances that if you were to ingest them, or have them in your bodies, they would cause quite a bit of discomfort and wreak havoc on your body’s equilibrium.

The same is true when it comes to processing an emotion. You have a harmony within your emotional states, and when that harmony is disrupted, the response in your physical body is similar to when you have one of those foreign substances or objects in it.

And so, what happens quite naturally in the physical body is that your system naturally rids itself of that which feels foreign, unpleasant, and uncomfortable. When it comes to emotion, you can allow the same process to occur. But instead, what usually happens is that you delay the process by tensing up, by looking for a cause and a solution, or simply by attempting to numb the pain with drugs or alcohol.

You are here to have experiences, and sometimes those experiences feel very much like an intrusion or an invasion on your harmonious core essence. But if you are able to step back a bit from the intensity of the experience in your physical body and observe from a place of fascination, you can actually enjoy that which you have assumed is an inherently unenjoyable experience.

So the first thing to recognize is that you are not under attack. The next thing for you to do is release your tension and do your best to relax. And finally, if you can take on that perspective of the witness, or the observer, you can experience any emotion and any physical sensation in your body as one that is not only tolerable but actually enjoyable. When you reach that place, you have attained mastery. You are all masters, so this one should be a piece of cake.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

Your Definitions – The Founders

mushrooms up close the founders definitions quote channeled by daniel scranton

“By defining what you are in the usual terms that you do, you are separating yourselves from those around you who you would define differently. By using qualifiers such as country of origin, gender, job occupation, religion, and the way that you eat, you are drawing a line in the sand between yourselves and others who do not fall into those categories.

If you wonder why you have borders between your countries, this is how it started. You all have felt the need to define yourselves in certain ways because you wanted to have an experience of yourselves. But now that you have experienced yourselves in limited ways, you have the opportunity to experience yourselves as all. And when you experience yourselves as all, then there’s no need for a definition.

You can see how being all at once is very liberating. It frees you up to decide how you want to be in every moment of every day. Your ways of limiting yourselves with your definitions has actually grown in recent years, and we would like to encourage you to liberate yourselves from your definitions and from your limitations.

Instead of seeing yourselves as this or that, and putting yourselves in those boxes, begin to see yourselves as whatever vibration you are holding in the moment. That will help you to tune in to those vibrations. And shifting from one vibration to another is a lot easier than changing something as seemingly permanent as your gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, or job title.

Swimming in the field that you are in as free as you can possibly be, choosing moment by moment what you want to experience, that is the way for all of you to know yourselves truly and wholly. And that is where you are all headed. So start small. Start by releasing from self-imposed definitions.

This is the part where we usually say, ‘We are The Founders.’ But for now, we will just be the vibration we are offering.”

Signs – Archangel Michael

“There are signs that you get before something occurs. These signs can come from a number of different places. You can get your signs from inside, and you can receive them from outside sources. But there are always signs. There are always indicators.

You are sometimes aware of them and sometimes you are not. Whenever you wonder whether something is a sign, then know that it indeed is. Whenever you are aware of a sign, you are also aware of what the sign means. You do not have to question whether you are interpreting the sign correctly.

Your interpretation is always what you need in that moment. Signs are not there to warn you. But sometimes they are there to let you know that you are moving in a direction that will serve you. If you are receiving a sign that seems to be telling you to stop or to not go through with something you are planning, then use the sign to help yourself be more aware.

Your awareness will serve you, but it does not have to stop you dead in your tracks or keep you from following through with something. Your awareness is simply there to let you know what you are still holding resistance to.

The signs themselves are likely to have multiple meanings. You are able to decipher all of those meanings yourselves, because you are the ones who put the signs there in the first place. They are your signs. They are meant for you. So of course you would be able to understand them, to interpret them, and to use them to help you know when something is a clear path and when something has some rocks, and pitfalls, and puddles along the way.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are love.”

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