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Releasing Guilt & Shame and an Activation of Self-Love ∞The Arcturian Council

This download of just over 11 minutes will help you release feelings of guilt and shame, as well as judgments you have about yourself and others. The Arcturian Council will guide you through a process of releasing beliefs and perspectives that no longer serve you and embracing the self-love that is always available to you. This is a powerful process that you can do over and over, until you feel completely free from self-judgment, guilt, and shame. You can and will embrace the love that you are after doing this one. Love! <3

Clairaudience Activation ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

In this activation of 11 minutes and 45 seconds, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven takes us through an activation to open and activate our mind’s ear. The mind’s ear is often overshadowed by the mind’s ear, but clairaudience is an equally important tool to have access to. After doing this activation, you will receive more information and energy audibly, and you’ll be able to translate it into something you will be able to hear in your mind. Love! <3

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