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Cleansing & Clearing Meditation ∞Yeshua

In this 15 minute meditation, led by Yeshua, he takes us through a cleansing and clearing out of all that no longer serves us and is of a lower frequency. He guides us through the cleansing of our chakras, cells, and energy field, and he does so with the high frequency energy that you would expect from an ascended master. Set to beautiful new age music, this meditation is one that will leave you feeling lighter, clearer, and ready to absorb more of the high frequency energy of the fifth dimension. Enjoy! <3

How to Connect with the Faeries ∞Ophelia the Faerie

In this download of just over 12 minutes, Ophelia the Faerie delivers a message about our connection to the Faerie Realm and the faeries themselves. She also gives us some exercises to connect and co-create with them, regardless of where we are. She offers such a beautiful energetic transmission and invites us to experience the fifth dimension with the faeries in the here and now. After doing this exercise, you will feel more connected to the faeries, mother Earth, and child within you. Enjoy! <3

Buddha Essence Download & Activation ∞The Buddha

In this download of just over 11 minutes, The Buddha delivers a message, a download, and an activation that will leave you feeling more deeply connected to yourself and the mission of ascension on planet Earth. The Buddha’s energy comes through strongly in this transmission, and he assures us that his consciousness never actually left Earth. After listening to this download and letting it sink in, you will definitely feel a part of Team Buddha :). Enjoy! <3

Abundance Vibration Activation ∞The Arcturian Council

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, The Arcturian Council guide us into the feeling of abundance, activating that vibration within our chakras, bodies, and energy fields. They also explain how to find this vibration that we all have it within us, whether we’ve ever felt wealthy or not. This download will leave you feeling in the flow and ready to receive all the abundance that’s coming your way. Enjoy! <3

Ascension Attunement ∞Yeshua

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, Yeshua walks us through an ascension experience. He assures us that ascension is ours for the taking, that there’s no need to earn it, and that the only requirement is a willingness to feel the love that we are. He gives us an attunement, filled with his Love and Light that will resonate with that which is Divine and eternal in all of us. This one can be done any time you need a reminder of the truth of who you really are. Enjoy! <3

Hands on Healing Attunement ∞Yeshua

This download/attunement of just over 11 and a half minutes gives us a brand new healing modality, combining the energy of Yeshua with the love in our hearts. The energy from this attunement from Yeshua can be used to heal ourselves, other people in our lives, and the entire collective. You will feel the energy in the palms of your hands after receiving this attunement, and you can use it to get yourself and others back in the flow of the healing energy that is available to us all…always! Enjoy 🙂

Spirit Animal Activation ∞The Arcturian Council

In this download of just under 12 and a half minutes, The Arcturian Council take us through a process to connect with the animal realm. They encourage us to connect with the essence of our spirit/totem animals and to integrate their beautiful medicine into our being-ness. This download is very freeing to those of us who want to connect to as many animals as we can, and it can be done over and over again… Enjoy! <3

How to Receive & Listen to Your Own Guidance ∞Yeshua

In this 12 minute download from Yeshua, he takes us through processes to help us receive and discern our own guidance from social programming. He also helps us gain confidence in our abilities to feel the truth of that guidance and use it to follow through in making decisions that will affect our lives. Yeshua also offers his assistance in supporting us through the process of feeling into the right decisions for us. This is a process you’ll use over and over again… Enjoy! <3

Energetic & Physical Implant Removal ∞The Arcturian Council

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, The Arcturian Council takes us through a process of declaring ourselves as sovereign beings. And as sovereign beings, we can choose whether we want to release the energetic and physical implants that we agreed to receive (prior to incarnating) from our ET counterparts. The Arcturians give us a shower of high frequency energy to make our energetic fields and bodies incompatible with these devices. Enjoy your way to being implant free! <3

Inner Child Healing & Activation ∞Yeshua

In this download of just over 11 minutes, Yeshua walks us through a process of connecting with our inner child, giving him or her what the inner child needs, and then bringing the younger version of ourselves into our hearts. Yeshua also emphasizes that this integration of the inner child is actually an activation of all that was once innocent within us. The childlike wonder, enthusiasm, and playfulness will be activated with the full integration of this child into our Whole Selves. Enjoy! <3

How to Clear, Unlock, & Activate Your Crystals and the Crystals in Mother Earth

In this download of just over 12 minutes, The Arcturian Council walks us through several processes to maximize the benefits of the crystals on the Earth, whether they are in our possession or not. The Arcturians guide us through the process of activating our connection to the crystals that are still embedded in Mother Earth. They also teach us how to clear, unlock, activate, and seal in the vibration we want our crystals to hold. They encourage us to co-create with our crystals, which will always amplify the vibration we infuse into them. Enjoy! <3

Lower Frequency Thought Form Clearing ∞The Arcturian Council

In this download of just over 11 and a half minutes, The Arcturian Council walks us through a process of identifying the lower frequency thought forms that are floating around in our fields…and just outside of our fields. They then offer an exercise to lovingly release the lower frequency thought forms, making room for higher frequency ones. Next, the Arcturians suggest a few mantras to replace the old thought forms with. Enjoy! <3

Chakra Realignment & Clearing ∞Yeshua

In this download of just under 13 and a half minutes, Yeshua takes us through an alignment of our seven main chakras. He then offers a transmission of white light to clear and cleanse all of the lower frequency energies from them. Finally, he invites us to feel the effects of the chakra realignment and clearing. Your chakras will be freer to express the higher frequency energies and information they hold after completing this download. Enjoy! <3


Tones & Overtones for Removing Blockages to Abundance ∞Various

This download is 11 minutes and 11 seconds of channeled tones and overtones that are infused with two intentions: to remove any blockages that we may have picked up to receiving the abundance to naturally flow and to activate the receptors in our physical bodies for the energies of abundance. Sit back, listen, and know that some tones are going to activate you…they may feel uncomfortable to listen to at first. But let that happen. It means that particular tone/overtone is working! Enjoy <3

Heart Blockage Removal & Unconditional Love Download ∞Yeshua

In this download of just over 12 minutes, Yeshua walks us through a process of melting away the blockages around our hearts that were formed each time our love was not received or reciprocated. He then offers us a download of unconditional love from the Yeshua collective, and that love will create new opportunities to BE the love that we seek…and to receive it back as well. Enjoy! <3

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