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Karmic Clearing ∞The Buddha

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, The Buddha gives us a karmic clearing. He offers his forgiveness and walks us through the process of forgiving ourselves as well. He notes that we don’t have to create any additional karma in this lifetime and how we can release ourselves from the karma of the past life selves we have believed we need to pay for. You will feel the unconditional Love coming from The Buddha in this one, and it will inspire you to feel it for yourself. Enjoy! <3

A Multidimensional Healing ∞The Buddha

In this download of just over 11 and a half minutes, The Buddha takes us through a healing that goes beyond the current set of circumstances in this one lifetime. This healing takes us to all lifetimes and all dimensions, offering the Truth of Who We Really Are as the cure to all that has ever caused a disruption in our natural evolution. Drink lots of water after this one. It’s a powerful healing. Enjoy! <3

How to Channel The Buddha ∞The Buddha

In this download of just under 13 minutes, The Buddha takes us through a process of connecting to and ultimately channeling his energy…verbally. At the end of this transmission, you will be left with a feeling within you that the energy of The Buddha wants to be expressed through you and by you. Whether you’ve ever verbally channeled before or not, this recording can take you to the experience of channeling The Buddha. Enjoy! <3

Joy Activation ∞The Buddha

In this download of 11 minutes and 11 seconds, The Buddha walks us through a process to access, activate, and utilize the joy vibration to create and filter our reality. This is a process you can do to start each and every day in order to set the tone and intention for everything you experience throughout the day. You can also do this process with the intention of activating any of the higher frequency vibrations you want to create with and use to filter your reality. All you have to do is replace joy with that other high frequency vibration. Enjoy! <3

Buddha Essence Download & Activation ∞The Buddha

In this download of just over 11 minutes, The Buddha delivers a message, a download, and an activation that will leave you feeling more deeply connected to yourself and the mission of ascension on planet Earth. The Buddha’s energy comes through strongly in this transmission, and he assures us that his consciousness never actually left Earth. After listening to this download and letting it sink in, you will definitely feel a part of Team Buddha :). Enjoy! <3

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