Attracting Your Soulmate: Let Love In ∞3 Week Online Course

Starting Monday, June 17th (and for the next two Mondays) at 4:00PM Pacific/7:00PM Eastern – I’ll be leading this class that you’ll attend either online or over the phone (your choice!). If you cannot attend any or all of the classes live, you can still get everything out of the course by listening to the recordings…which will go out via email after each class.

I’ll also channel at least one meditation from a higher dimensional being like Yeshua. Throughout all three weeks of the course, I’ll take you through exercises and processes that will open your heart, release trauma and blockages from previous relationships, and make you a vibrational magnet for your soulmate.

You will also learn about self love, how to communicate with your soulmate, and many other techniques that will harmonize you with the love of your life. I’ll also be discussing the soulmate and twin flame concepts and how to shift your beliefs about who those people are, where they are, and your access to them. Everyone deserves to be happy in their romantic relationships!

Week 1: June 17th at 4:00PM Pacific/7:00PM Eastern
Week 2: June 24th at 4:00PM Pacific/7:00PM Eastern
Week 3: July 1st at 4:00PM Pacific/7:00PM Eastern