Anchoring into the New Earth: Integrating 5D Activations, Upgrades & Downloads

In this four week course, Ina Lukas and I will take you through processes, meditations, activations, and answer your questions about ascending to the fifth dimension. Each class in the 4 week course will be 90 minutes, and we will channel for you in two of the four classes. Ina channels a group called The Alchemists. I will channel The Creators in one of those two weeks and The Arcturian Council in the other. Those two classes where we both channel will allow everyone registered for the course to ask at least one question.

In the other two classes, Ina and I will be lecturing, sharing our own insights and personal experiences, and activating you into the 5th dimensional energies with the meditations, processes and exercises we lead you all through. This will be a powerful course and you will feel the effects of the activations right away! It will also answer all your questions about 4D, 5D, ascension, the shift, light bodies, 5th dimensional abilities, who will ascend, when we’ll ascend, and much more.

The course begins on May 28th at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern and runs for the next 3 Tuesdays (June 4th, 11th, and 18th). You can join via phone or computer – your choice. If you cannot make it to any or all of the class sessions, not to worry. There will be a recording and a replay page sent out after each class, and you can even ask questions via online form or email, and we will answer those questions during class time. Join us!