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The Awakening Adventure ∞The Path to Self-Realization by Raising Your Vibration

Join ME, Darryl Anka (channeler for Bashar), Mike Dooley, Matt Kahn, Lyssa Royal Holt, Sal Rachele & Sara Landon for this epic 6-Week event, as each of us channels the beings/collectives we work with and talks about awakening! Register by August 2nd to Choose Your Own Price!

awakening adventure - mike dooley matt kahn darryl anka & daniel scranton channeler of arcturians

August 2 – Lyssa Royal Holt (Channels: Sasha)

August 9 – Salvatore Rachele (Channels: The Founders, Lord Sananda, Leah)

August 16 – Sara Landon (Channels: The Council)

August 23 – Matt Kahn (Channels: Healing Love)

August 30 – Daniel Scranton (Channels: The 9D Arcturian Council)

September 6 – Darryl Anka (Channels: Bashar)

You will learn:

  • About the nature of Earth’s energetic, conscious shift and what’s likely to come next.

  • How the evolution of consciousness is on the brink of a mind-bending expansion.

  • Why self-realization is your highest purpose in this lifetime and how to reach it.

  • How to elevate yourself and your life to a “Heaven on Earth” state of being.

  • Ways to use energy and light to aide in the healing of self and others.

  • The purpose of the ego and it’s ideal (emerging) role in your physical life.

  • How to accelerate the development of your own inner guidance systems.

  • How to develop trust of the information you receive from higher realms.

  • How to navigate global chaos and facilitate inner integration and healing.

  • Skills to help you cultivate a powerful channeling practice.

  • How to live, love, and lead as an embodied, ascended master.

  • And lots more…

Join us! Register Here

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