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Get a channeled answer to any question that you have for the arcturian council, archangel michael, yeshua and moreAsk a Question of the Beings/Collectives that Daniel Scranton Channels – Or Ask 4 Questions – Or Get an Urgent Question Answered

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Want to ask one burning question to Archangel Gabriel, Ophelia the Faerie, The Founders, The Zetas, Archangel Michael, The Hathors, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven, Quan Yin, The Buddha, Mother Mary, St. Germain, The Arcturian Council, Yeshua, or The Creators? I know that there’s about a 4 and a half month wait to get a private session where I channel for you. So this is your chance to get your questions answered much sooner!

For just $33.33, you can email in a question, and Daniel will channel the answer. Expect to receive the recording of the answer about a four to five weeks after you submit the question, because I have been and remain super busy. If you need to have your question answered very quickly, and can’t wait four to five weeks for me to get to it, then there’s an option for an Urgent Question for $99. I will channel your answer in 48 hours if you choose that option. Love <3 

The price for 4 questions is $111.11. If you have 4 questions, they can be on a variety of different topics, and you can get as detailed in the asking of your questions as you would like to get. In fact, the more detailed the question, generally speaking, the more detailed the channeled answers are. If you just write, “Tell me about Charlie,” the problem with that type of question is that then I (Daniel the channeler) am completely out of the loop. So your assumption is that Yeshua knows exactly what you mean by “Tell me about Charlie,” and that’s correct. But Yeshua (or whoever I’m channeling) isn’t just using my body like a sock puppet. I’m translating the energies they’re sending me into words. So the more info I have from you, the questioner, the easier it is for me to make sense of the answer I’m getting energetically and then channeling into words. So be detailed in the asking of your question(s). Thanks! <3


Daniel <3

Get a channeled answer to any question that you have for the arcturian council, archangel michael, yeshua and more


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