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Attunement for Accessing Your Spiritual Gifts ∞Yeshua

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, I channeled Yeshua, and he brought through an attunement to help you access your spiritual gifts. We have all led so many lifetimes in different forms and dimensions all across the galaxy. So it stands to reason that we have achieved spiritual mastery and have attained spiritual gifts in those past lives. Yeshua helps us connect to those other versions of ourselves and download the gifts from those lifetimes. He also helps us to access new gifts that will only be accessible in this lifetime. Love! <3

Light Language for Clearing Your Addictions

In this transmission of just over 5 minutes and 45 seconds, I channeled a light language that is infused with the intention, tones, and galactic codes to help you release your attachment to your addiction. Whether you’re addicted to food, sex, gambling, shopping, alcohol, or drugs, this light language transmission can help. Oftentimes with addiction there is an emptiness that we’re trying to fill, and if you open yourself up to receive while listening to this transmission, you can feel that empty part of you filling up with Love. Enjoy! <3

Light Language for Awakening Your Kundalini Energy

In this transmission of just over 5 minutes and 45 seconds, I channeled a light language that is infused with tones, sounds, and galactic codes meant to awaken the kundalini energy that rests at the base of your spine. Listen to this one daily and feel into the area at the base of your spine for the movement of the energy up your spinal column. The awakening of our kundalini energy is a significant moment in our spiritual evolution and can bring immense joy and a knowing that you are on the right track. Love! <3

Light Language for Removing Your Limiting Beliefs

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 48 seconds, I channeled a light language that is infused with the intention of removing limiting beliefs from your energy field, mind, and chakra system. These limiting beliefs can be so ingrained in us that we don’t even recognize them as beliefs. This light language will bring those beliefs to the surface so that they can be released back into the unified field of consciousness. Listen to this one any time you feel those beliefs are sneaking back into your consciousness. Love! <3

Overtones for Integrating Your Higher Self into Your 7 Main Chakras

This transmission is just over 10 minutes in length, and it features overtones that I channeled from a variety of sources, including The Creators, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven & The Hathors. These overtones are infused with the intention of opening up your 7 main chakras so that they can receive more of the consciousness of your Higher Self. As you listen to the tones, be sure to listen actively. That is, feel for the opening of your chakras and consciously receive your Higher Self’s energy. Love! <3

Light Language for Integrating Abilities & Releasing Trauma from Atlantean Lifetimes

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 47 seconds, I channeled a light language that is infused with the energy of Atlantis. The intention behind the light language is to activate within you the memories, abilities, and traumas from your Atlantean lifetimes so that you can integrate those abilities and clear those traumas away. It’s very important to address the Atlantean lifetimes now, as we are in a similar position in our shift as we faced as a collective during the fall of Atlantis. Do this one as often as you like. Enjoy! <3

Light Language for Activating the Self-Love Vibration

In this transmission of just under 6 minutes, I channeled a light language that is infused with a vibration that will activate the self-love vibration within you. Just sit back, listen, and enjoy the beautiful language and vibration that flowed through me. This download will activate more self-love within you in just one listen, but you can benefit from listening over and over again, any time you need a boost of the best love you can possibly feel…the love that comes from within! Love <3

Meditation for Making Physical Contact with Extra-Terrestrials ∞The Arcturian Council

In this 15 minute meditation from The Arcturian Council, they take us through a journey to help us connect in the physical with actual extra-terrestrial beings. First, they take us through a process of letting go of any fear we might feel around meeting an E.T. face-to-face. Next, they walk us through an exercise where we meet E.T.s in our mind’s eye, travel on their ship, and even land on their home world. This meditation is fun and will put you in the right vibration for physical contact with an E.T. (or E.T.s). Enjoy! <3


Light Language for Releasing Trauma from All Lifetimes

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 48 seconds, I channeled a light language that is designed to release all of the trauma stored in our bodies, cells, chakras, and energy fields from this lifetime and all previous lifetimes. This light language is one that transcends the mind. There is no need to understand the words coming through me. In fact, it doesn’t matter what language you speak. Anyone can benefit from receiving this universal light language. Listen to this one over and over until you feel those traumas lifted from your consciousness and soul. Love! <3

Unlocking the Power of Your Multidimensional Self ∞The Arcturian Council

In this download of just under 16 minutes, I channeled The Arcturian Council, and they brought through a process for connecting to all aspects of who we are, on every dimensional level. This download will also help you feel into the power of all of those selves so that you can bring that feeling of power back into your fourth dimensional physical existence. This is one of the most powerful downloads I’ve ever offered, and it can be done on a daily basis to bring you into the state of being you want to start your day with. Love! <3

Light Language for Downloading Inspired Ideas

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 45 seconds, I channeled a light language that is designed to unlock your ability to download inspired ideas from your guides, Source, benevolent E.T.s, and other higher frequency beings of light and love. This is one that you can do over and over, whenever you feel a desire to receive some inspiration from above. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and listen. But if you do eventually feel inspired to speak a light language of your own, let this download inspire you to do that as well :). Love! <3

Breathing Exercises for Aligning, Clearing & Opening Your Seven Main Chakras

In this download of 16 minutes and 45 seconds, I channeled The Creators, and they took us through a process that uses our breathing, intention, and attention to align, activate, cleanse, clear, and open our chakras up to receive all the beautiful love, light, energy, upgrades, and downloads that we’ve been given from the beings in the higher realms. You can do this one on a regular basis, as needed. It’s going to leave you in a very good-feeling place, ready to create new and magical experiences for yourself and the rest of the collective. Enjoy! <3

Breathing Exercises for Opening Your Third Eye ∞The Creators

In this download of 12 minutes, I channeled The Creators. The C’s take you through a series of steps to utilize simple breathing techniques for opening your third eye. They then encourage you to begin reading the messages being sent to your third eye, using your clairvoyant abilities. The process could not be simpler, and yet, the results will be profound. You will begin accessing your clairvoyance by the end of the recording. And trust me, that will open you up to so much more information. Love! <3

Inner Peace & World Peace Meditation ∞The Buddha

Peace on Earth. It does begin with us. If each individual can find peace in him/herself, we can absolutely know peace on Earth in our lifetime. In the meantime, we have this meditation from The Buddha. He leads us through the process of attaining that inner peace and sending it out to the rest of the world. The Buddha also provides us with a peaceful transmission of energy, bringing us more easily to that state of inner peace we all desire. This meditation is 15 minutes long and is set to beautiful new age music. Peace <3

Light Language for Aligning You with Your Soul’s Purpose

In this transmission of 5 minutes and 46 seconds, I channeled a light language that is designed to align you with your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. This light language sounds very tribal, with elements of a sing-song type of tone to it. I often hear people asking in private sessions about their purpose for being here at this time, and I know that many times it’s something that the person has to discover for themselves. This light language transmission will help! Love! <3

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